The history of the world tells of great legends, from brave heroes
to the worst of evils. Kingdoms have risen and fallen, wars have been
won and lost, but at the center of each epic conflict has always
simply just been people. Sometimes those from the humblest of origins
can rise to be the world's greatest hero or the world's greatest fear.

Follow in the footsteps of great legends of the past, from Cloud,
Edgar and Cecil to Sephiroth, Golbez and Kefka. Engage in and help
determine the fate of the great Kingdoms of Guardia, Empire and Shin-Ra.
Help shape and become the next epic story within the world that so
many others have left their mark.

With over thirty years having passed since any of the events from
the games within our theme and the great legends of those stories
long since passed, this is your opportunity to become that next great
hero or villain. Explore a rich world, complete with a unique
overworld map, with a deep history comprised of the events from
familiar settings with nine starting races and four starting classes
available. Discover more race options and quest to gain the promotion
classes within the game itself. Customize your character with our
detailed character creation including merits/flaws, and fight your
battles with the aid of fully customizable limit breaks, a deep magic
system with countless possibilities that along with combat overall
has been completely overhauled, the aid of group members and combo
'techniques' that you and your group members can execute, along with
a vast swath of skills and spells, very few which are stock and the
few that are have been completely rewritten, many of which are
evolvable as mastering will lead to entirely new ones.

While our theme encompasses the majority of the Final Fantasy games
with heavy influence from Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross, familiarity
with these games are in no way necessary to play, enjoy or understand
End of Time. Our game boasts numerous features unique to our game
implemented over literally years worth of development, a friendly
staff and playerbase and an overall laid back, fun atmosphere.
Malacious Bliss is a MUD created some time ago. It has since been revived and we are working very hard on a daily basis to get it back up to par. We have a clan based PvP sytem, and we are going for a PvP hack and slash theme. Please come and give us a try. The staff is experienced, and we are ready to help you if you need it. Come join the fun!

+ Hero Level
+ Ancient Level (tough to acheive, but powerful. Special ancient only areas, tournys, equipment)
+ new bank system
+ new donation system
+ quest system (automated but unique)
+ Clan code with extended PK settings
+ Hometown code with extended PK settings
+ Area code with extended PK settings
+ Object conditions (may get damaged, deteriorate over time)
+ All variables (classes, races, stats etc) load from a filebase, not the code
+ Time based dynamic room descriptions
+ Weather based dynamic room descriptions
+ Mobs pathing. Mobs will follow a route and invade a given area.
+ Player Housing. Players get their own personal vnums for objs, mobs and rooms
+ Evolving Spells/Skills (fireball may turn into a new more powerful spell if fully learned
+ War system. War status through hometowns and clans
+ Player run arena
+ Player run duels
+ Player run games (freeze tag, paintball)
+ Full marriage code
+ Stance system
+ MAP command with directions
+ DoubleXP/Damage/Questpoints/Stance gain
+ Automated quest points (AQP) and Immortal quest points (IQP)
+ Economy system with stocks, shares and crashes!
+ Global quest system. Random, engages all online players.
+ Epic and Hero equipment sets.
+ Mining / foraging
+ Quest Forging. Make something of your materials.
We have much much more!
Hack and slash, pure-pk do the balls johnson dance on your face
fun-loving kinda mud!

Legends Forgotten takes place in an age where Darkness
encompasses the land as long forgotten Heroes and Legends rise
once again to destroy this Darkness in the Age of Legends

1. Essence System: Enhance your Equipment Permanently!
2. Unique Item System: Artifacts, Relics, Mythical Items
3. Skill-Spell System: 500+ Skills-Spells all unique!!!
4. 34 Races all unique in their origin and abilities
5. Classes such as: blademaster, aiel, aes sedai, dreadlord…
6. Detailed Character Creation: eyecolor, haircolor, body…
7. Intelligent Mobs: skills, special attacks, quest-mobs
8. Clan System: player recruiting, ranks, promotions, banks
9. Multi-Cast System: more functionality to casting
10. Newbie Friendly, Battlefield, Detailed Creation
11. Taveren System: add to damage, healing, protection & more
12. Area-Quests coded into areas for all players!
13. Channeling, Chanting, Conjuring, Casting!!!
14. Event System that adds variety and uniqueness to the world.
Bleeding, Mining, Rivers, Wind, Interactive Items & more

