/* Copyright (c) 1993 Stephen F. White */


typedef struct Server Server;

struct Server {
  Serverid id;
  char name[30];
  char hostname[40];
  unsigned long addr;
  unsigned short port;
  int connected:1;              /* connected flag */
  int last_msgid;               /* id of the last msg rec'd */
  Server *next;

extern Server *servers;

extern Server *serv_addr2server (struct sockaddr_in *sock);
extern Server *serv_name2server (const char *name);
extern Server *serv_id2server (Serverid server);
extern Server *serv_add (struct sockaddr_in *sock, const char *name);
extern int verify_server (Server * s, struct sockaddr_in *from);

#endif /* !SERVERS_PRIVATE_H */