Established in 1996, Aardwolf has grown to be a highly popular MUD with
hundreds of players online at a time. Aardwolf is more than a game -
it's a community. Many players have been around for years, not only due
to the "family" atmosphere, but because Aardwolf has a dedicated team of
administrators and an amazing leader who is constantly bringing new
features to the MUD. In addition, it offers over thirty player-run clans,
focusing on everything from art and poetry, to player-killing, to
assisting newbies. Aardwolf is extremely newbie-friendly, with a special
starting area designed to introduce players to the basic commands and
features, a channel dedicated completely to new players, and a team of
player "Helpers" to answer questions.

Aardwolf features a real time line-of-sight overhead map, a detailed
class system (with specializations in each guild), hundreds of areas
to explore and an extensive Lua-based scripting system which allows
player-builders to create unique challenges. Players can focus on
different stats depending on playing style - for combat, enchanting, clan
defense, PK, or even exploration. Players can earn quest and trivia
points, and exchange them for special items - the points can be obtained
through automated quests and campaigns, competitive global quests, area
puzzles, or even Immortal-run trivia games. Hundreds of optional
story-line puzzles exist within the world, with prizes ranging from
special items to gold to raw experience points. For those who need blood,
Aardwolf has wars, private duels, and free-for-all rooms. Aardwolf also
has dozens of channels available, where players can engage in game-related
or completely random topics. Aardwolf's numerous features are really too
many to fully list here - in addition to the above, the Aardwolf community
has poker, lasertag arenas, blackjack tables, florists, and much more.
Rage of Vengeance is a PK mud, based upon the eternal struggle of Good vs Evil which have their own homelands, located on opposite sides of the map. Players are encouraged to get some levels and go out to seek the enemy. Some Features available on RoV include Our own code base Ragemud (99% modified SMAUG); Chores, Quests and Bounties available for when the pk-action is low; Very easy levelling for the first 35 levels and an Annual Playerwipe (Cycle) to give newer players a chance to start even and for experienced players to try something else. The Fifth wipe just started October 2008.
Reinos de Leyenda es un MUD completamente en español basado en el mundo de Eirea, un mundo totalmente original, con influencias de sagas como Dragonlance, Reinos Olvidados o el Señor de los Anillos, con una geografía e historia muy desarrollada.
Disfruta este juego en línea, con las clásicas características de los MUD, en un entorno muy social, y con muchas más opciones, un mundo que cambia automáticamente gracias a las acciones de los jugadores. Gobierna una ciudad, un reino y dirige el destino de los habitantes de Eirea… dirige un ejército, o una iglesia… si lo prefieres, se un simple herrero y forja tus propias armas… o si eres de los que ignoran a la sociedad, se un aventurero vagabundo y explora Eirea desvelando sus innumerables misterios!
Temporal Rifts offers 300 hundred mortal levels as well as a
multiclass system. New ideas and tweaks to existing elements are
implemented frequently.

Temporal Rift allows NPK/PK/PK loot by player choice. Frequent
immortal-run quests are also offered. An automated quest system
is also available, creating the opportunity to save points for
some of the best equipment in the game. Tokens can be traded
with other players using a coded trade system.

If you are looking for a great social atmosphere with a friendly
environment, interesting conversation, diverse game play, RP and
just a fun place to mud, give us a try.

-Expanded race/class options
-Corpseless "death" system
-Fun (some would say addictive) gambling options
-Player home purchase system
-Automated quest areas
-Tradeskills that allow players to create customized equipment
-Many other fun and unique features that keep even our level
300 players coming back
30 starting races, 10 unique remort lines, 15 total remorts
10 classes
pkill allowed
roleplay encouraged
player-created clans
active player-builders
multiplay: not allowed (except builders)
10,000+ rooms
good community
ASM; Miami by Night is a heavily immersive role-play game set in a modern World of Darkness theme in Miami, Florida. We feature Vampire; the Masquerade, Hunter; the Reckoning and Werewolf; the Apocalypse in as close to a true-to-life tabletop gaming environment as we can manage. We have no mobs to kill, no quests to run, and absolutely no socials of any kind.

