M*U*S*H is an eclectic community of artists, experimenters, learners,
and teachers. Here, players can create things that will move others
intellectually or emotionally, explore uncharted territories in
interactive text-based environments, and freely share knowledge and
skills in a constructive and friendly setting.

M*U*S*H is also the development, demonstration, and test site for
the current development version of PennMUSH.
Pokemon Adventures is a roleplay focused Pokemon MUSH centered around the canon 'verse of the series. Membership is open to both trainers and pokeplayers alike and with the game currently in a playtest mode, we are open to characters of all kinds and encourage people to join, get involved, invite their friends, and help build [PAM] up and help write our storyline through roleplaying. :)

To keep things from ending up confusing, the grid is limited to a subset of Kanto from Pallet up to Cerulian with a limit of pokemon to Kanto and Johto era species for both trainers and pokeplayers. As activity improves, these will be fleshed out to accomodate.

Additional newbie liaisons will be a must in the coming weeks/months as we transition out of playtest mode and plot suggestions are welcome from all sides and avenues for such will be provided in-game.

Check us out:
MUSH: pokemonadventures.game-host.org:4202
No subscription fees. No graphics. No gold farmers. Just your character, your stories, waiting to be told.

Ever watched a favorite TV show or read a great epic novel and wondered what it might be like to immerse yourself in that world, day after day, shaping the story through your actions?

Instead of being a passive observer, what if you could dive in and make a real difference in the storys evolution?

Thats what OtherSpace is all about.

Online since 1998, we offer an original-theme space opera setting in which you get the chance to create a character, lead a starship crew, build an empire, explore the galaxy, and maybe even discover ancient relics or new alien civilizations.

You can use OtherSpace to sharpen your creative thinking, hone your writing, and experiment with cause and effect!

Theres no need for an amped-up computer. You dont need a top-of-the-line graphics card. Still on dial-up? Not a problem. Were retro and we love it. All you need is a functioning imagination and a love of sci-fi.

And its absolutely free to participate. Dont get us wrong: Donations via PayPal to jointhesaga@gmail.com are appreciated and help pay the server and marketing costs, but we dont require subscription fees.

Retro gaming. Classic collaborative storytelling.

We provide old-school, around-the-Internet-campfire roleplaying opportunities. But we need you in the mix so that we can all make the most of the potential adventures.

Long for the days of interactions that didnt require raid groups, sparkly celestial ponies, and uber guilds? Want to be part of a story thats been shaped by player actions for more than a decade?

Thats cool. We want you too.

Join the saga today!
DUAT MUSH - Descend into the Underworld…

Duat MUSH was designed specifically for YOU, the players. We have aimed to design a MUSH with a straightforward command system and quick Character Generation in short, a way to let you get straight to what you want: RP. We also keep our ear out to all the requests of our players. Thats right. As a newer MUSH, we want your input and design to help us mold this fabulous world. From commands, to TPs (Tiny Plots), buildings, shops, and clans - Bring us your Voice and we will make your dreams a reality in text.


Duat is a world made up of four realms. Each realm is extremely different and caters towards different sorts: The Mortals, The Were-Creatures, The Vampires, and The Misfits (Angles, Demons, Anthros, etc.) But, what is to become of a world of such diversity not only in race, but in caste. Duat is home to a unique caste system of slaves, Masters, citizens, Switch-Dominants, and switch-submissives.
So, the only thing left to consider is this: Where will you fall in the mix? Will you serve, or demand servitude? Will you bring peace to the Egyptian Underworld, or further chaos? Lets find out
    Blood of Dragons is set in the low-magic, medieval-inspired fantasy world of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire (also the basis for the HBO show Game of Thrones). Knowledge of the books is not required for players with some MU*ing experience, though it is definitely helpful.

