The Burning Eye is back! Formerly the Rebirth of Arda, we have
returned under new management.

We have tried to make our mud as new and balanced as possible
without losing the best parts of a Rom code base. The Burning Eye
has many improvements and additions to make a good challenge for even
the most experienced mudder.

While any previous experience is an asset, newbies are welcome. We
have tried to cover everything with our comprehensive help files so
feel free to come enjoy an interpretation Tolkien's Middle Earth.

The Burning Eye features a selection of intelligent mobs who
will act 'intelligently' when fighting, casting or hunting and
avoiding the players. They will also use equipment that is lying
around, even if its your weapon and they disarmed you.
Also they all have classes and are equal to the players in almost
every way.

We feature 100 mortal levels, 12 Races, 14 Classes, 6 Clans and over
350 Skills and Spells. No Level Restrictions on Eq - rather your
options are determined by Size, Race, Align & Class.

Limited Pkill and Limited corpse Looting is allowed. Mounts,
Gravity, Languages, Background Skills, Autoquest, Study, Traps, Mob
and Object Programs, Truly Unique items, Room Affects and much more.

We have individuals who are actively working to retool current areas
that are out of theme and replace them with more appropriate
selections. Our immortal staff is active and new features are under
constant implementation. The immortal staff is happy to listen to
the ideas and opinions of the players on a wide range of matters.

Come and try The Burning Eye, we know you will like it!
Crimson MUD II is a place you can lose yourself in for
days, months and years. We are a long established MUD, offering
over 80 zones to explore. It provides 40 mortal levels, and a
special Avatar level for those who strive to be the best. A new
level is in the works for those who aspire to be the best in PK.

You may find a bonanza of treasures for your own pleasure,
friends in unlikely places, maybe even enemies. There are thousands
of quests for all to earn many prizes. The Questmaster may turn you
into a powerful beast if you show great devotion, even reward you
with some of the most powerful equipment in the realm. If you feel
you need a group of friends with a common goal, join one of the
clans. They will help, guide, and even "promote" you. There are many
benefits to being in a clan. Your clannies will guide you, help you
when in need, and have a little fun. You can share your great
treasures with you clannies or hoard them for yourself.

A wide variety of equipment and spells are available to all
levels of player. Our player base spans North America, Australia,
Asia and Europe, offering players a wide range of cultures to
interact with.
Storms of Time is an old school hack and slash mud which focuses on multi-playing, solving the quests that have been programmed into each area, and killing lots of monsters. There's hardly ever an admin on and there's no noticeable development either, making SoT ideal for people who want to do some spare time mudding without being babysat by some bored admins.
For many years Caine the farmer, first son of Adam was loyal to his
family and to God. But then Abel was born. Second son of Adam, Abel
the peaceful, Abel the loved, who's sacrifices were smiled upon by
the Lord. Caine saw the blessing of the Lord in Abel and was filled
with envy. Caine, in a fit of rage, did commit the first murder,
slaying his own brother Abel in hopes the Lord would favor him insted.

The Lord was outraged and cursed Caine saying, 'Caine, son of Adam,
you are cursed to ever walk the night. You will ever repeat your
crime throughout time until your heart knows shame and pity.'

Thus was the first Kindred created. We hail and acknowledge Caine
so that we might remember the beast within all of Caine's Children.

Haven is based on the popular World of Darkness RPGs by White
Wolf Publishing. You can play a character from one of three of the
major games; Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocolypse
and Mage: The Ascension. Enjoy RPing a Camarilla Kindred, or a
bloodthirsty Garou. Either way your sure to have fun. We have tons
of original code and near unlimited remorts to fill endless hours
of Mudding time. Both RPers and Hack-N-Slashers will love haven!
Features: 14 Disciplines, 70 Vampire powers and 18 clans/guilds/tribes,
5 sects, player owned rooms, gifts, rituals, rites, the Umbra and
much much more!

Come Childe and enter the Haven.. But be warned. You may never leave.
Shadow Lands is a world of adventure and intrigue, of politics and power. The realm has behind it a wealth of history, detailing the banishing of TheShadow, to encounters with the Abyss by present day heroes. The tales that can be spun from the lore of the realm are numbered and all have been shaped by the involvement of mortals within it. It is a place where people can really become Legends.