Miami by Night calls for great effort in role-play – to prevent any surprises for new players, an average pose (pose is our version of the emote command) is generally a four to six sentence paragraph. Some do a little more, some do a little less. Quantity is never as appreciated as quality, however – we don't ask for perfection, just effort.

We feature the more comfortable MUD-style commands with the role-play niceties of a MUSH, and have frequent code revisions and changes to smooth any bumps in the system. Combat is run almost solely by players, though there is a full Staff in place to mediate where requested.

Come give us a try – we'd be glad to help you get to know the game.
Welcome to an online world like none you've experienced.

Bad Trip is wild, irreverent and most of all fun. If you're looking for a new mud, now is the time to try Bad Trip.

We have an active IMM and IMP staff with new development in the works.

Some of the things we have going for us are:

*An active staff who constantly strive to improve the game

*A unique token system for improving your character and
gear (New tokens on the way!)

*Friendly players who are glad to assist you and answer

*Imm-run quests awarding prizes and equipment several times
a week.

* A permanent quest schedule, where you are guaranteed 1-2
quests a day if you're on at the right time!

*An automated quest system that allows you in time to earn
amazing equipment, and many other prizes.

*So many unique things, you'll wonder why everyone doesn't
play this mud.

*We make sure the game is a tard-free
environment. :)
In the beginning there was darkness…

And then, with a booming clap of Thunder, a majestic city was born.
The city, named Prophecy by oracles from a distant land because of the
vision they witnessed upon its creation, would grow to be the crown
jewel of the region. But in its youth, Prophecy was ruled by Chaos,
Lust, and Fury.
The inhabitants of Prophecy were as varied as the stars in the
night sky. Men and women from every race, creed, and class, flocked to
the city in an attempt to fulfill the Prophecy. The Prophecy states
that one day, a mortal would arrive within the gates of the city and
after drawing incredible power from the land, ascent to godlike
status. The Prophecy states that the mortal, in their new infinite
wisdom, would rule along side the deities of the land and prosperity
would reign over the realm. But then darkness would consume the mortal
and they would rage a bloody war against the pantheon of the realm.
The Prophecy states that only after a long and bloody war would the
chosen one rise above the deities ruling the land and thus fulfill
the Prophecy.
Some choose the path of the murderer, hunting others and consuming
their life essence. Others decided to gain their glory through hunting
and slaying the many creatures that inhabit the furthest corners of
Prophecy. Over the years, much blood has been spilled as thousands of
worthy adventurers have inhabited Prophecy attempting to seize the
power that lies beneath her surface. Some historians claim the oracles
were mistaken and that the Prophecy is merely a hoax designed to fill
the city of Prophecy. But, my friends, I was there when they fled from
the city in madness because the power had eluded them. I, myself,
could taste the power on many occasions. But time has taken its toll
on me and I must abandon my quest to fulfill the Prophecy.
Do you have what it takes to fulfill the Prophecy?
Are you the chosen one?
There is only one way to find out.

The Prophecy awaits…
DragonLance Based Mud - Heavily modified. Hiring Builders, Coders, and Administration. Please email owner for more information and benefits of being an immortal!
Masashi Kishimoto created the manga and anime Naruto, based on a young ninja called Naruto who had a 9-tailed demon fox trapped inside him. World of Naruto brings that world to life, so that you can be a part of that world.

