Imagine a world of fantasy, where anything is possible, and where you can be the hero that stories will speak of for ages to come. Imagine a world of dreams where fantastic races and creatures are as common as people are seen here. In this world, you have the freedom to live and die as you see fit, if you wish to fight monsters you can, if you wish to fight other players you can, and if you wish to become a fisherman, carpenter, blacksmith or one of dozens of other craftsmen you can. The only limitation is your own imagination.

Realm of the Magi is a real-time, text-based, immersive, dark & magical fantasy game world running upon LPMud's LDmud 3.2.9 driver and RotM's V2.0 mudlib. Our world features fully interactive creatures and non-player characters, a driven skill and spellcasting dice-based combat system, an assortment of player-driven classes, the ability to experience 'dragon flight', a truely, interactive PvP and PvE combat action system, a unique quest & reputation system, and hundreds of 'emotion' feelings to express!
This is the development mud for the LPUniversity Mudlib. All our welcome to come learn, develop, research, and just hang out!
Since 1994, ZombieMUD has been on-line and bringing orc-butchering
fun to the masses from our home base in Oulu, Finland. We're a pretty
friendly bunch, with well over 100 players at any given time logging
in from all over the globe to test their skill in our medieval
role-playing environment.

Like freedom? With sixteen seperate guilds (classes), over fifty
sub-guilds, and thrice a dozen races to choose from, you can play
any sort of character you wish. Should you become tired of one
class, then have no fear, simply take a near painless reincarnation
and start your life with us anew without losing all your precious
experience gained in the past. Your choices are near endless, and
you can even play a character as odd as a mage-fighter if you desire.
In the end, we leave it up to you.

Love to collect? On ZombieMUD you are given the opportunity to build
and customize your own personal and permanant castle. Within its
stone walls you may hoard chest upon chest of goodies, gathered from
througout the realm. You may even amass your own standing army to
defend your castle from wiley intruders.

Want quests? We've got them. Well over 200 various quests and
specially designed 'Equipment mobs' stand ready to challenge your
skill in battle with more tricks than Houdini himself. Hate quests?
That's fine too, as while doing quests will lessen level costs,
they are absolutely not required for advancement within the game.

Enjoy interaction? On ZombieMUD we love to party. Fightin' and
Killin' being specialties of ours most enjoyed in mass. While
fighting solo is a staple of some player's diets, others enjoy the
thrill of the group hunt. During a party you team your skills with
the skills of other guilds to bring down foes of legendary size and
strength. Whether you're a soloer or one who loves to interact, you
will find your niche here.

Admire progress? ZombieMUD has been continuously growing and changing
for over a decade, and it shows. Our lands are vast and our treasures
varied. Our staff is active and attentive to the mud itself,
constantly adding new areas, or improving the old to be certain
that Zombie and its players always have something new to discover.

Dare to begin? Check out our webpages and read up on the information
listed there for new players. Join us at, and see for
yourself what all the fuss is really about.
Midnight Sun is a strictly medieval fantasy LPmud.
It is an easy place to get started, but also hides
a lot of complexity and challenges you may have to
face as you grow. Travel through our world by foot
or hitchhike yourself a ride on the back of a dragon.
Wander the realms to solve one of the 70+ quests to be
found (none of which is required).
Ask around to get enlisted for one of the guilds.
And last but not least hunt the world to grow as a
character and join the famous ranks of our lords and
Zaxteria is an open-ended MUD with an emphasis on Player-Versus-Player combat. Zaxteria offers a choice of four races (with more being added as the game progresses) divided into two warring factions. Each race has a unique starting location with a compelling storyline behind it. Other features include a reputation system which allows the player to forge alliances with NPC factions, and open-end classes which do not restrict a character to any paticular skills. It is possible to create powerful hybrid classes, such as an adept summoner who is also skilled with a blade; however there are systems in place that prevent God-like characters from forming.

Journey through exotic locations such as lush jungles, grassy plains, snowy mountains and much, much more. This is your world. Create history, forge alliances, make friends and destroy enemies.

Zaxteria is running off of the Skylib1.8 MUDlib under the codebase LPC. We are still in beta and are desperately seeking coders and builders, so please do not hesitate to apply by either connecting to the MUD and typing 'apply', or by contacting admin at - This e-mail has been down but it is once again working.

