Aeon of Darkness is a FREE text based roleplaying game (RPG) - a MUD or Multi User Dimension, or Multi User Dungeon - that you play online with many other players in a multidimensional interactive environment. Join this online community and spend time having fun by chatting with friends, killing monsters, going on quests, join or found a clan order or faction, found your own city, build a citadel (castle), challenging your friends to a duel, casting magic spells, and much more!

Aeon of Darkness offers much more than most MUDs. Programmed by a young professional, this MUD has many unique and powerful features, optimized to work at peak efficiency. No more simple slaying of monsters, there is much more to do! Aeon of Darkness is not just a role-playing game, but a roleplaying experience. An in-depth storyline builds the foundations for an entire planetary conflict as the Shadowkhan emerge and an Aeon of Darkness arrives. Fight for the good of civilization or follow the path of the ninja-like shadowkhan in search for ultimate power. Join us, in an Aeon of Darkness you'll never forget.
Children of Aranythera is a newbie friend mud, just starting
fresh with a great story line! What will you make of it? Will
you be evil and wreak havoc to the five main cities or will
you help bring peace to Children of Aranythera. Our story starts
out a long time ago…

Six children surround there father, the King on his death bed, all
wanting his kingdom for there own reasons. When one is chosen the
others are sent off to start there own kingdom, one of them is
never seen again, his believed deathplace becoming a shrine to
gods both feared and loved, the others set out to make cities
with there personalality inlayed in every stone, grown in every
tree, until they become large powerhouses on there own accord.
Centuries later that story is only legend, but there are still
five cities who fight for dominance using political, economical
and social means. They fight much the way of there ancestors,
the way of The Children of Aranythera!

Also, since we are new, you guessed it, we are currently hiring
builders, and all immortal positions. Please stop by and put in
an application. Hope to see you soon.

***UPDATE*** We are closed to player testing ***UPDATE***
***UPDATE*** Highering Builders ***UPDATE***
Our theme is simple. We are a anime based mud, what we mean by this is. We would like to create a mud based on most of the animes out there. Such as:

Steal Angle
Full Metal Alchemist
Death Note

And many others. We are trying to stay close to the era's of 1799-2025 about. This way we can have a wide verity of animes in there.

We also would like you know that any anime name is acceptable for use.
The Darkening Sun v3 consists of the highest level of MUD ROLEPLAY & PKILL ACTION. The game has been open to the public for over 7 years and is growing more popular each day. With a highly motivated and experienced team of immortals, you can expect to see new marvelous additions each week.

With over 16,000 unique rooms of a completely original realm, you will find yourself on a grand journey of exploration. Select one of our 12 unique base classes of our tiered classing system and boldly explore the Realm of Kythandria, navigating through uncertain dangers that may be awaiting you. Start your journey in the body of one of our 25 selectable races or unlock the secret races such as celestine and silver-elf.

Advance yourself through our tiered level system through the experience of roleplay and hunting. Make yourself known in the Realm through your actions, whether they are villainous or heroic. Find yourself engaging in several plots involing the guilds, the clans and the kingdoms; or, choose to lead a simple and quiet life as a common merchant; supplying goods to allies of allies and enemies of enemies.

Do not deprive yourself any longer. Join The Darkening Sun. Become one with the Realm and make yourself known. If a mortal is to dream, we will help shape that dream for you…
Erandia is based on the now defunct 'Rogue Winds' MUD.

Here are some key features:

