Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith is a highly expanded SWR based MUD that has been in development since 2005. Many changes have been made to make gaming as in-depth as possible. We have also recently underwent changes that make the game more RPG-like. We have a custom Account system that allows players to centralize all of their characters and earn points to create new and more powerful races.

The Galaxy mostly revolves around the era during the Star Wars movies. There are many planets to explore as well as starsystems. Players can also do automatic quests that involve retrieving lost items or killing dangerous criminals. Instances are also available for players to do which have their own unique quests and rewards.

Players can choose from many classes, including the new Technician class. Technicians are responsible for ship maintenance as well as constructing new ships. Engineers are also an important class that allows players to create new and more powerful equipment for themselves or others.

If you are a fan of Star Wars, drop by and create a character and join in on the adventures that await. You won't be disappointed!
Classic 6Dragons is a free text based game, based on the 6Dragons codebase. This game's dragons are as they were intended to be… Powerful, awe-inspiring and just incredible FUN to play! Some Features Include: Accessibility, 6 Dragons has a soundpack and setting for the seeing impaired. Custom Tradeskills don't like hack n slash, be a blacksmith, jeweler, baker, or trader. Wilderness that is difficult to get lost in, due to landmark code. Custom City Siege code, where you can laysiege to other cities. Custom Quest Journal no questmaster cookie cutter code, our quest code is unique.

Give us a try! port 4100
port: 4010

Stardust & Lightblades is a free to play game that mixes medieval fantasy with steampunk. While rp is not enforced, it is highly encouraged and players who do not partake in at least some may find themselves at a disadvantage. There are many races to choose from with some more in development. It is a classless mud with a focus being on developing the character and discovering new skills and abilities through discovery and questing.

We are currently in building/Alpha stages, seeking experienced builders who are willing to dedicate time when available and also players to test the world out and offer suggestions. The world lore has been highly worked on with four main continents, although suggestions on implementation and improvements are always welcome. Many features are still in-progress such as crafting, further remort additions, and various modes of transportation.

Please stop on by, although pardon the dust! See how you can help or just get in early to see your character's presence in the world as the dust starts to clear!
port: 4010
After a few years in limbo, War of Legend is back! Are you READY??

Are you tired of the same old Godwars muds?
Maybe you like them, but wish there were more classes to choose from.
Perhaps you enjoy a place where you get to completely destroy your enemies.
Does this describe you?

If so, welcome to War of Legend.

Here we offer a broad variety of classes, most of which are completely original and
exclusive to this MUD. Those that aren't original have completely revamped skills
and abilities. With 8 base classes, 24 subclasses, countless variations of each and
hundreds of skills to choose from, you have the ability to customize your
characters like nowhere else.

War of Legend does not play like a typical GodwarsMUD. Statistics play a
significant role in your success. Items are generated with the randomness similar
to that in Diablo II. No two pieces of equipment obtained from creatures are
ever exactly the same. There is also a set of unique items to purchase that
will advance you to the highest levels of strength.

War of Legend offers a special system of forging to enhance and upgrade your
weapons and armor as you see fit. With this system you can advance your
equipment through six tiers of growth, each building on the previous tier.
With socketable jewels that add special bonuses to all of your equipment you can
become a serious force among your adversaries.

Gold is the currency here. With it, you have the means to purchase uniques and
forge your equipment. You can purchase tattoos, which add a vast array of stats
and enhancements to make you stronger. Materia are available, which is an item
that grows as you grow, each with a different and substantially powerful affect.

You will journey through a progression of one hundred levels. At the end of that
journey you will have an opportunity to achieve mastery of your class. With
mastery you gain an item and ability unique to your class that sets you apart
from your peers as well as puts a definitive stamp on that class. With each
passing level you grow in strength, receive access to more skills, and develop
more of a combat prowess.

Combat in War of Legend is dynamic and diverse. Skills and abilities exist that
support ranged combat, stealth combat, damage over time spells, arena combat
and countless other features. The more you fight and win, the stronger you can

So whether you prefer to shoot your enemies from a safe distance with a bow as
a Sentinel, sneak up on them from the shadows as a Ninja, rip them to pieces as
a Demon, lay down the wrath of your god as a Zealot, call upon the forces of
death as one of the Undead, unleash the fury of your fangs and claws as a
Werewolf, or annihilate them with the jumping skills of a Dragoon, come see if
you have what it takes to fight in the War of Legend.