-> Many friendly players willing to help any New Players
-> Promotional Events: Free Levels, Healing, Personalized Items!
-> Tired of stock muds, then come play LegendsForgotten!!!
A mysterious land, Karinth is inhabited by a curious mixture of races scattered across three major continents and several island nations. Discover its hidden mysteries and challenges, following the routes taken by ancestral explorers yanked from known Earth to Karinth's shores by strange events known as Chaos Storms and the influence of the Menedrian Gnarl.

Today, life begins anew, and any preconceptions you may have must be set aside. Enter with your mind open and willing to accept what you see.. and what you do not see.

Your challenge - to Live Within the Legend - become a Legend yourself.

Legends of Karinth is based on a series of original stories by MK van Bronkhorst.
We are running on the Dawn of Time codebase (1.69r). We offer more than twenty races to choose from as well as ten different classes. Additional races and classes are currently being developed along with the realm itself. The equipment is saved automatically and on quit. We have ANSI color and a line of sight automapper, which shows you the surrounding terrain. In addition to Immortal run quests we have automated quests which are puzzles of sorts, often with unique rewards at the end. The rewards vary from questing experience points and special magical items, to gold and gems. Role-playing is encourage and to a point required, an example being all player-killing must have a valid reasoning in character. We are extremely newbie friendly with over 1,000 help files to assist you in playing and friendly Support Immortals. We currently have a skill and level-based training system and level-based equipment system. We have a detailed character creation so if you don't know how to play a MUD you should have no problem creating a character and allowing our staff to assist you in learning.
Adventure, politics and bloody war await you in this life of swords, sorcery, deception, and honor.

Established in 1994, Carrion Fields has evolved immensely over the years. With over 200 areas (all written for CF), 18 races, 16 classes, 11 cabals, and a solid playerbase we continually improve. Roleplaying is enforced and playerkilling makes life a challenge when you battle for some of the rare items in the land. Carrion Fields is completely free to play, and has a deep help system and a large Immortal staff for assisting new players in learning the ropes.
Out of the mists, a Crimson Gate stands before you. You
have heard of such gates but have never seen one. Do you
dare enter it, and let the fates decide where you shall
end up, or do you pass this chance by to become wealthy
and powerful beyond your wildest dreams? The choice is
before you.

Once a great wizard, Thalor the Lich Lord now attempts
to rule over all. The forces of Palladia, Aretymis,
Jade and Nimloth keep him at bay. Now Palladia, Jade and
Aretymis are dead. Killed by his evil plots. New gods
have stepped up to challenge him. Others have been employed
in the fight to keep Thalor at his station, and to keep him
from ruling the world.

Crimson Gate features a tiered class system.
Cabal/clans have been replaced by a religious/faction
system. 500 spells/skills are available, along with an
artifacting system with famous artifacts such as the Deck
of Many Things, The Rod of Seven Parts and other, original
artifacts, with powers only found at Crimson Gate. Items that
gain levels like players. Role playing is encouraged but not

Stop on by!
A brief summary of the game

The small island of New Yarsith at the mouth of the Bren river serves as a focal point for the new empire in the years following King Dav's assassination. Initially, the mud is housed entirelly within the walls of New Yarsith's keep. As the playerbase grows and guilds expand, they will have the opportunity to move out of the cramped quarters provided for them by the government and into the city proper of New Yarsith.

BETA TEST NOTE: During the testing period, King Dav still lives, and war between the kingdoms is still in progress.

The game is set around the presence of 'embassies', local representative bodies for the great noble houses, guilds, and wild tribes. At New Yarsith they will fight for the right to shape the future of the consolodated Kingdom of Lithmore in their own image.