Thank you,
Enter a Huge world, where you can make a name for
yourself. Most equipment is made via players, and
enchanted via another player guild. Own pets,
start wars,earn a living, kill your neighbor.

If this gets your attention, come join us. Just
about anything is possible at Darkemud!

Come where Dreams are a reality, and Nightmares
might kill you.

To live is to Learn, to Die is to Graduate.
Lost Souls is a small, long-running LPMud with a unique gameplay experience that has pursued continuous technical innovation since its inception in 1990. The learning curve is steep, but the experience is deep and unique. Come by if you're ready for something new.
Haven is a highly detailed, extremely large world with
a very small playerbase. We need more players to grow!

Experience-point system complete with detailed combat
and non-combat skills, highly detailed magic system,
player-run economics and even player-ownable ships!

18 Player Races, 20+ Player Towns, 8 Religions
3 Continents!
4 Planes of existence!

Newbie-friendly but geared towards grown-ups, run by
grown-ups with multiple years of experience.
Are you seeking adventure and role-playing opportunities in
a high quality environment? Look no further!

Muddy Waters is a theme-based fantasy mud in the
swords-and-sorcery genre. We've been around for a few years.
The setting is medieval with an original, unique
history and mythos. When you play Muddy Waters, you'll be
part of a story, and you can add to it. Muddy Waters prides
itself on providing a fair and challenging experience in
an artistic and high quality setting. Most of all, it's fun.

Muddy Waters is based on a skill and stat system rather than
a level system, with a variety of guilds to choose from.
Characters can belong to different types of guilds. It runs
on a dedicated machine. Character creation is open, and we
have a guest account if you just want to look around.
Player killing is permitted, although not encouraged. Our
world has a day and a night. We are newbie friendly.
Use the links below to check us out, and we'll see you there!

In addition:

The history and legends of the mud are completely original.

The mud beginning is not overbearing, room descriptions are crisp and clear unlike the garbage of information that assaults you in the beginning of most muds.

It is an large mud, but not so large that it becomes unmanageable.One constantly discovers new things and is seldom intimidated or overwhelmed unless searching for it.

Although it is possible to hack n' slash to peer questing is highly suggested. Although there are easier quests that feature normal syntax-games and simple search and retrieve types the game contiues in depth towards quests created by the masters of CalTech that require travels across multiple continents and intense cogitation.

Intelligent, helpful players.

Completely free, volunteered coding.

Colorful rooms, oddly humorous NPC's and constant update by wizards.

So why? you ask, if Muddywaters is such a great mud, are we asking you to come play it?
Muddy waters was enjoying a user base of about 35+ users on average at one time but the younger generation was sucked up by the graphic boom of the 2000's period. We are also looking for more international players as it is fairly active active at peak times but can be depressingly empty at others.
The best time to meet other people is around 17:00 , 5 PM GMT-7( or US Pacific time with Daylight savings) although the world almost completely navigable alone.

It really is the most crisp, intelligent, and incredible mud out there. If you consider yourself up to a Roleplaying challenge with incredible quests and monsters of all sorts and sizes, Look no Further!
A world within a world–the planet Torlall. One that existed twice but was tied together by strands of energy. Brought forth were the Elements–Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit. They created many marvelous places and beings, but could not decide. So the Immortals stepped forth, to govern Magic and Science.

The "Dark Rifts" refers to what mortals believe is the nothingness. This nothingness spans between the two realms–Magic and Science. Without the Dark Rifts, Torlall would not be as it is today.

We feature 4+ cities, 9 professions/guilds, and over 65 unique areas. Professions such as PsiCorps and Martials Artists, amongst others, can be found in the realm of Science. Gracing the lands of
Magic are guilds such as the Chaos Wizards, Qanai-Katal, and Boch Larude. The wide variety of areas in each realm allows for continued progression of mortal characters. Dark Rifts also features clubs, which are social-centric groups, relating to various things. Examples of open clubs are SINISTER!, Legion, and Relic Seekers. While the clubs are mostly for fun, some do offer alternative ways of advancing your character.