You join one of 5 main villages or 3 lesser villages and one of over 50 total clans with a choice of 4 specialties (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu and Ninja Arts). You begin being trained by Kakashi and Gai, then go through the Ninja Academy where Kurenai, Anko and Asuma guide you on your way, before you meet Iruka on the way out and can be healed by Shizune, before graduating from the Ninja Academy and embarking out onto the world, using your own jutsus. At level 10 you can do the Genin Exams, doing jutsus in front of an examiner until you can do them perfectly, answering questions about the Naruto series, before the tricky bells test. Also at level 10 you can choose from 4 blood summons, Tsunade's healing slugs, Orochimaru's serpents, Kakashi's hounds or Jiraiya's toads, who you can then summon at will to do your bidding, with a variety of their own skills. At level 20 you can attempt our Chuunin Exams, where you try to work through the Forest of Death to find a Heaven and Hell scroll to enter the Temple. At level 50 you can attempt our Tokubetsu Jounin Exams, where you must defeat 3 illusory NPC's - Itachi, Madara and Hashirama, each with their own unique attacking styles. At level 100 you can attempt the Jounin Exams, where you must kill Pein himself, traversing through Pein's Dimension, through mazes, portals, and trickery everywhere, to get there. Finally, at level 201, you can try to kill True Pain for the immortality jutsu, find yourself an appropriate body, and start all over again.

We offer 7 guilds, all genuine guilds within Naruto, optional player killing, missing nins, leadership positions, player-run missions, channels and anki points for every village, clan and guild, and for many other uses, 2 types of auto missions plus several other types, and much, much more.

We are still less than 1/5th of the way towards creating our vision, but even now we have a steady player base, up to 10-15 players on at once at peak hours, and are comfortably the most popular and best Naruto-themed MUD in the world, getting bigger, better, and more popular every day.

Come join us, and remember to obey our rule number 1: Have fun!
If you are tired of each 'new' MUD being the same as all the others, Geas is the mud for you. Geas is unique, not a standard mudlib. There are NO stock areas, no levels, no classes. There are no 'global shouts.'

Geas features a 100% original world with a rich, detailed background. Races are truly different, in stats and appearances, in their history, traditions, and the reactions of other people. Geas boasts a fully formed pantheon of gods, each with their own aspects, powers, and relationships.

In many MUDs, advancement is limited solely to monster killing. Not so in Geas, which features a realistic learning-by-doing skill system. Players improve the stats and skills they use - no fighting trolls to improve int. A player can focus on the fighting skills of a warrior, the sneakiness of a thief, or the craftsmanship of a master smith. Four kinds of guilds are available: professional, layman, race, and craft, and a player may join one of each type - or choose to go it alone.

When it comes to fighting, Geas offers a realistic combat system, involving much more than just sitting back and watching hits scroll by. Players take an active part in fighting through a variety of specials. Armours are layered and crafted to protect specific body parts, while weapons have different capabilities, depending on weapon and armour type. Oftentimes in combat, strategy is the difference between life and death.

The world of Geas has been more than three years in the making before being offered to the general public, and it is anything but static. It is growing and changing through a staff of active and knowledgeable wizards, with help and ideas gladly accepted from players as well. To learn more, come in and try it out for yourself. A whole world is waiting for you.
Multi-Play: No
Player-Kill: Restricted
Extended Race Selection
Extended Class Selection
Equipment Saved
Ansi Color
Quests Available
Character Approval Unnecessary
Roleplaying Is Encouraged
Newbie friendly
Skill & Level-Based Training System
Skill & Level-Based Equipment System
Currently Hiring Builders
Currently Hiring Coders
Clans Offered
Detailed Character Creation
World is mostly original
Large World (8,000+ rooms)
Mud is fully operational

One of the oldest MUDs around - founded 1991 - Mystic prides itself on being extremely newbie-friendly.

Our players and immortals are great people, and the community is one of the best things about Mystic.
Many, but not all, of our realms are fantasy-themed.

Players can found their own clans, and are also involved as class guildmasters. Each class has a unique set of skills or spells, and we periodically add more. There are huge areas to explore, and you'll never lack for challenges.

We allow registered player killing only. If you like it, have at it! If you don't, you're entirely safe. Not a PK fan, but want to beat on your buddies anyway? There's an arena where you can do battle at no loss of XP. We have MUD-wide team wars as well, where everyone fights and no one loses anything.

