A brief summary of the game

The small island of New Yarsith at the mouth of the Bren river serves as a focal point for the new empire in the years following King Dav's assassination. Initially, the mud is housed entirelly within the walls of New Yarsith's keep. As the playerbase grows and guilds expand, they will have the opportunity to move out of the cramped quarters provided for them by the government and into the city proper of New Yarsith.

BETA TEST NOTE: During the testing period, King Dav still lives, and war between the kingdoms is still in progress.

The game is set around the presence of 'embassies', local representative bodies for the great noble houses, guilds, and wild tribes. At New Yarsith they will fight for the right to shape the future of the consolodated Kingdom of Lithmore in their own image.

Perhaps you will rise through the ranks from a lowly steward of your cause to a someone embrollied in the politics and bureauracy that drive it. Maybe someday you shall be the ambassador for your people. Or strike out on our own as a free agent, or stake your own claim to Urth as an autocrat. Perhaps someday you shall be counted among one of Lithmore's sovereign powers?
One of the oldest SMAUGs, over a decade old now. Original name was "Bedlam". Centered around hack 'n' slash, with tons of very hard mobs, and practically everyday organizational runs on those mobs. UPDATE: Aethar is now retired, but the world remains explorable over HTML.
The largest and oldest SMAUG MUD, and the home of the official SMAUG developers.
A long-standing spinoff of Dragonball: Sagas, the codebase of which we received from the original owner with permission to use it, DragonBall: Infinity is a far cry from its humble beginnings with far more than its predecessor could ever hope to achieve.

Multiple coding changes enhance the gaming experience. With the right training, design your own attack! Obliterate your opponents with abilities of your own design. Move faster than the speed of sound with the Zanzoken ability and leave your foes in the dust.

Many players also enjoy the player killer (PK) aspect of the game. While hardly a necessity, since some choose to go the safe route and never undertake PK at all, PKers will discover their skills are put to the test as they hunt - and are hunted - by the best of the best. Collect certificates of death and show off your prowess!

Roleplay as well is a joyous addition. Players constantly mold the universe to their liking, with fresh twists, turns, and events to keep it interesting. Can YOU handle the dark invasion of the Dark Goddess's forces? Or will you choose a different route and assist them in conquest and their hunt for revenge?

Clans, too, are available for the organization-hungry player. Fight for right and defend the universe as a member of the Hidden Angels! Or partake in cruelty and evil as part of the Dark Dominion. Or board the gigantic flagship, the Moonbeam, and follow your own goals as a member of the Silver Faction.

Or maybe you're a quester? Fear not; DragonBall: Infinity has a myriad of brain-teasers and legendary rewards just waiting for you! Travel to Yardrat and be tested by its inhabitants, scaling the Temple in search of the coveted Instant Transmission technique. Or learn the secrets of Arlia's past as you undertake three separate destinies. Or for the more maze-oriented there's Frieza's Castle and the rewards that await!

Builders are always creating fresh areas for players to explore. So come on in and give us a try! We promise you you won't be disappointed.
Ill-Tempered Realms is a RoT 1.4 base with lots of additions made
to it. Over the years the idea has been to maintain the comfortable
RoT feeling while adding key perks and touch-ups to give the game
an identity.

There are 151 mortal levels spanning two tiers for players.
Notable changes to the code including:
-new autoquest system with some interesting features
-auction/arena/banking/heartbeat healing
-as well as training basic stats, training points can also be spent
on upgrading certain skills/spells for new affects
-socials can be used over public channels
-potential for far more immersive quests and areas
-new skills and spells can be uncovered throughout the world
-and much, much more…

slip.genesismuds.com 1112
The hour was later then Drath realised, and the storm
was more violent then any had seen in many a year.

The harsh wind and rain drove all manor of creature into
any place of shelter. The ground rumbled and shook, all
across the realm of Draenor.

Drath cursed under his breath, struggling against the
driving rain and ice cold wind. He would not be detered,
he had to get warning out to his house hold. He had to
warn someone of what he had seen.