An overview of some of our features:

* Integrated Website (Work in Progress)
* Account based system - keep a track of your characters.
* Huge Overland-Map world system.
* Automated Trivias - Giving rewards for correct answers.
* 8 classes each with 3 Sub-classes giving a total of 24.
* Tracked leaderboard (top/leader) shows whos the best!
* Help by submitting helpfiles @
* Facebook Page @

War of Legend will celebrate its 10 year Anniversary in August 2014.

War of Legend is here for the players… Ideas/Comments/Suggestions are
encouraged to help the improvement of the MUD!

We look forward to seeing you!

@ port 4200

- The Administration
The mud is running off of a modified DBS codebase with the original areas and then some additional areas. The mud is fully operational and is looking for players as well as administrators. I hope to see you all there. If you have any questions please drop by.
Many long years have passed since the destruction of the Death Stars, and the Galaxy has seen the transformation of the Rebel Alliance into the New Republic, the rebirth of the Galactic Empire, the rise of the Black Sun, and many other grand, and not so grand, stories. Tales of war and defeat, love and hatred, pain and joy echo throughout the stars. Is yours among them?

Began in 2000, Legacy of the Sith is one of the longest running Star Wars MUDs out there. We've had busy, happening times, and we've been through slow times, but like the Sith, we will always be here and will always rise again. Recently come under new management with an almost completely new staff and entering once again active development, we seek to provide our players with whatever is necessary for their Role-playing pleasure. With a wide selection of races from across the Star Wars Expanded Universe, we offer near limitless potential.

We are a Role-play Enforced MUD, that is, you are required to remain In-Character. Player Killing is allowed if the RP calls for it. Newbie killing is not allowed.

Please, drop in, give us a try, and above all, have fun!
Set in the time before The Dragon Reborn has revealed himself, Age of Illusion offers players a place to enjoy themselves. Nobility across the world plays the game of houses. The Aes sedai plot, the Wheel turns. Where are you?

We offer:

Guilds such as Darkfriend, Shadowspawn, White Tower, Borderguard, Black Tower (when RP opens it up).
Custom leveling: Channelers choose what they would like their powers to be. (Want to be a female channeler who has a bit of power in fire? Just add more power to your fire sphere). No two channelers are the same- Power is randomly generated based on what you put in your spheres, the higher number you put in, the more powerful it will be.

Talents: We offer Cloud Dancing, Foretelling, Traveling, Dreaming, Wolfkin (Perrin, Elyas), Viewing (Think Min) Sniffing (Hurin) and many more.
Masteries: Blademaster, Speardancer, Axemaster and more all are available when you reach level 90. Once you reach 95 in the skill, you get your heron-marked blade. (Or equivalent for other weapons)
RP- We have a great RP system. Emote (normal) Smote (same as emote, but you don't have to start the emote with your name) and many more commands. If you have your RP flag on, you get autorewards for emotes in both questpoints and experience.

Special weaves and skills- Aes Sedai can Bond and make Warders, male and female channelers can link, and many, many more surprises…
Dark Wizardry is a true multi-class MUD allowing you to level
in all 5 main classes (warrior, thief, mage, psionic and cleric)
at the same time, while specializing up to four times throughout
your adventures in extra-classes such as a backstabbing Assassin,
undead-conjuring Necromancers or peaceful earth-loving Druids.

You can explore our enormous world of over 100 custom areas, with
almost no stock zones, completing countless quests and collecting
artifacts and equipment from the furthest corners, and you can
remort as one of 45 races, allowing you to unlock even more character
levels, areas and equipment.

Some other features include:

* Random fun-programs, which can multiply the experience you gain,
or the damage you deal;
* Holiday events including special X-mas zones, easter bunnies, etc;
* 5 main classes and 10 extra-classes, with a max level of 250;
* Remort up to 15 times, each time unlocking more races, special
skills, spells, areas, equipment and more for long term playability;
* Loads of quests, both automatically generated and built into many
of our custom-made zones;
* All equipment saves to the character and many "owned" items stay
even after death;
* Build your own clan into the game, attract members and wage war.

If you want an easy going place to MUD however you like with
responsive coders and friendly players, this is a great place
for you!
Simply put, this mud is for everyone who enjoys powerlevelling, new areas,
enjoyable interaction and having fun.

As lovers of the ROT codebase, we have gone through many muds looking at
every aspect of the game: visuals, interface setup, new features, areas,
experience standards, mud model organization.

