The largest and oldest SMAUG MUD, and the home of the official SMAUG developers.
A long-standing spinoff of Dragonball: Sagas, the codebase of which we received from the original owner with permission to use it, DragonBall: Infinity is a far cry from its humble beginnings with far more than its predecessor could ever hope to achieve.

Multiple coding changes enhance the gaming experience. With the right training, design your own attack! Obliterate your opponents with abilities of your own design. Move faster than the speed of sound with the Zanzoken ability and leave your foes in the dust.

Many players also enjoy the player killer (PK) aspect of the game. While hardly a necessity, since some choose to go the safe route and never undertake PK at all, PKers will discover their skills are put to the test as they hunt - and are hunted - by the best of the best. Collect certificates of death and show off your prowess!

Roleplay as well is a joyous addition. Players constantly mold the universe to their liking, with fresh twists, turns, and events to keep it interesting. Can YOU handle the dark invasion of the Dark Goddess's forces? Or will you choose a different route and assist them in conquest and their hunt for revenge?

Clans, too, are available for the organization-hungry player. Fight for right and defend the universe as a member of the Hidden Angels! Or partake in cruelty and evil as part of the Dark Dominion. Or board the gigantic flagship, the Moonbeam, and follow your own goals as a member of the Silver Faction.

Or maybe you're a quester? Fear not; DragonBall: Infinity has a myriad of brain-teasers and legendary rewards just waiting for you! Travel to Yardrat and be tested by its inhabitants, scaling the Temple in search of the coveted Instant Transmission technique. Or learn the secrets of Arlia's past as you undertake three separate destinies. Or for the more maze-oriented there's Frieza's Castle and the rewards that await!

Builders are always creating fresh areas for players to explore. So come on in and give us a try! We promise you you won't be disappointed.
The Savage Soul: Scorched Earth is a character-skill-based mud set
in a magic-rich, zombie-ridden, post-apocalyptic future. Devastated
by a full-scale nuclear exchange and transformed by a gene-altering
virus, the dark landscape of 2195 Detroit is home to monsters,
magic, and dazzling technology. Player characters in the form of
barbaric mutants, powerful sorcerers, worldly Zisters, 21st Century
Sleepers, androids, robotoids, undead Shamblers, and cannibalistic
Morlocks will struggle for survival against a nightmarish world and
each other.
This is the development mud for the LPUniversity Mudlib. All our welcome to come learn, develop, research, and just hang out!
Since the beginning of time there has existed a base struggle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Until now.

Long ago, the land was dominated by two major immortal forces, one, the champion of good (whose name has been lost in the ages), and the Devil, champion of evil. Within their immortal hordes were angels, demons and all other forms of magical beings. Eternally they warred, never winning, never losing. Little did they realize that their true power lied in their mortal followers. Neither of the two paid any attention to the mortal plane..allowing it to fall to chaos. This only increased the power of the Devil, for as the land became more chaotic in nature, the true evil of man's heart became known. By the time the champion of good had noticed this, it was too late. His power had dwindled too much and there was little left he could do. Evil had won out and the Devil ruled the realms, both immortal and mortal.

What followed can only be termed as hell. The Devil turned the world into a torturous experience for mankind, forcing the masses to work and slave their lives away. Whisperings of rebellion were heard throughout the mortal realm. Gradually these whisperings grew into a roar. The people of the realm were not looking to fight for good, but to fight against evil. It was rumored that the Devil had lost his immortality during the great battle with his nemesis. It was the truth of this rumor that a group of powerful wizards were staking their lives on. These wizards had been born and raised in magical seclusion. No one
knows their exact origins, only that they existed. This group of wizards, known simply as the Seven, fought their way into the Devil's immense castle and there engaged a magnificent battle. They gathered their collective energy and cast a suicide spell on the Devil, sending him and five of their members into oblivion.

