COOLMUD may have been written mostly by me, but I was greatly influenced
by a number of people, and wish to thank them heartily for their ideas
and inspiration:

James Aspnes, author of TinyMUD.
You are the man!  Without you, I probably wouldn't have gotten into this
whole crazy mess.  TinyMUD was a most elegant hack, and continues to
influence MUD design to this day.  Also thanks for the TinyMUD network
code, of which traces may be found in COOLMUD.

Marcus J. Ranum, author of UberMUD and UnterMUD
Your USENET speculations when designing UberMUD certainly influenced
the direction that MOO took, and hence COOLMUD.  Also, of course, the
cacheing and database layer of COOLMUD came from UnterMUD.  I may not
like UnterMUD's interface, but you are a database god.  Your code is
hard, fast and ruthless.

Greg Hudson, author of TinyFugue, VaporTalk and ColdMUD
Internet boy wonder (hope MIT hasn't eaten you alive).  For getting
LRUJ inheritance right (hey, it's a topological sort after all!), and
for the idea of generation numbers in object searching.

Ue-Li Pen, PhD student at Princeton
An old and dear friend, his mention of object-oriented programming
as an approach to distributed applications was an idea that once it
worked its way into my head wouldn't leave me alone.

Pavel Curtis, author of LambdaMOO
Some of the control structures you designed for MOO found their way
into COOLMUD, much to my surprise.  And networking primitives, (should
they ever be finished) although they will probably bear little
resemblance to LambdaMOO's, were inspired by their implementation
in LambdaMOO.  I like to think that together we have advanced the
state of the art in MUD server design a little.