In the Land of Shadows role play is something that, while not enforced, is encouraged heavily. Quests are run by immortals, and rewards are given to those with the best roleplaying skills, as well as those who are the strongest fighters. The rewards include things such as glory and specially shaped artifacts that are unique to the game. It is these specially crafted roleplays that make the realm unique and add to its background.

Many of the features of the realm are also original, including a lot of the areas. The class selection goes from Rangers to Necromancers, Thieves to Druids, and more. All classes have original skills and spells. Extra races have also been added, each with their own strengthes and weaknesses. Clans are also available to anyone, should they have the gold to buy them. Although originally based on Smaug, the Shadow Lands has grown beyond these roots, containing 99 mortal levels. A special status, level one hundred, is reserved for those who deserve a real recognition, the Heroes of the realm. An automated quest system and a poisons system are among other features.

We are currently undergoing some major code changes, including implementing Spider Monkey's javascript support into our mud for programs and revamping the quest system. The immortal staff take a genuine interest in the ideas of mortals, and it is not uncommon to find that some feature suggested by a player has actually appeared in the game.
Azereth is an endlessly growing mud with many special features like a 100 level system with endless remorts, Many races to choose from along with advanced racial wear spots and racial spells and skills, gambling, unique leveling weapons with class and remort capabilities, pet familiars, fishing, romance, a large world that is always growing, and much more! Come and enjoy yourself.
Dragonball The last saga….
Our mud has alot of different things that other
Dragonball saga clones don't offer. We have a
unqiue locker system and Intrest code for the
banking system. Dragonball The Last Saga have
been being worked on by the owners for almost 3
months now. We have redone alot of the code to
create a more intresting place for you to come
and hang out at. Stock areas are currently being
worked on or being rebuilt. Your gains are
increased by the amount of players online at one
time. Dbtls is working hard to walk away from
the dragonball saga clones expectations while still
keeping the Dbsaga flare we all know and love. Our
mud is always being updated with new things being
added to help create the best possible mud we can.
Roleplay is encouraged but not forced.

We hope you see you there.

—–Dragonball The Last Saga Staff——–
Neo Smaug is a MUD based on the recent [official] Smaug version 1.8 (released in 2007). Come enjoy a brand new world in Smaug, with plenty of new features since the last version. New features include player homes, object claiming, clan rosters, journal's, and more.
We're brand new, making our own areas, but have some of them up already, with some stock favorites to fill up the slack. Come join us!
House of Ghouls is a fantasy-style MUD. Our realm is 99% unique. We offer 23 different races, each with their own pros and cons. We have 12 classes to choose from which can be combined into true dual-class or left as a single class that is able to tier into a more powerful class once it has reached avatarhood. Our equipment is generated from stock items as well as randomly created items and have no level restrictions. We offer various types of automated quests, each with their own rewards. Players are catagorized into deadlies (PKers) and non-deadlies. Many of our classes and races are unique to House of Ghouls. We are constantly adding more things to do as our realm evolves.
This mud is a Dystopia codebase with an extensive
amount of things to do. I brought up this mud to
replace it's Rival Mud "LoC". On CR the development
of your character is based on more than just PK. So
make sure you have read the helpfiles so that your
character may become more powerful. The staff is
very knowledgeable and friendly, as well as the
players. We welcome anyone and everyone to come join
us and have some fun. Also, we are currently hiring builders.
(email your interests to
We hope to see you soon!
Celestial Knights is a original take on a well established genre. 4 Years ago beginning with a stock circle 3.1 codebase CKMud has evolved into a unique DBZ codebase that differs from many of the others already out there. With a leveless system players strength is dependant on skills and stats, several balanced races and classes are in, along with the ability to remort to two other classes to further your character development. We sport a automated arena, map system, space system, unique training minigames, and much more. With more features than we can list and being updated daily, there is always something for you to do.
Star Wars: Dark Forces RPG has had a long history. Emperor Palpatine was
defeated at Endor thirty-five years ago, thrown into the Abyss by Darth
Vader. Now the Yuuzhan Vong, a race from another galaxy, hope to conquer and
enslave all. The Empire has been reborn as the Imperial Alliance, trying to
stop the Vong while at the same time attempting to establish order in the

The New Republic is crumbling, its members leaving to join the Imperial
Alliance or being killed by the Vong. Many small factions have risen, hoping
to end the chaos which has come about hte galaxy. Are you ready to serve the
Empire or save the crumbling Republic? Or perhaps there might be profit to
make as a self-server. Nevertheless, this is a time of Dark Forces.

