Tempus is a fun, multifarious, massive fantasy world with an overarching time travel theme.

High magic and futuristic technology collide in one of the foremost MUDs of its class. With past and future time periods, outer and elemental planes, intricate game mechanics, and a uniquely rich environment, Tempus aims to be the best there is.

Set apart from other MUDs by dovetailing diverse genres, Tempus weaves high fantasy, cyberpunk, and science fiction into a cohesive theme, connected by temporal rifts in time.

Tempus is, and will always be, absolutely free to play.

Heavily modified since April 1995, Tempus still retains much of its Circle look, but the gameplay and feel are decidedly original. A perpetual work in progress, Tempus continues to be improved and expanded upon.

Advanced game play incorporates a combination of exploration, socialization, character customization, questing, and just plain fun.

Limited player versus player combat is also featured in conjunction with a reputation and bounty hunter system. Breaking from a common MUD trend, Tempus is not role-play intensive, allowing players the freedom to play their characters however they wish.

Tempus hosts a variety of past and future classes, including Cleric, Cyborg, Barbarian, Psionicist, Ranger, Bard, Mercenary, Physicist, and Monk.

An advanced remorting system allows players to create dual-class combinations, combining the skills and abilities of each class.

Quests, clans, guilds, group combat, unique religions, and a plethora of communication channels provide the players with a broad range of socialization and interactivity.

Players and staff hail from several countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the European Union. They are known for and pride themselves on being extremely newbie-friendly.

The multifarious themes, character combinations, game play mechanics, gigantic world, and colorful people can make Tempus an extremely addicting environment.

If you are searching for a home away from home, TempusMUD is a must see.


Imagine that you exist in a world where time has begun to collide, where the past meets the future, and neither will ever be the same again.

Tempus is a fantasy role playing game set in a world where ancient magic confronts advanced technology. Upon entering Tempus, you become an adventurer in an imaginative and mysterious universe, where you have the opportunity to carve out a unique niche for yourself in an evolving world.

The distinction between different time frames has been blurred by the activities of the most powerful beings in existence.

The high mages of the past have built their secret empire by planting political seeds of influence. These seeds have begun to sprout as they delve deeper into the realm of the arcane, finding a new lore in the art of time shifting.

The disciples of the greater gods and goddess, after a lifetime of attaining a closer relation with divinity, are shown a new realm of infinite proportions, the continuum of time.

Far into the future, the scientists and technologists that rule the civilized world relentlessly pursue the fleeting prize known as energy. They uncover the secret of time, allowing them to build great machines to send them back to the past.

As the time frames collide, these figures inevitably meet and begin to engineer the nature of reality to their own ends. Populations all across the timeline begin to notice subtle changes as strange visitors bearing unknown powers begin to emerge.

As the flow of time begins to swirl together, you enter Tempus.

The players and Immortals of TempusMUD invite you to alter their world.


Whichever MUD you call home, best of luck to you, and enjoy!
DBE is one of the longest running DBZ MUDs online that continues to
expand everyday. This MUD takes a mixture of roleplaying and PK to
create an unique Dragonball experience. Each of the races will give
you a different style of gameplay while RPing and PKing. Even though
DBE is based on Dragonball, that does not mean other themes or
influences wont exist in the MUD. As the name of the MUD says, DBE
is an evolution of the DBZ theme. If youre looking for a different
view on the anime, then you should give DBE a try.

DBE Includes:

* 17 races that make up 4 different race types(Attack, Defense,
Healer and All-Around)
* 100 skills split between all the races
* Skills that upgrade through transformations
* 14,000 rooms
* 7 planets, Majinia, Outer Space, Afterlife/Heaven and Hell
* 80+ quests to set out on
* over 4,000 items can be bought, found or created
* 7 clans
* Weekly events and Double Experience weekends
* 24/7 PK Dragonball Hunt
* Zones and Bosses that require groups with tanks and healers
* PK Wars and RP events held often
* Food and water are actually useful by restoring pl, ki and fatigue
* Bloodlust which is full PK mode that offers multiple buffs
* Houses, custom items and pets can be earned
* Optional Newbie Academy with rewards when completed
* Multiple types of scouters and radars that show different
* Powerlevel gains kept within range of the Frieza Saga
* Level based system with virtually no cap
* Dedicated staff, most have been with DBE for years
* Freedom of Speech if not being malicious
* Newbie friendly environment(ask for Ozma if any help is needed)
* Stable server and no intentions of shutting down, DBE is here to

If any of that sounds appealing, stop by and join in the fun.

