Lands of Chaos is an EmlenMud based off Diku and Merc.
This is a PK mud based in an all original world.

LoC is one of the last remaining few EmlenMuds left. This code is heavily modified from original EmlenMud.

What does this mud offer?
Basic experience and grinding of gears and exp
Guilds that help expand your character
Classed character building.
You can pick from a number of classes:
Warrior, Rogue, Paladin, Healer, Wizard, Necromancer, Warlock, and Monk
A very interactive and unique fighting system.
A very unique casting system based on use of different mana types and gems
A remorting system that allows you to become stronger!
Ascension system which helps you evolve into a more powerful race.
Teachers teach skills and spells all over the map.
Mining and crafting system which allows you to craft weapons and armor.
Enchanting system which allows you to make in game items even better.
Two alignment system of good and evil or otherwise known as whities and darkies.
You earn Warpoints for killing players of the opposite alignment which allows you to make your character stronger!


We are in a small ptest as the mud has just been put back online. Soon to go live. So a good time to check the game out!

Also check out Void of Reality at vor.midpointvoid.net port 7777