Aarchon MUD was started in 1996 by a large group of players who
had left another MUD to create their own. Aarchon is based on a
ROM 2.4 Codebase and has been heavily customized since, running
now with ARC 1.0 code as well.

There are currently over 50 races to choose from, 19 of which
are available upon creation. We have 15 classes with another
in development. Most of the areas are original, with a few
stock zones left in tact intentionally so that new players
have some familiar zones available.

Aarchon currently has 7 remorts with a total of 10 planned, and
subclassing to occur thereafter. New skills, spells, and
game mechanics are regularly being developed and introduced
to the game. We welcome players of all experience levels and
have something for everyone whether you like magic, adventure,
warfare, or just a place to hang out and chat.

PKill comes in 3 different flavors (non-pk, pk, and hardcore).
Roleplay is optional, with some clans that are heavy-roleplay.
Mini-quests have been implemented that can be completed solo, and
immortal ran quests that require a group effort are ran on a regular

Stop by, say hello, and join in on the fun.
d20MUD Presents…


It is a time of Jedi Civil War. Across the galaxy, invading forces of the Sith Empire attack the unprepared planets of the Old Republic. Led by the fallen Jedi turned Sith Lords Darth Revan and Darth Malak, Sith fleets claim planet after planet. Betrayal is everywhere as Jedi battle their former brethren, corrupted by Sith teaching and the dark side.

It is a time of heroes on both sides of the conflict. The Sith grow their empire from the ranks of the Jedi and those under their training every day. The Jedi strain to recoup losses from those who have turned to the dark side, and prepare to train a new generation of jedi. The Mandalorians continue to recruit able warriors into their clans, and the Hutts as always are looking for a way to profit from the endless wars.

Which side to you choose to support? Are you a terrifying Sith, or a noble Jedi? A fearsome Mandalorian warrior, or a smuggler just rying to make his way in the galaxy? A republic diplomat or a wayward explorer? The galaxy is a massive place, and here you will make your mark. Here you will rise to fame and untold power.


d20MUD: Star Wars is a text based multiplayer role playing game or
'MUD', using the SAGA Edition of the d20 rules published in 2007
by Wizards of the Coast.

The MUD is currently in the process of being built, and we have enough done to be considered fully playable to most people. We are
looking for play testers, and prospective staff. If you are interested in participating in some way, feel free to log in and look around,
or email the owner at gicker:AT:d20mud:DOT:com.

See you on the MUD!
Since the beginning of time there has existed a base struggle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Until now.

Long ago, the land was dominated by two major immortal forces, one, the champion of good (whose name has been lost in the ages), and the Devil, champion of evil. Within their immortal hordes were angels, demons and all other forms of magical beings. Eternally they warred, never winning, never losing. Little did they realize that their true power lied in their mortal followers. Neither of the two paid any attention to the mortal plane..allowing it to fall to chaos. This only increased the power of the Devil, for as the land became more chaotic in nature, the true evil of man's heart became known. By the time the champion of good had noticed this, it was too late. His power had dwindled too much and there was little left he could do. Evil had won out and the Devil ruled the realms, both immortal and mortal.

What followed can only be termed as hell. The Devil turned the world into a torturous experience for mankind, forcing the masses to work and slave their lives away. Whisperings of rebellion were heard throughout the mortal realm. Gradually these whisperings grew into a roar. The people of the realm were not looking to fight for good, but to fight against evil. It was rumored that the Devil had lost his immortality during the great battle with his nemesis. It was the truth of this rumor that a group of powerful wizards were staking their lives on. These wizards had been born and raised in magical seclusion. No one
knows their exact origins, only that they existed. This group of wizards, known simply as the Seven, fought their way into the Devil's immense castle and there engaged a magnificent battle. They gathered their collective energy and cast a suicide spell on the Devil, sending him and five of their members into oblivion.

This magical cataclysm tore the world asunder, shattering any concept of time or space. Everything was shifted and torn from their rightful places. The world left from this is a nexus, combining places and people from times and worlds beyond. Into this realm stepped the only one of the ancient Seven to survive the grand battle with the Devil, Lady Alecca. She vowed to try and restore what order they could in this new realm. She assumed the role of the gods and forged into this world left by the Devil's Silence.
  • 30 races
  • 3 tiers
  • 14 classes (with more to come)
  • +/- 10 PK range

Enter the Realm of Magic and discover the Magic and
Mysteries that it holds for you.