Perhaps you will rise through the ranks from a lowly steward of your cause to a someone embrollied in the politics and bureauracy that drive it. Maybe someday you shall be the ambassador for your people. Or strike out on our own as a free agent, or stake your own claim to Urth as an autocrat. Perhaps someday you shall be counted among one of Lithmore's sovereign powers?
Ill-Tempered Realms is a RoT 1.4 base with lots of additions made
to it. Over the years the idea has been to maintain the comfortable
RoT feeling while adding key perks and touch-ups to give the game
an identity.

There are 151 mortal levels spanning two tiers for players.
Notable changes to the code including:
-new autoquest system with some interesting features
-auction/arena/banking/heartbeat healing
-as well as training basic stats, training points can also be spent
on upgrading certain skills/spells for new affects
-socials can be used over public channels
-potential for far more immersive quests and areas
-new skills and spells can be uncovered throughout the world
-and much, much more… 1112
Verge of Reality is a roleplay based mud. The game has a 132 areas to explore, many autoquests to do as well as Global Questing and immortal run quests.

Currently on creation there are 6 classes to choose from mage.cleric,druid,thief,warrior,& vampire. Coming soon are 3 new classes bard, monk & adept.

If you are looking for a friendly place to hang your cloak, roleplay or to player kill this is the place for you!!

Beware of the addiction you might find, and dont say we didn't warn you :)

Here are a few of the features you'll find on VOR:
-Roleplay is encouraged and rewarded.
-132 areas to explore with more on the way
-autoquests, global quests, immortal run quests
-limited pk
-helpful imms and players
-fun social environment
-two tiers with 151 levels per tier
-regular code updates and changes
Realms of Discordia is a medieval fantasy based mud that was started
in October of 1997. The world, known as Brek'Tyr is a home to a vastly
diverse set of races. The world itself, is made up of more than 6600
custom written rooms, each of which you can explore with your

The world has two large kingdoms and a total of seven major cities
that you can choose to be a part of. It is encouraged for players to
roleplay their character, even allowing them to accept jobs in the
governments. These jobs range from being the Leader, to Judge,
Guard, Spy, Ambassador, or anything that you are able to roleplay
your character into.

Roleplay is a very important part of the game, and it is something
that we encourage and reward frequently. Excellent RP gains you more
than merely the respect of your fellow players. Perhaps the most
important aspect of the roleplay is that the more you participate the
more races and specializations you can unlock to play.

The combat and PK system has been highly modified from the standard
system, allowing your skills and statistics to weigh much more
heavily on how well you do against other creatures and players, and
has been rewritten to decrease the amount of spam you receive
compared to other fight systems.

Our website is still under construction, but should hopefully be
completed soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to log
onto the game and ask, or you may email an Immortal for more

We hope to see you there!

In a time when the gods rebelled against their creators, the world of Vael was pulled into a cataclysmic series of events which led to the destruction of many of it's inhabitants. In an effort to save their world, the remaining gods blanketed the world and placed those that remained in a deep sleep to awaken when the world was once again whole.

Obsolevi Regnatus is based off of the released code of Forsaken Lands from long ago and has many custom enhancements done by Nuphari'ulel. Currently in Alpha stages, the staff is working on rebuilding the entire world and creating a safe environment for RolePlay with lite PlayerKilling.
Time of Troubles is a Rom/Sunder/Rot MUD.
Connection: 3334
  • Themed fantasy medieval with an AD&D Forgotten Realms influence and feel, Time of Troubles is a quickly growing MUD with well thought out systems and indepth gameplay. Time of Troubles strives for class diversity while retaining balance to insure all players a unique yet balanced experience - Every character has their role in the group. The immortal staff is extremely dedicated, and boast a near completely original world which is still growing daily. The players on Time of Troubles are extremely helpful and full of ideas, which the implementor/coders take into full consideration and most often find a way of working into the code in a balanced manner. Time of Troubles is a pk optional mud, with many things for nonpk players to do, while still retaining an intense pk environment. The activities and events for the higher level player are present and will continue to grow, allowing new players a world of things to explore and the older player something new to look forward to each time they enter the community. We look forward to seeing you at Time of Troubles.