Hope to see you there,
Ozma and the Staff of DBE
4 Dimensions has a time Travel theme, which gives you four large and totally unique worlds to explore; PreHistoric, Medieval, Oldwest and Future. Our zones have unusual depth, and one of our main features is the special Quest Culture. And with 'quests' I don't mean the bland 'kill this mob' - 'fetch me that item' that you find in most Muds. Our Quests, driven by elaborate scripts, are an integrated part of the background story and plot of each individual zone, they are often very entertaining, and they usually require some attention, thinking and work on the player's side, even if we do have some easy ones for newbies too. We also have more cool code features than many pay-to-play Muds. A lot of work has gone into our game, and we'd really like more players to enjoy it.
Azereth is an endlessly growing mud with many special features like a 100 level system with endless remorts, Many races to choose from along with advanced racial wear spots and racial spells and skills, gambling, unique leveling weapons with class and remort capabilities, pet familiars, fishing, romance, a large world that is always growing, and much more! Come and enjoy yourself.
Celestial Knights is a original take on a well established genre. 4 Years ago beginning with a stock circle 3.1 codebase CKMud has evolved into a unique DBZ codebase that differs from many of the others already out there. With a leveless system players strength is dependant on skills and stats, several balanced races and classes are in, along with the ability to remort to two other classes to further your character development. We sport a automated arena, map system, space system, unique training minigames, and much more. With more features than we can list and being updated daily, there is always something for you to do.
Star Wars: Dark Forces RPG has had a long history. Emperor Palpatine was
defeated at Endor thirty-five years ago, thrown into the Abyss by Darth
Vader. Now the Yuuzhan Vong, a race from another galaxy, hope to conquer and
enslave all. The Empire has been reborn as the Imperial Alliance, trying to
stop the Vong while at the same time attempting to establish order in the

The New Republic is crumbling, its members leaving to join the Imperial
Alliance or being killed by the Vong. Many small factions have risen, hoping
to end the chaos which has come about hte galaxy. Are you ready to serve the
Empire or save the crumbling Republic? Or perhaps there might be profit to
make as a self-server. Nevertheless, this is a time of Dark Forces.

This is very popular MUD which has grown tremendously, with all original
zones and original programming. Roleplay is encouraged here, and rewarded if
done. The immortals participate in the events of the game, but it is the
mortals that shape our history. Give us a try, and you will see that you
have a new addiction.
Since 2000 The Builder Academy has been training new builders and developing
the CircleMUD codebase, Oasis OLC, and trigedit. After years of stock
CircleMUD stagnation TBA offered to take over stock CircleMUD development
several times. TBA unofficially released CircleMUD 3.5 in 2006 and later
released the codebase under the name tbaMUD. TbaMUD is holding true to the
original CircleMUD vision with a few additions. The largest difference is the
inclusion of Oasis OLC, trigedit, in-depth tutorials, help files, and examples.
TBA will continue development and is always open to feedback and
recommendations from the MUDding community. TBA is foremost a MUDding resource
with the goal of improving the MUDding community.

