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Stardust & Lightblades is a free to play game that mixes medieval fantasy with steampunk. While rp is not enforced, it is highly encouraged and players who do not partake in at least some may find themselves at a disadvantage. There are many races to choose from with some more in development. It is a classless mud with a focus being on developing the character and discovering new skills and abilities through discovery and questing.

We are currently in building/Alpha stages, seeking experienced builders who are willing to dedicate time when available and also players to test the world out and offer suggestions. The world lore has been highly worked on with four main continents, although suggestions on implementation and improvements are always welcome. Many features are still in-progress such as crafting, further remort additions, and various modes of transportation.

Please stop on by, although pardon the dust! See how you can help or just get in early to see your character's presence in the world as the dust starts to clear!
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Neo Smaug is a MUD based on the recent [official] Smaug version 1.8 (released in 2007). Come enjoy a brand new world in Smaug, with plenty of new features since the last version. New features include player homes, object claiming, clan rosters, journal's, and more.
Introduction Drag(*)nball Z: Epic is a Dragon Ball Z MUD, run on a custom codebase (rather than Smaug or some such). It is an open PVP game, though the primary focus is PVE. Roleplaying is allowed, though not enforced. There is no permadeath, though if you are killed in PVP, you lose some of your Powerlevel. Content The MUD has quite an impressive set of features: multiple types of characters such as Saiyans, Androids, Nameks, Halfbreeds, Icers, Bio-Androids and Demons (Mutants, Genies and Tuffles to be added soon), all the various transformations from the series, and a unique timed system for melee combat that really breaks up the tedium of the usual 'attack mob, wait for it to die, loot mob' combat functionality seen on many other MUDs. There are no automatic hits in this: you must actually pay attention in combat to be able to do well! Due to this system, it is also functionally not possible to bot. Virtually every attack seen in the series is present, though obviously only certain characters can learn certain attacks; eg, only a Namek could use the special beam cannon attack, and only an android can drain energy with their hand. Many character classes have transformations that can be aquired in various ways, further increasing their utility. A custom attack system will be in the works later on. There are currently five planets to go too. Earth, Namek, Arlia, Vegeta and other world such as HFIL, King Kais and snake way. with plans to add in more soon! There is also many different types of eq based off tiers 1-9 and common, rare, legendary. All which add stat increases to your defense and offense. The Dragon Balls are active once every 48 hours and allow for 2 wishes… Player Base Low, for the moment. The MUD usually has from 5-10 people on at most times of the day, and slightly more at peak hours. Those that are on are generally helpful and friendly, especially to newbies, however. I recieved a lot of good advice from people after I joined. Stability The MUD is extremely stable. I have virtually no complaints: there has never been a crash the entire time I've used it. The only down times are the brief (30 seconds-ish) when the MUD is reboot to add in changes. While this might happen a couple times of day, our Coder is very respectful and announces it beforehand and allows players to finish their fights and to save before rebooting. Balance The races ingame are all relatively well balanced; one might expect Saiyans to completely dominate due to the events of the show, but in practice, the character types are extremely diverse. PVP is limited in such a fashion that you may only be attacked by someone who's power level is within a certain amount of yours; this prevents newbie poaching and griefing to an extent. There are also safe zones on Earth that one may go to if they need to idle, or if you just want to chat in the OOC channel. Advancement Grinding up isn't too hard, though it can be easier for some races than others (not significantly enough to unbalance things, however). There is a wide variety of enemies of various strengths to fight, so you shouldn't usually have trouble finding things to beat on. You can group with multiple other characters to take on tough opponents, which helps as well. Summary To cap things off, Drag(*)nball Z: Epic is probably the best DBZ MUD out there at the moment. If you're looking for something a little old school that is a nice challenge, this is the place for you. We are very newbie friendly and anyone of our players will be more then willing to answer any questions or help you out. We also have a fully active staff and there is always an Admin logged on. We are contantly adding and make new changes every week to keep things fresh. We understand the value of our community and want to keep growing.
Materia Magica is an award-winning, free, feature-rich text-based multiplayer fantasy where action, adventure, and immersive role play occur in real time, twenty-four hours a day.

Explore over eight million locations within the vast world of Alyria, select from a vast variety of fascinating weapons, armor, and artifacts, meet and interact with thousands of unique creatures, all while experiencing the adventure simultaneously with hundreds of other players!

Materia Magica is multiplayer interactive fantasy, which means you are taking an active part in a living story. The choices you make can shape and mold the world around you. Since the game is text-based, you aren't limited by someone else's vision - your own imagination is all that is required to vividly illustrate the life and experiences of your character.

Online for over twelve years, Materia Magica is one of the longest-running, constantly-developed games available.

Materia Magica also provides its own free, in-house Java-based game applet, the Moongate Client. Play from any computer with Internet access! The Moongate Client will save your settings to the server so you can play from any common operating system and web browser, while taking advantage of standard features such as customizable key bindings, triggers, aliases, variables, buttons, and many others.