Slay monsters, cast spells, mix alchemy potions or just
rely on your wits and skills. Go on over 70 scripted
quests, accept randomly generated assignments, take part
in one of the many online quests directed by immortals and
mortals alike or face the automated mayhem of vikings attacking
a coastal town. Recover from your adventures in the harbour
town of Moonglow, share your stories about mythical
monsters, hidden cities and relate rumours about werewvolves and
vampires. Socialise in the famous orders and take over
responsbilities as a venerable judge, advisor or even lord.
To encourage roleplay, people are allowed to customize
their description in extra details or clothing and use an
extended emote command.

Extra emphasis is put on easy use of the Realm. A java applet
is installed on the homepage for playing the game and extensive
in-game features support decent playing even with telnet
e.g. multiple command aliases and speedwalk and many other things.
Additionally, MXP extensions for clicking of actions have been
added for player convenience.

Blind or visually impaired people using a talker program should
connect to port 4002, which reduces the text sent to the client

And yes, the Realm is running on a dedicated server with good
connection to the internet.

Newest additions: Familiars, Player run shops
Britannica, Underdark, Western Mountains, Poveglia
The lands have changed. What was once the legend of history has been proven false. Lies are overturning, and the past is returning. Elder gods have begun to arise from slumber, and some have begun to break the charade once played. With the departure of Corin-Mur, the lands rest at ease. For the moment, at least. Will the dragon return? Or will a new terror surface to take his place? With the dawning of this new age, will YOU help decide the outcome of the coming struggles?

  • 14 classes, option to multiclass

  • 18 races

  • Clans

  • Dwarven Forged Equipment

  • Player-Owned Houses

  • Automated Quests and Static Quests

Come make your new home here with our newbie friendly staff and players.
DragonBall Z World is back! Resurrected from the ashes of it's former glorious wake! Really though, this is truely one of the "greats" when it comes to DBZ muds. It is the same dbzw you remeber, and looking to improve even further. Some of the old players have heard and are starting to return. We want new players as well. Brilliant clan system with clan PK/raids on rival HQs, clan equipmant, guards, etc, private spaceships, leveless system, pure pk zones as well as partial, and protected, gravity system, Role play is not enforced but encouraged. Epic quests with epic gear rewards. This mud has it all. Come explore all the home planets, and quest zones this mud has to offer. Tread softly on Ghetti or the PK asteroid!
The year is 19 BBY and The Empire is still a young government. Being
led by it's Emperor, The Empire tries to control every government in
the galaxy. Other forces are conspiring against the Emperor and
want overthrow the government to make it what it once was, a

Organizations such as Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems
work on supplying the galaxy with the best equipment around. Criminal
orgnaizations are lurching around every corner, looking to take
advantage of anyone who looks helpless enough, and the Bounty Hunters
Guild is working hard at collecting money for themselves with every
bounty that comes along to them.

The timeline for this mud is a player driven timeline. Everything
that has happened up until 19 BBY will be accurate in the game.
Everything after 19 BBY will be player driven.
Many, many end game areas with boss mobs that are truly challenging. A unique advancement system that lets you continue to improve the power of your character even after you've reached max level. Additionally, you can kill legendary mobs for enhancement points, or hunt essences to further improve your gear. The artifact hunt is second to none and the areas are unique and diverse! The character classes have unique skills which can critically wound a monster to kill it instantly, or heal the player, or stun – all depending on the class. And finally, clan based PvP is here for anyone needing to get their PvP fix. Come check it out!

Legends Forgotten takes place in an age where Darkness encompasses the land as long forgotten Heroes and Legends rise once again to destroy this Darkness in the Age of Legends

1. Essence System: Enhance your Equipment Permanently!
2. Unique Item System: Artifacts, Relics, Mythical Items
3. Skill-Spell System: 500+ Skills-Spells all unique!!!
4. 34 Races all unique in their origin and abilities
5. Classes such as: blademaster, aiel, aes sedai, dreadlord…
6. Detailed Character Creation: eyecolor, haircolor, body…
7. Intelligent Mobs: skills, special attacks, quest-mobs
8. Clan System: player recruiting, ranks, promotions, banks
9. Multi-Cast System: more functionality to casting
10. Newbie Friendly, Battlefield, Detailed Creation
11. Taveren System: add to damage, healing, & more
12. Area-Quests coded into areas for all players!
13. Channeling, Chanting, Conjuring, Casting!!!
14. Event System adds variety and uniqueness to the world.
Crusify: The Chosen is a medieval fantasy MUD. The game runs
on a highly modified ROM/Anatolia codebase. Roleplay is strictly
enforced and is supported by a unique emote system. PK is restricted.