Far from the city of New Darkhaven, Drath couldn't help
but wonder if the gods above were laughing at him.
But on he went, yet surprisingly no creature stopped
this lone dark figure who fought so hard against the
raging storm. None would dare, for far off someone was
watching this travelor and where he was headed.

Yes, watched and looked after, although he knew it not,
Drath was guided to his goal and secured from harm
by another, far from sight.

Drath stumbled and fell apon the steps to his keep,
shaking and mumbling. The guards ran to their lords
aid but when they arrived, Drath was out cold. His
fingers tightly clutching a piece of broken dragons


The time of the Dragon Lords and their kinds is apon
Draenor. Long have these creatures rested and lain
dorment while the realm above their heads had war
after war. Now is their time, now is their war.

Who has the mettle to stand and be counted?
Who has the desire for fame, glory and riches?
Who wants to save the girl? (Opps no girl sorry..)
But who wants to kill dragons?!

Telnet: draenormud.zapto.org
Port: 4000

Signed, Lazerous
[Founder of the Realm of Draenor]
Star Wars: Infinite Galaxy has been in active development since December of 2002. The code base has grown considerably over the past few years. TGA is currently open to all players. We are also actively seeking immortals to fill the positions of Architects and Ship Architects. Please contact Keberus or Trelar if interested.
Verge of Reality is a roleplay based mud. The game has a 132 areas to explore, many autoquests to do as well as Global Questing and immortal run quests.

Currently on creation there are 6 classes to choose from mage.cleric,druid,thief,warrior,& vampire. Coming soon are 3 new classes bard, monk & adept.

If you are looking for a friendly place to hang your cloak, roleplay or to player kill this is the place for you!!

Beware of the addiction you might find, and dont say we didn't warn you :)

Here are a few of the features you'll find on VOR:
-Roleplay is encouraged and rewarded.
-132 areas to explore with more on the way
-autoquests, global quests, immortal run quests
-limited pk
-helpful imms and players
-fun social environment
-two tiers with 151 levels per tier
-regular code updates and changes
Realms of Discordia is a medieval fantasy based mud that was started
in October of 1997. The world, known as Brek'Tyr is a home to a vastly
diverse set of races. The world itself, is made up of more than 6600
custom written rooms, each of which you can explore with your

The world has two large kingdoms and a total of seven major cities
that you can choose to be a part of. It is encouraged for players to
roleplay their character, even allowing them to accept jobs in the
governments. These jobs range from being the Leader, to Judge,
Guard, Spy, Ambassador, or anything that you are able to roleplay
your character into.

Roleplay is a very important part of the game, and it is something
that we encourage and reward frequently. Excellent RP gains you more
than merely the respect of your fellow players. Perhaps the most
important aspect of the roleplay is that the more you participate the
more races and specializations you can unlock to play.

The combat and PK system has been highly modified from the standard
system, allowing your skills and statistics to weigh much more
heavily on how well you do against other creatures and players, and
has been rewritten to decrease the amount of spam you receive
compared to other fight systems.

Our website is still under construction, but should hopefully be
completed soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to log
onto the game and ask, or you may email an Immortal for more

We hope to see you there!

Game: realmsofdiscordia.com:9000
Rafermand: A New Beginning is the Rafermand 2.x from the old
3002 port transferred over. I would like to thank Xerves for
deisigning such and awesome code and releasing it so that we
can keep it running. The mud will be having several new areas
added in the next few months as well as maintaining all the
old ones. We would like to see old and new players stop by and
take a look around, to let us see what they would like to have
in the mud.

This game runs on the Fear 2.x engine that has nearly 7 years
of work on it and includes a classless and levelless system
that includes over 300 mostly custom and unique spells and
skills over 5 different spheres. Other such advantages of
this system is randomly generated quests for you and your
kingdom to run, a large wilderness map for everyone to enjoy
conquering, and the ability to hide your identity from others
through the usage of an introduction system.

We also include a pretty new gem system for upgrading your
weapons and armor, as well as the old forge system that
allows you to choose what type of weapons and armor you
would like make. We have 23 different metals to use which
can be found throughtout the mud and quest.