Join us for a short while, or stay for years, it's up to you. Our commitment is to provide an ever-expanding, persistent game universe - come experience it for yourself!
We're brand new, making our own areas, but have some of them up already, with some stock favorites to fill up the slack. Come join us!
The Infected City: Once an over populated city, full of life, from animals, children, hobos, straight on through to the tallest buildings owners and executives. Then the plague hit. Out of no where, the people began to fall ill and eventually die. Soon after the Center for Disease Control quarantined the whole city to protect the illness from spreading.

The survivors were left on their own, to survive, or die. There was no escape from the quarantine, if you were inside, you were trapped. Life had to go on, as life will always find a way. Unfortunately, life did find a way, those who had died from the Plague would soon rise from the graves to feast on the living. Life, as it were, had to change.

After 75 years, the survivors inside The Infected City have broken into factions, and fight for food, and supplies. Survival is all that matters, especially since the dead, have their own agenda too.

Can you survive the Hordes of Flesh Eating Zombies, the factions of hostile survivors, and the throngs mazes, puzzles, and horrors that await within?
The mud is running off of a modified DBS codebase with the original areas and then some additional areas. The mud is fully operational and is looking for players as well as administrators. I hope to see you all there. If you have any questions please drop by.
House of Ghouls is a fantasy-style MUD. Our realm is 99% unique. We offer 23 different races, each with their own pros and cons. We have 12 classes to choose from which can be combined into true dual-class or left as a single class that is able to tier into a more powerful class once it has reached avatarhood. Our equipment is generated from stock items as well as randomly created items and have no level restrictions. We offer various types of automated quests, each with their own rewards. Players are catagorized into deadlies (PKers) and non-deadlies. Many of our classes and races are unique to House of Ghouls. We are constantly adding more things to do as our realm evolves.
Aber-Phoenix is a highly newbie-friendly, quest oriented MUD featuring nearly 70 hard-coded quests, helpful familiars, distinct classes, families, a real player-driven economy and too many other aspects to list. Any player can become immortal on Phoenix, if they choose, although mortality is generally more fun!. Consensual playerkilling is allowed, with special PK classes. Log on and check us out, you won't be sorry!
Enter a Huge world, where you can make a name for
yourself. Most equipment is made via players, and
enchanted via another player guild. Own pets,
start wars,earn a living, kill your neighbor.

If this gets your attention, come join us. Just
about anything is possible at Darkemud!

Come where Dreams are a reality, and Nightmares
might kill you.

To live is to Learn, to Die is to Graduate.
Many long years have passed since the destruction of the Death Stars, and the Galaxy has seen the transformation of the Rebel Alliance into the New Republic, the rebirth of the Galactic Empire, the rise of the Black Sun, and many other grand, and not so grand, stories. Tales of war and defeat, love and hatred, pain and joy echo throughout the stars. Is yours among them?

Began in 2000, Legacy of the Sith is one of the longest running Star Wars MUDs out there. We've had busy, happening times, and we've been through slow times, but like the Sith, we will always be here and will always rise again. Recently come under new management with an almost completely new staff and entering once again active development, we seek to provide our players with whatever is necessary for their Role-playing pleasure. With a wide selection of races from across the Star Wars Expanded Universe, we offer near limitless potential.

We are a Role-play Enforced MUD, that is, you are required to remain In-Character. Player Killing is allowed if the RP calls for it. Newbie killing is not allowed.

Please, drop in, give us a try, and above all, have fun!
Lost Souls is a small, long-running LPMud with a unique gameplay experience that has pursued continuous technical innovation since its inception in 1990. The learning curve is steep, but the experience is deep and unique. Come by if you're ready for something new.
Set in the time before The Dragon Reborn has revealed himself, Age of Illusion offers players a place to enjoy themselves. Nobility across the world plays the game of houses. The Aes sedai plot, the Wheel turns. Where are you?

We offer:

Guilds such as Darkfriend, Shadowspawn, White Tower, Borderguard, Black Tower (when RP opens it up).
Custom leveling: Channelers choose what they would like their powers to be. (Want to be a female channeler who has a bit of power in fire? Just add more power to your fire sphere). No two channelers are the same- Power is randomly generated based on what you put in your spheres, the higher number you put in, the more powerful it will be.

Talents: We offer Cloud Dancing, Foretelling, Traveling, Dreaming, Wolfkin (Perrin, Elyas), Viewing (Think Min) Sniffing (Hurin) and many more.
Masteries: Blademaster, Speardancer, Axemaster and more all are available when you reach level 90. Once you reach 95 in the skill, you get your heron-marked blade. (Or equivalent for other weapons)
RP- We have a great RP system. Emote (normal) Smote (same as emote, but you don't have to start the emote with your name) and many more commands. If you have your RP flag on, you get autorewards for emotes in both questpoints and experience.