With Aadarian Realms, we want to go back to the basics and incorporate
interest by having players get the most in game play. Give them action,
experience, exploration–things that will keep their curiosities aroused.

Every major element of the mud is provided to lure the player to see and
experience something from the norm.

In Aadarian Realms - we utilize action in combat, fun in interaction with
others, awe-inspiration from new areas and excitement with mud features.

We want you to take time to get situated in the world and then get moving.
The game is continuous and we feel that keeping the player engaged will
give them full attention in playing and enjoying.

We intend to give you more than what is current. We will continue to
listen to your ideas, suggestions and will implement as much as possible to
keep you happy.

The mud is 70% players - 30% immortals based on what to furnish in the mud
We hope everything you experience/experienced is to your satisfaction and
happiness as we strive to give you what you want–a great but enjoyable

Aadarian Realms has 24 classes in 4 tiers, with 4 combined classes in tier 4.
101 levels of easy levelling.
Devote system to allow heroes to improve their character stats.
Run command to take you to any area from wherever you are.
2 automated quest systems to keep you occupied in your journeys.
Checkstat information to see everything about your race/class/skills.
Storage command for safekeeping large sums of equipment.
Areas mostly original to explore.

We are striving to improve the MUD with many new changes, and fixing any bugs
that do crop up.

The Realm of Aadaria is waiting for you…
Hexahedron is a large and mostly original world. It supports
ANSI color. We have no set theme. It does boast a high fantasy,
sword and sorcery setting, filled with Elves, Giants, Dragons and
the occasional Cyborg, plus much more. We support a 3 remort,
which includes special races and classes set aside for the final
remort. The arena/quest system has several facets, gives players
much to do and accomplish while venturing the by ways of
Welcome to Indeterminate Destiny, a world where your destiny has yet to be written. Our goal is a stock feeling RoT based MUD that also has a modern feel to it. We kept the stock feel area and PK wise, while offering all the modern convenience features. There is a forge system for making your own equipment, a questing system for getting extra equipment, a highly advanced arena system for challenging other players and so much more. The full list can be seen by typing "HELP FEATURES" once you log on.
Abandoned Realms is a highly modified diku mud. The objective of the mud is to focus on gameplay. We want a MUD where people can enjoy themselves and other aspects of the mud, without compromising gameplay. Gameplay to us is having rich themes to our areas, various creatures that talk to players instead of just sitting around, and well balanced race/classes.

We have an extended help file system, a newbie chat for those unfamiliar with this kind of MUD, and plenty of friendly imms willing to answer your questions. There are 16 races and 16 classes each unique with their advantages and disadvantages. New races and classes are consistently being added and the old ones refined to preserve gameplay. There are also seven cabals, with plans to add more in the future.

We enforce roleplaying here, we like to see players who have unique backgrounds, enjoy being memorable characters, and in turn, meeting other memorable characters. We also have mob runned quests that will improve certain aspects of your character.

Although we do encourage player killing, we also discourage senseless slaughter. We have refined the gameplay so that brains will win over brawn because nobody likes boring hack and slash. We test our pk ranges thoroughly for fairness. If you enjoy roleplaying in a complex and vast world mixed with the thrills of playerkilling then Abandoned Realms is for you.
AddictMUD has been around for about 20 years and it is still going strong. The owner, Brazil, is still adding and changing features and content fairly regularly. The game is based on the Dragaera novels by Stephen Brust, but there are many more zones ranging from the perilous Snow Mountain to gunfights in Tombstone, AZ. There is something for everyone on AddictMUD!

The current multi-classing system and extensive code manipulation has turned this Circle based MUD into an almost completely original system. With typical recognizable points, but a broad range of customization, this game is very stable and familiar - yet it is a new adventure for anyone familiar with the usual CircleMUD fare.

With interesting classes like Ninjas and Psionicists as well as your typical Warrior, Cleric and Sorcerer staples, there are many ways to multi-class. Classes are commonly referred to as "guilds" and there are nine of them, as well as five sub-guilds. It makes it easy for you to make a character that is different from everyone else's.

Come check us out and one of our extremely newbie friendly players will help you get started!
Have 15+ races, extensive skills and abilities for each.

Has 50,000+ rooms and over 19 areas.

Looking for people to be newbie helpers. New Builders welcome. Also need some C, Javascript, and PHP programmers.