Dragon Swords Mud has been enslaving players since 1995. We have lots of stuff to do. There's hundreds of areas, thousands of levels, limited arena pkill, questing, mining, sieges and more. Come check us out.

Dragon Sword has 12 races:

14 Player Classes:

At level 100 a player can choose a second class and gain skills from that class. At 200 they can pick a triple class and gain even more skills and spells. There are also study skills which are high level and special only to the primary class. Once a player gets to 400 they have the option to remort and be born with strengths their character did not originally have. Each time a player remorts they choose a remort skill and gain more base character bonuses. There is also an alternative leveling method called tier leveling. This can only happen with a player is at level 400. They can gain tier levels to purchase special perks such as player restores, immblessings and double exp for a time.

When a player isnt leveling they can be part of a clan, do quests, mine for gems and join sieges. We have global quests which award quest points which can be spent on character enhancements. Dwarves can mine for gems which can be embedded into weapons and armor for eq bonuses. Player and immortal run arena battles happen often so people can battle pkill. Same with sieges. Dragons come down and invade the town of Midgaard and players join the siege to fend off the dragons and win a blessing for the entire mud as well as quest points.

Dragon Swords has been around for a long time and been through a lot. It has changed hands many times and had many contributors. Even so we've managed to survive and keep moving forward in an age of 3D massively multiplayer games. We still have players and staff who are on everyday. Some of who have played for over 10 years. There are players from all over the world and of all ages. There are more men than women as in most gaming communities. Women, we need you! But even with the limited female pop we've had quite a few marriages and relationships come out of Dragon Swords over the years. Its got history.

So hurry up and join us. Get addicted and play everyday!
Wintershade MUCK is a furry MUCK with a heavy focus on realistic roleplaying. It is set in a fictional medieval world.


Once upon a time, there was a caring monarch amongst the ruling class who had the best interests of the people in his kingdom at heart.

These are not those times.

Nearly a decade ago, many members of the noble houses had grown tired of their king's interference in how they ran their estates. Though he did not require from them the exorbitant taxes of his forefathers, King Aidan responded promptly to pleas from the peasant classes based on their inability to pay the taxes their own lord required. While this made him very popular among the lower classes, it also made him some very strong enemies.

It did not surprise anyone when Aidan was assassinated, but the results could not have surprised more people. The assassin and the nobles alike were surprised when the loyalty of the guards extended past the time when they no longer had an employer to put food on their tables. While many of the guards and soldiers did abandon the royal estate to be snatched up by the next highest bidder, many stayed to defend the remnants of the royal family.

During the months of warfare that followed, tension grew between the noble families that had orchestrated the initial attack. By the time the last remaining members and staff of the royal house had been killed or driven into hiding, there could be no hope of reconciliation between the members of the houses, and therefore no peace. What had only a year previous been a relatively content and prosperous land became ravaged by civil war. When noble houses vying for the top position within the kingdom stretched their fighters too thin, farmers and cobblers eager to not have their families singled out for the next attack were conscripted into the fighting force, resulting in shortages of all goods, and even now, many years later, there is no end in sight.
KinslayerMUD is a free roleplaying game based on The Wheel of Time series written by Robert Jordan. Open since late 2002, KinslayerMUD offers dedicated Wheel of Time fans a place to interact with Jordan's world directly. The game currently has multiple races and classes, including the notorious blood-thirsty Trollocs. Multiple clans allow players to take on a deeply involved role in the world by gaining ranks, completing, roleplaying, and PK(playerkill) campaigns.
M*U*S*H is an eclectic community of artists, experimenters, learners,
and teachers. Here, players can create things that will move others
intellectually or emotionally, explore uncharted territories in
interactive text-based environments, and freely share knowledge and
skills in a constructive and friendly setting.

M*U*S*H is also the development, demonstration, and test site for
the current development version of PennMUSH.
Back in the eighties, in Japan lived a now very famous man.
His name being Akira Toriyama. Toriyama San created some of
the most beloved and well recognized characters between East
and West. With the restart of the franchise in America,
there developed a simple Smaug game, and that is Dragonball
Saga. That was in 2000. Now, nine years later, the codebase
branched off and created many clones. Some private, some
public, all with their own little worlds. So, you ask, what
does this have to do with this game? This I would say, is
that despite the years, criticism, and power struggles, it
lives on and The Revolt is here.