There are 15 races to choose from, some found only on select realms. Examples of some races are: Avariel, Brakian, Halfling, Koa, Ssirith. Our races are diverse in their characteristics, slight
drawbacks, and advantages.

Dark Rifts is now more newbie friendly, pushing off the race and realm selection until you're either ready or level 6, whichever comes first. Each person starts on an island between the realms, which gives lots of helpful hints to assist with learning the terminology and functionality of the mud. The Isle of Muri, as it is called, also has equipment available to newer players, as well as a bank, store, advancement room, cemetery, areas to fight in, and a sneak peek at what the city views of Magic and Science look like!

DR has a dedicated group of coders and players that regularly log in. On January 11, 2007, our status officially changed from beta to live. The mud experienced a period of downtime in late 2007/early 2008, but now has a new, stable home.

Visit our web site to see what's going on:
Reinos de Leyenda es un MUD completamente en español basado en el mundo de Eirea, un mundo totalmente original, con influencias de sagas como Dragonlance, Reinos Olvidados o el Señor de los Anillos, con una geografía e historia muy desarrollada.
Disfruta este juego en línea, con las clásicas características de los MUD, en un entorno muy social, y con muchas más opciones, un mundo que cambia automáticamente gracias a las acciones de los jugadores. Gobierna una ciudad, un reino y dirige el destino de los habitantes de Eirea… dirige un ejército, o una iglesia… si lo prefieres, se un simple herrero y forja tus propias armas… o si eres de los que ignoran a la sociedad, se un aventurero vagabundo y explora Eirea desvelando sus innumerables misterios!
If you are tired of each 'new' MUD being the same as all the others, Geas is the mud for you. Geas is unique, not a standard mudlib. There are NO stock areas, no levels, no classes. There are no 'global shouts.'

Geas features a 100% original world with a rich, detailed background. Races are truly different, in stats and appearances, in their history, traditions, and the reactions of other people. Geas boasts a fully formed pantheon of gods, each with their own aspects, powers, and relationships.

In many MUDs, advancement is limited solely to monster killing. Not so in Geas, which features a realistic learning-by-doing skill system. Players improve the stats and skills they use - no fighting trolls to improve int. A player can focus on the fighting skills of a warrior, the sneakiness of a thief, or the craftsmanship of a master smith. Four kinds of guilds are available: professional, layman, race, and craft, and a player may join one of each type - or choose to go it alone.

When it comes to fighting, Geas offers a realistic combat system, involving much more than just sitting back and watching hits scroll by. Players take an active part in fighting through a variety of specials. Armours are layered and crafted to protect specific body parts, while weapons have different capabilities, depending on weapon and armour type. Oftentimes in combat, strategy is the difference between life and death.

The world of Geas has been more than three years in the making before being offered to the general public, and it is anything but static. It is growing and changing through a staff of active and knowledgeable wizards, with help and ideas gladly accepted from players as well. To learn more, come in and try it out for yourself. A whole world is waiting for you.
Multi-Play: No
Player-Kill: Restricted
Extended Race Selection
Extended Class Selection
Equipment Saved
Ansi Color
Quests Available
Character Approval Unnecessary
Roleplaying Is Encouraged
Newbie friendly
Skill & Level-Based Training System
Skill & Level-Based Equipment System
Currently Hiring Builders
Currently Hiring Coders
Clans Offered
Detailed Character Creation
World is mostly original
Large World (8,000+ rooms)
Mud is fully operational

One of the oldest MUDs around - founded 1991 - Mystic prides itself on being extremely newbie-friendly.

Our players and immortals are great people, and the community is one of the best things about Mystic.
Many, but not all, of our realms are fantasy-themed.

Players can found their own clans, and are also involved as class guildmasters. Each class has a unique set of skills or spells, and we periodically add more. There are huge areas to explore, and you'll never lack for challenges.

We allow registered player killing only. If you like it, have at it! If you don't, you're entirely safe. Not a PK fan, but want to beat on your buddies anyway? There's an arena where you can do battle at no loss of XP. We have MUD-wide team wars as well, where everyone fights and no one loses anything.