* Advance in a skill-based, levelless, classless environment.
* Fair and helpful admins and newbie helpers to answer your questions.
* Newbies are protected, for the first ten hours losing nothing for dying.
* Get involved in a rich roleplaying environment, in a fully realized world, with a deep storyline.
* Learn magical talents, gain skill and power.
* Virtually unlimited character advancement.
* Utilize a versitile entirely new magic system.
* No annoying spell lag. Channeling magic is handled more intelligently.
* Beautiful Ansi color used liberally, but not every word a different color.
* Explore a vast world, and gain experience and knowledge from your explorations.
* Discover strange, new worlds, each with their own moons, climate, and atmosphere.
* Travel many different terrains, from ice fields, lava lakes, swamps, to deep oceans.
* Follow the tracks left in the dirt or snow by other creatures.
* Choose from a wide selection of over two hundred races.
* Any type of character you wish to play is open to you.
* Some races can be ridden by other players. Play a dragonrider, or their dragon!
* Found clans, start a family, interact with other players.
* Fight battles, learn combat and weapon skills.
* Realistic equipment system involving size and bodyparts, protecting only the part it is worn on.
* Different races have different bodyparts, which can bleed, be broken, or severed.
* Communicate with player created and controlled channels.
* Fashion your own equipment from raw ores, and enchant it with whatever effects you wish.
* Find rare magical gems to affix to your equipment to increase your power.
* Hire NPC's to mine ore, harvest ingredients, or funnel mana into equipment for you.
* Mix alchemical ingredients into potions, salves, or just bake cakes.
* Brew and ferment your own alcohol.
* Browse shops that randomly stock themselves with various items appropriate to the shop.
* Buy and manage your own shop, with or without a shopkeeper hired to create items for you.
* Write your own books.
* Construct or buy a vehicle to drive, fly, or sail in, even spaceships and submarines.
* Watch your back on Mezulbryst, the deadly playerkilling world where anything goes.
* Never wait for a repop again, mobs only exist right where you want them!
* Randomly generated mobs and equipment. You never know which mob will havea powerful artifact.
* Named mobs get random names. Every time it's a different character.
* Mobs that will react to your socials in a logical way, and use equipment and fight intelligently.
* Venture on quests to gain experience, gold, and talent points to raise power in talents.
* No random quests. Most quests are run by NPC's with different problems, and not all involve killing something.
* The only rule is: So long as it harms no one, you may do as you will.

The website is currently under construction, and should be ready within a week or so.
StormHunters is a heavily (and actively) modified mud developed from
the ACK!Mud codebase with a wide array of features that give it
character and extra dimension, such as:

* 21 races with unique backstory potential and special abilities
* 28 combat classes spread into four tiers
(multiclass into up to 11)
* profession classes: each has its own unique bonuses
* crafting: create and upgrade powerful specialist equipment
* gathering levels: farm crafting and trade goods
* exploration: remember where you've been and gain experience for
uncovering new places
* PvP: gain experience and renown to gain levels and reputation
* clans: band together with friends
* item enchantment: upgrade your gear to attain your own ideal
character build
* item customization: unlock the ability to restring your
equipment as a legend
* unique areas with enhanced mudprog support
* account system lets you share items and gold between characters
* active immortals and dedicated players
* in-game boards & online forum let you keep up with the community

Come check us out at We're eager to have you!
- Multi-Play: Restricted - Extended Race Selection
- Extended Class Selection - Equipment Saved
- Roleplaying Is Encouraged - Ansi Color
- Newbie friendly - World is all original
- Detailed Character Creation - Clans Offered
- Large World (10,000+ rooms) - Adult-Oriented Violence
- Mud is fully operational - Player-Kill: Restricted

Dark Pawns, now in its thirteenth year of continuous
operation, we strive to bring you a quality fantasy RPG
experience. We feature a robust, stable codebase with
quality staff and players. Our focus is on mudding and
game playing as a community, with an emphasis on gameplay
in the long term.

Come by and play Dark Pawns for a couple of hours, and
you'll find that you've found yourself your new favorite
So, you want to know about Mass Chaos? Well, lets start here…
What is Mass Chaos? Mass Chaos is the prodigal child of numerous
snippets of Godwars, Mindcloud, and Dystopia code. It's a PK MUD,
and I'll go ahead and say it right now: It's NOT for pansies. If
you're gonna log on and ask "What's PK?", just do me a favor and
ingest some Drano now. This is kill or be killed, and the sooner
that is realized, the sooner you'll be climbing to the top. Yes,
you'll probably die a few times getting started, but contrary to
popular belief, the players here will be more than happy to help
you… (But only so they can kill you later).

Here's the bottom line. If you're competitive, enjoy killing people,
enjoy frequent changes, and appreciate staff members that listen to
suggestions, you need to play this MUD… Plain and simple… If you
whine or you're an effeminate hippie, you can play anyway, but you
probably won't get very far. Why are you still reading this? Log on
Visit my website to find out what my mud is about also got live godwars chat so you can talk to coder, builders, and players about godwars material thank you for your time: HIRO
Legends of Old has just started and is currently needing builders and designers of areas. We are in beta stage and will most likely be that way for quite awhile. We are using a heavily modified SmaugFUSS 1.8 codebase that has many new features added into it.

My goal is to have a mud that has features from WoW and other muds that I have played/coded on in the past to create one epic mud that many can enjoy. Some features of our code:

Unique spell system (Discussing this at the moment whether we want mana or not)
- No mana
- Have to memorize spells

Quest chain system
- Like World of Warcraft, we have quest chains that can lead to other areas or other mobs within the area for rewards and money. If you log into the mud, you can check out the first 8 quests using the task system to test the powerful quest engine.

