New life enters Asteria, a mystical realm of breathtaking sights and
endless possibilities. At this moment, thousands step onto the soil of Alara,
the largest continent in known existence. Adventurous warriors, enterprising
thieves, and curious wizards disperse across the vast unseen lands, ready to
stake a claim and create a legacy. Mysterious and alluring dungeons are begging
to be explored, devious puzzles are waiting to be solved, and the secrets of the
universe are ready to be unlocked.

As adventurers take off in search of glory, many unnamed lands await the arrival
of living legends. The blank parchment awaits tales of conquest and comradery,
while the heavens await souls worthy of Immortal greatness.

Join in the adventure. Create your legacy one story at a time.

Welcome to Asteria.

** Early Access **
Please note that this MUD is currently in development and some features may
not be implemented.
If you wish to be part of a growing community, please join us!
- Multi-Play: Restricted - Extended Race Selection
- Extended Class Selection - Equipment Saved
- Roleplaying Is Encouraged - Ansi Color
- Newbie friendly - World is all original
- Detailed Character Creation - Clans Offered
- Large World (10,000+ rooms) - Adult-Oriented Violence
- Mud is fully operational - Player-Kill: Restricted

Dark Pawns, now in its thirteenth year of continuous
operation, we strive to bring you a quality fantasy RPG
experience. We feature a robust, stable codebase with
quality staff and players. Our focus is on mudding and
game playing as a community, with an emphasis on gameplay
in the long term.

Come by and play Dark Pawns for a couple of hours, and
you'll find that you've found yourself your new favorite
Once in, avoid everything that
moves. Only the swift thinking
and swift moving survive. Don't
touch anything without checking
it out with a toss-away char
first. Power is currently held
by a group of petty, cruel people.
They will do what they can to
prevent you from suceeding in any
way they can. Things change
constantly and without much

You will have your ego crushed,
your time destroyed, and if you
complain, there are many people
whose sole job seems to be to
ridicule you. This is their job,
and they take pride in it.
Welcome to Hell.

–Minister, 29 Nov 1995
So, you want to know about Mass Chaos? Well, lets start here…
What is Mass Chaos? Mass Chaos is the prodigal child of numerous
snippets of Godwars, Mindcloud, and Dystopia code. It's a PK MUD,
and I'll go ahead and say it right now: It's NOT for pansies. If
you're gonna log on and ask "What's PK?", just do me a favor and
ingest some Drano now. This is kill or be killed, and the sooner
that is realized, the sooner you'll be climbing to the top. Yes,
you'll probably die a few times getting started, but contrary to
popular belief, the players here will be more than happy to help
you… (But only so they can kill you later).

Here's the bottom line. If you're competitive, enjoy killing people,
enjoy frequent changes, and appreciate staff members that listen to
suggestions, you need to play this MUD… Plain and simple… If you
whine or you're an effeminate hippie, you can play anyway, but you
probably won't get very far. Why are you still reading this? Log on
Visit my website to find out what my mud is about also got live godwars chat so you can talk to coder, builders, and players about godwars material thank you for your time: HIRO
Genesis is the original LPmud. Much has changed over the years, but we are still a mud that manages to cater for many styles of play, from the pure role-players to the questers, the hack-n-slashers and the social people. As a game, Genesis is fairly tough and very open-ended.

We recruit builders and coders out of the player community through an application process. Our wizards are divided into domains, where each domain has a theme. While our Middle Earth and Krynn domains are large enough to be muds in the own rights, we also have several domains that are built on the wizards own imagination.
Welcome to Ember Online! Come and enjoy a brand new graphical multi-user dungeon. Explore the world, help NPC's with tasks for rewards beyond the feel-good factor, fight the mighty Crimson Dragon, or the terrifying Mort Wraith. If you're interested in watching the world burn… Well it's a player verses player game so come and slaughter to your heart's content!
Filgaia is dying. The deserts expand after the desolation caused by a five hundred year-old catastrophe. Demons made of steel and technology rise again, trying claim this world as their own. The secrets of the past stir, and those who lived them try to manipulate Filgaia's future to serve their own ends. It is a world filled with ruins from past ages, containing secrets to be found, and with those who would use those secrets to shake all existence. The world of Lunar, orbiting Filgaia, is still abundant and rich in life, but the Goddess protecting it has become withdrawn and cruel. Monsters have risen, and the Goddess' servants cannot stop them alone. Worse yet, the world trembles at the rise of a new Lord of Calamity.