Come join an extremely newbie-friendly MUD and find adventure, friendship and mystery. Check us out today!
Uncountable years in the future, citizens of the Galactic Human Empire set out on a mission to glorify their Empress Titania by expanding her domain out into the vast realms of uncharted space. Many ships departed in all directions; some were lost to accidents, some passed beyond knowledge or memory, and some succeeded at their goal.
One of these ships found the world of Voltumnus, beautiful yet harsh, populated with exotic and deadly beasts who wielded powers over their surroundings that science could not explain. Their every moment a struggle for survival, the beleaguered colonists dedicated their lives to ekeing out an existence on their new homeworld. Yet as they exerted their influence upon the land, so it too exerted its influence upon them. Humans began to be born with the same powers as the native beasts, powers that could be called nothing but magic. Commanding the elements or even life itself, these 'Celestians' all felt an ineffable connection to Pomona, Voltumnus's glowing moon.
Seven hundred years later, the colonists survive in the divided city of Titania. Technology and magic cannot coexist, the powers of one interfering with the powers of the other. The Galactic Empire now only a distant memory, the people desperately vie for as much influence as they can grasp without upsetting the delicate balance of power that keeps them alive. Technological experts rule in the east half of the city, known as Stocklin; the Celestians dominate the west, known as Petakova.
An uneasy peace has settled over Titania, but the tensions between the Stocklin and Petakova ways of life cannot be forgotten. For fifteen years, the beasts have not attacked, and the youngest citizens of the city cannot even remember their terror- but the oldest have not forgotten. Both Stocklin and Petakova are ruled by unlikely leaders, and political tensions have soared to monumental heights without an external enemy to unite the people.
Titania's destiny is waiting to be decided - by you. Be a Petakovan Celestian, commanding magical forces to do your bidding; a Stocklin scientist possessed of fierce creativity, designing new technology to lift your people to greater heights; a member of Voltumnus' Lovers, elite scouting and reconnaissance personnel who dare the wilderness's dangers; a career politician of Stocklin or Petakova, dedicating your life to the pursuit of power.
All these roles and more are open for players of Elan Vital, a unique blend of fantasy and sci-fi entering open beta now. EV has been developed by a team of staffers with experience on multiple games, all working in tandem to create a world where anything and everything can happen- and the players are the ones who decide the course of the action.
For further information, check out our wiki at The game is accessible at port 1790.
We look forward to seeing you there!
ConQUEST boasts an interactive, interesting, detailed world. On your path for ConQUEST, you will make many friends and even more enemies, both other players and NPCs, which will later come back to pose interesting possibilities and problems for you. Right now ConQUEST features its main city, Moonhaven, where adventurers can explore and interact with residents. In the coming months, work will begin on “outland”, where players can make their own mark on the world. Set up a trading post, build your own city, raid caravans, or delve dungeons — it’s all planned! Currently, ConQUEST offers:

* interactive combat system; emphasis on planning and coordination
* challenging fights; each NPC has their own AI, optimized to their skills
* classless advancement; pick and choose from over 300 unique skills!
* interactive NPCs; learn about the game by talking to NPCs and doing quests

ConQUEST is currently in playtest mode. Feel free to drop by and see what the world has to offer. Feedback is graciously welcomed; suggestions will be evaluated for incorporation into future iterations of the mud.
Based on the Dark Horse comic series' by the same name created by Ricardo Delgado, AoR enables a player to portray a Deinonychus character in the prehistoric world of Pangaea!
Hi All,
I run Eye of the Cyclops, a rom mud. It has Sorcerer, Bishop, Ninja, Samurai, Templar, Avenger, Lich, Shaman, Druid, and Assassin classes. There are 206 Mortal Levels, Custom Coded Multiclassing, leveling and customizable weapons, Blacksmithing, Fighting Stances and 40 races. Multiplaying is allowed. I work on the mud every day. Im looking to build a pbase, stop by if this sounds good to you.

