The 7th Plane is a highly customized game, featuring a completely original world and mythos.
    The primary foci of the game are PvE and character building, but there are also options for
    PvP and RP. The general goal is to allow for PvE, RP and PvP to integrate together seamlessly.
    Some of the game's more prominent features are listed below:

  • Unique classes, with each having drastically different styles of progression and game play

  • Medium sized, original world with spatially realistic layout, making it highly walkable

  • NPCs that have complex and interesting behavioral routines, and few game mechanics to
    differentiate them from PCs

  • Deeply involved crafting system: create weapons, armors, items and structures from up to
    90 different resources

  • Physics based game mechanics, such as: falling from heights, sinking in water, dragging heavy
    objects and characters, solar/lunar cycles with tides and seasonal changes producing dynamic
    weather that has tangible effects on the game world and characters in it

  • Skinning/butchering systems that allow for the full dissection of any creature, NPC or PC,
    dead or alive…

    Furthermore, The 7th Plane has almost 100% up-time and has been around for 7 years now. It is
    still in active development, and we welcome new ideas and suggestions for improvements from our
    players. You are cordially invited to join our community and become a part of the ever-growing


    The 7th Plane Administrative Staff
We're not just a mud. We're a community. =)

Saiyan, Shadow, Thief, Draconian, Ghoul, Priest, Skyblade, Jedi,
Drone, Fae, Giant, Hobbit, Lich, Angel, Undead Knight, Samurai,
Cyborg, Shapeshifter, Tanar'ri, Battlemage, Monk, Vampire, Ninja,
Drow, Werewolf, and Demon.

Hi there, I'm Rekwan. Let's be honest. You want a Godwars mud with a
pbase, so that you can PK on. You want constant updates, and an
owner that doesn't cheat or have an alt character. You're sick of
the usual weapons and armor, and you're sick of there not being any
status to take. Well look no further. Rek-Mud has all of these and
more. So that I don't waste your time with boring paragraphs as to
why you should play my mud, I'll just list some facts about Rek-Mud.

We have 26 classes and we plan to create more. Choose from
Satan's Demon to the Super Saiyan.

Strong Pbase - We have a good pbase, probably one of the
highest, ranging from 10-25 players on at ALL times.

We have great pk and tons of status. Our Top 50 players list
shows players ranging from 40 status down to 18 status. That means
there's probably over 100+ people with status. Quite possibly more.

We have thousands of weapons and armor, including new
weapons/armor that you've never seen before on other muds. Many
items are quested and will require piecing together puzzles in order
to smith your own weapon.

Bosses. We're known for our bosses. They will desanct you,
decapitate you, and call you names. Be sure to fight them with an
empty pocket, or you'll be sure to lose all your gil. There's over
100 bosses currently.

We have four kingdoms, Titan, Ramuh, Ifrit, and Shiva. Each
kingdom has their own unique Rune magick, which sprouts into 3
different spells for each. Find which rune benefits you the most and
join that kingdom for their struggle for power. Try over 100
possible class/rune combinations!

We have a good anti-ganging for the kingdomless, feel free to
solo and not have to worry about ganging amongst kingdoms and

Choose several different religions, benefitting from an array of
religion powers. Do battle with the Supernova, or protect yourself
with areaheal.

We have events such as Trivia, Celestial Carnages, and an
ongoing arena event. We'll be coding some more for your enjoyment
such as: Fox Hunts, Elixir Wars, etc.

#10. We have one of the most colorful and beautiful muds. Feel the
power of your items as you are drawn into the world.

We have multiple ways to continue to grow your character even
after you have seemingly maxed out. Your character's potential is
endless. Status and Tiers are no longer the only way to grow.

We have 26 classes and we plan to create more. Choose from
Satan's Demon to the Super Saiyan.

We got rid of the old, boring, artifacts that you've probably
seen on those other godwars muds and have replaced them with
stronger, more powerful and unique artifacts!

We have a friendly and strong community. Meet new friends and
old friends. You will most likely find your friends here. You'd be
surprised at how many people find their old mudding comrades here.

Arenawatch - Now you can watch and learn from players in the
arena as you watch them duke it out!

Newbie Friendly - We have hundreds of helpfiles and that
includes autoloading information that will help new players both to
Godwars and/or to muds along the way.

#17. With Rek-Mud, you have a place you can depend on, without
having to worry about those dirty pwipes. We avoid pwipes as much as
possible and take the hard route to fixing problems that otherwise
may be easily fixed by a pwipe. We care about you, the player, and
we want you to know it.