This magical cataclysm tore the world asunder, shattering any concept of time or space. Everything was shifted and torn from their rightful places. The world left from this is a nexus, combining places and people from times and worlds beyond. Into this realm stepped the only one of the ancient Seven to survive the grand battle with the Devil, Lady Alecca. She vowed to try and restore what order they could in this new realm. She assumed the role of the gods and forged into this world left by the Devil's Silence.
  • 30 races
  • 3 tiers
  • 14 classes (with more to come)
  • +/- 10 PK range

Ill-Tempered Realms is a RoT 1.4 base with lots of additions made
to it. Over the years the idea has been to maintain the comfortable
RoT feeling while adding key perks and touch-ups to give the game
an identity.

There are 151 mortal levels spanning two tiers for players.
Notable changes to the code including:
-new autoquest system with some interesting features
-auction/arena/banking/heartbeat healing
-as well as training basic stats, training points can also be spent
on upgrading certain skills/spells for new affects
-socials can be used over public channels
-potential for far more immersive quests and areas
-new skills and spells can be uncovered throughout the world
-and much, much more… 1112
Enter the Realm of Magic and discover the Magic and
Mysteries that it holds for you.

Slay monsters, cast spells, mix alchemy potions or just
rely on your wits and skills. Go on over 70 scripted
quests, accept randomly generated assignments, take part
in one of the many online quests directed by immortals and
mortals alike or face the automated mayhem of vikings attacking
a coastal town. Recover from your adventures in the harbour
town of Moonglow, share your stories about mythical
monsters, hidden cities and relate rumours about werewvolves and
vampires. Socialise in the famous orders and take over
responsbilities as a venerable judge, advisor or even lord.
To encourage roleplay, people are allowed to customize
their description in extra details or clothing and use an
extended emote command.

Extra emphasis is put on easy use of the Realm. A java applet
is installed on the homepage for playing the game and extensive
in-game features support decent playing even with telnet
e.g. multiple command aliases and speedwalk and many other things.
Additionally, MXP extensions for clicking of actions have been
added for player convenience.

Blind or visually impaired people using a talker program should
connect to port 4002, which reduces the text sent to the client

And yes, the Realm is running on a dedicated server with good
connection to the internet.

Newest additions: Familiars, Player run shops
Britannica, Underdark, Western Mountains, Poveglia
The hour was later then Drath realised, and the storm
was more violent then any had seen in many a year.

The harsh wind and rain drove all manor of creature into
any place of shelter. The ground rumbled and shook, all
across the realm of Draenor.

Drath cursed under his breath, struggling against the
driving rain and ice cold wind. He would not be detered,
he had to get warning out to his house hold. He had to
warn someone of what he had seen.

Far from the city of New Darkhaven, Drath couldn't help
but wonder if the gods above were laughing at him.
But on he went, yet surprisingly no creature stopped
this lone dark figure who fought so hard against the
raging storm. None would dare, for far off someone was
watching this travelor and where he was headed.

Yes, watched and looked after, although he knew it not,
Drath was guided to his goal and secured from harm
by another, far from sight.

Drath stumbled and fell apon the steps to his keep,
shaking and mumbling. The guards ran to their lords
aid but when they arrived, Drath was out cold. His
fingers tightly clutching a piece of broken dragons


The time of the Dragon Lords and their kinds is apon
Draenor. Long have these creatures rested and lain
dorment while the realm above their heads had war
after war. Now is their time, now is their war.

Who has the mettle to stand and be counted?
Who has the desire for fame, glory and riches?
Who wants to save the girl? (Opps no girl sorry..)
But who wants to kill dragons?!

Port: 4000

Signed, Lazerous
[Founder of the Realm of Draenor]
The lands have changed. What was once the legend of history has been proven false. Lies are overturning, and the past is returning. Elder gods have begun to arise from slumber, and some have begun to break the charade once played. With the departure of Corin-Mur, the lands rest at ease. For the moment, at least. Will the dragon return? Or will a new terror surface to take his place? With the dawning of this new age, will YOU help decide the outcome of the coming struggles?