Dark Hope MUD is a player's paradise. Our #1 goal is to create an atmosphere of fun. No pfile wipes or eq wimping here. Come join us today and immerse yourself in our feature-rich game that will pull you into a world of fantasy and adventure. Whether you're a new mudder or someone who's been playing for years Dark Hope is the right mud for you! We offer a host of features that you just won't find on any other mud. These features include:

Over 200 mortal levels
A helpful immstaff
A large realm spread out over a vast area with many original areas and quests
A battle system to test your friends in combat for prizes.
Exclusive classes and skills
Special player-customizable objects known as artifacts that are rare and powerful
Player companion mobs known as mascots that can gain levels and learn skills
Player owned and operated clans, complete with clan hall, shops, healers, and more
And so much more!

Come by Dark Hope MUD and meet your new addiction today!
Cruentus Apocalypsis is a post-apocalypstic World of Darkness implementation. Currently, the MUD is in transition from a globally-based, logged RP-chat form of RP to a more involved and room based form of RP. The logs are freely available both within the game world and from our website.

[We are undergoing renovations. We recently switched to a new C++ base (]

Create a vampire, a stalker of the night that has to feed from the blood of the living to persist day to day, teetering on the loss of their humanity. Become the werewolf, the Earth Spirit's guardian and protector, thrust into a world of wildlife encroachment and potent waste being dumped on the Earth Mother. Climb from the Abyss as one of the third of angels that were cast out of Heaven as a result of The Morning Star's question of authority. And we're just starting with the possibilities…
Formerly known as Asgardian Nightmare,
Distorted Illusions offers a wide variety of
activites. Including a random obj generator
like diablo II, an automated stock market
system automated questing, a focus
system for players who reach max level, and
many immortal run quests. There are currently
also more things being coded for players who
have reached max level to do.
The players are always willing to help out new
commers, we have a clan designed for just that
purpose, and the interface is very user friendly,
with help files on everything under the sun. Our
Immortals are almost always on if you have a
problem, and are always happy to help out players.
All major decisions on code and policy change are
taken before our IMP council for voting, this
we have a sort of democracy after we ask the mortals
what they want. This way no one person makes all
or any of the decisions for the entire mud. We
take any and all input from players and encourage
it very much, as we are fast in imping new ideas
skills, spells, and what not. Please stop by, I
promise you won't be dissapointed.
Welcome, weary traveler, to Aabrahan. Meaning 'Cursed' in an
ancient, long-forgotten tongue, the land known as Aabahran is a
realm of conflict. For eons the forces of good and evil have waged
their war upon its soil. Are you a valiant KNIGHT, or perhaps a
demonic minion of NEXUS? A mage of SAVANT, or a battle-hardened
WARMASTER? Are you a prestigious NOBLE who one day aspires
to be a ROYAL of your city, or perhaps a vampiric assassin of
SYNDICATE out fulfilling a contract against a vigilant lawman of TRIBUNAL.

With seasoned Implementor Malchaeius leading a team of dedicated
staff members, the game is in a phase of forward progress. All
of the eight cabals are self-sufficient, and provide for enhanced
gameplay. RISK-like army combat now makes each and every one of
FL’s original areas available for conquest. Diplomacy and
trade between the cabals rests in the arms of it’s members
through the innovative voting system. Vendettas between cabals
offer an exhilarating cabal warfare experience through our advanced
player against player combat system. Above all this, you have the
opportunity to apply to play any race you can think of. A Dragon?
An imp? A shade? On FL, the only limit is that of your own
imagination. If there is something you want that is not here,
chances are that it is in development.

FL has one of the most intricate and creative combat systems,
with a practically custom codebase. Originally forged in the hands
of our Implementor-emeritus Virigoth, the Forsaken Lands codebase
allows for the most immersive and enjoyable gaming experiences to date.
On top of all that, the code is still being developed and improved to
make an even better environment for its players.

New to the concept of MUDs? No problem. In addition, FL boasts one
of the most newbie-friendly systems available. With immortals
from locations spanning the globe, there is seldom a moment where
one is not available and eager to answer any of your questions.