Socketed items
- As players progress through the game, they will gain socketed items that can enhance their items using gems.

We will eventually have instances of 5, 10, and maybe 25 man later on down the road. We will have nations/kingdoms against each other and hope to have a unique army system where players can donate to their kingdoms and gain army units for epic battles with other nations. Professions will be in game as well so players will be able to craft items, mine for minerals, and pick herbs for alchemy.

Please register with our website and pm me if you would like to join the staff. As of right now, it is just me and I spend most of my time coding and haven't been able to start building just yet.

The mud itself will be fantasy medieval setting with your regular dnd classes (although the spells/skills will mostly be original). More classes will be made and unique spells will be made for each class as time goes on.

Our first few projects will focus on minor starting areas and then as we get those in we'll start to tackle the bigger areas eventually leading into creating the instance areas with tiered gear and such.

Since we will be in beta testing for a long time, as long as you make progress on your areas, there are no time constraints to your area. I know perfection takes time. Plus if you are new you will need time to gain the knowledge needed for progs and making your area come to life, so I do not want to put stipulations on time commitments. We have our everyday lives.

So if you want a laid back atmosphere then please visit my site and pm me if you would like a chance to build on the mud.

Thanks for reading through this,
Tir na nOg is not for everyone. It wasn't meant to be. It was meant for long term mudders who are tired of stock variations and want something new, but still want something familiar enough to feel at home. Ten years ago, we started as a ROM and had the goal of making a mud that we, the imps, wanted to play. Through the years, we have moved far beyond the stock ROM experience, often with the intent of adding more realism, but we have tried to keep the fun of ROM that we always liked.

Today, our DeepMUD code base, with 30 levels and strict class separations, bears more resemblance to Merc than ROM. We've included ideas from everywhere and woven them together in our own unique way to create a unified, cohesive experience. Creation is done in game, and the races are so unique each will make you feel you're playing a different game. Levels are not automatic, they are earned, then awarded by Guildmasters and celebrated with parties. Players looking to create an identity can own and decorate their own homes, restring their EQ, and even change their name.

We've found that long term players stay after they've "won" because they find other goals than just reaching Hero. For many, it's seeing how fast they can make Hero on successive tries. For others, it's seeing if they can make Hero playing a less than ideal Race/Class combo. Others turn to social aspects, such as newbie-helping or administering a Clan. Tir na nOg supports these forms of alternate play in many ways, from providing performance information in the score such as 'mobs per level', to allowing Heroes to become Kings and set the rules for their own town.

We were told by one player that our first level is the equivalent of 'avatar level' on other games. Yes, it's a challenge. You might die in school. We don't have any throwaway levels, with only 30 total we can't afford it. However, each level you do make will give you a sense of satisfaction you're not likely to find elsewhere.
Vampire Wars is purely a vampire mud: it has no werewolves, demons or
mages. As such, it allows us to concentrate on vampires. We have
developed several new disciplines and are working on more. We
currently have 6 vampire clans and mortals.

Status is gained outside of the clan by player killing. The game has a
lot of unique features, far more than one could do justice to in a
brief description; come take a look for yourself!

VW Classic is owned and run by admin from the original Vampire Wars mud. We recently celebrated our 7th anniversary, surpassing the lifespan of the original VW. We also recently increased the size of the mud significantly. Come check out the new areas.
Welcome to Unicorn Valley, a wonderous land for brave and daring adventurers. Amongst the population here one will find elves, dwarves, sprites, halflings, half-elves, nereids, and humans living in relative peace with svirfneblin, drow, lupine, tabaxi, and dragonkin to name just a few. These wonderous races have many different abilities amongst them, including magic, thievery, and weaponmastery.

Once living here and growing up, the populace has a chance to enter mystical orders and clans. These highly specialized groups tend to help others as well as themselves. They have individual quests as well as major tasks like ridding the world of dangerous beasties.

As adventurers explore the world, it seems to keep getting larger as new vistas are discovered frequently. While just recently discovered itself, the Valley continues to expand, to the horror of the poor Cartographer who must then go out and discover how to get to the new places so that the inexperienced do not get lost.
Throughout the towns of Prexion, Aden, and Einar, many
tales have been told of the legend of the DragonStone. Most
believe the stories are that of a fool's imagination. Few,
though, dare to venture beyond the towns to seek the
truth….. Are YOU one of these?