The world of Crusify is large, with some 11,500 rooms spread over
many areas. Each area caters to specific levels and tailored to
provide special challenges for these levels. There are built-in quests
in the game, but the staff also runs quests and events on a regular

Crusify Mud is made up of animal races and species. Players level
from 1-100, then have the option to remort (become reincarnated) into
a different species. New species become available as the amount of
times you remort increases and there are also benefits available to
specific species. There is a full staff with help files galore; very
newbie friendly!

In Crusify, you can play any role that you want and become
anyone you want to be. The story is dynamic and you can just
jump right into the heart of it. In Cities of Crusify, nothing is
exactly as it seems.
LuminariMUD is a project merging/optimizing/bug-checking/documenting/stylizing the combination of tbaMUD/d20MUD/LuminariMUD(old).

LuminariMUD is a fantasy themed MUD with influence from D&D campaigns such as Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. A completely original world, storyline and history is in development.

Game mechanics are influenced by D20/D&D3.5 and MUDs such as Toril and Duris.

We are in Pre-Beta Development, but open for visitors.

It has now been two years since the Battle for Endor.

The ever growing New Republic wields more and more control
as planet after planet joins the relatively new organization.
Restoring order and peace throughout the galaxy through diplomatic
terms remains their top priority.

In opposition, the Galactic Empire, still suffering from the loss
of its beloved Emperor still remains a force throughout the
galaxy. Retaining control over several key worlds, the new Emperor
looks to correct the mistake that is the New Republic and restore
the glory and might of the Galactic Empire.

Meanwhile, in the background, more and more organizations are
forming now that the iron fist of the Empire is pre-occupied
with the newly formed New Republic. No one yet knows what
these organizations have in mind for the galaxy, are they
looking to make an attempt on control themselves? Are they
just out looking for themselves only?

You won't know unless you join us at Star Wars: Celestial Horizons.
Come and play with our ever growing list of features and changes.
Make a change in our galaxy….
Welcome to
Planets: Rise to Power

This mud is newly launched, most every bug squashed but certainly
not bug free by any means. I am opening my doors for player testing
right now but Im not against players casually role playing
and developing planets for the future of the mud. I strongly believe
in the potential behind SWR 2.0 and I hope to find others like
minded in the future. Come make this mud your place to call home
as I have and endure the hardships of killing hordes of aliens
as they attack planets, join a clan and soldier on through the
ranks killing the foul scourge that plagues each planet every so
often. Become an architect and shape the very landscape you
walk on, or a weapon smith and create better and more deadly
weapons for soldiers to mow down aliens with. Assassinate
the leader of some other clan or take on a bounty and track
them down across the galaxy gloriously severing their head
from their body. Many opportunities can arise in a world
completely player created you just have to show up and
contribute your part to the cause or simply add to the
role playing atmosphere if you feel you dont have a creative
bone in your body. In any case you are bound to have fun
whatever you decide to do!

-Dream, Planets: Rise to Power Admin.
Old school Moments of hatred codebase with a twist! friendly immortals and lots of changes being done! Come join the hatred. We just saw 13 players connected today! Be the 14th!!!
See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Kota

TADAO Ninja-Demon AKA *]-Satan's Assassin-Old school Moments of hatred codebase with a twist! friendly immortals and lots of changes being done! Come join the hatred. We just saw 13 players connected today! Be the 14th!!!
See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Kota