  • 14 classes, option to multiclass

  • 18 races

  • Clans

  • Dwarven Forged Equipment

  • Player-Owned Houses

  • Automated Quests and Static Quests

Come make your new home here with our newbie friendly staff and players.
Star Wars: Infinite Galaxy has been in active development since December of 2002. The code base has grown considerably over the past few years. TGA is currently open to all players. We are also actively seeking immortals to fill the positions of Architects and Ship Architects. Please contact Keberus or Trelar if interested.
DragonBall Z World is back! Resurrected from the ashes of it's former glorious wake! Really though, this is truely one of the "greats" when it comes to DBZ muds. It is the same dbzw you remeber, and looking to improve even further. Some of the old players have heard and are starting to return. We want new players as well. Brilliant clan system with clan PK/raids on rival HQs, clan equipmant, guards, etc, private spaceships, leveless system, pure pk zones as well as partial, and protected, gravity system, Role play is not enforced but encouraged. Epic quests with epic gear rewards. This mud has it all. Come explore all the home planets, and quest zones this mud has to offer. Tread softly on Ghetti or the PK asteroid!
Verge of Reality is a roleplay based mud. The game has a 132 areas to explore, many autoquests to do as well as Global Questing and immortal run quests.

Currently on creation there are 6 classes to choose from mage.cleric,druid,thief,warrior,& vampire. Coming soon are 3 new classes bard, monk & adept.

If you are looking for a friendly place to hang your cloak, roleplay or to player kill this is the place for you!!

Beware of the addiction you might find, and dont say we didn't warn you :)

Here are a few of the features you'll find on VOR:
-Roleplay is encouraged and rewarded.
-132 areas to explore with more on the way
-autoquests, global quests, immortal run quests
-limited pk
-helpful imms and players
-fun social environment
-two tiers with 151 levels per tier
-regular code updates and changes
The year is 19 BBY and The Empire is still a young government. Being
led by it's Emperor, The Empire tries to control every government in
the galaxy. Other forces are conspiring against the Emperor and
want overthrow the government to make it what it once was, a

Organizations such as Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems
work on supplying the galaxy with the best equipment around. Criminal
orgnaizations are lurching around every corner, looking to take
advantage of anyone who looks helpless enough, and the Bounty Hunters
Guild is working hard at collecting money for themselves with every
bounty that comes along to them.

The timeline for this mud is a player driven timeline. Everything
that has happened up until 19 BBY will be accurate in the game.
Everything after 19 BBY will be player driven.
We are a MUD running on a heavily modified version of the CoffeeMUD codebase. We started out as a Traditional Games MUD, but that sort of lost its direction, and tgmud itself is sort of a mishmash. In a good way, though. We have:

- 5700+ rooms.
- 33 playable races (so far!).
- 45 player classes.
- Magical abilities and items of all sorts.
- Martial & mundane classes that aren't helpless against magic.
- A constantly building MUD. New places, abilities and code changes every week.
- A friendly and welcoming community.
- A very roleplay-friendly environment.
- Player-foundable clans and a multitude of (mostly imported) places to conquer and control.
- Player-ownable houses, and skills that allow them to decorate, furnish and edit their homes.
- ANSI colors and MXP support.
- Dynamic, mostly player-controlled plot.

New characters find themselves in the Hub, an apparent interdimensional net. The Hub is a small community built atop a semistable portal network. There are several somewhat consistent portals, but smaller, less significant portals open and close daily - abducting people from their rightful dimensions and often closing behind them, forcing them to abandon their old life and join the interesting social structure that has evolved from the complete anarchy of the Hub. Clans have risen and fallen, attempts to seize power have failed, people have died, and yet, life goes on.
Realms of Discordia is a medieval fantasy based mud that was started
in October of 1997. The world, known as Brek'Tyr is a home to a vastly
diverse set of races. The world itself, is made up of more than 6600
custom written rooms, each of which you can explore with your

The world has two large kingdoms and a total of seven major cities
that you can choose to be a part of. It is encouraged for players to
roleplay their character, even allowing them to accept jobs in the
governments. These jobs range from being the Leader, to Judge,
Guard, Spy, Ambassador, or anything that you are able to roleplay
your character into.

Roleplay is a very important part of the game, and it is something
that we encourage and reward frequently. Excellent RP gains you more
than merely the respect of your fellow players. Perhaps the most
important aspect of the roleplay is that the more you participate the
more races and specializations you can unlock to play.