The tbaMUD vision:
TbaMUD's vision is to provide the MUDding community a stable and functional
codebase that includes an in-depth World and help files that makes it ready to
be molded into a custom MUD by its coders and builders. We also provide
multiple resources to allow for feedback, contribution, and the sharing of
ideas within the MUDding community to ensure constant development and
TbaMUD is highly developed from the programming side, but highly UNdeveloped
on the game-playing side. So, if you're looking for a huge MUD with billions of
spells, skills, classes, and races, tbaMUD will disappoint you. TbaMUD still
has only the 4 original Diku classes, the original spells, and the original
skills. On the other hand, if you're looking for a highly stable, developed,
organized, and well documented "blank slate" MUD on which you can put your OWN
ideas for spells, skills, and classes, then tbaMUD is what what you are looking
- Multi-Play: Restricted - Extended Race Selection
- Extended Class Selection - Equipment Saved
- Roleplaying Is Encouraged - Ansi Color
- Newbie friendly - World is all original
- Detailed Character Creation - Clans Offered
- Large World (10,000+ rooms) - Adult-Oriented Violence
- Mud is fully operational - Player-Kill: Restricted

Dark Pawns, now in its thirteenth year of continuous
operation, we strive to bring you a quality fantasy RPG
experience. We feature a robust, stable codebase with
quality staff and players. Our focus is on mudding and
game playing as a community, with an emphasis on gameplay
in the long term.

Come by and play Dark Pawns for a couple of hours, and
you'll find that you've found yourself your new favorite
KinslayerMUD is a free roleplaying game based on The Wheel of Time series written by Robert Jordan. Open since late 2002, KinslayerMUD offers dedicated Wheel of Time fans a place to interact with Jordan's world directly. The game currently has multiple races and classes, including the notorious blood-thirsty Trollocs. Multiple clans allow players to take on a deeply involved role in the world by gaining ranks, completing, roleplaying, and PK(playerkill) campaigns.
Come join an Empire or start your own!

After 13 years of EmpireMUD 1.0 and 2 years of alpha development, original EmpireMUD creator Paul Clarke has released the beta version of EmpireMUD 2.0. Come check us out and experience the thrill of a MUD unlike any other.

EmpireMUD did a full world and player wipe on May 2, 2015 to start the beta phase, with no plans for another wipe. It's not too late – get in on the ground floor! Check our website to see the world map, and for a link to the GitHub project where you can get your own copy of EmpireMUD's codebase.

EmpireMUD's emphasis is on politics, trade, building, and resource management rather than combat. Players join existing empires or found their own and wage war (or peace) as they see fit.

* Huge 1800x1000 user-modifiable world
* Your class is based on which skills you focus on
* Over 220 unique abilities to choose from
* ASCII map navigation
* Screen-reader mode allows easy map navigation for the visually impaired
* Unique building & crafting system
* Delve into instanced adventure zones

Visit the homepage for help or use the INFO command.
JOIN AN EMPIRE to get started – or found your own!