TADAO Ninja-Demon AKA *]-Satan's Assassin-[*
SUSUMU Ninja-Drow AKA .*^Susumu^*.
TACHIKAWA Ninja-Monk AKA **[-Shinobi-]**
SEIBEI Ninja-Werewolf AKA ***Shadow LyCan***
YAMASHITA Ninja-Mage AKA ^-^VanICaN^-^
SEIJI Ninja-Vampire AKA **<-Seiji->**
MERIHIM Demon-Drow AKA [o.Lloth's PoseSSion.o]
ABIGOR Demon-Monk AKA X.o_Shaolin-Fiend_o.X
AZAZEL Demon-Werewolf AKA ([Gollum])
LEONARD Demon-Mage AKA >[ NePhandi ]<
LILLITH Demon-Vampire AKA <>[BlooD Demon]<>
HATTCHEN Monk-Drow AKA .x[[D'Ilmater]]x.
AELFRIC Monk-Werewolf AKA }x.x{KynTorT}x.x{
KENSAI Monk-Mage AKA .x{Kensai}x.
SLAKE Monk-Vampire AKA <<.[Slake].>>
ADIN Drow-Werewolf AKA |+|Lycoth's Homid|+|
MAERDYN Drow-Mage AKA .o{MaerDyn}o.
KHALLA Drow-Vampire AKA -=(Darkling)=-
WEREMAGE Werewolf-Mage AKA >IllumInatI<
ABOMINATION Werewolf-Vampire AKA |[@]Abomination[@]|
GEHENNA Vampire-Mage AKA <*>KaraYaN<*>

Kota, V2 staff.
Legends of Hatred is the continuation of Moments of Hatred which was
created in 2010 by Jaden. Legends of Hatred (then MoH) started as an
OLD school classic GodWars MUD, based upon Lords of War code from 1998.

Legends of Hatred is one of the MOST unique GodWars muds currently
online. Whilst we feature the standard GodWars classes, ours have
been recoded from the ground up.

We currently have eight Pure Breed classes as well as an additional
twenty-one Hybrid classes.

Some of our features include:
* Account system - Keep all your players together.
* Kingdoms Players can band together and create their own Kingdom.
* Kingdom Equipment Kingdoms can improve their own specialized EQ.
* Kingdom Skills Kingdoms can gain access to additional Skills.
* Arena - Put yourself VS other players to test your Player Kill skills.
* COMPLETELY recoded combat system, you will not find the stock hitroll,
damroll or armour class. (See "statistics" when you connect to the
MUD for more information).
* Overland Map system.
* MUD based Wiki Players can submit their own help files, tutorials,
FAQs, etc to keep help files up to date.
* Modified version of KaVir's MUD Protocol Snippet, which features:
MSSP, MDSP, MCCP, UTF-8 Characters, MXP, 256 Colours and TType.
(Legends of Hatred was the FIRST mud to test KaVir's Protocol
Snippet in 2011 says so in the release notes for the snippet. RoW
= Legends of Hatred.)

16-Sep-2013 Update:

* Treasure chests added
* Weaponskills are NOW weapon types not damage types ie Sword, Hit.
* Gems now have size/quality modifiers.
* Random EQ now loads inside Chests, and has a chance to load with
sockets, to allow insetting of multiple gems
* Forge command removed, now is Inset.
* 'Lotto' system added, can win gold, gems and in time other valuables
as well.

Upcoming features to include:

* Dynamic Areas. (Dungeons/Instances)
* Player Definable who, and score screens.
* Daily Events.
* Monthly PK Events.
* Integrated MUD web page.

and much much more!

In the 3 years since the MUD was created we have logged over 1100
changes to the code!

In the past 2 years Legend of Hatred has gone through MASSIVE changes
to the code, thanks to Jindrak, therefore there may be a lot of things
that don't quite work as expected. If you find anything like this
while playing, please report it so we can get it fixed as soon as

The immortals of Legends of Hatred have been around in the GodWars
scene for a long time, I (Tijer) have been playing GodWars MUDs since
1996 and have ran a String of very successful Muds since 1997.
Jindrak is the creator of the ShyteMUD codebase, and has worked on
his Carnival of Carnage / GodWars: Legends codebases over the past 10
years or so.

Our aim is to make Legends of Hatred, the most stable fun GodWars
MUD that is currently running, we're here to stay.

We're hosted on a VPS that is paid up for another year so there is no
chance of us vanishing like most of the other GodWars muds that
spring up from time to time.. We are well over a year old and are
still working on improving the codebase, daily…

Go to godwars.net port 3500, to see what you have been missing out
on. A UNIQUE take upon the GodWars genre, with the feel of an OLD

I ALSO offer hosting to GodWars MUDs on GodWars.net, send an email,
and i'll get back to you ASAP.
Dragonball: The Dark Prince Returns is a DBX and DBI derived mud
which is based on both CircleMUD and DikuMUD based codes.
Thanks goes to all for even thinking up such a game. The theme we have
is DB/DBZ/DBGT. If this sounds like the type of mud for you please come
and join us.