The Revolt was created to bring forth the ideas of old and
new, and to form a community of players who would love to
play that game of yesteryear but with new skills, races, and
a constant flow of ideas. The skill system, not seen very
often in many clones, was developed by experienced coders and
to this day is still being built upon by the people who were
there since Day One. This skill tree allows for a free motion
of techniques for when you begin. Adding much flavor to the
game for veterans. The race system built upon Dragonball
characters though relying heavily on the material of the show.
It also strives to build your own unique concept of your
character and with a bit of imagination, your own world. The
races themselves range from the brutish and snide Saiyan, the
maniacal and power hungry Icer, to the hellish pits of
the Deadzone to bring the Demons and watchers of the
universe, the kind-hearted and enigmatic Kaios. As for
the community, we strive to bring an entertaining and no
nonsense attitude, but listening all the while.
Orta Dunya Mud is an Anatolia3.0 based mud. It supports turkish and english command languages and interface language is turkish. The work is ongoing since 2004. The translation of areas are still ongoing and the %80 of the entire world is completely turkish. 104 areas for now..

PK(limited) and Rol Play is encouraged. It's a nostalgic mud for new mudders and good start for new comers..

Orta Dunya Immortals
Rated #1 non-commercial MUD in the world by Total PC Gaming magazine. Discworld combines the richness of Pratchett's novels with a deeply detailed game world. Under constant development since 1992 - like a fine wine, we've only gotten better with age.
Liosliath Mush Overview
A world where everyone's story matters, where everyone can contribute as hero or villain and where everyone can weave their stories into the fabric of Liosliath. The theme is crafted and presented so players can find inspiration and opportunities for meaningful character development. Our aim is to be flexible enough, within the bounds of theme, to allow adult players to find their own place in cooperative, mature role play.

Liosliath is a nation of clans ruled by a Thane. The country is just emerging from war and will need to rebuilt. The nobles need to find and put into position people they can trust. The various guilds and groups which were disbanded during the war to be revived. Characters will be part of a Clan and a profession. They will all be a part of Liosliath's rebuilding. What holds for the future? Only time and your role play can answer that.

Politics, intrigue, mystery, conflict, and even the clever shopkeeper's wiles are all a part of this world. The printing press has yet to be invented and the majority of population is illiterate. Travel is by foot, horse and wagon. Weapons are early medieval: swords, daggers, hard leather armor, and chain mail. A modified feudal system of nobles and commoners organized into clans forms the basic political and social structure.

Liosliath Mush Features
* A chargen to include FUDGE RPG System - FUDGE is a sheet / skills system that has been designed specifically to support RP. We have a number of skills to enable you to uniquely personalize your character. Liosliath Mush is foremost a Role Play Mush, the FUDGE system is here to enhance your Role Playing experiences as you wish to use it.
* XP (Experience points) can be gained through RP (+vote), training, practice and even just by being part of Liosliath. These XP points are used to increase or add skills.
* Interactive NPC's
* Code-Lite - Code supporting Role Play while not limiting your storytelling creativity.
* Players may select characters from +Roster, +Wanted or create their own.

Sound interesting? Grab some friends and come check us out at:
Liosliath.mushpark.com 3499
Exodus is much more than a standard MUD environment. It is the
culmination of over thirteen years of active progress and growth.

Exodus has something for everyone. Environments interact with you as
you journey through colorful lands, having the look and feel of a
well-written fantasy novel.

Exodus has a variety of races you may choose from, including some you
already know, such as Dwarves, Elves, and Humans, and many others you
may not have ever heard of, such as Vro'ath and Litan. Additionally,
Exodus has a quest-based remort system, allowing players to join even
more races later on in the game. Many of these races possess unique
skills and abilities that others races may not use, further
differentiating them.

During the course of a player's 90 levels, he or she will have the
option of switching classes twice, allowing multiclass combinations,
but also rewarding pure-class specialists with the most powerful
skills and magic. If you decide you don't like the profession your
character has studied, you can reincarnate at any time and keep the
majority of the experience you have earned up to that point. Through
hard work and familiarity with the realms around you, you might even
transcend the limits of mortal advancement and become a mighty hero,
having the power to grant quests.

Are you an explorer? Immerse yourself in a truly gigantic world,
consisting entirely of custom areas totaling well over 15,000 rooms.
Forget Midgaard and any stock areas you have seen before. You won't
find them on Exodus. Two richly-detailed continents lie within a
great ocean spotted with islands both large and small to constantly
challenge and reward the adventurous explorer.