The combat and PK system has been highly modified from the standard
system, allowing your skills and statistics to weigh much more
heavily on how well you do against other creatures and players, and
has been rewritten to decrease the amount of spam you receive
compared to other fight systems.

Our website is still under construction, but should hopefully be
completed soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to log
onto the game and ask, or you may email an Immortal for more

We hope to see you there!

Rafermand: A New Beginning is the Rafermand 2.x from the old
3002 port transferred over. I would like to thank Xerves for
deisigning such and awesome code and releasing it so that we
can keep it running. The mud will be having several new areas
added in the next few months as well as maintaining all the
old ones. We would like to see old and new players stop by and
take a look around, to let us see what they would like to have
in the mud.

This game runs on the Fear 2.x engine that has nearly 7 years
of work on it and includes a classless and levelless system
that includes over 300 mostly custom and unique spells and
skills over 5 different spheres. Other such advantages of
this system is randomly generated quests for you and your
kingdom to run, a large wilderness map for everyone to enjoy
conquering, and the ability to hide your identity from others
through the usage of an introduction system.

We also include a pretty new gem system for upgrading your
weapons and armor, as well as the old forge system that
allows you to choose what type of weapons and armor you
would like make. We have 23 different metals to use which
can be found throughtout the mud and quest.

Stop by soon. Fight a few duels, forge your own weapons, build
a small kingdom, then takeover the world
Many, many end game areas with boss mobs that are truly challenging. A unique advancement system that lets you continue to improve the power of your character even after you've reached max level. Additionally, you can kill legendary mobs for enhancement points, or hunt essences to further improve your gear. The artifact hunt is second to none and the areas are unique and diverse! The character classes have unique skills which can critically wound a monster to kill it instantly, or heal the player, or stun – all depending on the class. And finally, clan based PvP is here for anyone needing to get their PvP fix. Come check it out!

Legends Forgotten takes place in an age where Darkness encompasses the land as long forgotten Heroes and Legends rise once again to destroy this Darkness in the Age of Legends

1. Essence System: Enhance your Equipment Permanently!
2. Unique Item System: Artifacts, Relics, Mythical Items
3. Skill-Spell System: 500+ Skills-Spells all unique!!!
4. 34 Races all unique in their origin and abilities
5. Classes such as: blademaster, aiel, aes sedai, dreadlord…
6. Detailed Character Creation: eyecolor, haircolor, body…
7. Intelligent Mobs: skills, special attacks, quest-mobs
8. Clan System: player recruiting, ranks, promotions, banks
9. Multi-Cast System: more functionality to casting
10. Newbie Friendly, Battlefield, Detailed Creation
11. Taveren System: add to damage, healing, & more
12. Area-Quests coded into areas for all players!
13. Channeling, Chanting, Conjuring, Casting!!!
14. Event System adds variety and uniqueness to the world.
Crusify: The Chosen is a medieval fantasy MUD. The game runs
on a highly modified ROM/Anatolia codebase. Roleplay is strictly
enforced and is supported by a unique emote system. PK is restricted.

The world of Crusify is large, with some 11,500 rooms spread over
many areas. Each area caters to specific levels and tailored to
provide special challenges for these levels. There are built-in quests
in the game, but the staff also runs quests and events on a regular

Crusify Mud is made up of animal races and species. Players level
from 1-100, then have the option to remort (become reincarnated) into
a different species. New species become available as the amount of
times you remort increases and there are also benefits available to
specific species. There is a full staff with help files galore; very
newbie friendly!

In Crusify, you can play any role that you want and become
anyone you want to be. The story is dynamic and you can just
jump right into the heart of it. In Cities of Crusify, nothing is
exactly as it seems.
We're not just a mud. We're a community. =)

Saiyan, Shadow, Thief, Draconian, Ghoul, Priest, Skyblade, Jedi,
Drone, Fae, Giant, Hobbit, Lich, Angel, Undead Knight, Samurai,
Cyborg, Shapeshifter, Tanar'ri, Battlemage, Monk, Vampire, Ninja,
Drow, Werewolf, and Demon.

