Depths of Chaos, or DoC for short, was created in part, as an
alternative offered to the serious roleplayer who enjoys the
mechanics of hack and slash but seeks also, the freedom and
creative storytelling that MUSH's provide. While based heavily
in the mechanics of D&D, Depths of Chaos is an all original world,
with no stock areas, and some intricately planned unique features.

We offer you Ascentia, a world created by a small, but dedicated
staff who imagined a MUD that delved into new levels of realism
while maintaining an engaging fantasy to lose yourself in. Set
upon a small chain of islands, you arrive in game within the
closed borders of the Human Kingdom. The decades of territorial
skirmishes between the ruling kingdoms has finally ended, and a
tentative peace now exists. The lines have been drawn, the
alliances forged, enemies declared, while reasonable governance's
between the races has strived to take hold and linger. In this
new age of relative cooperation between at least some of the races,
comes the rise of the Trinitarian Congregation, a triad of power,
the leadership of three accepted and promoted religions within the
Human's borders.

A player can choose to create an adventurer from a variety of
races, while developing said character through a classless,
levelless system, delving deeply into the rich environment of
Ascentia. Become a Dwarven miner bent on hording the riches you
tirelessly pull from the mountains. Slip into the shadows as a
Drow, serving his Matron's House with a brutal loyalty. Perhaps a
more peaceful existence as a tavern owner is more to your liking,
tempting the residents with ale and local fare to line your pockets
with coins. Or, if political clout is more your thing, choose a
path of power and luxury by laying claim to a nobility title and
thusly able to shape the laws, own the lands and have legal access
to the highly restricted use of magic. Is the wild and adventurous
life of a criminal more to your tastes? The City of Delmarii Bastion
is crying out for some brazen opportunist armed with entrepreneurial

We are current open for beta testing and are accepting applications
for In Character positions. If this is something that interests you,
please feel free to contact us at the information listed above.
No subscription fees. No graphics. No gold farmers. Just your character, your stories, waiting to be told.

Ever watched a favorite TV show or read a great epic novel and wondered what it might be like to immerse yourself in that world, day after day, shaping the story through your actions?

Instead of being a passive observer, what if you could dive in and make a real difference in the storys evolution?

Thats what OtherSpace is all about.

Online since 1998, we offer an original-theme space opera setting in which you get the chance to create a character, lead a starship crew, build an empire, explore the galaxy, and maybe even discover ancient relics or new alien civilizations.

You can use OtherSpace to sharpen your creative thinking, hone your writing, and experiment with cause and effect!

Theres no need for an amped-up computer. You dont need a top-of-the-line graphics card. Still on dial-up? Not a problem. Were retro and we love it. All you need is a functioning imagination and a love of sci-fi.

And its absolutely free to participate. Dont get us wrong: Donations via PayPal to are appreciated and help pay the server and marketing costs, but we dont require subscription fees.

Retro gaming. Classic collaborative storytelling.

We provide old-school, around-the-Internet-campfire roleplaying opportunities. But we need you in the mix so that we can all make the most of the potential adventures.

Long for the days of interactions that didnt require raid groups, sparkly celestial ponies, and uber guilds? Want to be part of a story thats been shaped by player actions for more than a decade?

Thats cool. We want you too.

Join the saga today!
The Smaug Institute is a place where anyone can come and learn how to build in Smaug. Simply sign up and we give you an Immortal character with a new area. While we will not teach you it step-by-step, we are here to answer any questions you have with building. We provide many links to Smaug building guides. You teach yourself Smaug OLC at your own pace, and no prior knowledge is required to join.
There is a storm on all horizons of Oerth. Iuz's army of demons
has all but crushed the Shield Lands and clashes with the
might forces of Good in the Kingdom of Furyondy. Turrosh Mok
plots the demise of the entire Wild Coast and most notably the
City of Greyhawk. All the while, Queen Yolande sits quiet,
unwilling to commit elven lives to human wars. Paranoia
strickens every government as the Scarlet Brotherhood seems
capable of infiltrating even the most closed kingdoms. Immortals
with their motives sit high above, watching their followers
and enemies closely. Heroes of every alignment fight for their
cause, while others fight for survival. This is the World of
Greyhawk, this is Arrant Destiny.