    A very brief overview of some of our features:

    ***34 selectable player races.

    ***9 selectable player classes: Warrior, Mage, Thief, Cleric, Ranger, Monk, Chaosmage, Elementalist, Archer. We also have 3 new classes currently in heavy development.

    ***An extremely user friendly built in map and configurable mini-move-map system for easy navigation.

    ***Classic Auto-Arena and Auto-Quest system with many new features and built in secrets.

    ***A nearly 100% original world. The areas that are not original have all been rearranged within our current world and rebuilt to a point in order to fit the current standards.

    ***Equipment damage and size issues. You must watch the condition of your equipment, and maintain relationships with the shopkeepers, should you need to have a piece of rare equipment you looted from a giant resized to your elven frame.

    ***Over 600 new skills and spells added, along with all the classics being rebalanced and reworked into the current class system.

    ***A player ran clan system, along with clan wars (no place is safe, even your clan hall!), full rank system, and even a clan tax rate automatically deducted.

    ***Full MXP, MSP, MCCP.

    ***Complete indepth roleplay based world full of intelligent mobs and areas that do more than just sit there and die.

    ***Numerous new functions and features too abundant to name. Encumberance, Chaotic spell effects, a D&D style feat system nearly complete, etc, etc, etc…

    The mud will continue to grow and will stay actively on the server as long as any interest remains throughout the years. Come join a fun place full of community and competition.

  • We hope to see you soon.
    The Burning Eye is back! Formerly the Rebirth of Arda, we have
    returned under new management.

    We have tried to make our mud as new and balanced as possible
    without losing the best parts of a Rom code base. The Burning Eye
    has many improvements and additions to make a good challenge for even
    the most experienced mudder.

    While any previous experience is an asset, newbies are welcome. We
    have tried to cover everything with our comprehensive help files so
    feel free to come enjoy an interpretation Tolkien's Middle Earth.

    The Burning Eye features a selection of intelligent mobs who
    will act 'intelligently' when fighting, casting or hunting and
    avoiding the players. They will also use equipment that is lying
    around, even if its your weapon and they disarmed you.
    Also they all have classes and are equal to the players in almost
    every way.

    We feature 100 mortal levels, 12 Races, 14 Classes, 6 Clans and over
    350 Skills and Spells. No Level Restrictions on Eq - rather your
    options are determined by Size, Race, Align & Class.

    Limited Pkill and Limited corpse Looting is allowed. Mounts,
    Gravity, Languages, Background Skills, Autoquest, Study, Traps, Mob
    and Object Programs, Truly Unique items, Room Affects and much more.

    We have individuals who are actively working to retool current areas
    that are out of theme and replace them with more appropriate
    selections. Our immortal staff is active and new features are under
    constant implementation. The immortal staff is happy to listen to
    the ideas and opinions of the players on a wide range of matters.

    Come and try The Burning Eye, we know you will like it!
    For many years Caine the farmer, first son of Adam was loyal to his
    family and to God. But then Abel was born. Second son of Adam, Abel
    the peaceful, Abel the loved, who's sacrifices were smiled upon by
    the Lord. Caine saw the blessing of the Lord in Abel and was filled
    with envy. Caine, in a fit of rage, did commit the first murder,
    slaying his own brother Abel in hopes the Lord would favor him insted.

    The Lord was outraged and cursed Caine saying, 'Caine, son of Adam,
    you are cursed to ever walk the night. You will ever repeat your
    crime throughout time until your heart knows shame and pity.'

    Thus was the first Kindred created. We hail and acknowledge Caine
    so that we might remember the beast within all of Caine's Children.

