LuminariMUD is a project merging/optimizing/bug-checking/documenting/stylizing the combination of tbaMUD/d20MUD/LuminariMUD(old).

LuminariMUD is a fantasy themed MUD with influence from D&D campaigns such as Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. A completely original world, storyline and history is in development.

Game mechanics are influenced by D20/D&D3.5 and MUDs such as Toril and Duris.

We are in Pre-Beta Development, but open for visitors.
All original areas, over 2000 rooms so far. Fantasy/medieval based. Huge crafting (blacksmith, weaponsmith, carpenter, tailor,…) and gathering (mining, foraging, tree chopping etc.) systems allow artisans to gain experience making wonderful items. Player-ran clans and player owned housing. More features added weekly. Role-play encouraged. Rune making, study skills, to many modifications to list. Seeking builders, writers, play-testers and players.
It has now been two years since the Battle for Endor.

The ever growing New Republic wields more and more control
as planet after planet joins the relatively new organization.
Restoring order and peace throughout the galaxy through diplomatic
terms remains their top priority.

In opposition, the Galactic Empire, still suffering from the loss
of its beloved Emperor still remains a force throughout the
galaxy. Retaining control over several key worlds, the new Emperor
looks to correct the mistake that is the New Republic and restore
the glory and might of the Galactic Empire.

Meanwhile, in the background, more and more organizations are
forming now that the iron fist of the Empire is pre-occupied
with the newly formed New Republic. No one yet knows what
these organizations have in mind for the galaxy, are they
looking to make an attempt on control themselves? Are they
just out looking for themselves only?

You won't know unless you join us at Star Wars: Celestial Horizons.
Come and play with our ever growing list of features and changes.
Make a change in our galaxy….
Welcome to
Planets: Rise to Power

This mud is newly launched, most every bug squashed but certainly
not bug free by any means. I am opening my doors for player testing
right now but Im not against players casually role playing
and developing planets for the future of the mud. I strongly believe
in the potential behind SWR 2.0 and I hope to find others like
minded in the future. Come make this mud your place to call home
as I have and endure the hardships of killing hordes of aliens
as they attack planets, join a clan and soldier on through the
ranks killing the foul scourge that plagues each planet every so
often. Become an architect and shape the very landscape you
walk on, or a weapon smith and create better and more deadly
weapons for soldiers to mow down aliens with. Assassinate
the leader of some other clan or take on a bounty and track
them down across the galaxy gloriously severing their head
from their body. Many opportunities can arise in a world
completely player created you just have to show up and
contribute your part to the cause or simply add to the
role playing atmosphere if you feel you dont have a creative
bone in your body. In any case you are bound to have fun
whatever you decide to do!

-Dream, Planets: Rise to Power Admin.
Old school Moments of hatred codebase with a twist! friendly immortals and lots of changes being done! Come join the hatred. We just saw 13 players connected today! Be the 14th!!!
See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Kota

TADAO Ninja-Demon AKA *]-Satan's Assassin-Old school Moments of hatred codebase with a twist! friendly immortals and lots of changes being done! Come join the hatred. We just saw 13 players connected today! Be the 14th!!!
See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Kota

TADAO Ninja-Demon AKA *]-Satan's Assassin-[*
SUSUMU Ninja-Drow AKA .*^Susumu^*.
TACHIKAWA Ninja-Monk AKA **[-Shinobi-]**
SEIBEI Ninja-Werewolf AKA ***Shadow LyCan***
YAMASHITA Ninja-Mage AKA ^-^VanICaN^-^
SEIJI Ninja-Vampire AKA **<-Seiji->**
MERIHIM Demon-Drow AKA [o.Lloth's PoseSSion.o]
ABIGOR Demon-Monk AKA X.o_Shaolin-Fiend_o.X
AZAZEL Demon-Werewolf AKA ([Gollum])
LEONARD Demon-Mage AKA >[ NePhandi ]<
LILLITH Demon-Vampire AKA <>[BlooD Demon]<>
HATTCHEN Monk-Drow AKA .x[[D'Ilmater]]x.
AELFRIC Monk-Werewolf AKA }x.x{KynTorT}x.x{
KENSAI Monk-Mage AKA .x{Kensai}x.
SLAKE Monk-Vampire AKA <<.[Slake].>>
ADIN Drow-Werewolf AKA |+|Lycoth's Homid|+|
MAERDYN Drow-Mage AKA .o{MaerDyn}o.
KHALLA Drow-Vampire AKA -=(Darkling)=-
WEREMAGE Werewolf-Mage AKA >IllumInatI<
ABOMINATION Werewolf-Vampire AKA |[@]Abomination[@]|
GEHENNA Vampire-Mage AKA <*>KaraYaN<*>