Stop by soon. Fight a few duels, forge your own weapons, build
a small kingdom, then takeover the world
We're not just a mud. We're a community. =)

Saiyan, Shadow, Thief, Draconian, Ghoul, Priest, Skyblade, Jedi,
Drone, Fae, Giant, Hobbit, Lich, Angel, Undead Knight, Samurai,
Cyborg, Shapeshifter, Tanar'ri, Battlemage, Monk, Vampire, Ninja,
Drow, Werewolf, and Demon.

Hi there, I'm Rekwan. Let's be honest. You want a Godwars mud with a
pbase, so that you can PK on. You want constant updates, and an
owner that doesn't cheat or have an alt character. You're sick of
the usual weapons and armor, and you're sick of there not being any
status to take. Well look no further. Rek-Mud has all of these and
more. So that I don't waste your time with boring paragraphs as to
why you should play my mud, I'll just list some facts about Rek-Mud.

We have 26 classes and we plan to create more. Choose from
Satan's Demon to the Super Saiyan.

Strong Pbase - We have a good pbase, probably one of the
highest, ranging from 10-25 players on at ALL times.

We have great pk and tons of status. Our Top 50 players list
shows players ranging from 40 status down to 18 status. That means
there's probably over 100+ people with status. Quite possibly more.

We have thousands of weapons and armor, including new
weapons/armor that you've never seen before on other muds. Many
items are quested and will require piecing together puzzles in order
to smith your own weapon.

Bosses. We're known for our bosses. They will desanct you,
decapitate you, and call you names. Be sure to fight them with an
empty pocket, or you'll be sure to lose all your gil. There's over
100 bosses currently.

We have four kingdoms, Titan, Ramuh, Ifrit, and Shiva. Each
kingdom has their own unique Rune magick, which sprouts into 3
different spells for each. Find which rune benefits you the most and
join that kingdom for their struggle for power. Try over 100
possible class/rune combinations!

We have a good anti-ganging for the kingdomless, feel free to
solo and not have to worry about ganging amongst kingdoms and

Choose several different religions, benefitting from an array of
religion powers. Do battle with the Supernova, or protect yourself
with areaheal.

We have events such as Trivia, Celestial Carnages, and an
ongoing arena event. We'll be coding some more for your enjoyment
such as: Fox Hunts, Elixir Wars, etc.

#10. We have one of the most colorful and beautiful muds. Feel the
power of your items as you are drawn into the world.

We have multiple ways to continue to grow your character even
after you have seemingly maxed out. Your character's potential is
endless. Status and Tiers are no longer the only way to grow.

We have 26 classes and we plan to create more. Choose from
Satan's Demon to the Super Saiyan.

We got rid of the old, boring, artifacts that you've probably
seen on those other godwars muds and have replaced them with
stronger, more powerful and unique artifacts!

We have a friendly and strong community. Meet new friends and
old friends. You will most likely find your friends here. You'd be
surprised at how many people find their old mudding comrades here.

Arenawatch - Now you can watch and learn from players in the
arena as you watch them duke it out!

Newbie Friendly - We have hundreds of helpfiles and that
includes autoloading information that will help new players both to
Godwars and/or to muds along the way.

#17. With Rek-Mud, you have a place you can depend on, without
having to worry about those dirty pwipes. We avoid pwipes as much as
possible and take the hard route to fixing problems that otherwise
may be easily fixed by a pwipe. We care about you, the player, and
we want you to know it.

#18. With new changes made every single day, it's no wonder that
many players are logging on everyday to see what's up in Rek-Mud.

