The hour was later then Drath realised, and the storm
was more violent then any had seen in many a year.

The harsh wind and rain drove all manor of creature into
any place of shelter. The ground rumbled and shook, all
across the realm of Draenor.

Drath cursed under his breath, struggling against the
driving rain and ice cold wind. He would not be detered,
he had to get warning out to his house hold. He had to
warn someone of what he had seen.

Far from the city of New Darkhaven, Drath couldn't help
but wonder if the gods above were laughing at him.
But on he went, yet surprisingly no creature stopped
this lone dark figure who fought so hard against the
raging storm. None would dare, for far off someone was
watching this travelor and where he was headed.

Yes, watched and looked after, although he knew it not,
Drath was guided to his goal and secured from harm
by another, far from sight.

Drath stumbled and fell apon the steps to his keep,
shaking and mumbling. The guards ran to their lords
aid but when they arrived, Drath was out cold. His
fingers tightly clutching a piece of broken dragons


The time of the Dragon Lords and their kinds is apon
Draenor. Long have these creatures rested and lain
dorment while the realm above their heads had war
after war. Now is their time, now is their war.

Who has the mettle to stand and be counted?
Who has the desire for fame, glory and riches?
Who wants to save the girl? (Opps no girl sorry..)
But who wants to kill dragons?!

Telnet: draenormud.zapto.org
Port: 4000

Signed, Lazerous
[Founder of the Realm of Draenor]