Kota, V2 staff.
In a time when the gods rebelled against their creators, the world of Vael was pulled into a cataclysmic series of events which led to the destruction of many of it's inhabitants. In an effort to save their world, the remaining gods blanketed the world and placed those that remained in a deep sleep to awaken when the world was once again whole.

Obsolevi Regnatus is based off of the released code of Forsaken Lands from long ago and has many custom enhancements done by Nuphari'ulel. Currently in Alpha stages, the staff is working on rebuilding the entire world and creating a safe environment for RolePlay with lite PlayerKilling.
Escape offers both a challenging environment for more experienced mudders as well as a constructive learning environment for newbies.

The immortals work hard to be informative and helpful whenever possible without being overbearing or affecting game balance.

We have taken basic Smaug coding and made heavy modifications to several different aspects of it. With a unique multi-class system as well as a broad array of race/class combinations combined with a group based combat/experience system, we have tried to promote all of what we feel are the best aspects of mudding in general.

We welcome any comments which can be made via a note to immortal within the mud, or via email if that is easier.

We hope you can enjoy playing in the world we are creating,

The Staff of Escape from Destiny
Dragonball: The Dark Prince Returns is a DBX and DBI derived mud
which is based on both CircleMUD and DikuMUD based codes.
Thanks goes to all for even thinking up such a game. The theme we have
is DB/DBZ/DBGT. If this sounds like the type of mud for you please come
and join us.

Staff of Dragonball: The Dark Prince Returns
Time of Troubles is a Rom/Sunder/Rot MUD.
Connection: 3334
  • Themed fantasy medieval with an AD&D Forgotten Realms influence and feel, Time of Troubles is a quickly growing MUD with well thought out systems and indepth gameplay. Time of Troubles strives for class diversity while retaining balance to insure all players a unique yet balanced experience - Every character has their role in the group. The immortal staff is extremely dedicated, and boast a near completely original world which is still growing daily. The players on Time of Troubles are extremely helpful and full of ideas, which the implementor/coders take into full consideration and most often find a way of working into the code in a balanced manner. Time of Troubles is a pk optional mud, with many things for nonpk players to do, while still retaining an intense pk environment. The activities and events for the higher level player are present and will continue to grow, allowing new players a world of things to explore and the older player something new to look forward to each time they enter the community. We look forward to seeing you at Time of Troubles.

    A very brief overview of some of our features:

    ***34 selectable player races.

    ***9 selectable player classes: Warrior, Mage, Thief, Cleric, Ranger, Monk, Chaosmage, Elementalist, Archer. We also have 3 new classes currently in heavy development.

    ***An extremely user friendly built in map and configurable mini-move-map system for easy navigation.

    ***Classic Auto-Arena and Auto-Quest system with many new features and built in secrets.

    ***A nearly 100% original world. The areas that are not original have all been rearranged within our current world and rebuilt to a point in order to fit the current standards.

    ***Equipment damage and size issues. You must watch the condition of your equipment, and maintain relationships with the shopkeepers, should you need to have a piece of rare equipment you looted from a giant resized to your elven frame.

    ***Over 600 new skills and spells added, along with all the classics being rebalanced and reworked into the current class system.

    ***A player ran clan system, along with clan wars (no place is safe, even your clan hall!), full rank system, and even a clan tax rate automatically deducted.

    ***Full MXP, MSP, MCCP.

    ***Complete indepth roleplay based world full of intelligent mobs and areas that do more than just sit there and die.

    ***Numerous new functions and features too abundant to name. Encumberance, Chaotic spell effects, a D&D style feat system nearly complete, etc, etc, etc…

    The mud will continue to grow and will stay actively on the server as long as any interest remains throughout the years. Come join a fun place full of community and competition.