#18. With new changes made every single day, it's no wonder that
many players are logging on everyday to see what's up in Rek-Mud.

The Storyline
For years mortals have bickered and fought amongst themselves for
control of the realm. Among these mortals rose four predominant
kingdoms, each having its turn of power before another took its
place. This cycle wasrepeated over and again many times, but then
they came…

Two great deities fell to the earth that day, engaged in a great
struggle. For weeks the sky was lit up with numbing hail storms and
searing waves of fire that they hurled at each other. The
antagonistic celestials were polar opposites; the first, an icy
goddess of unimaginable beauty, the second, a demonic beast who was
endlessly ablaze. Shiva and Ifrit were their names it was fearfully
whispered. With the arrival of these two vicious gods the realmswere
thrown into a state of pandemonium. Old hatreds and vendettas were
forgotten as each mortal struggled to escape the chaos that the
battling deities brought.

With nowhere else to turn, brave adventurers sought out these
celestials and pledged their loyalty to them. As a result of their
worship the deities endowed these mortals with devastating powers
akin to their own element.

Now, with the world they used to know in complete ruin, mortals took
their places on the battleground alongside their patron deity. The
realm was once again at war, but this time it was not just man
versus man, but god versus god… …Welcome to Rek-mud. :)
PythonWars is a conversion of a GodWars source into Python. Originally started as a conversion of the GodWars 1996 codebase in particular. But an active decision was made to forgo that and instead became a more MUD than Codebase oriented project. It is in very early stages at this point and up time as well as Dev presence may vary.

2007 - New year - New Owner! Come join Vikteren, the Staff and Players of Dreams of Demise as we settle into our new home at port 2424!Dreams of Demise is a heavily modified Godwars Deluxe codebase. With the ease of use and playability of the many Dystopia codebases out there, combined with the complex classes and fightstyles popular with the more diehard, old school Godwars players. We have original code that you will not find on any other Godwars mud. We are a newbie friendly mud, that encourages feed back - both good and bad - from our players. If you are a die hard Godwars player and enjoying making a character through hard work, then this is the place for you, but even if you are new to mudding, give us a try! Friendly staff and generally helpful longtime players create a great place to start off your new mudding addiction! Come check us out! Staff online and available virtually 24-7, we are ready, willing and able to help get you settled in and enjoying your adventure in your new mud home.
This mud is a Dystopia codebase with an extensive
amount of things to do. I brought up this mud to
replace it's Rival Mud "LoC". On CR the development
of your character is based on more than just PK. So
make sure you have read the helpfiles so that your
character may become more powerful. The staff is
very knowledgeable and friendly, as well as the
players. We welcome anyone and everyone to come join
us and have some fun. Also, we are currently hiring builders.
(email your interests to
We hope to see you soon!
Rebirth of Apocalypse is based upon the once popular
GodWars: Apocalypse codebase. We have been given permission by the
creators to run this fantastic code. We are working on adding new fun
and exciting features to bring this MUD into the 21st century.

For those of you who dont know. GodWars: Apocalypse was created in
1997 by myself and Shimian, after working there for a year i left
and went off to make my own MUDS. In August 2006 i was given a copy
of Apocalypse from 2002, by one of its coders and Majorly modified
that code, which caught the eye of Zoth, one of the coders who had
recoded Apocalypse, to cut a long story short he gave me permission to
run a copy of the code from 2004, which then became Rebirth of

Rebirth of Apocalypse features: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons and

Each of which has what the classes have usually on godwars. Mages and
Highlanders have been recoded, to give them more powers, and more
scope for change.


We have added a PK arena where players can test their skills at PKILL
without the worry of losing status or gaining a death. Players can
bet on arenas using quest points and if the person they bet on wins,
they gain qps + the payoff from the bet.

We are also in the midst of adding and Event System, where players can
join in some games.

Rebirth of Apocalypse does what it says on the tin, its the Rebirth of
the MUD called GodWars: Apocalypse, come join us! Many many people
have returned. 6660 - Rebirth of Apocalypse.
This mud started as an EoD back in 2003, then ported to Dystopia 1.2 on February 2007.

Mud is bilingual spanish/english, language chosen on account creation.

Players can max their character very fast and be ready for pk, but can
also continue improving, in such a way that casual vs hardcore
characters fights are not unfair.

No ganging is allowed, unless all parties involved have declared
themselves as gangers.

All classes have been carefully balanced: each class is balanced to
every other class.

Although not newbie-friendly, lots of help files are available for
knowledgeable godwars/dystopia players to learn the many new features
and powers. Just be sure to read 'help newbie'.