* Arrant Destiny has existed and grown constantly for over 13 years.
* It uses a heavily Modified Envy 2.0 Codebase.
* Has a highly evolved and balanced combat system.
* 16 unique classes.
* 14 playable races, and over 80 through the polymorph spell.
* Hundreds of spells and skills.
* Unique spell system where you have to memorize spells before you can cast them.
* Thousands of treasures to seek.
* Over 80 areas, nearing 10,000 rooms.
* Active builders and Immortals.
* Accurately based on the D&D World of Greyhawk Campaign.
* Great emphasis on Roleplay.
Hack and slash, pure-pk do the balls johnson dance on your face
fun-loving kinda mud!
Cajun Nights MUSH, New Orleans by Night, is based upon White Wolf Gaming Studios <tm> 2nd Edition original World of Darkness <oWoD> games that has been running since 1995 with a good player base and a great team of Staff Members.

All of our spheres are active, as is the Crime/Civil/Law sphere and we are running regular cross-sphere plots to involve Mortals and Supernaturals alike.

o Mortals: the Many & Mortal Plus: the Special - Our mortal and mortal+ spheres have many openings for those who prefer playing characters without supernatural abilities. Whether you want to be the high-society type or be involved in the University or one of the street people, there are plenty of opportunities.

o CCL: the Balance - If the world of crime – being one of the bad guys or being one of the people trying to catch them – is your thing, there are plenty of openings. There are openings for everyone from mooks and drug-pushers, to white-collar criminals.
Things are as open on the other side of the street as well – patrol cops, state police, FBI agents, to name a few.
The civil world, that which everything else in the WoD is based off of, is represented here too! Medical, Political and Educational, just to name a few. Come in and join the fun.

o Werewolf: the Apocalypse - This sphere is a terrific place to serve Gaia. There are openings for every tribe except Red Talons, and for every auspice. Kinfolk are needed as well, and we are also accepting Bete/Fera.
The Umbra will be very important in the stories to be told in the coming months, so those of you with an interest in Terra Incognita may find it an especially good place to play.

o Vampire: the Masquerade - There are openings for all Camarilla clans, including the Gangrel (who, in our chronicle, have never left the Camarilla) and for Independant clans as well.

o Voodoo: the Macabre - New Orleans hosts a vibrant Voodoun community, which anyone, mortal or other super, is welcome to join. Not everyone is chosen for a special relationship with the lwa, but each spirit is seeking followers right now.
We operate our own version of Voodoun, developed for us by Sam Chupp and recently updated by our own staff.

o Mage: the Ascension - The sphere here is focused on the Traditions and the internal strife between them, though the Technocracy does have a play in the activities around the city and its environs.
New characters are welcome, but we are a bit more picky about which traditions are available. Acolytes and consors are being accepted almost across the board.

Rhost is our game code server and it gives us several terrific features. Obfuscation and the Umbra are now fully coded, as are the Auspex and Mind Shield effects that go along with it.

Our +queue system gives the Staff more information about what player requests are still pending and what needs to take place to get them resolved in a timely fashion.

Contact Information:
Administration eMail: Cajun Nights –
MUSH: 7373
Final Realms offers many things that you will not find anywhere
else. Our world contains over 25,000 custom made rooms. Each race
has their own city and language, as well as a common language that
can be understood by all players.

Unlike other MUDS, you will not find yourself maxing out your
character within a week or two and growing bored. We do not have a
level limit that is even reachable within several years of play. You
will always be able to continue to grow and gain in power for as
long as you choose too.

Each character selects a race and guild from a vast assortment, and
will learn a different variety of abilities and spells based upon
your choice. Players may also choose to reincarnate at level 21 for
a chance to become a special race that cannot be chosen, although all
reincarnations do not go well. Players earn a title related to your
development, rank and player-elected status with the option of
hiding your title to keep your guild a secret.