Staff of Dragonball: The Dark Prince Returns
Previously known as the long-running 'As The Wheel Weaves', The
Shadow's Embrace is based on the popular Wheel of Time series. The
Shadow's Embrace is a multi-user, text based game where you can
interact with dozens of people from around the world. Explore
thousands of rooms in hundreds of zones, do battle with evil, or
seek to bring darkness to the lands. Sail the high seas and climb to
the tops of the mountain peaks as you seek to complete quests and find
new lands.

Players can choose to belong to any of the dozens of Wheel of
Time races – even aiel, trollocs, fades, and others while
working with or competing against other players in the quest for
fame, glory, and power. If you prefer roleplaying to
slaughtering, TSE is highly role-play encouraged and there are
several code features in place to support it.

We have randomized treasure chests filled with rare items and an
extensive crafting system in place for a very detailed character
creation experience.

Come along for the ride and you never know, you may not want to
Acropolis is an old ROM MUD recently revived for the fun of it by a group of old administrators. Acropolis has the feel of ROM MUDs you know and love with a bunch of great enhancements. There are a ton of new custom areas, races, classes, skills, spells, and many advanced features including clans, quests, PK arena for fun and prizes including team/clan battle types, randomly generated loot (Diablo-style), and much more. Acropolis is a newbie friendly MUD run by a welcoming group of people. If you're looking for a fresh start and like what you hear then please drop by and play for awhile.
Considered one of the best Dragonball based MUD's is BACK! DragonBall Z: Universe
is back online after 6 years, and ready to bring in the players! Many of the things you
missed is in and ready to use! Personal Spaceships, Racial Transformations, Role Playing system WITH REWARDS, Clans ready to defend as well as Raid!

If you have never played DBZ:U before now is your chance! Come join us for the time of your life!

portent.genesismuds.com : 4310

Looking for a nice diverse player base, as well as hiring a few more staff members! Log in and see what you think!
Zalanthas: a harsh low-technology desert where settlements and shelter are few and far between, and once you're within the walls, you may not actually be any safer.

In the city-state of Allanak, governed by the ruthless sorcerer king Tektolnes, the common rabble struggle to eke out a living under the strangling boot of the city's nobility. Criminals are put to death for the masses' amusement, and elementalists with arcane, unpredictable powers are allowed to walk the streets, so long as they wear the gem, a mysterious device of the Highlord Tektolnes' divising. To the north, in the magick-free city-state of Tuluk, the all-knowing Sun King Muk Utep rules with despotism cloaked as benevolence. His Templars are the city's arbiters, and while the city is no less brutal than Allanak, those who stray on the wrong side of the law usually vanish without a trace.

Across the desert of the Known World, bands of nomadic humans and xenophobic elves dot the rest of the map. The Great Merchant Houses of Salarr, Kadius, Nenyuk and Kurac traverse the world for trade, maintaining cutthroat monopolies and a lethal grip on their markets.

Yet in spite of the numerous threats that will await your character at every twist and turn, you will find a niche for yourself in the world of Zalanthas.

Over two decades old Armageddon MUD is as addictive for its harsh desert theme as it is for its beautifully written environment, and intense, required roleplay. Real-time interaction with multiple players around the world will draw you into this world and offer you a gaming experience you will never forget.

The oldest roleplay MUD around, Armageddon features code showcasing an original magick system, the think command, an extensive crafting system, pc tattoos, NPC intelligence, languages, plotlines driven by the players, an ongoing history, and much more. Roleplay is required, and players are strongly advised to look over the website or chat with our player helpers to get a feel for the game before submitting a character. One players's comment: "I view this not so much as a game, but as a work of art."
Twenty-one years after the Rebel Alliance destroyed the second Death Star. The New Republic is facing internal conflict while trying to maintain peace. A new, powerful enemy, known as the Yuuzhan Vong, emerges from the outer galaxy, beginning what will be known as the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. The Jedi, along with the New Republic, struggle to resist this new alien race while it steadily pushes forward, annihilating or occupying different parts of the galaxy.

Builders and Coders are welcome!