Realms of Hell is a heavily enhanced Mordor based MUD based in the fantasy land of Derlith. A chaotic land torn by war and evil, Derlith has plenty to offer adventurers who seek to take their place in battle.

Realms of Hell has evolved a great deal since its start in 1998, and it still has many great changes ahead of it. A complete overhaul of the stock Mordor combat system was completed a few years ago, and several player classes are currently being overhauled and enhanced to provide players a more enjoyable experience. Other enhancements
include a questing system, player crafting (still in the works), clan system, player guilds, restricted pkilling, MSDP, ATCP, and some MXP.

The world of Derlith is massive, consisting of over 15,000 rooms. There is a complete overland map of all the lands in Derlith, including an underground cave system, which makes travel a more enjoyable experience for adventurers. There are many areas currently in the works, and the MUD will continue to grow as time allows.

The player base is small, between 25 and 40 players, but it filled with very dedicated players, many of which have been involved for over ten years. While many situations have tried to kill the mud over the years, the players have loyally stuck by the MUD, chomping at the bit to get back into adventuring and eagerly rejoining after
downtimes. Players are genuinely friendly and very helpful to new players. During peak playing hours, there are generally 5-10 or so players who are excited to get the mud back to the larger player base seen in the past.

Realms of Hell offers one of the widest varieties of races and classes for adventurers to choose from. With 20 races ranging from elves and humans to half giants and orcs, players can fully engage in a roleplaying encouraged environment. ROH also offers 16 base classes, each with a unique style of play, which offers players
various rewarding experiences while battling in Derlith. There are also several unique clerical classes, and when you factor in the various multi classes, you have over 25 different classes to choose from.
Procedural Realms is a brand new codebase written from the ground up. Inspired by Diku MUDs, rogue-like games, and Diablo-style loot and equipment systems, the game features a randomly generated open world with many monsters to kill and dungeons to explore. Some of the highlights include:

  • Extensive crafting system, almost everything is craftable.

  • Randomly generated equipment.

  • Many skills and classes to choose from.

  • Player built houses and shops.

  • Build and excavate mines, clear farmland, roads, walls, fences.

  • AI agents that can be hired to fight alongside you.

  • Flexible character progression.

  • Resource-driven economy, shops only carry items sold to them.

  • Thorough in-game help system.

  • Quests, fishing, farming, cooking, mining, smithing, and much more.

The game is operational and open for player testing. There's a solid core game in place but we need players to help shape what the future will be. Things like guilds, PvP/PK, and endgame content are not yet complete. Your feedback is important! Please let us know what you think.