The mission of the Realm of Utopian Dreams (RUD, est. 1996) is to provide players an enjoyable and challenging mix of role-play, hack-and-slash, and talker features within a FREE mud setting. Some of RUD's design choices emphasize role-play configurations: titles, character descriptions, pk ability, and nobility. Other features respond to player needs for communication and interaction: channels, committees, the court system, and implementing player opinion and ideas in order to improve the game and to make the environment more exciting and friendly.

We offer 16 races, 16 classes, 12 remort-races, 16 remort-classes, and 18 alignment-based original classes, each with special skills and abilities based around the Realm religions. Try your hand, for example, at playing a Geomancer, Samurai, Psiblade, Merchant, Ghostwalker, Pyromancer, or Espion. We provide automated mapping, an automated quest system and noble-run quests, random mud-wide bonuses, random mud-wide remort and pk options, an on-line builder and one of the largest systems of on-line help files around.

Challenge yourself by becoming a Noble of the Realm, attempt 9 levels of Nobility, and earn special perks: build and add to your castle, extend your lands and influence, rent rooms to other players, tax citizens, jail criminals, run special quests, appoint deputies, serve as judges, host special role-play events, participate in individual and team pk when you wish, enjoy perks to your weapons, gain bonus quest points, and add to your Noble webpage.

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