StormHunters is a heavily (and actively) modified mud developed from
the ACK!Mud codebase with a wide array of features that give it
character and extra dimension, such as:

* 21 races with unique backstory potential and special abilities
* 28 combat classes spread into four tiers
(multiclass into up to 11)
* profession classes: each has its own unique bonuses
* crafting: create and upgrade powerful specialist equipment
* gathering levels: farm crafting and trade goods
* exploration: remember where you've been and gain experience for
uncovering new places
* PvP: gain experience and renown to gain levels and reputation
* clans: band together with friends
* item enchantment: upgrade your gear to attain your own ideal
character build
* item customization: unlock the ability to restring your
equipment as a legend
* unique areas with enhanced mudprog support
* account system lets you share items and gold between characters
* active immortals and dedicated players
* in-game boards & online forum let you keep up with the community

Come check us out at sh.ackmud.net:7000. We're eager to have you!
Supremacy is a stock ASSAULT 3.0 MUD. People can build a base and then
choose to defend it, attack the bases of other people armed with a
Kalashnikov and a stack of C4, or a combination of both.

There are no big plans, just bug fixes, minor improvements, and giving
people who liked the original Assault: High Tech War a place to hang