Life on these worlds is precarious. The tides of war and dangers of the past threaten to shake the foundations of both. Kings, priests, and generals aren't prepared to handle these threats – or they further them, sometimes knowingly.

The ones who can best deal with these dangers are Drifters: men and women who wander the world in search of ruins, for fame and glory, knowledge and wealth, answers and power. Their goals are their own, as are their reasons. Not all Drifters are heroes, though, and some only want the past's secrets for their own sake. Cut off from society, living day-to-day in Filgaia's badlands and Lunar's countryside, these adventurers may be the least likely to save the world that they walked away from.

They are, however, the people's best and last hope. This is their story.

Dream Chasers MUSH is a Japanese console RPG-themed game of adventure, dungeon-crawling, and secrets just waiting to be found. And if you ride far and fast enough to the west, the sun will never set on you.

…"Here at Paradox3.0, We strive to make the playing Environment as enjoyable as possible! We currently have:

-Custom Mining/Fishing Code
-Custom Socket/Overlay/Forge System
-Clans and Clan Ranking/Clan Stats
-Paradox Mode (No Safe Rooms!)
-Optional Non-PK Flag to save yourself
-Race Evolutions: Both Quest and Natural Evolutions
-Armor/Weapon Evolutions

And many many more!…

Legends of Old has just started and is currently needing builders and designers of areas. We are in beta stage and will most likely be that way for quite awhile. We are using a heavily modified SmaugFUSS 1.8 codebase that has many new features added into it.

My goal is to have a mud that has features from WoW and other muds that I have played/coded on in the past to create one epic mud that many can enjoy. Some features of our code:

Unique spell system (Discussing this at the moment whether we want mana or not)
- No mana
- Have to memorize spells

Quest chain system
- Like World of Warcraft, we have quest chains that can lead to other areas or other mobs within the area for rewards and money. If you log into the mud, you can check out the first 8 quests using the task system to test the powerful quest engine.

Socketed items
- As players progress through the game, they will gain socketed items that can enhance their items using gems.

We will eventually have instances of 5, 10, and maybe 25 man later on down the road. We will have nations/kingdoms against each other and hope to have a unique army system where players can donate to their kingdoms and gain army units for epic battles with other nations. Professions will be in game as well so players will be able to craft items, mine for minerals, and pick herbs for alchemy.

Please register with our website and pm me if you would like to join the staff. As of right now, it is just me and I spend most of my time coding and haven't been able to start building just yet.

The mud itself will be fantasy medieval setting with your regular dnd classes (although the spells/skills will mostly be original). More classes will be made and unique spells will be made for each class as time goes on.

Our first few projects will focus on minor starting areas and then as we get those in we'll start to tackle the bigger areas eventually leading into creating the instance areas with tiered gear and such.

Since we will be in beta testing for a long time, as long as you make progress on your areas, there are no time constraints to your area. I know perfection takes time. Plus if you are new you will need time to gain the knowledge needed for progs and making your area come to life, so I do not want to put stipulations on time commitments. We have our everyday lives.

So if you want a laid back atmosphere then please visit my site and pm me if you would like a chance to build on the mud.

Thanks for reading through this,
Welcome to the Realms of MaDDness

MaDDness Mud Is Back Up and Running.

Come and join us New and unique areas with a few revamped
stock areas. We have extended races.
We have new and extended class slections.
There is New quest system as well as
immortal run quest. We offer a laid back mud enviroment
New code and areas are continually being
added. We are over 10,000 rooms and growing.
We have a growing clan system join in and rival
against enemy forces.
The fun continues to grow here in the
Crazy and Insane world of MaDDness.
A world within a world–the planet Torlall. One that existed twice but was tied together by strands of energy. Brought forth were the Elements–Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit. They created many marvelous places and beings, but could not decide. So the Immortals stepped forth, to govern Magic and Science.

The "Dark Rifts" refers to what mortals believe is the nothingness. This nothingness spans between the two realms–Magic and Science. Without the Dark Rifts, Torlall would not be as it is today.