This is very popular MUD which has grown tremendously, with all original
zones and original programming. Roleplay is encouraged here, and rewarded if
done. The immortals participate in the events of the game, but it is the
mortals that shape our history. Give us a try, and you will see that you
have a new addiction.
Fox MUD is a medieval timeframe MUD with many original areas spanning multiple continents. With 163 playable levels (quad - classed characters), thousands of rooms, new command parsing and un-attended quest capabilities, this MUD is perfect for the adventuring gamer. With roleplaying clans, and alignment-based skills and spells for the Lord characters, Fox will keep you busy for many, many hours of adventuring fun.
Rebirth of Apocalypse is based upon the once popular
GodWars: Apocalypse codebase. We have been given permission by the
creators to run this fantastic code. We are working on adding new fun
and exciting features to bring this MUD into the 21st century.

For those of you who dont know. GodWars: Apocalypse was created in
1997 by myself and Shimian, after working there for a year i left
and went off to make my own MUDS. In August 2006 i was given a copy
of Apocalypse from 2002, by one of its coders and Majorly modified
that code, which caught the eye of Zoth, one of the coders who had
recoded Apocalypse, to cut a long story short he gave me permission to
run a copy of the code from 2004, which then became Rebirth of

Rebirth of Apocalypse features: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons and

Each of which has what the classes have usually on godwars. Mages and
Highlanders have been recoded, to give them more powers, and more
scope for change.


We have added a PK arena where players can test their skills at PKILL
without the worry of losing status or gaining a death. Players can
bet on arenas using quest points and if the person they bet on wins,
they gain qps + the payoff from the bet.

We are also in the midst of adding and Event System, where players can
join in some games.

Rebirth of Apocalypse does what it says on the tin, its the Rebirth of
the MUD called GodWars: Apocalypse, come join us! Many many people
have returned. 6660 - Rebirth of Apocalypse.
This mud started as an EoD back in 2003, then ported to Dystopia 1.2 on February 2007.

Mud is bilingual spanish/english, language chosen on account creation.

Players can max their character very fast and be ready for pk, but can
also continue improving, in such a way that casual vs hardcore
characters fights are not unfair.

No ganging is allowed, unless all parties involved have declared
themselves as gangers.

All classes have been carefully balanced: each class is balanced to
every other class.

Although not newbie-friendly, lots of help files are available for
knowledgeable godwars/dystopia players to learn the many new features
and powers. Just be sure to read 'help newbie'.

We want your head! Come and try to get ours!
Come to LOTJ and enter a gaming experience where the players have
all lent a hand in making a galaxy filled with worlds to enjoy.
Think of three major eras of the Star Wars story played out
throughout the course of a year, travel through Mandalore and see
the armies born on Kamino. See the rise of the usurper and the fall of
his rule, and the pheonix of peace born from the ashes of a dead sith

On LOTJ each planet can be governed by a major clan. The governing
body can set up a leader for the planet, who sets up his government.
Members of the greater clan can work as agents of the planetary
government, with their own channel so that they and their fellows can

We also offer our players the chance to take an idea, a concept, and
make a clan of their own. Our webpage offers an online method for
submitting applications, for things ranging from forcers to clans to
anything your creative mind can imagine that wouldn't be out of place
in SW.

Although our mud is a PKILL environment, we also have a very user-
friendly account system that lets our players garnish points from the
death of characters and then use those points to purchase levels for
new characters. This is done when someone is "permed", which is our
way of saying ultimately dead.

Players elect our main decision making body: the RolePlay Council
(RPC). When someone is "permed" and they believe proper RP/RULES
observations weren't made, or that some sort of foul play was at hand,
they turn to this elected group of seven individuals. They discuss it
amongst themselves and render judgement upon the situation, giving our
Player Representatives team the decision to render punishment if

With a max players of 113 scored as of April 24, 2005 we offer a wide
variety of player interaction. Come see what you've been missing!
J. Sebek's Clandestine MUD has been 100% Free since its opening in 1997. Clandestine's primary focus is to create a fun environment that can appeal to any RPGer. To this end, we offer:

- The most beautiful text-mmorpg asthetics in original color coding, descriptions, combat gameplay, channels, and more. Simply put, playing Clandestine is as easy on the eye as it gets. Infact, we have an extra-ordinary number of legally blind players who are still able to enjoy Clandestine because of the care we have taken with our asthetics.

