Depths of Chaos, or DoC for short, was created in part, as an
alternative offered to the serious roleplayer who enjoys the
mechanics of hack and slash but seeks also, the freedom and
creative storytelling that MUSH's provide. While based heavily
in the mechanics of D&D, Depths of Chaos is an all original world,
with no stock areas, and some intricately planned unique features.

We offer you Ascentia, a world created by a small, but dedicated
staff who imagined a MUD that delved into new levels of realism
while maintaining an engaging fantasy to lose yourself in. Set
upon a small chain of islands, you arrive in game within the
closed borders of the Human Kingdom. The decades of territorial
skirmishes between the ruling kingdoms has finally ended, and a
tentative peace now exists. The lines have been drawn, the
alliances forged, enemies declared, while reasonable governance's
between the races has strived to take hold and linger. In this
new age of relative cooperation between at least some of the races,
comes the rise of the Trinitarian Congregation, a triad of power,
the leadership of three accepted and promoted religions within the
Human's borders.

A player can choose to create an adventurer from a variety of
races, while developing said character through a classless,
levelless system, delving deeply into the rich environment of
Ascentia. Become a Dwarven miner bent on hording the riches you
tirelessly pull from the mountains. Slip into the shadows as a
Drow, serving his Matron's House with a brutal loyalty. Perhaps a
more peaceful existence as a tavern owner is more to your liking,
tempting the residents with ale and local fare to line your pockets
with coins. Or, if political clout is more your thing, choose a
path of power and luxury by laying claim to a nobility title and
thusly able to shape the laws, own the lands and have legal access
to the highly restricted use of magic. Is the wild and adventurous
life of a criminal more to your tastes? The City of Delmarii Bastion
is crying out for some brazen opportunist armed with entrepreneurial

We are current open for beta testing and are accepting applications
for In Character positions. If this is something that interests you,
please feel free to contact us at the information listed above.