    Haven is based on the popular World of Darkness RPGs by White
    Wolf Publishing. You can play a character from one of three of the
    major games; Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocolypse
    and Mage: The Ascension. Enjoy RPing a Camarilla Kindred, or a
    bloodthirsty Garou. Either way your sure to have fun. We have tons
    of original code and near unlimited remorts to fill endless hours
    of Mudding time. Both RPers and Hack-N-Slashers will love haven!
    Features: 14 Disciplines, 70 Vampire powers and 18 clans/guilds/tribes,
    5 sects, player owned rooms, gifts, rituals, rites, the Umbra and
    much much more!

    Come Childe and enter the Haven.. But be warned. You may never leave.
    J. Sebek's Clandestine MUD has been 100% Free since its opening in 1997. Clandestine's primary focus is to create a fun environment that can appeal to any RPGer. To this end, we offer:

    - The most beautiful text-mmorpg asthetics in original color coding, descriptions, combat gameplay, channels, and more. Simply put, playing Clandestine is as easy on the eye as it gets. Infact, we have an extra-ordinary number of legally blind players who are still able to enjoy Clandestine because of the care we have taken with our asthetics.

    - Clandestine supports and promotes two new MUDing Clients; the small, sleek, fast, and travel-sized "cMUD", and the long-waited free MUSH Client and zMUD alternative, "wxMUD".

    - Clandestine's completely original world offers secrets, puzzles, and Boss fights that challenge a player's brain and not just his stats. Clandestine's world has given off-shoots to single player graphical RPGs, fan-games, fan-fiction, and fan-music.

    - Clandestine offers you the option to player-kill. Our combat is centered around a dozen player-run religions, and the group combat is challenging, competitive, large-scale, unique, and fun. If you want to join a religious cause, but would rather stick to roleplaying, the religious Priest-Sects are given charge over interviewing new members and various roleplayed rituals and events.

    - Clandestine offers player-created homes, Castles, towns, and more to aid roleplay. While roleplay is not mandatory, those who seek RPI quality roleplay are free to create their own private worlds and even join the RP-Only Continent on Clandestine.

    - Clandestine offers code and gameplay options never seen on other MUDs. From over a dozen in-depth minigames(from freeze-tag, to jousting, to casinos, to Bloodbaths) to an original Blacksmithing system, original Spellcrafting system(breaking down elements from spells to create new spells), Fusion(combining multiple player-characters into a more powerful character controlled by both players), a completely original and complex Questing system, Animal Empathy, Spirit Enslavement, Soulwalking, Alchemy, Chemistry, Channeler Pocket Dimensions and Mazes, and more… Clandestine has so many toys, you will never find yourself finished with the game.

    What? Haven't heard enough yet? You'll have to play to find out the rest. A 2500 character limit barely allows for us to scratch the surface of the World of Clandestine. So stop reading, and come see what the buzz is about.
    Our theme is simple. We are a anime based mud, what we mean by this is. We would like to create a mud based on most of the animes out there. Such as:

    Steal Angle
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Death Note

    And many others. We are trying to stay close to the era's of 1799-2025 about. This way we can have a wide verity of animes in there.

    We also would like you know that any anime name is acceptable for use.
    The Darkening Sun v3 consists of the highest level of MUD ROLEPLAY & PKILL ACTION. The game has been open to the public for over 7 years and is growing more popular each day. With a highly motivated and experienced team of immortals, you can expect to see new marvelous additions each week.

    With over 16,000 unique rooms of a completely original realm, you will find yourself on a grand journey of exploration. Select one of our 12 unique base classes of our tiered classing system and boldly explore the Realm of Kythandria, navigating through uncertain dangers that may be awaiting you. Start your journey in the body of one of our 25 selectable races or unlock the secret races such as celestine and silver-elf.

    Advance yourself through our tiered level system through the experience of roleplay and hunting. Make yourself known in the Realm through your actions, whether they are villainous or heroic. Find yourself engaging in several plots involing the guilds, the clans and the kingdoms; or, choose to lead a simple and quiet life as a common merchant; supplying goods to allies of allies and enemies of enemies.

    Do not deprive yourself any longer. Join The Darkening Sun. Become one with the Realm and make yourself known. If a mortal is to dream, we will help shape that dream for you…