Now on Facebook! Like the fan page and join the discussion group!
Enter the world of Trigun, we are currently hiring immortals to help us along with our process. The mud is based on the popular anime Trigun and takes place in it's world prior to all of the events in the show, so things can still be played out. We boast an orriginal battle system based on combo points ect. heavy pk, allowed multiplaying and other features that are to numurous to list! We are also NOW OPEN FOR BETA! So feel free to stop by and say hello!
RavenMUD was originally started by a handful of people from Da Shadow's Domain and ShadowMUD. After many modifications from its original code Raven now has many unique features including: improved A.I. Mobs (NPCs) using special procedures and more recently DG Scripts, multi functional magic items, numerous operational cities, and an online creation system, just to list a few. Player grouping and role playing are quite popular with 11 classes and 11 standard plus 9 remort races to choose from. Exploring Raven's vast and ever expanding areas will not be a hassle, with saved aliases and abbreviated commands to ease the amount of typing. Clans and custom clan housing that offers to many options to list add greatly to an already rich role playing environment. Planned and impromptu quests are frequently run with various0themes and objectives that range from capture the flag, city defense, seek and destroy, rescue missions, treasure hunts,
capture the flag, and many many more. A talented Imm and mortal staff continuously produce original areas and improve game play in many facets. An entire city is devoted to players new to MUDs is available to start in with helpful and informative mobs and help files to get your journey underway. Raven is very stable and has been around for quite sometime and will continue to exist indefinitely. Whether new to the game or a veteran this is everything you are looking for in a MUD.
Dragonball - Resurrection of Truth is back and is now open for players. We offer a wide selection of races, most from the DBZ and DBGT series along with a DBT custom race known as the Angels. More custom races will be adding including the Casyr and Dragon races. Every race has a racial specialty along with many unique skills only found on DBT and DBrT along with transformations that are well balanced and unique. Our Role Playing system is highly in depth, creative, and fun. Players can do just about anything from be a hero and protect the weak and innocent, a villain set out conquer everything in their way, or even a mercenary who looks after their self. Another thing we offer that most DBZ muds don't in Role Playing is the ability to launch two Ki attacks at the same time as well as charge multiple Ki attacks to make them stronger. The Player vs. player aspect of the mud is just as creative. On DBrT when two players agree to a PvP battle they are teleported to the PvP arena. Once their the players cannot quit or recall unless they decide to chicken out. When a player is killed by another player, while in the PvP arena or not, they are sent to the After Life where they cannot quit or recall with out either taking a long trip down snake way or being revived which only a few races can do. We have probably one of DBT's most beloved features, Fishing. This gives players another way to gain a little gold, learning points, and the occasional level. This is great for the times when training, RPing, and PvPing just don't seem appealing and is a great time passer. Our most recent addition that has been added is the Experience Mode. This feature multiplies the amount of experience they player will receive after killing mobs by the amount that the Experience Mode has been set to by a high ranking Immortal. So if you are looking for a fun DBZ themed mud look no further, DBrT is Back and better then ever! We look forward to you visit and hope you enjoy the mud. Thanks. The staff of Dragonball - Resurrection of Truth.
Pain slams into you as you open your eyes. The radioactive desert
sandsblister your skin and suck away your last ounces of strength.
Struggling to your feet you take inventory: wounded body, a chaingun
, one last clip of ammo, one fragmentation grenade, and the iron-will to look past those odds. Corpses of Blackhand's entire
regiment litter the ground around you. Only a few survivors remain,
and calling them survivors is a stretch.

Wild bolts of lightning blast across the sky, announcing the
death of Yet another of the reborn. In the tracks left by the
lightning,graceful, metal wings can be seen, beating against the gray
clouds. She is coming for you, the reborn. Slapping your last clip
into your chaingun, you watch as the avenging angel drops out of
the sky and lands before you, folding her wings around her body like
a cloak. A Black metal hand draws a white blade from the
glinting scabbard at her hip. As the avenging angel raises
the blade to strike, you compress the trigger and begin firing.

A hail of bullets wash over the winged woman, most just
bouncing off her black skin like sand in the wind. Grimly,
you pull the pin on the grenade and hold your last hope in
your hand. You may be dead a minute from now, but you are
determined not to go alone… This is your last stand, this is war,

CyberASSAULT Features:
-A post-apocalyptic, sci-fi theme including holographic
simulator areas and tons of pop-geek-culture references.
-Fast-paced melee, grenade or clip-dependant gun combat!
-A great active Immortal staff that's always working!!
-Bionics, lockers, PK (limited), remorts, remort classes
-item customization, player, ongoing and imm-run quests
-lots of custom skills and psionics
-a awesome fun non-stock world!
-a great newbie zone! For the advanced or newbie MUDder.
-RP Friendly…Well… Friendly all around!!
-Player fishing!
-Custom scripted weapons!

Eternal Visions is set in the world of Anea and the majority of the
game play happens on the continent of Etouria. It is a world at war
right now, for the Elder Gods are long gone and the Clerics are
spreading the word of the New Gods, the Young Ones. There are those
who seek to rebel against the New Gods, and others who do not
believe they have truly arrived, while still others merely wish
to continue as they have been for the last four hundred years.

