Our theme is simple. We are a anime based mud, what we mean by this is. We would like to create a mud based on most of the animes out there. Such as:

Steal Angle
Full Metal Alchemist
Death Note

And many others. We are trying to stay close to the era's of 1799-2025 about. This way we can have a wide verity of animes in there.

We also would like you know that any anime name is acceptable for use.
Hi All,
I run Eye of the Cyclops, a rom mud. It has Sorcerer, Bishop, Ninja, Samurai, Templar, Avenger, Lich, Shaman, Druid, and Assassin classes. There are 206 Mortal Levels, Custom Coded Multiclassing, leveling and customizable weapons, Blacksmithing, Fighting Stances and 40 races. Multiplaying is allowed. I work on the mud every day. Im looking to build a pbase, stop by if this sounds good to you.

Aragond: the Chronicles is the first chapter in an epic story about a world being discovered, developed, and protected against outside threat. Play any of 9 class and 10 race combinations, with the ability to multiclass later on, giving immense options in your character's potential array of abilities. Random loot drops combined with pre-defined objects give players many options for their equipment.

Join us now while in Alpha Testing, and help us iron out the systems, all the while learning the ins and outs of the game!

Some of our features:

- Multi classing (true d&d style)
- Ships (player owned and operated)
- Extended immortal functions (for running in game quests
and such)
- A huge materials list which everything in the world is created from;
players can collect materials from smelting/cutting objects and from
skills like mining, prospecting, and more!
- Crafting of course!
- A unique 'tracking' system, where all creatures leave footprints.
- Dynamic weather; each area has it's own climate, and weather can
affect your character in many ways (Rain can put out your torch, you can
slip and fall in combat, snow/rain washes away tracks/blood, etc…), and
the weather shows up in the room! (If it's been raining you see pools of rain,
if snowing it will show blankets of snow, etc..)
- A QEditor (Quest Edit) custom created for OLC.
- Multitudes of expansions to the stock OLC, including new
sectors, obj types, npc races, act flags, and much much more.
- Weapon specialization for fighters.
- Elemental specialization for wizards, giving them an edge
when dealing with their element of affinity.
- Wizards learn spells from scrolls, and can scribe them to
teach other wizards.
- Traps, trap detection, secret doors, hidden/buried objects, and more!
- Complete removal of stock areas. We offer nothing but completely original areas.
- Tiered skill system; gain guild ranks to learn better skills.
- And much, much more.

We have a stable base and some devoted staff, but are looking to expand with more builders and a webmaster. If you're interested in staffing here, or just playing, drop by aragond.com:9000 or just email me at drew.haley@gmail.com.