The Legend tells of a great Golden Dragon called Corin-Mur,
who holds the stone within its lair. It is said that the
stone holds the key to immortality.

Choose from 16 races and 14 classes. Multiclass if you
desire. Breathe life into whatever you create.

There are many great tasks and quests to complete in your
search for the DragonStone. You must seek the aid of
others; alone, you are sure to fail. Join one of the clans,
or seek help from the friends you will make.
Rage of Vengeance is a PK mud, based upon the eternal struggle of Good vs Evil which have their own homelands, located on opposite sides of the map. Players are encouraged to get some levels and go out to seek the enemy. Some Features available on RoV include Our own code base Ragemud (99% modified SMAUG); Chores, Quests and Bounties available for when the pk-action is low; Very easy levelling for the first 35 levels and an Annual Playerwipe (Cycle) to give newer players a chance to start even and for experienced players to try something else. The Fifth wipe just started October 2008.
Temporal Rifts offers 300 hundred mortal levels as well as a
multiclass system. New ideas and tweaks to existing elements are
implemented frequently.

Temporal Rift allows NPK/PK/PK loot by player choice. Frequent
immortal-run quests are also offered. An automated quest system
is also available, creating the opportunity to save points for
some of the best equipment in the game. Tokens can be traded
with other players using a coded trade system.

If you are looking for a great social atmosphere with a friendly
environment, interesting conversation, diverse game play, RP and
just a fun place to mud, give us a try.

-Expanded race/class options
-Corpseless "death" system
-Fun (some would say addictive) gambling options
-Player home purchase system
-Automated quest areas
-Tradeskills that allow players to create customized equipment
-Many other fun and unique features that keep even our level
300 players coming back
30 starting races, 10 unique remort lines, 15 total remorts
10 classes
pkill allowed
roleplay encouraged
player-created clans
active player-builders
multiplay: not allowed (except builders)
10,000+ rooms
good community
Welcome to an online world like none you've experienced.

Bad Trip is wild, irreverent and most of all fun. If you're looking for a new mud, now is the time to try Bad Trip.

We have an active IMM and IMP staff with new development in the works.

Some of the things we have going for us are:

*An active staff who constantly strive to improve the game

*A unique token system for improving your character and
gear (New tokens on the way!)

*Friendly players who are glad to assist you and answer

*Imm-run quests awarding prizes and equipment several times
a week.

* A permanent quest schedule, where you are guaranteed 1-2
quests a day if you're on at the right time!

*An automated quest system that allows you in time to earn
amazing equipment, and many other prizes.

*So many unique things, you'll wonder why everyone doesn't
play this mud.

*We make sure the game is a tard-free
environment. :)
In the beginning there was darkness…

And then, with a booming clap of Thunder, a majestic city was born.
The city, named Prophecy by oracles from a distant land because of the
vision they witnessed upon its creation, would grow to be the crown
jewel of the region. But in its youth, Prophecy was ruled by Chaos,
Lust, and Fury.
The inhabitants of Prophecy were as varied as the stars in the
night sky. Men and women from every race, creed, and class, flocked to
the city in an attempt to fulfill the Prophecy. The Prophecy states
that one day, a mortal would arrive within the gates of the city and
after drawing incredible power from the land, ascent to godlike
status. The Prophecy states that the mortal, in their new infinite
wisdom, would rule along side the deities of the land and prosperity
would reign over the realm. But then darkness would consume the mortal
and they would rage a bloody war against the pantheon of the realm.
The Prophecy states that only after a long and bloody war would the
chosen one rise above the deities ruling the land and thus fulfill
the Prophecy.
Some choose the path of the murderer, hunting others and consuming
their life essence. Others decided to gain their glory through hunting
and slaying the many creatures that inhabit the furthest corners of
Prophecy. Over the years, much blood has been spilled as thousands of
worthy adventurers have inhabited Prophecy attempting to seize the
power that lies beneath her surface. Some historians claim the oracles
were mistaken and that the Prophecy is merely a hoax designed to fill
the city of Prophecy. But, my friends, I was there when they fled from
the city in madness because the power had eluded them. I, myself,
could taste the power on many occasions. But time has taken its toll
on me and I must abandon my quest to fulfill the Prophecy.
Do you have what it takes to fulfill the Prophecy?
Are you the chosen one?
There is only one way to find out.

The Prophecy awaits…
DragonLance Based Mud - Heavily modified. Hiring Builders, Coders, and Administration. Please email owner for more information and benefits of being an immortal!