Hi there, I'm Rekwan. Let's be honest. You want a Godwars mud with a
pbase, so that you can PK on. You want constant updates, and an
owner that doesn't cheat or have an alt character. You're sick of
the usual weapons and armor, and you're sick of there not being any
status to take. Well look no further. Rek-Mud has all of these and
more. So that I don't waste your time with boring paragraphs as to
why you should play my mud, I'll just list some facts about Rek-Mud.

We have 26 classes and we plan to create more. Choose from
Satan's Demon to the Super Saiyan.

Strong Pbase - We have a good pbase, probably one of the
highest, ranging from 10-25 players on at ALL times.

We have great pk and tons of status. Our Top 50 players list
shows players ranging from 40 status down to 18 status. That means
there's probably over 100+ people with status. Quite possibly more.

We have thousands of weapons and armor, including new
weapons/armor that you've never seen before on other muds. Many
items are quested and will require piecing together puzzles in order
to smith your own weapon.

Bosses. We're known for our bosses. They will desanct you,
decapitate you, and call you names. Be sure to fight them with an
empty pocket, or you'll be sure to lose all your gil. There's over
100 bosses currently.

We have four kingdoms, Titan, Ramuh, Ifrit, and Shiva. Each
kingdom has their own unique Rune magick, which sprouts into 3
different spells for each. Find which rune benefits you the most and
join that kingdom for their struggle for power. Try over 100
possible class/rune combinations!

We have a good anti-ganging for the kingdomless, feel free to
solo and not have to worry about ganging amongst kingdoms and

Choose several different religions, benefitting from an array of
religion powers. Do battle with the Supernova, or protect yourself
with areaheal.

We have events such as Trivia, Celestial Carnages, and an
ongoing arena event. We'll be coding some more for your enjoyment
such as: Fox Hunts, Elixir Wars, etc.

#10. We have one of the most colorful and beautiful muds. Feel the
power of your items as you are drawn into the world.

We have multiple ways to continue to grow your character even
after you have seemingly maxed out. Your character's potential is
endless. Status and Tiers are no longer the only way to grow.

We have 26 classes and we plan to create more. Choose from
Satan's Demon to the Super Saiyan.

We got rid of the old, boring, artifacts that you've probably
seen on those other godwars muds and have replaced them with
stronger, more powerful and unique artifacts!

We have a friendly and strong community. Meet new friends and
old friends. You will most likely find your friends here. You'd be
surprised at how many people find their old mudding comrades here.

Arenawatch - Now you can watch and learn from players in the
arena as you watch them duke it out!

Newbie Friendly - We have hundreds of helpfiles and that
includes autoloading information that will help new players both to
Godwars and/or to muds along the way.

#17. With Rek-Mud, you have a place you can depend on, without
having to worry about those dirty pwipes. We avoid pwipes as much as
possible and take the hard route to fixing problems that otherwise
may be easily fixed by a pwipe. We care about you, the player, and
we want you to know it.

#18. With new changes made every single day, it's no wonder that
many players are logging on everyday to see what's up in Rek-Mud.

The Storyline
For years mortals have bickered and fought amongst themselves for
control of the realm. Among these mortals rose four predominant
kingdoms, each having its turn of power before another took its
place. This cycle wasrepeated over and again many times, but then
they came…

Two great deities fell to the earth that day, engaged in a great
struggle. For weeks the sky was lit up with numbing hail storms and
searing waves of fire that they hurled at each other. The
antagonistic celestials were polar opposites; the first, an icy
goddess of unimaginable beauty, the second, a demonic beast who was
endlessly ablaze. Shiva and Ifrit were their names it was fearfully
whispered. With the arrival of these two vicious gods the realmswere
thrown into a state of pandemonium. Old hatreds and vendettas were
forgotten as each mortal struggled to escape the chaos that the
battling deities brought.

With nowhere else to turn, brave adventurers sought out these
celestials and pledged their loyalty to them. As a result of their
worship the deities endowed these mortals with devastating powers
akin to their own element.

Now, with the world they used to know in complete ruin, mortals took
their places on the battleground alongside their patron deity. The
realm was once again at war, but this time it was not just man
versus man, but god versus god… …Welcome to Rek-mud. :)