compile - a standalone compiler for COOL

compile [ -n ] serversfile [ sourcefile [ outfile ]]

The given _serversfile_ is read, and parsed.  The file should contain
a list of servers referred to in _sourcefile_, in the following format:
number of servers in the list, then an entry for each server in the
list.  Each entry should be on a separate line, and should consist
of three parts:  COOLMUD name, internet address, and YO port.
If a sourcefile is given, it is read, otherwise standard input is
used.  The compiled code is written to _outfile_, or to the standard
output if none is given.  The server for which this code is being
compiled must appear first in _serversfile_.  If any errors are generated,
they are written to stdout, and _outfile_ is not written.

-n	No-tokens mode.  This flag forces the database to be written
	out (dumped) using integers for the byte codes instead of
	ASCII tokens (the default).  If any changes are made to the
	COOL compiler source itself, integer byte codes may become
	inaccurate.  ASCII tokens are safe, integer tokens are fast.