The Storyline
For years mortals have bickered and fought amongst themselves for
control of the realm. Among these mortals rose four predominant
kingdoms, each having its turn of power before another took its
place. This cycle wasrepeated over and again many times, but then
they came…

Two great deities fell to the earth that day, engaged in a great
struggle. For weeks the sky was lit up with numbing hail storms and
searing waves of fire that they hurled at each other. The
antagonistic celestials were polar opposites; the first, an icy
goddess of unimaginable beauty, the second, a demonic beast who was
endlessly ablaze. Shiva and Ifrit were their names it was fearfully
whispered. With the arrival of these two vicious gods the realmswere
thrown into a state of pandemonium. Old hatreds and vendettas were
forgotten as each mortal struggled to escape the chaos that the
battling deities brought.

With nowhere else to turn, brave adventurers sought out these
celestials and pledged their loyalty to them. As a result of their
worship the deities endowed these mortals with devastating powers
akin to their own element.

Now, with the world they used to know in complete ruin, mortals took
their places on the battleground alongside their patron deity. The
realm was once again at war, but this time it was not just man
versus man, but god versus god… …Welcome to Rek-mud. :)
PythonWars is a conversion of a GodWars source into Python. Originally started as a conversion of the GodWars 1996 codebase in particular. But an active decision was made to forgo that and instead became a more MUD than Codebase oriented project. It is in very early stages at this point and up time as well as Dev presence may vary.

In a time when the gods rebelled against their creators, the world of Vael was pulled into a cataclysmic series of events which led to the destruction of many of it's inhabitants. In an effort to save their world, the remaining gods blanketed the world and placed those that remained in a deep sleep to awaken when the world was once again whole.

Obsolevi Regnatus is based off of the released code of Forsaken Lands from long ago and has many custom enhancements done by Nuphari'ulel. Currently in Alpha stages, the staff is working on rebuilding the entire world and creating a safe environment for RolePlay with lite PlayerKilling.
Escape offers both a challenging environment for more experienced mudders as well as a constructive learning environment for newbies.

The immortals work hard to be informative and helpful whenever possible without being overbearing or affecting game balance.

We have taken basic Smaug coding and made heavy modifications to several different aspects of it. With a unique multi-class system as well as a broad array of race/class combinations combined with a group based combat/experience system, we have tried to promote all of what we feel are the best aspects of mudding in general.

We welcome any comments which can be made via a note to immortal within the mud, or via email if that is easier.

We hope you can enjoy playing in the world we are creating,

The Staff of Escape from Destiny

Time of Troubles is a Rom/Sunder/Rot MUD.
Connection: TimeofTroubles.kicks-ass.net 3334
  • Themed fantasy medieval with an AD&D Forgotten Realms influence and feel, Time of Troubles is a quickly growing MUD with well thought out systems and indepth gameplay. Time of Troubles strives for class diversity while retaining balance to insure all players a unique yet balanced experience - Every character has their role in the group. The immortal staff is extremely dedicated, and boast a near completely original world which is still growing daily. The players on Time of Troubles are extremely helpful and full of ideas, which the implementor/coders take into full consideration and most often find a way of working into the code in a balanced manner. Time of Troubles is a pk optional mud, with many things for nonpk players to do, while still retaining an intense pk environment. The activities and events for the higher level player are present and will continue to grow, allowing new players a world of things to explore and the older player something new to look forward to each time they enter the community. We look forward to seeing you at Time of Troubles.

    A very brief overview of some of our features:

    ***34 selectable player races.

    ***9 selectable player classes: Warrior, Mage, Thief, Cleric, Ranger, Monk, Chaosmage, Elementalist, Archer. We also have 3 new classes currently in heavy development.

    ***An extremely user friendly built in map and configurable mini-move-map system for easy navigation.

    ***Classic Auto-Arena and Auto-Quest system with many new features and built in secrets.

    ***A nearly 100% original world. The areas that are not original have all been rearranged within our current world and rebuilt to a point in order to fit the current standards.

    ***Equipment damage and size issues. You must watch the condition of your equipment, and maintain relationships with the shopkeepers, should you need to have a piece of rare equipment you looted from a giant resized to your elven frame.

    ***Over 600 new skills and spells added, along with all the classics being rebalanced and reworked into the current class system.

    ***A player ran clan system, along with clan wars (no place is safe, even your clan hall!), full rank system, and even a clan tax rate automatically deducted.