Special weaves and skills- Aes Sedai can Bond and make Warders, male and female channelers can link, and many, many more surprises…
This mud is a Dystopia codebase with an extensive
amount of things to do. I brought up this mud to
replace it's Rival Mud "LoC". On CR the development
of your character is based on more than just PK. So
make sure you have read the helpfiles so that your
character may become more powerful. The staff is
very knowledgeable and friendly, as well as the
players. We welcome anyone and everyone to come join
us and have some fun. Also, we are currently hiring builders.
(email your interests to
We hope to see you soon!
Dark Wizardry is a true multi-class MUD allowing you to level
in all 5 main classes (warrior, thief, mage, psionic and cleric)
at the same time, while specializing up to four times throughout
your adventures in extra-classes such as a backstabbing Assassin,
undead-conjuring Necromancers or peaceful earth-loving Druids.

You can explore our enormous world of over 100 custom areas, with
almost no stock zones, completing countless quests and collecting
artifacts and equipment from the furthest corners, and you can
remort as one of 45 races, allowing you to unlock even more character
levels, areas and equipment.

Some other features include:

* Random fun-programs, which can multiply the experience you gain,
or the damage you deal;
* Holiday events including special X-mas zones, easter bunnies, etc;
* 5 main classes and 10 extra-classes, with a max level of 250;
* Remort up to 15 times, each time unlocking more races, special
skills, spells, areas, equipment and more for long term playability;
* Loads of quests, both automatically generated and built into many
of our custom-made zones;
* All equipment saves to the character and many "owned" items stay
even after death;
* Build your own clan into the game, attract members and wage war.

If you want an easy going place to MUD however you like with
responsive coders and friendly players, this is a great place
for you!
Celestial Knights is a original take on a well established genre. 4 Years ago beginning with a stock circle 3.1 codebase CKMud has evolved into a unique DBZ codebase that differs from many of the others already out there. With a leveless system players strength is dependant on skills and stats, several balanced races and classes are in, along with the ability to remort to two other classes to further your character development. We sport a automated arena, map system, space system, unique training minigames, and much more. With more features than we can list and being updated daily, there is always something for you to do.
Looking for a Dragonball experience that's about more than
simply watching your virtual power level increase?
Drag(*)nball Z: FE is a Dragon Ball Z MUD run on a completely
custom codebase that uses the BYOND engine. It was built from
the ground-up, and seeks to follow the inspiration started by
Trenton's Dragonball Z: Fighter's Edition (DBZ FE) and Rcet's
Dragonball Z: Reality (DBZ Reality). Gameplay focuses on a
completely interactive combat system, where your character only
attacks when you give the order, and your defenses are
similarly your own responsibility!


o Open PVP: Restricted by max power level (no getting ganked when
you wouldn't have a chance to win!)

o Fully detailed ASCII map: rather than room descriptions, view
a map detailing the terrain, nearby NPCs, and players

o No conventional levels: Power level increases as you fight, with
a substantial bonus for killing blows

o Skill-based combat: Dodge and parry your opponent's attacks while
countering with your own feints and maneuvers

o Long-ranged and energy attacks: strike at your opponent from
several rooms away, or unleash a devastating blast at close range

o Human, Saiyan, Namekian, and Android races currently playable,
each with its own unique attacks and transformations
Created in 1992, this medieval fantasy LPMUD has a dedicated and friendly playerbase, active development community, careful game balance, and cohesive world theme. Play an Artificer and build a bronze scorpion to defend you in battle… Or tame a wolf pup as a Ranger and raise it into a fiercely loyal companion… Or learn the secrets of the Shapeshifter Enclave and master its many forms. With nine classes, eight guilds, and over 20 years of world-building, there is always something new to explore. Free to play without limitations!
Star Wars: Dark Forces RPG has had a long history. Emperor Palpatine was
defeated at Endor thirty-five years ago, thrown into the Abyss by Darth
Vader. Now the Yuuzhan Vong, a race from another galaxy, hope to conquer and
enslave all. The Empire has been reborn as the Imperial Alliance, trying to
stop the Vong while at the same time attempting to establish order in the

The New Republic is crumbling, its members leaving to join the Imperial
Alliance or being killed by the Vong. Many small factions have risen, hoping
to end the chaos which has come about hte galaxy. Are you ready to serve the
Empire or save the crumbling Republic? Or perhaps there might be profit to
make as a self-server. Nevertheless, this is a time of Dark Forces.

This is very popular MUD which has grown tremendously, with all original
zones and original programming. Roleplay is encouraged here, and rewarded if
done. The immortals participate in the events of the game, but it is the
mortals that shape our history. Give us a try, and you will see that you
have a new addiction.
Fox MUD is a medieval timeframe MUD with many original areas spanning multiple continents. With 163 playable levels (quad - classed characters), thousands of rooms, new command parsing and un-attended quest capabilities, this MUD is perfect for the adventuring gamer. With roleplaying clans, and alignment-based skills and spells for the Lord characters, Fox will keep you busy for many, many hours of adventuring fun.