Final Realms also differs from others with built in systems similar
to settings you would find on different clients for targeting, name
coloring, movement, status window and other things to close the gap
for players who have to use telnet.

Players may create, organize and expand their own groups that are
dedicated to specific purposes. There are also many existing Clans,
Groups, Houses, and Families that players can join, control and
advance in rank.

There are several hundred quests that populate Final Realms with
puzzles, mazes, keys to find and doors to unlock. Artifacts of great
power and treasures of incredible value are guarded by dragons,
demons and a vast assortment of other foul beasts. Quests come in a
variety of ways that will test your characters physical ability, your
mental prowess or a combination of both to varying degrees of
difficulty ranging from soloable, party or raid. Magical items,
spells and abilities are earned from their completion. We also
schedule and run an OMIQ (Online Mini Interactive Quest) about once
every two months. Always hugely popular with players, these quests
offer very rare and powerful items that are only obtainable by

The combat system is highly developed and balanced between melee
abilities and spells, making a fun and challenging PK environment.
Each guild has there own unique commands and spells that grow in
power as the player gains in levels and skills that are not only
trainable but are also gained free by performing abilities that
relate to them.

If your ready for a truly unique experience, or want the
competition we have to offer then login and feel free to ask anyone
for assistance. We are very newbie friendly, and you will be given a
newbie tag on creation that makes it impossible for others to harm
you until you have reached lvl 18 or exceeded 6 million experience.
Welcome mortal… or something like that. Honestly, I don't remember what I said before, so here goes again.

Basically, Dark Lair is a modified Godwars mud, with the focus on more facets of player interaction, rather than just the standard fatality counter. While PK is allowed, there should be reasons for it.

Classes currently available are Garou, Vampire, Ghoul, Mages, and mortals. To be classed, kill at least 5 mobs, look through the helpfiles on classing and the various bits useful to your chosen class, and then check for an immortal to set your class, or use the selfclass command to set yourself as a Vampire or Garou.

Garou are done. Level 1-5 gifts completed for all breeds, auspices, and tribes. Do think about which of each you want before you get classed. As per in actual WoD, gifts are limited by your rank, so it will take you a few days before you'll actually be able to use them…

Vampires and Ghouls are done. Ghouls use the proper limits, which means that except for RP and as a sort of training level, you're probably going to hate their power levels. Vampire disciplines generally have powers from levels 1-5, except for some that go up to 10, and a few which either don't have any powers or only a few… These are noted during classing, which is one of the reasons for the classing system.

Mages aren't as… unbalanced as most Godwars players are used to. It's an odd blend of custom and standard, which will take most players several weeks to months before they can actually chant anything except rune spells. Additionally, with Mages, you are expected to know enough about them to know which tradition or what you're asking to join. If you don't even know that, you will NOT be classed as a Mage.
Imagine a world of fantasy, where anything is possible, and where you can be the hero that stories will speak of for ages to come. Imagine a world of dreams where fantastic races and creatures are as common as people are seen here. In this world, you have the freedom to live and die as you see fit, if you wish to fight monsters you can, if you wish to fight other players you can, and if you wish to become a fisherman, carpenter, blacksmith or one of dozens of other craftsmen you can. The only limitation is your own imagination.

Realm of the Magi is a real-time, text-based, immersive, dark & magical fantasy game world running upon LPMud's LDmud 3.2.9 driver and RotM's V2.0 mudlib. Our world features fully interactive creatures and non-player characters, a driven skill and spellcasting dice-based combat system, an assortment of player-driven classes, the ability to experience 'dragon flight', a truely, interactive PvP and PvE combat action system, a unique quest & reputation system, and hundreds of 'emotion' feelings to express!
DUAT MUSH - Descend into the Underworld…

Duat MUSH was designed specifically for YOU, the players. We have aimed to design a MUSH with a straightforward command system and quick Character Generation in short, a way to let you get straight to what you want: RP. We also keep our ear out to all the requests of our players. Thats right. As a newer MUSH, we want your input and design to help us mold this fabulous world. From commands, to TPs (Tiny Plots), buildings, shops, and clans - Bring us your Voice and we will make your dreams a reality in text.