Are you an adventurer? Exodus is large enough to let you go off and
seek your fortune alone, or with the safety and benefit of a group.
Pets and henchmen are available for a price to help you in your
travels. Dozens of automated quests throughout the realms allow
players to take part in the storylines of the game's areas. You can
hack and slash to your heart's delight, but if you'd rather help one
of Thesden's lords find his stolen medallion, you may follow a series
of clues and come to a conclusion that will reward you for your time
and effort. Exodus has an object trigger system, which lets weapons,
armor, and even mundane items perform actions on their own, as though
brought to life with magic.

Are you a craftsman? Many of the classes in Exodus have the ability
to create and combine items to form even more powerful tools. Thieves
get an invention skill allowing them to combine items together to
make other items. Rangers are skilled woodsmen, crafting their own
arrows from natural materials, and necromancers form weapons and
armor of bone and flesh. Warriors may hone their weapons upon the
grinding stone, while mages may enchant their weapons and armor for
magical benefit.

Are you a hunter? Exodus has a PK-based clan system and a variety of
clans you may join. Who knows, if you have a good concept and can
rally others behind it, you may form your own clan. A clan war system
allows enemy clans to settle their differences on the field of
battle. Clans even have their own unique and powerful equipment,
designed to give them an edge in clan combat. There's a bounty system
to put a reward out for the death of those you cannot kill yourself.
If you'd prefer friendly combat, there are two arenas in which you
may battle against your fellow players in a controlled environment.
We also have a regular PK free-for-all called Battle Royale, which
turns the whole game into a scored bloodbath with a declared winner
at the end. An in-depth kill count system tracks your various wins
and losses in combat.

Are you just looking for fun? Exodus offers a variety of options for
role-play as well as OOC chatting. A number of mini-games, such as
trophy fishing in the ocean, a full-featured roulette room on a
gambling boat, and a soccer-type game can be played as well for no
purpose other than to have a good time.

There is so much to offer and it gets better all the time. We have an
active immortal and coding staff and a constantly evolving and
growing player base. Come give Exodus a try. We think that once you
step into our world, you'll want to stay.
Unique codebase derived from MUSE, intensive and informative combat system.
Instant char creation.
Unique variable quests and many side quests.
Extensive race selection and several guilds with more to come.
Extras features like Mining and Fishing.

Come to DustMARE and live the adventure.

Our Address is : loohosting.com Port : 5000

Mudders Delight offers a variety of balanced classes.
We recently added a shinigami and quincy class based
on the popular anime "Bleach". In addition to rune eq,
we offer chaos and senesce eq which far surpasses class eq.
PK is encourage, however there is a fightarena for friendly sparring.
Each class has its own class recall, giving each class an
added bonus for residing in its "home".
Mudders Delight was founded in 2002,
but I recently decided to resurrect it from the dead.
For more information check out http://muddersdelight.co.cc
Pokemon Adventures is a roleplay focused Pokemon MUSH centered around the canon 'verse of the series. Membership is open to both trainers and pokeplayers alike and with the game currently in a playtest mode, we are open to characters of all kinds and encourage people to join, get involved, invite their friends, and help build [PAM] up and help write our storyline through roleplaying. :)

To keep things from ending up confusing, the grid is limited to a subset of Kanto from Pallet up to Cerulian with a limit of pokemon to Kanto and Johto era species for both trainers and pokeplayers. As activity improves, these will be fleshed out to accomodate.

Additional newbie liaisons will be a must in the coming weeks/months as we transition out of playtest mode and plot suggestions are welcome from all sides and avenues for such will be provided in-game.

Check us out:
MUSH: pokemonadventures.game-host.org:4202
Come join an Empire or start your own!

After 13 years of EmpireMUD 1.0 and 2 years of alpha development, original EmpireMUD creator Paul Clarke has released the beta version of EmpireMUD 2.0. Come check us out and experience the thrill of a MUD unlike any other.

EmpireMUD did a full world and player wipe on May 2, 2015 to start the beta phase, with no plans for another wipe. It's not too late – get in on the ground floor! Check our website to see the world map, and for a link to the GitHub project where you can get your own copy of EmpireMUD's codebase.

EmpireMUD's emphasis is on politics, trade, building, and resource management rather than combat. Players join existing empires or found their own and wage war (or peace) as they see fit.

* Huge 1800x1000 user-modifiable world
* Your class is based on which skills you focus on
* Over 220 unique abilities to choose from
* ASCII map navigation
* Screen-reader mode allows easy map navigation for the visually impaired
* Unique building & crafting system
* Delve into instanced adventure zones

Visit the homepage for help or use the INFO command.
JOIN AN EMPIRE to get started – or found your own!

