7 Degrees of Freedom (7DOF) is an AberMUD based realm, with a unique system of classes available to all players. The emphasis is on our players having a good time, and as such roleplay is not encouraged. We are a newbie friendly MUD, and have in excess of 70 Quests that can be attempted. For those who use MUSHClient or ZMUD, we have implemented some features of MXP; this is seamless so those who favour other clients are not inconvenienced. Our ethos is that all players are treated equally regardless of experience.
Aber-Phoenix is a highly newbie-friendly, quest oriented MUD featuring nearly 70 hard-coded quests, helpful familiars, distinct classes, families, a real player-driven economy and too many other aspects to list. Any player can become immortal on Phoenix, if they choose, although mortality is generally more fun!. Consensual playerkilling is allowed, with special PK classes. Log on and check us out, you won't be sorry!