    ***Full MXP, MSP, MCCP.

    ***Complete indepth roleplay based world full of intelligent mobs and areas that do more than just sit there and die.

    ***Numerous new functions and features too abundant to name. Encumberance, Chaotic spell effects, a D&D style feat system nearly complete, etc, etc, etc…

    The mud will continue to grow and will stay actively on the server as long as any interest remains throughout the years. Come join a fun place full of community and competition.

  • We hope to see you soon.
    4 Dimensions has a time Travel theme, which gives you four large and totally unique worlds to explore; PreHistoric, Medieval, Oldwest and Future. Our zones have unusual depth, and one of our main features is the special Quest Culture. And with 'quests' I don't mean the bland 'kill this mob' - 'fetch me that item' that you find in most Muds. Our Quests, driven by elaborate scripts, are an integrated part of the background story and plot of each individual zone, they are often very entertaining, and they usually require some attention, thinking and work on the player's side, even if we do have some easy ones for newbies too. We also have more cool code features than many pay-to-play Muds. A lot of work has gone into our game, and we'd really like more players to enjoy it.
    Dark Realms is a dark and gothic medieval fantasy world full of rich detail and a playing environment that's just about as beautiful as text can get. MUDs are supposed to have no end to their playability, but time and again the players reach a certain point where they have fought every monster, explored every area and obtained even the rarest of items. Having "Nothing to do" is the worst thing that can happen to a MUDder. That's why our goal is different - not to have the biggest player base, the most portable code, the most in-depth roleplay or even the most sociable MUD there is. Our goal is quite simply to have the most stuff and more importantly, to just be fun.

    Dark realms gives players as much or as little control over nearly every aspect of their characters as they wish. Customize your playing experience to suit your tastes or let the game decide for you. Creative building and intelligent code allow each player to be as involved in the game as they want. We don't want bored players and there are so many features that the only reason a player can't find something to do is because their monitor isn't turned on.

    - Keep track of all your characters with player accounts. Manage profiles and even trade them to other
    - Test your combat skills in the battle arena in one of many different game types including (but not limited
    to) Chaos, Deathmatch, Last man Standing, Team battles, One on One and Regicide. Fight for fame, fortune,
    glory or item prizes. Fight under battle conditions and handicaps. Even fight under custom area layouts.
    Like a particular arena setup? Ask an Immortal to save it as a template so it can be used later!
    - Love racial variety? There's 65 races, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and inheirant abilities.
    Each develops differently depending on the classes you choose. Earn status with other members of your race,
    be it heroic fame or infamous noriety, it's up to you. Too much to choose from? Races are organized into
    species. Select one of the elven species and pick a race, it's that simple.
    - 23 classes to begin as. Each designed with the detail as if it were the only class in the game. Including
    the dual and tri for each class, dual and tri-only and prestige classes, there are over 100 in all and an
    even more mind-boggling number of combinations. It's a rare thing to see any two characters exactly the
    same. Monks, dragons, demons, werewolves, angels, summoners, bards, psionicists…the list goes on.
    - The Triclass system allows your character to have three classes. Become three different classes or progress
    through the next stage of your class and evolve it to the highest levels of power. This remort system allows
    a character to effectively level three times, with the addition of the new class and its abilities. They
    gain the highest stats between their classes and gain the use of each of their particular skills at the
    highest adept and lowest level.
    - Three classes not enough leveling? Become an epic character and tack on an additional 200+ epic levels.
    Gain more stats! Obtain stronger items! Learn more powerful skills!
    - You've got your classes, gained all your epic levels and that's still not enough? Become a legend and
    do it all over again! You'll permanently become a single class, but you get to name it and customize
    the skills it gets. Choose from the list of skills you learned from your previous classes and gain
    access to entirely new ones. Add skills, drop skills and enjoy many bonuses that all your work has earned.
    - Create your own clan, guild or order. Recruit memebers, build a hall, bestow member ranks, change settings.
    Run an involved organization or a lone faction, it's up to you.
    - Devote yourself to a deity. These powerful beings grow old and die without worshippers. Occasionally they
    will be reborn. Their general view of the world may be the same, but the aspects which they encompass
    may not. They may ask things of your character..please them and they might bestow blessings. Piss them off
    and..Let's just say you were warned. Become a high priest and gain deity spells! Gain their favor and become
    their chosen avatar! Oppose them and become one of the forsaken, which might not be a curse depending on
    how you look at it.
    - Gather materials, forge new items. Reforge old ones and make them stronger. Upgrade them with over
    100 special abilities, new effects or even create artifacts.
    - Found a kingdom. Create a legacy. Control and manage your city state and expand your borders. Conquer
    areas in the game. Recruit troops, research ancient spells and technology. Rule the hamlet or dominate
    a country!
    - Get more information with dynamic help files. Detailed help specific to the viwer that's current. No
    more old help files that haven't been updated in years.
    - Event system. Trigger global events where the game reacts to your actions and remembers you. Virtually
    hundreds of missions, events and quests.
    - Over 1000 spells, skills, abilities, enhancements, glyphs, songs, psionics and summoned monsters to play
    with. Learn your skills and level them up with AP. Master each one and give them upgrades to increase
    damage, add more effects and abilities.