We feature 4+ cities, 9 professions/guilds, and over 65 unique areas. Professions such as PsiCorps and Martials Artists, amongst others, can be found in the realm of Science. Gracing the lands of
Magic are guilds such as the Chaos Wizards, Qanai-Katal, and Boch Larude. The wide variety of areas in each realm allows for continued progression of mortal characters. Dark Rifts also features clubs, which are social-centric groups, relating to various things. Examples of open clubs are SINISTER!, Legion, and Relic Seekers. While the clubs are mostly for fun, some do offer alternative ways of advancing your character.

There are 15 races to choose from, some found only on select realms. Examples of some races are: Avariel, Brakian, Halfling, Koa, Ssirith. Our races are diverse in their characteristics, slight
drawbacks, and advantages.

Dark Rifts is now more newbie friendly, pushing off the race and realm selection until you're either ready or level 6, whichever comes first. Each person starts on an island between the realms, which gives lots of helpful hints to assist with learning the terminology and functionality of the mud. The Isle of Muri, as it is called, also has equipment available to newer players, as well as a bank, store, advancement room, cemetery, areas to fight in, and a sneak peek at what the city views of Magic and Science look like!

DR has a dedicated group of coders and players that regularly log in. On January 11, 2007, our status officially changed from beta to live. The mud experienced a period of downtime in late 2007/early 2008, but now has a new, stable home.

Visit our web site to see what's going on:
Created in 1991, Stickmud was at one time a fairly traditional LPMUD.
Unique to many MUDs at the time was the open nature of PK, which
generated large numbers of players showing up to duke it out using
the unique spells and skills available by their guilds. The MUD grew,
and with it so did the code. We are now a mostly unique world, with
areas ranging from original themes such as Cloud Giants, reached by
climbing a mighty beanstalk, to amusing themes such as Mutant
Teletubbies, prowling the badlands west of town. Over 25 years, many
different areas, guilds, and recently events, have been added to make
the MUD the unique environment that it is today.

Your journey starts in the town of Tristeza, which resides on a continent
of the same name. Once you have made a name for yourself as a Lord,
level 30, you will most likely begin to venture to other lands of our world.
Stickmud boasts a very large world, the starting continent making up
several thousand rooms and many separate areas. Areas like dwarven
mines, the city of Ered-Mithrin, Hobbitville, Demontown, Gorthaur, and
many other unique and intriguing spots to explore. Not only that, but the
world itself is made up of more than 3 continents, and several islands. Many
have multiple routes to get to, but our MUD also has a fully coded boat
purchasing and sailing system, allowing for sailing between islands and even
having pirate battles with NPCs and other players.

There is no character creation inside of menus at startup, you will craft
your character inside the game. In the land of StickMUD there exists 10 races
to choose from including Trolls, Dwarves, Half-Orcs, Humans, Dark Elves,
Elves, and Hobbits. For donators we currently offer the Ogre, Goblin, and
Half-elf. All races have ranging stat maxes, being important to the guild that
you plan on choosing. Character advancement is forever, as there is no cap or
limit to player levels or guild skill training. Guild training is done purely by using
those spells and skills. While there is no multi-classing available in StickMUD,
we do have a global skills system. This allows players to leave guilds (for a penalty)
and train in others if they feel like it, without loss of previously earned skills.

StickMUD currently offers 8 guilds to choose from. These include Bards,
Fighters, Mages, Necromancers, Ninjas, Thieves, Healers, and Priests.
Each have their own set of skills and abilities, unique to the history of our
MUD and that guild's lore. Each guild has its loyal supporters that will try
to recruit you, and each guild generally has a favorite race to use. Although,
many guilds are quite versatile with race selection. Guild wars and disputes
are fairly common, and as player killing is fairly open, these can get rather
large and brutal.

New to StickMUD is the event system. There has been coded a construct
for the MUD to easily host MUD-wide Events with a reward system in place.
These events occur generally once per month. Every event that is currently
offered rewards players with 'Eventpoints' which can be traded in for multiple
things such as gold, experience, no exp loss with death, or most importantly
guild skill training. StickMUD currently has 8 events that it hosts:

*The Daily Incentive - Log in and gain 50M Experience every 24Hours and get
*Double EXP - 2x Experience gain
*Double Training - 2x Guild Skill Training gain
*Zombie Apocalypse - Zombie invasion of the entire MUD, eventpts awarded
by kill count.
*Ebonflow - Town raid of the mighty monster Ebonflow. Eventpts awards by
spawn death count, and overall damage to Ebonflow.
*PK Carnage - A PvP event, eventpts awards to the top 3 pkers.
*Scavanger Hunt - A Scavanger Hunt to test how well you can explore/find
MUD items.
*Easter Egg Hunt - Easter eggs are spread amongst the entire MUD! Find
them for eventpts.