  • We hope to see you soon.
    Chicago 1924

    Here at ChicagoMUSH, we want to offer a refreshing alternative to fantasy-medieval, sci-fi, or nWoD mushes that are a dime a dozen on the net. Here, you get to play a relatively modern-era character, living in downtown Chicago in the mid-1920?s. This era is marked by the prevalence of organized crime and governmental corruption, made popular by the likes of Al Scarface Capone and Eliot Ness.

    While you wont find either of these characters on ChicagoMUSH, we invite you to create your own fame as a gangster, shopkeeper, tycoon, or G-man. We have worked hard to create an authentic historical environment, building the mush to resemble downtown Chicago within the Loop.
    4 Dimensions has a time Travel theme, which gives you four large and totally unique worlds to explore; PreHistoric, Medieval, Oldwest and Future. Our zones have unusual depth, and one of our main features is the special Quest Culture. And with 'quests' I don't mean the bland 'kill this mob' - 'fetch me that item' that you find in most Muds. Our Quests, driven by elaborate scripts, are an integrated part of the background story and plot of each individual zone, they are often very entertaining, and they usually require some attention, thinking and work on the player's side, even if we do have some easy ones for newbies too. We also have more cool code features than many pay-to-play Muds. A lot of work has gone into our game, and we'd really like more players to enjoy it.
    Previously known as the long-running 'As The Wheel Weaves', The
    Shadow's Embrace is based on the popular Wheel of Time series. The
    Shadow's Embrace is a multi-user, text based game where you can
    interact with dozens of people from around the world. Explore
    thousands of rooms in hundreds of zones, do battle with evil, or
    seek to bring darkness to the lands. Sail the high seas and climb to
    the tops of the mountain peaks as you seek to complete quests and find
    new lands.

    Players can choose to belong to any of the dozens of Wheel of
    Time races – even aiel, trollocs, fades, and others while
    working with or competing against other players in the quest for
    fame, glory, and power. If you prefer roleplaying to
    slaughtering, TSE is highly role-play encouraged and there are
    several code features in place to support it.

    We have randomized treasure chests filled with rare items and an
    extensive crafting system in place for a very detailed character
    creation experience.

    Come along for the ride and you never know, you may not want to
    Since 1994, ZombieMUD has been on-line and bringing orc-butchering
    fun to the masses from our home base in Oulu, Finland. We're a pretty
    friendly bunch, with well over 100 players at any given time logging
    in from all over the globe to test their skill in our medieval
    role-playing environment.

    Like freedom? With sixteen seperate guilds (classes), over fifty
    sub-guilds, and thrice a dozen races to choose from, you can play
    any sort of character you wish. Should you become tired of one
    class, then have no fear, simply take a near painless reincarnation
    and start your life with us anew without losing all your precious
    experience gained in the past. Your choices are near endless, and
    you can even play a character as odd as a mage-fighter if you desire.
    In the end, we leave it up to you.

    Love to collect? On ZombieMUD you are given the opportunity to build
    and customize your own personal and permanant castle. Within its
    stone walls you may hoard chest upon chest of goodies, gathered from
    througout the realm. You may even amass your own standing army to
    defend your castle from wiley intruders.

    Want quests? We've got them. Well over 200 various quests and
    specially designed 'Equipment mobs' stand ready to challenge your
    skill in battle with more tricks than Houdini himself. Hate quests?
    That's fine too, as while doing quests will lessen level costs,
    they are absolutely not required for advancement within the game.

    Enjoy interaction? On ZombieMUD we love to party. Fightin' and
    Killin' being specialties of ours most enjoyed in mass. While
    fighting solo is a staple of some player's diets, others enjoy the
    thrill of the group hunt. During a party you team your skills with
    the skills of other guilds to bring down foes of legendary size and
    strength. Whether you're a soloer or one who loves to interact, you
    will find your niche here.

    Admire progress? ZombieMUD has been continuously growing and changing
    for over a decade, and it shows. Our lands are vast and our treasures
    varied. Our staff is active and attentive to the mud itself,
    constantly adding new areas, or improving the old to be certain
    that Zombie and its players always have something new to discover.