Now on Facebook! Like the fan page and join the discussion group!
Enter the world of Trigun, we are currently hiring immortals to help us along with our process. The mud is based on the popular anime Trigun and takes place in it's world prior to all of the events in the show, so things can still be played out. We boast an orriginal battle system based on combo points ect. heavy pk, allowed multiplaying and other features that are to numurous to list! We are also NOW OPEN FOR BETA! So feel free to stop by and say hello!
Dbnu:hb is a Dragonball z mud that undergoing changes
daily as we break away from the Saga Clone-age and
work towards being a more Unique Dragonball MUD.

We offer a newbie friendly environment. We encourage
roleplaying, but do not enforce it. We have many
unique systems that allow players to expand in may
different directions. Whether it be Roleplaying, Player
Killing, or just playing the game.

We offer a working clan system, a unique reincarnate
system, A Race Rank system, Automatic questing, as
well as a wide range of areas and races. The mud is
always being worked on, by our friendly immortal staff.

Players are willing to help newbies along whenever
asked. Immortals are very hands on when it comes
to the players, because we believe that the mud
is yours just as much as ours.

Currently hiring RP Immortals, and builders. Any one
interested should apply on the forums and be ready
for a test on your job abilities.
A roleplay and adventure mud in the DnD Forgotten Realms theme. An original world with a vast range of races, classes, skills, equipment and customization all at your fingertips. Join and tell us your story!
Realm of Shadows was founded in 7-2001 and made its online debut in
2 Feb 2002. Since its arrival to the online scene it has grown and
evolved into a unique game play experience set within a world of
magic and monsters. What you become is up to you, some people are
deadly assassins that do nothing other than wait for unsuspecting
victims and then strike. Perhaps you could become a merchant, you
would search the realm for unique and powerful items that are
randomly generated and then trade or make a profit off them.
Some players will become brave mortals who will take on any quest
the quest master will give them, and perhaps even some of them
will ascend into immortality! The possibilities are endless.
Explore thousands of rooms hacking and slashing your way through
various creatures to climb to the top of the food chain.
Thousands of random items can be found all over the game!
After being offline for nearly 5 years, Realm of Shadows has
returned to pick up where it left off. Join us today!

Realm of Shadows Features -
* Multiclassing (Dual and Triple Classes can be elected)
* God based follower system.
* 3 types of automated quests.
* Limited item code.
* Item storage.
* Random item system.
* Progressive experience levels.
* Classes with multiple tiers.
* 95% original areas.
* Newbie friendly.
– (Players are prompted upon creation, will have flag
until 10th level)
—- Corpses will pop next to player in death room.
—- Reduced damage in NPC combat.
—- Experience point bonuses.
* Stat training.
* Rerolling upon creation.
Looking for players, IMMs, and builders!

I have no player base right now, but am finally opening the MUD up to the public.

If you're looking to join the fun, telnet over to ella.genesismuds.com:3071
Ever wondered what a godwars would be like
without the intervention of immortals?
Well if thats what you want to see come
check us out.

There is only one rule in Valhanna
and that is NO Multiplaying!

The Immortal staff will have little
to no interaction with the mortals.
Basically we are just there to expand
the world and continue to add to the code.

The rules are set by the players and it
is up to the players to decide how to
enforce them…thats if they want to.
Neo Infinity will not be based just on Dragonball,
I like other Animes also and have yet to see a good
mud that uses multiple Animes, created on the Smaug
Codebase, so I decided to make one. The only other
one I know about was created by me almost three years
ago and was stolen. I started this mud back when I
was in Highschool like 6 years ago and never got to
do anything with it. The Highschool Computers wouldn't
allow me to do much back then.

Let me start over, I am opening a very newbie friendly
mud, I need a full staff pretty much, I am very picky
about who I hire, but I do want a staff that at least
knows what they are doing. I am willing to train anyone
who wants to learn to build. I am not hiring coders at
the moment. The entire mud is pretty much stock DBSaga
areas, but I am trying to add on to them. I want to keep
them as a Tribute to DBSaga.

I encourage Roleplaying because I enjoy watching the
crazy stuff some of the players come up with.

Currently I will be porting over a few new Races that I
have created on DBTFF before I had a mental block and
quit working there. Fierians, Hylians and Reploids.
Reploids, when they are installed, will not have much
based on Abilities, but I will be trying to redo them
so they play more like in the Megaman games. I am also
open to creating more new races based on players Ideas,
but that is an in mud issue once you have made yourself
at home.