Special events occur during holidays, such as Double EXP and Training
for two weeks around Christmas, or multiple Zombie invasions on Halloween.

On top of events, the MUD includes over 40 unique quests that will puzzle even the
craftiest of minds and greatest of explorers. Some are quite amusing and fun,
while others downright challenging. There is always something new to do and see
with the quests and areas of StickMUD, and the MUD is still growing to this day.
New areas, events, and features are being coded on a fairly regular basis!

StickMUD has a loyal group of supporters who keep playing year after year,
but the game and players are very friendly to Newbies! Everyone on will be
more than happy to help you learn the ropes and gain your first few levels and
finish your first few quests. While the MUD is fairly open and liberal with pk (pvp),
we are a friendly lot and will allow you to get you feet on the ground before messing
with you. So come stop by, send a tell to someone if you get confused or lost,
and get addicted to StickMUD!
Avalon: The First Age has been around, roughly, since 1999. As it is not a MUD for everyone, it is definitely a classic in my opinion. It differs from a lot of other text-based games out there in its style and it more certainly has a unique and new warfare system that has been implemented recently by the Gods.

Let me tell you a little about Avalon: The First Age. There are three main cities. Thakria, the evil city of Miracles. Mercinae, the city of light. And Parrius, the old pirate stronghold. At current, there are 18 guilds, some of which share the same profession, that are spread throughout Avalon, some in the cities.:

Guilds that hold the Knight profession:
Knights - Mercinae
Warriors - Parrius
Cavaliers - Thakria

Guilds that hold the Mage profession:
Mages - Mercinae
Enchanters - Parrius

Guilds that hold the Sorcerer profession:
Sorcerers - Thakria

Guilds that hold the Thief profession:
Thieves - Thakria
Brigands - Grey Forest

Guilds that hold the Ranger profession:
Rangers - Greenwood Forest

Guilds that hold the Seer profession:
Mystics - Mercinae
Astrologers - Parrius
Seers - Thakria

Guilds that hold the Loremaster profession:
Alchemists - Mercinae
Artisans - Parrius
Loremasters - Thakria

Guilds that hold the Druid profession:
Animists - Northern Greenwood Forest

Guilds that hold the Bard profession:
Bards - Mercinae
Minstrels - Thakria

Each city has its own politics. There tend to be three Barons elected to the leadership of each city. The Barons are responsible for running the city as well as welcoming new citizens.

There are Divine Orders in which players may join. It is somewhat player-ran in the higher ranks. However the God of the Order has, of course, the utmost power. The High-Priest/High-Priestess and/or the Chosen One have decent powers within the Order as well.

The Gods are very much apart of the realm, and should be respected above all. The Divine Pantheon do no live under mortal law.

Each player has a chance to ascend to Divine ranks via taking part in the Divine Gem Quests.

Avalon: The First Age has a custom codebase, making it completely and utterly original.

This game is pay to play, with a trial period. However, if you come to enjoy the game but are unable to pay, speak to a God and they may be able to help you.

Please visit the site at The Finest Online Role Playing Game: Avalon

If you are using a client such as ZMUD, you can login to First Age by using:

Port: 23
Lands of Chaos is an EmlenMud based off Diku and Merc.
This is a PK mud based in an all original world.

LoC is one of the last remaining few EmlenMuds left. This code is heavily modified from original EmlenMud.

What does this mud offer?
Basic experience and grinding of gears and exp
Guilds that help expand your character
Classed character building.
You can pick from a number of classes:
Warrior, Rogue, Paladin, Healer, Wizard, Necromancer, Warlock, and Monk
A very interactive and unique fighting system.
A very unique casting system based on use of different mana types and gems
A remorting system that allows you to become stronger!
Ascension system which helps you evolve into a more powerful race.
Teachers teach skills and spells all over the map.
Mining and crafting system which allows you to craft weapons and armor.
Enchanting system which allows you to make in game items even better.
Two alignment system of good and evil or otherwise known as whities and darkies.
You earn Warpoints for killing players of the opposite alignment which allows you to make your character stronger!