    Dare to begin? Check out our webpages and read up on the information
    listed there for new players. Join us at, and see for
    yourself what all the fuss is really about.
    Acropolis is an old ROM MUD recently revived for the fun of it by a group of old administrators. Acropolis has the feel of ROM MUDs you know and love with a bunch of great enhancements. There are a ton of new custom areas, races, classes, skills, spells, and many advanced features including clans, quests, PK arena for fun and prizes including team/clan battle types, randomly generated loot (Diablo-style), and much more. Acropolis is a newbie friendly MUD run by a welcoming group of people. If you're looking for a fresh start and like what you hear then please drop by and play for awhile.
    The Periphery planet of Randis IV explodes with conflict as
    rapidly growing city-states battle for dominance over one
    another. Using a handful of scavenged and stolen Battlemechs,
    tanks, choppers, and aerospace fighters from all over the galaxy,
    the uprising political entities mercilessly fight it out with one

    The players take the role of a soldier on the front lines of
    one of four factions, earning their own mechs and promotions but
    still upkeeping an affiliation with their city-state. This is all
    done in real-time and runs using a heavily version of TinyMUX
    where the players are actually able to pilot the units he or she

    We are a comparatively new game considering how many years
    some of the other Battletech MUXs have been running, but we have
    a well-equipped staff that is ready to help out any newcomers.

    Stop on by and give us a try!
    Midnight Sun is a strictly medieval fantasy LPmud.
    It is an easy place to get started, but also hides
    a lot of complexity and challenges you may have to
    face as you grow. Travel through our world by foot
    or hitchhike yourself a ride on the back of a dragon.
    Wander the realms to solve one of the 70+ quests to be
    found (none of which is required).
    Ask around to get enlisted for one of the guilds.
    And last but not least hunt the world to grow as a
    character and join the famous ranks of our lords and
    Considered one of the best Dragonball based MUD's is BACK! DragonBall Z: Universe
    is back online after 6 years, and ready to bring in the players! Many of the things you
    missed is in and ready to use! Personal Spaceships, Racial Transformations, Role Playing system WITH REWARDS, Clans ready to defend as well as Raid!

    If you have never played DBZ:U before now is your chance! Come join us for the time of your life! : 4310

    Looking for a nice diverse player base, as well as hiring a few more staff members! Log in and see what you think!
    Dark Realms is a dark and gothic medieval fantasy world full of rich detail and a playing environment that's just about as beautiful as text can get. MUDs are supposed to have no end to their playability, but time and again the players reach a certain point where they have fought every monster, explored every area and obtained even the rarest of items. Having "Nothing to do" is the worst thing that can happen to a MUDder. That's why our goal is different - not to have the biggest player base, the most portable code, the most in-depth roleplay or even the most sociable MUD there is. Our goal is quite simply to have the most stuff and more importantly, to just be fun.

    Dark realms gives players as much or as little control over nearly every aspect of their characters as they wish. Customize your playing experience to suit your tastes or let the game decide for you. Creative building and intelligent code allow each player to be as involved in the game as they want. We don't want bored players and there are so many features that the only reason a player can't find something to do is because their monitor isn't turned on.