Anea is the land of Eternal Visions. Known for the unique (code)
systems: class, combat, proficiencies, organizations, vegetation,
mapping and magic casting, Eternal Visions offers both newbie comfort
and advanced challenges. Based on role playing under a realistic
environment, a score of folk have been providing a portal for many
adventurers to experience an exciting, new and realistic world.
Russian language MUD about world of old soviet science fiction
A casual, vibrant, all original high fantasy world with 9,000+ rooms, several sleek GUI clients, and too many unique features to list. Proud offshoot of AnotherWorld.

Welcome to Silent Eve! We are a new and growing MUD based in a
modern WoD(World of Darkness) Los Angeles. We believe very
strongly in players having a lot of interaction with each other
and making each person feel like a vital point in the story. Our
StoryTeller staff holds to a golden rule and understands that
WE are here to provide YOU, the player with an enjoyable place
to play first and foremost. We have set in place some custom
systems which we strongly believe will enhance the value of your
time playing within our world, these include but are not limited
to the Status-System and the Domain-System, which you can find
more information about on our website!

We are now accepting several new spheres! Swing by to check out
what is now open.

We look forward to having you join our growing family!
Hail and well met, Adventurer!

Forget your mundane troubles of this world and follow my words to a distant land, a land where the world itself gleams with magic and the bravery of men can forge an empire as easily as cowardice can bring it down.
Rest your hands upon the globe, and there - do you see it? Shalizan, the land of a fierce people who rose up to fight the darkness back, a people who survived and persevered at the most dire of hours. The Lantar and his Legions, a thousand strong, keep the peace as all now labor to forge new realms - Realms of Valor.

Arantha: The Realms of Valor is a role-play required MUD that is inspired by the AD&D 2nd edition rules set and features the R.O.V MUD codebase, a heavily customized derivative of Circlemud 3.19 & Dikumud.

Game Features Include:

x Original campaign with medieval fantasy influences.
x Unique world of thousands of rooms, each with a one-of-a-kind description and lore.
x A variety of playable races, each with their own distinctive background and history.
x Traditional round-based combat with queued actions and spell casting.
x Spell memorization slot system for arcane and divine casters.
x A unique system of class abilities, weaponry and skills.
x Tactical room movement and interaction system.
x Dynamic naming database - you choose what to call those you meet.
x Randomly rolled treasure tables provide ever-changing monster loot.
x An array of roleplay-facilitating commands for the discriminating RPer.
x A comprehensive website that is fully integrated with the game.

What is Arantha like? Well, we're like a super chill party where you can spend most evenings and weekends gaming with people who are interesting, friendly, and pretending to be elves. Whether your inclination is towards good, neutral or evil, human, elf or otherwise, youll find a niche among our varied playerbase.

So why don't you come and join us?

arantha.net port 4000
d20MUD Presents…


It is a time of Jedi Civil War. Across the galaxy, invading forces of the Sith Empire attack the unprepared planets of the Old Republic. Led by the fallen Jedi turned Sith Lords Darth Revan and Darth Malak, Sith fleets claim planet after planet. Betrayal is everywhere as Jedi battle their former brethren, corrupted by Sith teaching and the dark side.

It is a time of heroes on both sides of the conflict. The Sith grow their empire from the ranks of the Jedi and those under their training every day. The Jedi strain to recoup losses from those who have turned to the dark side, and prepare to train a new generation of jedi. The Mandalorians continue to recruit able warriors into their clans, and the Hutts as always are looking for a way to profit from the endless wars.

Which side to you choose to support? Are you a terrifying Sith, or a noble Jedi? A fearsome Mandalorian warrior, or a smuggler just rying to make his way in the galaxy? A republic diplomat or a wayward explorer? The galaxy is a massive place, and here you will make your mark. Here you will rise to fame and untold power.


d20MUD: Star Wars is a text based multiplayer role playing game or
'MUD', using the SAGA Edition of the d20 rules published in 2007
by Wizards of the Coast.

The MUD is currently in the process of being built, and we have enough done to be considered fully playable to most people. We are
looking for play testers, and prospective staff. If you are interested in participating in some way, feel free to log in and look around,
or email the owner at gicker:AT:d20mud:DOT:com.

See you on the MUD!