Come join an extremely newbie-friendly MUD and find adventure, friendship and mystery. Check us out today!
Rated #1 non-commercial MUD in the world by Total PC Gaming magazine. Discworld combines the richness of Pratchett's novels with a deeply detailed game world. Under constant development since 1992 - like a fine wine, we've only gotten better with age.
A roleplay and adventure mud in the DnD Forgotten Realms theme. An original world with a vast range of races, classes, skills, equipment and customization all at your fingertips. Join and tell us your story!
MorgenGrauen is a native German LPmud. It was founded in 1992 and has been prospering since. The world features an original fantasy setting with many facets. The 13 domains form a big world with 15000 rooms to explore and several thousand NPCs. You can choose between 7 races and 8 classes (guilds).
Advancing is done through a combination of exploration points, experience points, class skills, finished adventures and some more. The levels are unlimited, current maximum is about 170. After becoming a high level player it's possible to become a wizard and add your own imagination to the game.
We are especially proud of attracting a number of visually impaired players who very much enjoy playing a text based online RPG. That's why we have an option to turn off ascii-graphics.
Multiplaying is a bit restricted and scripting is discouraged.
The development mud for the Dead Souls game.
A MUD that has existed for nearly 20 years, with many players and wizards who have been around for the same amount of time. A fantasy experience that is incredibly rich in detail, and growing every single day. Come and experience the Tsunami.
Do You Have The Courage To Earn
A Place In This New MUD

If you like to have fun playing a mud… this will be the
most important message you will ever read. Let me explain…

From the start I created Trona with you the player
in mind. My goal is to create a fun game with a rich
medieval theme. With role playing encouraged… But without
the problems that made you quit other muds.

By carefully screening immortals I have removed the problems.
No more ego-maniac wizards tailing you around or stirring the
political pot.

We plan, test and double check new features so they do not
wind up downgraded after you have come to rely on them.

And with four new guilds opened recently, you will find
Trona expanding! We are actively adding new areas, quests and
guilds. This keeps Trona fresh and new.

To get started playing Trona, simply point your client at port 5000… or to be instantly connected
click on the URL below:

Warm Regards,
Keeper of Trona
Final Realms offers many things that you will not find anywhere
else. Our world contains over 25,000 custom made rooms. Each race
has their own city and language, as well as a common language that
can be understood by all players.

Unlike other MUDS, you will not find yourself maxing out your
character within a week or two and growing bored. We do not have a
level limit that is even reachable within several years of play. You
will always be able to continue to grow and gain in power for as
long as you choose too.

Each character selects a race and guild from a vast assortment, and
will learn a different variety of abilities and spells based upon
your choice. Players may also choose to reincarnate at level 21 for
a chance to become a special race that cannot be chosen, although all
reincarnations do not go well. Players earn a title related to your
development, rank and player-elected status with the option of
hiding your title to keep your guild a secret.

Final Realms also differs from others with built in systems similar
to settings you would find on different clients for targeting, name
coloring, movement, status window and other things to close the gap
for players who have to use telnet.

Players may create, organize and expand their own groups that are
dedicated to specific purposes. There are also many existing Clans,
Groups, Houses, and Families that players can join, control and
advance in rank.

There are several hundred quests that populate Final Realms with
puzzles, mazes, keys to find and doors to unlock. Artifacts of great
power and treasures of incredible value are guarded by dragons,
demons and a vast assortment of other foul beasts. Quests come in a
variety of ways that will test your characters physical ability, your
mental prowess or a combination of both to varying degrees of
difficulty ranging from soloable, party or raid. Magical items,
spells and abilities are earned from their completion. We also
schedule and run an OMIQ (Online Mini Interactive Quest) about once
every two months. Always hugely popular with players, these quests
offer very rare and powerful items that are only obtainable by

The combat system is highly developed and balanced between melee
abilities and spells, making a fun and challenging PK environment.
Each guild has there own unique commands and spells that grow in
power as the player gains in levels and skills that are not only
trainable but are also gained free by performing abilities that
relate to them.

If your ready for a truly unique experience, or want the
competition we have to offer then login and feel free to ask anyone
for assistance. We are very newbie friendly, and you will be given a
newbie tag on creation that makes it impossible for others to harm
you until you have reached lvl 18 or exceeded 6 million experience.