    Find artifacts of great rarity and learn magic of impossible power. Wield weapons that have increased elemental damage, drain mana, life or cleave body parts from your victims. Wear intelligent items that might have a bigger ego than you do.

    Be as involved in the game as you want. Just don't get fired from work!
    Forgotten Kingdoms is an RPI (Role-Play Intensive) game which is set
    in the Forgotten Realms multiverse. The game has over 250 unique
    areas and is still growing rapidly, thanks to a large team of
    builders who continuously update existing areas as well as
    adding new areas and challenges.

    New characters can choose from a huge range of races and subraces,
    including sun elves, moon elves, tieflings and even centaurs. Once
    you have selected your characters race, you must choose a base class
    of Warrior, Wizard, Rogue or Priest, each of which offers a
    different roleplay experience, and can be further customised by
    joining one of almost 50 guilds. The last major decision to be made
    by any new character is to decide where they grew up -
    possibilities include several famous Forgotten Realms locations,
    including Waterdeep, Zhentil Keep, Menzoberranzan and Mithril Hall.

    Additional key or unique features of Forgotten Kingdoms include:

    1. A large range of feats and meta-magic feats, ranging from
    'arterial strike' to 'bloodline of fire' through to 'spell-casting
    2. A unique 'spell memorisation' system based on system used in
    Dungeons and Dragons. This means no mana!
    3. Well over 300 spells to choose from.
    4. Many avenues for character development, including joining
    organisations such as the Zhentarim or the Harpers, joining
    the inner circle or even becoming the high priest of one of 30
    faiths…the possibilities are myriad!
    5. Close, but not slavish reproduction of Forgotten Realms lore -
    as a result of various wide-ranging plots and the actions of our
    players, our world has taken a different path to a different

    Forgotten Kingdom's greatest strength is its large population of
    superb role-players, who ensure that there are always several
    ongoing plots to be a part of…

    Come join our online community, we promise you an excellent
    role-playing experience!
    2007 - New year - New Owner! Come join Vikteren, the Staff and Players of Dreams of Demise as we settle into our new home at dod.mudmagic.com port 2424!Dreams of Demise is a heavily modified Godwars Deluxe codebase. With the ease of use and playability of the many Dystopia codebases out there, combined with the complex classes and fightstyles popular with the more diehard, old school Godwars players. We have original code that you will not find on any other Godwars mud. We are a newbie friendly mud, that encourages feed back - both good and bad - from our players. If you are a die hard Godwars player and enjoying making a character through hard work, then this is the place for you, but even if you are new to mudding, give us a try! Friendly staff and generally helpful longtime players create a great place to start off your new mudding addiction! Come check us out! Staff online and available virtually 24-7, we are ready, willing and able to help get you settled in and enjoying your adventure in your new mud home.