    The game takes place around 140 years prior to the start of the first book, A Game of Thrones, allowing players to explore a less defined period in the history of Westeros while still experiencing how past events in the books may have played out. The roleplay is focused on the political and social interactions at the courts in King's Landing and Sunspear, with players taking up characters from various noble households. Players have a choice between CGing a character themselves or taking up previously played, fully pre-generated role. Choose the latter option and you can often be ready to roleplay within minutes.

    Blood of Dragons is focused on offering good-quality roleplay in a rich, immersive setting with a strong sense of history and continuity and we strive to be approachable and helpful. If you find yourself interested in the game, the following links may provide some good starting points:

    There is also a log archive, a chronicle of important IC events, the family trees for the various houses and much more to be found on the website, and of course the Admin (Nymeria & Balerion) are also happy to help out with any questions.
The year is 2659. War between the Terran Confederation and the felinoid aliens known as the Kilrathi has raged for twenty years, with no end in sight. Seeking to break the stalemate, the Kilrathi have launched a surprise offensive through the edge of Terran-controlled space in Gemini Sector. A tenacious counteroffensive has pushed back the first wave of the Kilrathi assault, but with a massive Kilrathi force in front and a morass of corruption behind, it may only be a matter of time until the Terran lines break

Based on the 'Wing Commander' series of games, Wing Commander: Gemini Sector offers space opera fun in a bureaucracy-light atmosphere. The game is set aboard a single Terran Confederation carrier, the TCS Majestic, so roleplay is never far away. At times, events will open up that allow the player to roleplay elsewhere in the universe such as planets, resorts, installations, and other ships. Knowledge of the series is not required.

Chargen is quick and alts are allowed. You can create a character who is a pilot, a technician, a marine, or a naval officer/enlisted man. Combat is coded and easy to use. Player death does not occur without consent. Main plot is staff driven, but there are plenty of opportunities for player-based events. Most social events are player-driven. Staff and other players are always willing to help new players get in. The rules are light, just be respectful to other players out of character and you are good. The player-base is very friendly and mature.

Overall, the guiding principle is 'We are all here to have fun'.
Chicago 1924

Here at ChicagoMUSH, we want to offer a refreshing alternative to fantasy-medieval, sci-fi, or nWoD mushes that are a dime a dozen on the net. Here, you get to play a relatively modern-era character, living in downtown Chicago in the mid-1920?s. This era is marked by the prevalence of organized crime and governmental corruption, made popular by the likes of Al Scarface Capone and Eliot Ness.

While you wont find either of these characters on ChicagoMUSH, we invite you to create your own fame as a gangster, shopkeeper, tycoon, or G-man. We have worked hard to create an authentic historical environment, building the mush to resemble downtown Chicago within the Loop.
Filgaia is dying. The deserts expand after the desolation caused by a five hundred year-old catastrophe. Demons made of steel and technology rise again, trying claim this world as their own. The secrets of the past stir, and those who lived them try to manipulate Filgaia's future to serve their own ends. It is a world filled with ruins from past ages, containing secrets to be found, and with those who would use those secrets to shake all existence. The world of Lunar, orbiting Filgaia, is still abundant and rich in life, but the Goddess protecting it has become withdrawn and cruel. Monsters have risen, and the Goddess' servants cannot stop them alone. Worse yet, the world trembles at the rise of a new Lord of Calamity.

Life on these worlds is precarious. The tides of war and dangers of the past threaten to shake the foundations of both. Kings, priests, and generals aren't prepared to handle these threats – or they further them, sometimes knowingly.

The ones who can best deal with these dangers are Drifters: men and women who wander the world in search of ruins, for fame and glory, knowledge and wealth, answers and power. Their goals are their own, as are their reasons. Not all Drifters are heroes, though, and some only want the past's secrets for their own sake. Cut off from society, living day-to-day in Filgaia's badlands and Lunar's countryside, these adventurers may be the least likely to save the world that they walked away from.

They are, however, the people's best and last hope. This is their story.

Dream Chasers MUSH is a Japanese console RPG-themed game of adventure, dungeon-crawling, and secrets just waiting to be found. And if you ride far and fast enough to the west, the sun will never set on you.