Duat is a world made up of four realms. Each realm is extremely different and caters towards different sorts: The Mortals, The Were-Creatures, The Vampires, and The Misfits (Angles, Demons, Anthros, etc.) But, what is to become of a world of such diversity not only in race, but in caste. Duat is home to a unique caste system of slaves, Masters, citizens, Switch-Dominants, and switch-submissives.
So, the only thing left to consider is this: Where will you fall in the mix? Will you serve, or demand servitude? Will you bring peace to the Egyptian Underworld, or further chaos? Lets find out

Legends Forgotten takes place in an age where Darkness
encompasses the land as long forgotten Heroes and Legends rise
once again to destroy this Darkness in the Age of Legends

1. Essence System: Enhance your Equipment Permanently!
2. Unique Item System: Artifacts, Relics, Mythical Items
3. Skill-Spell System: 500+ Skills-Spells all unique!!!
4. 34 Races all unique in their origin and abilities
5. Classes such as: blademaster, aiel, aes sedai, dreadlord…
6. Detailed Character Creation: eyecolor, haircolor, body…
7. Intelligent Mobs: skills, special attacks, quest-mobs
8. Clan System: player recruiting, ranks, promotions, banks
9. Multi-Cast System: more functionality to casting
10. Newbie Friendly, Battlefield, Detailed Creation
11. Taveren System: add to damage, healing, protection & more
12. Area-Quests coded into areas for all players!
13. Channeling, Chanting, Conjuring, Casting!!!
14. Event System that adds variety and uniqueness to the world.
Bleeding, Mining, Rivers, Wind, Interactive Items & more

-> Many friendly players willing to help any New Players
-> Promotional Events: Free Levels, Healing, Personalized Items!
-> Tired of stock muds, then come play LegendsForgotten!!!
Currently the game is being developed by visitors may come by and check it out and leave feedback.
Tempus is a fun, multifarious, massive fantasy world with an overarching time travel theme.

High magic and futuristic technology collide in one of the foremost MUDs of its class. With past and future time periods, outer and elemental planes, intricate game mechanics, and a uniquely rich environment, Tempus aims to be the best there is.

Set apart from other MUDs by dovetailing diverse genres, Tempus weaves high fantasy, cyberpunk, and science fiction into a cohesive theme, connected by temporal rifts in time.

Tempus is, and will always be, absolutely free to play.

Heavily modified since April 1995, Tempus still retains much of its Circle look, but the gameplay and feel are decidedly original. A perpetual work in progress, Tempus continues to be improved and expanded upon.

Advanced game play incorporates a combination of exploration, socialization, character customization, questing, and just plain fun.

Limited player versus player combat is also featured in conjunction with a reputation and bounty hunter system. Breaking from a common MUD trend, Tempus is not role-play intensive, allowing players the freedom to play their characters however they wish.

Tempus hosts a variety of past and future classes, including Cleric, Cyborg, Barbarian, Psionicist, Ranger, Bard, Mercenary, Physicist, and Monk.

An advanced remorting system allows players to create dual-class combinations, combining the skills and abilities of each class.

Quests, clans, guilds, group combat, unique religions, and a plethora of communication channels provide the players with a broad range of socialization and interactivity.

Players and staff hail from several countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the European Union. They are known for and pride themselves on being extremely newbie-friendly.

The multifarious themes, character combinations, game play mechanics, gigantic world, and colorful people can make Tempus an extremely addicting environment.

If you are searching for a home away from home, TempusMUD is a must see.


Imagine that you exist in a world where time has begun to collide, where the past meets the future, and neither will ever be the same again.

Tempus is a fantasy role playing game set in a world where ancient magic confronts advanced technology. Upon entering Tempus, you become an adventurer in an imaginative and mysterious universe, where you have the opportunity to carve out a unique niche for yourself in an evolving world.

The distinction between different time frames has been blurred by the activities of the most powerful beings in existence.

The high mages of the past have built their secret empire by planting political seeds of influence. These seeds have begun to sprout as they delve deeper into the realm of the arcane, finding a new lore in the art of time shifting.