We want your head! Come and try to get ours!
So, you want to know about Mass Chaos? Well, lets start here…
What is Mass Chaos? Mass Chaos is the prodigal child of numerous
snippets of Godwars, Mindcloud, and Dystopia code. It's a PK MUD,
and I'll go ahead and say it right now: It's NOT for pansies. If
you're gonna log on and ask "What's PK?", just do me a favor and
ingest some Drano now. This is kill or be killed, and the sooner
that is realized, the sooner you'll be climbing to the top. Yes,
you'll probably die a few times getting started, but contrary to
popular belief, the players here will be more than happy to help
you… (But only so they can kill you later).

Here's the bottom line. If you're competitive, enjoy killing people,
enjoy frequent changes, and appreciate staff members that listen to
suggestions, you need to play this MUD… Plain and simple… If you
whine or you're an effeminate hippie, you can play anyway, but you
probably won't get very far. Why are you still reading this? Log on
Visit my website to find out what my mud is about also got live godwars chat so you can talk to coder, builders, and players about godwars material thank you for your time: HIRO
Vampire Wars is purely a vampire mud: it has no werewolves, demons or
mages. As such, it allows us to concentrate on vampires. We have
developed several new disciplines and are working on more. We
currently have 6 vampire clans and mortals.

Status is gained outside of the clan by player killing. The game has a
lot of unique features, far more than one could do justice to in a
brief description; come take a look for yourself!

VW Classic is owned and run by admin from the original Vampire Wars mud. We recently celebrated our 7th anniversary, surpassing the lifespan of the original VW. We also recently increased the size of the mud significantly. Come check out the new areas.
Our Address is : Port : 5000

Mudders Delight offers a variety of balanced classes.
We recently added a shinigami and quincy class based
on the popular anime "Bleach". In addition to rune eq,
we offer chaos and senesce eq which far surpasses class eq.
PK is encourage, however there is a fightarena for friendly sparring.
Each class has its own class recall, giving each class an
added bonus for residing in its "home".
Mudders Delight was founded in 2002,
but I recently decided to resurrect it from the dead.
For more information check out
Ever wondered what a godwars would be like
without the intervention of immortals?
Well if thats what you want to see come
check us out.

There is only one rule in Valhanna
and that is NO Multiplaying!

The Immortal staff will have little
to no interaction with the mortals.
Basically we are just there to expand
the world and continue to add to the code.

The rules are set by the players and it
is up to the players to decide how to
enforce them…thats if they want to.
Welcome mortal… or something like that. Honestly, I don't remember what I said before, so here goes again.

Basically, Dark Lair is a modified Godwars mud, with the focus on more facets of player interaction, rather than just the standard fatality counter. While PK is allowed, there should be reasons for it.

Classes currently available are Garou, Vampire, Ghoul, Mages, and mortals. To be classed, kill at least 5 mobs, look through the helpfiles on classing and the various bits useful to your chosen class, and then check for an immortal to set your class, or use the selfclass command to set yourself as a Vampire or Garou.

Garou are done. Level 1-5 gifts completed for all breeds, auspices, and tribes. Do think about which of each you want before you get classed. As per in actual WoD, gifts are limited by your rank, so it will take you a few days before you'll actually be able to use them…

Vampires and Ghouls are done. Ghouls use the proper limits, which means that except for RP and as a sort of training level, you're probably going to hate their power levels. Vampire disciplines generally have powers from levels 1-5, except for some that go up to 10, and a few which either don't have any powers or only a few… These are noted during classing, which is one of the reasons for the classing system.

Mages aren't as… unbalanced as most Godwars players are used to. It's an odd blend of custom and standard, which will take most players several weeks to months before they can actually chant anything except rune spells. Additionally, with Mages, you are expected to know enough about them to know which tradition or what you're asking to join. If you don't even know that, you will NOT be classed as a Mage.
Old school Moments of hatred codebase with a twist! friendly immortals and lots of changes being done! Come join the hatred. We just saw 13 players connected today! Be the 14th!!!
See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Kota

TADAO Ninja-Demon AKA *]-Satan's Assassin-Old school Moments of hatred codebase with a twist! friendly immortals and lots of changes being done! Come join the hatred. We just saw 13 players connected today! Be the 14th!!!
See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Kota