    - Keep track of all your characters with player accounts. Manage profiles and even trade them to other
    - Test your combat skills in the battle arena in one of many different game types including (but not limited
    to) Chaos, Deathmatch, Last man Standing, Team battles, One on One and Regicide. Fight for fame, fortune,
    glory or item prizes. Fight under battle conditions and handicaps. Even fight under custom area layouts.
    Like a particular arena setup? Ask an Immortal to save it as a template so it can be used later!
    - Love racial variety? There's 65 races, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and inheirant abilities.
    Each develops differently depending on the classes you choose. Earn status with other members of your race,
    be it heroic fame or infamous noriety, it's up to you. Too much to choose from? Races are organized into
    species. Select one of the elven species and pick a race, it's that simple.
    - 23 classes to begin as. Each designed with the detail as if it were the only class in the game. Including
    the dual and tri for each class, dual and tri-only and prestige classes, there are over 100 in all and an
    even more mind-boggling number of combinations. It's a rare thing to see any two characters exactly the
    same. Monks, dragons, demons, werewolves, angels, summoners, bards, psionicists…the list goes on.
    - The Triclass system allows your character to have three classes. Become three different classes or progress
    through the next stage of your class and evolve it to the highest levels of power. This remort system allows
    a character to effectively level three times, with the addition of the new class and its abilities. They
    gain the highest stats between their classes and gain the use of each of their particular skills at the
    highest adept and lowest level.
    - Three classes not enough leveling? Become an epic character and tack on an additional 200+ epic levels.
    Gain more stats! Obtain stronger items! Learn more powerful skills!
    - You've got your classes, gained all your epic levels and that's still not enough? Become a legend and
    do it all over again! You'll permanently become a single class, but you get to name it and customize
    the skills it gets. Choose from the list of skills you learned from your previous classes and gain
    access to entirely new ones. Add skills, drop skills and enjoy many bonuses that all your work has earned.
    - Create your own clan, guild or order. Recruit memebers, build a hall, bestow member ranks, change settings.
    Run an involved organization or a lone faction, it's up to you.
    - Devote yourself to a deity. These powerful beings grow old and die without worshippers. Occasionally they
    will be reborn. Their general view of the world may be the same, but the aspects which they encompass
    may not. They may ask things of your character..please them and they might bestow blessings. Piss them off
    and..Let's just say you were warned. Become a high priest and gain deity spells! Gain their favor and become
    their chosen avatar! Oppose them and become one of the forsaken, which might not be a curse depending on
    how you look at it.
    - Gather materials, forge new items. Reforge old ones and make them stronger. Upgrade them with over
    100 special abilities, new effects or even create artifacts.
    - Found a kingdom. Create a legacy. Control and manage your city state and expand your borders. Conquer
    areas in the game. Recruit troops, research ancient spells and technology. Rule the hamlet or dominate
    a country!
    - Get more information with dynamic help files. Detailed help specific to the viwer that's current. No
    more old help files that haven't been updated in years.
    - Event system. Trigger global events where the game reacts to your actions and remembers you. Virtually
    hundreds of missions, events and quests.
    - Over 1000 spells, skills, abilities, enhancements, glyphs, songs, psionics and summoned monsters to play
    with. Learn your skills and level them up with AP. Master each one and give them upgrades to increase
    damage, add more effects and abilities.

    Find artifacts of great rarity and learn magic of impossible power. Wield weapons that have increased elemental damage, drain mana, life or cleave body parts from your victims. Wear intelligent items that might have a bigger ego than you do.

    Be as involved in the game as you want. Just don't get fired from work!
    Paradigm Shift is an experimental ColdMUD. It exists primarily as a social hangout for people interested in Cold but there is also an original sci-fi game in the works to showcase the potential of the codebase (although this is very much a work in progress).

    The game is open to anyone with an interest in Cold, sci-fi gaming, or roleplaying in general. Progbits are available upon request.
    Forgotten Kingdoms is an RPI (Role-Play Intensive) game which is set
    in the Forgotten Realms multiverse. The game has over 250 unique
    areas and is still growing rapidly, thanks to a large team of
    builders who continuously update existing areas as well as
    adding new areas and challenges.

    New characters can choose from a huge range of races and subraces,
    including sun elves, moon elves, tieflings and even centaurs. Once
    you have selected your characters race, you must choose a base class
    of Warrior, Wizard, Rogue or Priest, each of which offers a
    different roleplay experience, and can be further customised by
    joining one of almost 50 guilds. The last major decision to be made
    by any new character is to decide where they grew up -
    possibilities include several famous Forgotten Realms locations,
    including Waterdeep, Zhentil Keep, Menzoberranzan and Mithril Hall.

    Additional key or unique features of Forgotten Kingdoms include:

    1. A large range of feats and meta-magic feats, ranging from
    'arterial strike' to 'bloodline of fire' through to 'spell-casting
    2. A unique 'spell memorisation' system based on system used in
    Dungeons and Dragons. This means no mana!
    3. Well over 300 spells to choose from.
    4. Many avenues for character development, including joining
    organisations such as the Zhentarim or the Harpers, joining
    the inner circle or even becoming the high priest of one of 30
    faiths…the possibilities are myriad!
    5. Close, but not slavish reproduction of Forgotten Realms lore -
    as a result of various wide-ranging plots and the actions of our
    players, our world has taken a different path to a different

    Forgotten Kingdom's greatest strength is its large population of
    superb role-players, who ensure that there are always several
    ongoing plots to be a part of…

    Come join our online community, we promise you an excellent
    role-playing experience!