The disciples of the greater gods and goddess, after a lifetime of attaining a closer relation with divinity, are shown a new realm of infinite proportions, the continuum of time.

Far into the future, the scientists and technologists that rule the civilized world relentlessly pursue the fleeting prize known as energy. They uncover the secret of time, allowing them to build great machines to send them back to the past.

As the time frames collide, these figures inevitably meet and begin to engineer the nature of reality to their own ends. Populations all across the timeline begin to notice subtle changes as strange visitors bearing unknown powers begin to emerge.

As the flow of time begins to swirl together, you enter Tempus.

The players and Immortals of TempusMUD invite you to alter their world.


Whichever MUD you call home, best of luck to you, and enjoy!
Heavily modified ROM engine, no longer d20 based. At all. More than 400 skills/spells 13 classes 11 race pickable for players.
Will update feature list soon.
Kingdom Heroes is a game rich with fun features for all kinds of
mudders. For the explorer, we have elaborate and unique areas
built not only for the hack-and-slash player but also for those
who love to discover hidden rooms and secrets and take part in
complex, interactive, and challenging area quests. Kingdom Heroes
also offers party quests where grouping is a requirement; players
work together to solve puzzles, slay monsters, and successfully
pass stages in the quest. On Kingdom Heroes, players are rewarded
for grouping–for each group member there is an experience bonus
for killing monsters.

For the competitive player there are the top 50 leader boards which
keep track of player stats under many categories. We offer global
quest competitions where players all around the mud race against the
clock to be the fastest to kill designated baddies. Magical runes
can be used to enhance player equipment. We also offer limited
artifacts which players must 'rent' to keep their hands on them.

For the questor we offer different word games, some of which require
the player to hunt down letter pieces to string together words or
phrases. There is a standard autoquest system and a glorified quest
system where players are sent off to kill multiple targets. In these
quests, the rewards are much bigger. Rewards can be used to purchase
class specific quest gear which when purchased in a full set gives
extra bonuses to the wearer.

For the merchant there are player run shops. Players have the option
to sell their wares in either gold or quest point currencies.

Players have free reign and creation of clans. Player killing is
divided into three branches. Non-player killing clans, restricted
player-killing clans, and full on player-killing clans whose members
can dispatch other players and loot equipment. Those in PK clans
are able to take and attempt to maintain ownership of areas through
our clan conquest system.

Every Saturday night at 8PM EST we have a quadrupled experience event.
So, come! Enter a world of entertainment, competition, and
A mysterious land, Karinth is inhabited by a curious mixture of races scattered across three major continents and several island nations. Discover its hidden mysteries and challenges, following the routes taken by ancestral explorers yanked from known Earth to Karinth's shores by strange events known as Chaos Storms and the influence of the Menedrian Gnarl.

Today, life begins anew, and any preconceptions you may have must be set aside. Enter with your mind open and willing to accept what you see.. and what you do not see.

Your challenge - to Live Within the Legend - become a Legend yourself.

Legends of Karinth is based on a series of original stories by MK van Bronkhorst.
    The 7th Plane is a highly customized game, featuring a completely original world and mythos.
    The primary foci of the game are PvE and character building, but there are also options for
    PvP and RP. The general goal is to allow for PvE, RP and PvP to integrate together seamlessly.
    Some of the game's more prominent features are listed below:

  • Unique classes, with each having drastically different styles of progression and game play

  • Medium sized, original world with spatially realistic layout, making it highly walkable

  • NPCs that have complex and interesting behavioral routines, and few game mechanics to
    differentiate them from PCs

  • Deeply involved crafting system: create weapons, armors, items and structures from up to
    90 different resources

  • Physics based game mechanics, such as: falling from heights, sinking in water, dragging heavy
    objects and characters, solar/lunar cycles with tides and seasonal changes producing dynamic
    weather that has tangible effects on the game world and characters in it

  • Skinning/butchering systems that allow for the full dissection of any creature, NPC or PC,
    dead or alive…