We are in a small ptest as the mud has just been put back online. Soon to go live. So a good time to check the game out!

Also check out Void of Reality at port 7777
Tir na nOg is not for everyone. It wasn't meant to be. It was meant for long term mudders who are tired of stock variations and want something new, but still want something familiar enough to feel at home. Ten years ago, we started as a ROM and had the goal of making a mud that we, the imps, wanted to play. Through the years, we have moved far beyond the stock ROM experience, often with the intent of adding more realism, but we have tried to keep the fun of ROM that we always liked.

Today, our DeepMUD code base, with 30 levels and strict class separations, bears more resemblance to Merc than ROM. We've included ideas from everywhere and woven them together in our own unique way to create a unified, cohesive experience. Creation is done in game, and the races are so unique each will make you feel you're playing a different game. Levels are not automatic, they are earned, then awarded by Guildmasters and celebrated with parties. Players looking to create an identity can own and decorate their own homes, restring their EQ, and even change their name.

We've found that long term players stay after they've "won" because they find other goals than just reaching Hero. For many, it's seeing how fast they can make Hero on successive tries. For others, it's seeing if they can make Hero playing a less than ideal Race/Class combo. Others turn to social aspects, such as newbie-helping or administering a Clan. Tir na nOg supports these forms of alternate play in many ways, from providing performance information in the score such as 'mobs per level', to allowing Heroes to become Kings and set the rules for their own town.

We were told by one player that our first level is the equivalent of 'avatar level' on other games. Yes, it's a challenge. You might die in school. We don't have any throwaway levels, with only 30 total we can't afford it. However, each level you do make will give you a sense of satisfaction you're not likely to find elsewhere.
Welcome to Drag(*)n Ball: Tournament! Will you be the strongest warrior in the universe? Fight characters from Emperor Pilaf Saga to The Cell Saga and and beyond. Obtain equipment from the defeat of these characters. Travel to different planets like Earth, Namek, Frieza, The Moon, and more!

Drag(*)n Ball: Tournament is based on Trenton's Dragon Ball: FE(Fighters Edition).
Vampire Wars is purely a vampire mud: it has no werewolves, demons or
mages. As such, it allows us to concentrate on vampires. We have
developed several new disciplines and are working on more. We
currently have 6 vampire clans and mortals.

Status is gained outside of the clan by player killing. The game has a
lot of unique features, far more than one could do justice to in a
brief description; come take a look for yourself!

VW Classic is owned and run by admin from the original Vampire Wars mud. We recently celebrated our 7th anniversary, surpassing the lifespan of the original VW. We also recently increased the size of the mud significantly. Come check out the new areas.
Welcome to Unicorn Valley, a wonderous land for brave and daring adventurers. Amongst the population here one will find elves, dwarves, sprites, halflings, half-elves, nereids, and humans living in relative peace with svirfneblin, drow, lupine, tabaxi, and dragonkin to name just a few. These wonderous races have many different abilities amongst them, including magic, thievery, and weaponmastery.

Once living here and growing up, the populace has a chance to enter mystical orders and clans. These highly specialized groups tend to help others as well as themselves. They have individual quests as well as major tasks like ridding the world of dangerous beasties.

As adventurers explore the world, it seems to keep getting larger as new vistas are discovered frequently. While just recently discovered itself, the Valley continues to expand, to the horror of the poor Cartographer who must then go out and discover how to get to the new places so that the inexperienced do not get lost.
Throughout the towns of Prexion, Aden, and Einar, many
tales have been told of the legend of the DragonStone. Most
believe the stories are that of a fool's imagination. Few,
though, dare to venture beyond the towns to seek the
truth….. Are YOU one of these?

The Legend tells of a great Golden Dragon called Corin-Mur,
who holds the stone within its lair. It is said that the
stone holds the key to immortality.

Choose from 16 races and 14 classes. Multiclass if you
desire. Breathe life into whatever you create.

There are many great tasks and quests to complete in your
search for the DragonStone. You must seek the aid of
others; alone, you are sure to fail. Join one of the clans,
or seek help from the friends you will make.