- Clandestine supports and promotes two new MUDing Clients; the small, sleek, fast, and travel-sized "cMUD", and the long-waited free MUSH Client and zMUD alternative, "wxMUD".

- Clandestine's completely original world offers secrets, puzzles, and Boss fights that challenge a player's brain and not just his stats. Clandestine's world has given off-shoots to single player graphical RPGs, fan-games, fan-fiction, and fan-music.

- Clandestine offers you the option to player-kill. Our combat is centered around a dozen player-run religions, and the group combat is challenging, competitive, large-scale, unique, and fun. If you want to join a religious cause, but would rather stick to roleplaying, the religious Priest-Sects are given charge over interviewing new members and various roleplayed rituals and events.

- Clandestine offers player-created homes, Castles, towns, and more to aid roleplay. While roleplay is not mandatory, those who seek RPI quality roleplay are free to create their own private worlds and even join the RP-Only Continent on Clandestine.

- Clandestine offers code and gameplay options never seen on other MUDs. From over a dozen in-depth minigames(from freeze-tag, to jousting, to casinos, to Bloodbaths) to an original Blacksmithing system, original Spellcrafting system(breaking down elements from spells to create new spells), Fusion(combining multiple player-characters into a more powerful character controlled by both players), a completely original and complex Questing system, Animal Empathy, Spirit Enslavement, Soulwalking, Alchemy, Chemistry, Channeler Pocket Dimensions and Mazes, and more… Clandestine has so many toys, you will never find yourself finished with the game.

What? Haven't heard enough yet? You'll have to play to find out the rest. A 2500 character limit barely allows for us to scratch the surface of the World of Clandestine. So stop reading, and come see what the buzz is about.
Since 2000 The Builder Academy has been training new builders and developing
the CircleMUD codebase, Oasis OLC, and trigedit. After years of stock
CircleMUD stagnation TBA offered to take over stock CircleMUD development
several times. TBA unofficially released CircleMUD 3.5 in 2006 and later
released the codebase under the name tbaMUD. TbaMUD is holding true to the
original CircleMUD vision with a few additions. The largest difference is the
inclusion of Oasis OLC, trigedit, in-depth tutorials, help files, and examples.
TBA will continue development and is always open to feedback and
recommendations from the MUDding community. TBA is foremost a MUDding resource
with the goal of improving the MUDding community.

The tbaMUD vision:
TbaMUD's vision is to provide the MUDding community a stable and functional
codebase that includes an in-depth World and help files that makes it ready to
be molded into a custom MUD by its coders and builders. We also provide
multiple resources to allow for feedback, contribution, and the sharing of
ideas within the MUDding community to ensure constant development and
TbaMUD is highly developed from the programming side, but highly UNdeveloped
on the game-playing side. So, if you're looking for a huge MUD with billions of
spells, skills, classes, and races, tbaMUD will disappoint you. TbaMUD still
has only the 4 original Diku classes, the original spells, and the original
skills. On the other hand, if you're looking for a highly stable, developed,
organized, and well documented "blank slate" MUD on which you can put your OWN
ideas for spells, skills, and classes, then tbaMUD is what what you are looking

What you have here is a classic. WileyMUD III is a cleaned up
release of the mud that ran at WMU for several years back in
1992, and then again briefly in 1995.

You will find a pretty well balanced game, using traditional
AD&D second edition rules. You'll find multi-classing. You'll
find mobs that are somewhat more clever than usual. You'll also
find an entire world, all original, and over 3000 rooms in size.

You won't find lots of flashy ANSI colours, nor will you find
Ub3r-D3tH Swordz that do 9999 points of damage. You won't find
a cuddly mud school to wipe the noses of players who are used
to being immortal inside of a week.

I've had this game up and running for my own testing purposes
for quite a while, and occasionally see someone drop by. So,
I figured why not see if anyone out there wants to actually
play the game?

You won't find any immortals on, but if people really do start
playing, I might just see about getting a few to mind the store.

-Dread Quixadhal.