    Furthermore, The 7th Plane has almost 100% up-time and has been around for 7 years now. It is
    still in active development, and we welcome new ideas and suggestions for improvements from our
    players. You are cordially invited to join our community and become a part of the ever-growing


    The 7th Plane Administrative Staff
We are running on the Dawn of Time codebase (1.69r). We offer more than twenty races to choose from as well as ten different classes. Additional races and classes are currently being developed along with the realm itself. The equipment is saved automatically and on quit. We have ANSI color and a line of sight automapper, which shows you the surrounding terrain. In addition to Immortal run quests we have automated quests which are puzzles of sorts, often with unique rewards at the end. The rewards vary from questing experience points and special magical items, to gold and gems. Role-playing is encourage and to a point required, an example being all player-killing must have a valid reasoning in character. We are extremely newbie friendly with over 1,000 help files to assist you in playing and friendly Support Immortals. We currently have a skill and level-based training system and level-based equipment system. We have a detailed character creation so if you don't know how to play a MUD you should have no problem creating a character and allowing our staff to assist you in learning.
DBE is one of the longest running DBZ MUDs online that continues to
expand everyday. This MUD takes a mixture of roleplaying and PK to
create an unique Dragonball experience. Each of the races will give
you a different style of gameplay while RPing and PKing. Even though
DBE is based on Dragonball, that does not mean other themes or
influences wont exist in the MUD. As the name of the MUD says, DBE
is an evolution of the DBZ theme. If youre looking for a different
view on the anime, then you should give DBE a try.

DBE Includes:

* 17 races that make up 4 different race types(Attack, Defense,
Healer and All-Around)
* 100 skills split between all the races
* Skills that upgrade through transformations
* 14,000 rooms
* 7 planets, Majinia, Outer Space, Afterlife/Heaven and Hell
* 80+ quests to set out on
* over 4,000 items can be bought, found or created
* 7 clans
* Weekly events and Double Experience weekends
* 24/7 PK Dragonball Hunt
* Zones and Bosses that require groups with tanks and healers
* PK Wars and RP events held often
* Food and water are actually useful by restoring pl, ki and fatigue
* Bloodlust which is full PK mode that offers multiple buffs
* Houses, custom items and pets can be earned
* Optional Newbie Academy with rewards when completed
* Multiple types of scouters and radars that show different
* Powerlevel gains kept within range of the Frieza Saga
* Level based system with virtually no cap
* Dedicated staff, most have been with DBE for years
* Freedom of Speech if not being malicious
* Newbie friendly environment(ask for Ozma if any help is needed)
* Stable server and no intentions of shutting down, DBE is here to

If any of that sounds appealing, stop by and join in the fun.

Hope to see you there,
Ozma and the Staff of DBE
Our goal is have a massive mud up and running. We hope to make a fun world to visit and make friends in.
our story:
In the futile era of japan, rumors of demons and demon slayers can be heard through out the country. Though a lot of demons are considered evil, there are many good demons who fight off the evil innvasion. One day a demon who half hunman and half dog found a way to move back and forth through time. This demon used the gate way many many times untill the time of his death agenst on of the most evil demon in the land. The gateway was sealed, until…A brave human found his way into the gate room and walked through the gate and found his way into the futile era. From that day on people used the gate to go back and forth, while demons used it to enter the present time period. During this time the demons who have crossed over to the present time have been controlled by a sosicty of guardians known as Soul Reapers. These people have kept the demons from over running the present day like they did in the past. One day while Soul Socioty was batlleing a rather large demon, the ground was blown open and another gate was dicovered. The scientist who spent there time learning all they could about this gate. Though it was belived that this second gate lead into the past as well, but a diffrent location. This gate never accepted any codes that they knew would lead to the past. Then a soul reaper who has been around a long time remembered that, there was a gate manual in a book in the libery of the Soul Socitiy that listed all the gate codes. He went and reterived this book and it had a code for this gate as well. The code was imputed into the gate and it opened. A soul reaper walked through and saw that it lead into some woods. This person walked to the edge of the woods and found flying cars and air ships that these ships lifted off into the atmoshper. Upon asking a few people it was realved that there are gates in space big enough for ships to travle between planets.