TADAO Ninja-Demon AKA *]-Satan's Assassin-[*
SUSUMU Ninja-Drow AKA .*^Susumu^*.
TACHIKAWA Ninja-Monk AKA **[-Shinobi-]**
SEIBEI Ninja-Werewolf AKA ***Shadow LyCan***
YAMASHITA Ninja-Mage AKA ^-^VanICaN^-^
SEIJI Ninja-Vampire AKA **<-Seiji->**
MERIHIM Demon-Drow AKA [o.Lloth's PoseSSion.o]
ABIGOR Demon-Monk AKA X.o_Shaolin-Fiend_o.X
AZAZEL Demon-Werewolf AKA ([Gollum])
LEONARD Demon-Mage AKA >[ NePhandi ]<
LILLITH Demon-Vampire AKA <>[BlooD Demon]<>
HATTCHEN Monk-Drow AKA .x[[D'Ilmater]]x.
AELFRIC Monk-Werewolf AKA }x.x{KynTorT}x.x{
KENSAI Monk-Mage AKA .x{Kensai}x.
SLAKE Monk-Vampire AKA <<.[Slake].>>
ADIN Drow-Werewolf AKA |+|Lycoth's Homid|+|
MAERDYN Drow-Mage AKA .o{MaerDyn}o.
KHALLA Drow-Vampire AKA -=(Darkling)=-
WEREMAGE Werewolf-Mage AKA >IllumInatI<
ABOMINATION Werewolf-Vampire AKA |[@]Abomination[@]|
GEHENNA Vampire-Mage AKA <*>KaraYaN<*>

Kota, V2 staff.
Legends of Hatred is the continuation of Moments of Hatred which was
created in 2010 by Jaden. Legends of Hatred (then MoH) started as an
OLD school classic GodWars MUD, based upon Lords of War code from 1998.

Legends of Hatred is one of the MOST unique GodWars muds currently
online. Whilst we feature the standard GodWars classes, ours have
been recoded from the ground up.

We currently have eight Pure Breed classes as well as an additional
twenty-one Hybrid classes.

Some of our features include:
* Account system - Keep all your players together.
* Kingdoms Players can band together and create their own Kingdom.
* Kingdom Equipment Kingdoms can improve their own specialized EQ.
* Kingdom Skills Kingdoms can gain access to additional Skills.
* Arena - Put yourself VS other players to test your Player Kill skills.
* COMPLETELY recoded combat system, you will not find the stock hitroll,
damroll or armour class. (See "statistics" when you connect to the
MUD for more information).
* Overland Map system.
* MUD based Wiki Players can submit their own help files, tutorials,
FAQs, etc to keep help files up to date.
* Modified version of KaVir's MUD Protocol Snippet, which features:
MSSP, MDSP, MCCP, UTF-8 Characters, MXP, 256 Colours and TType.
(Legends of Hatred was the FIRST mud to test KaVir's Protocol
Snippet in 2011 says so in the release notes for the snippet. RoW
= Legends of Hatred.)

16-Sep-2013 Update:

* Treasure chests added
* Weaponskills are NOW weapon types not damage types ie Sword, Hit.
* Gems now have size/quality modifiers.
* Random EQ now loads inside Chests, and has a chance to load with
sockets, to allow insetting of multiple gems
* Forge command removed, now is Inset.
* 'Lotto' system added, can win gold, gems and in time other valuables
as well.

Upcoming features to include:

* Dynamic Areas. (Dungeons/Instances)
* Player Definable who, and score screens.
* Daily Events.
* Monthly PK Events.
* Integrated MUD web page.

and much much more!

In the 3 years since the MUD was created we have logged over 1100
changes to the code!

In the past 2 years Legend of Hatred has gone through MASSIVE changes
to the code, thanks to Jindrak, therefore there may be a lot of things
that don't quite work as expected. If you find anything like this
while playing, please report it so we can get it fixed as soon as

The immortals of Legends of Hatred have been around in the GodWars
scene for a long time, I (Tijer) have been playing GodWars MUDs since
1996 and have ran a String of very successful Muds since 1997.
Jindrak is the creator of the ShyteMUD codebase, and has worked on
his Carnival of Carnage / GodWars: Legends codebases over the past 10
years or so.

Our aim is to make Legends of Hatred, the most stable fun GodWars
MUD that is currently running, we're here to stay.

We're hosted on a VPS that is paid up for another year so there is no
chance of us vanishing like most of the other GodWars muds that
spring up from time to time.. We are well over a year old and are
still working on improving the codebase, daily…

Go to port 3500, to see what you have been missing out
on. A UNIQUE take upon the GodWars genre, with the feel of an OLD

I ALSO offer hosting to GodWars MUDs on, send an email,
and i'll get back to you ASAP.