coolmud - start a coolmud server

coolmud [ -n -p ] infile outfile [ port ]

A new coolmud server is started using _infile_ as the input database.
The first part of the database must consist of the list of servers,
and first among those servers must be this server.  The startup
sequence reads this information to determine which port to use for
inter-server communication.  The optional _port_ argument on the
command line specifies the player port, the default being 7777.
_outfile_ is the file to which the database will be dumped.

Normally, signal handling in coolmud servers defaults to catching
all signals, and writing out the database.  The name of the file
in this case will be _outfile_.PANIC.  If the server has been 
compiled with the -DCOREFILE option, a core file will also be

-n	No-tokens mode.  This flag forces the database to be written
	out (dumped) using integers for the byte codes instead of
	ASCII tokens (the default).  If any changes are made to the
	COOL compiler source itself, integer byte codes may become
	inaccurate.  ASCII tokens are safe, integer tokens are fast.

-p	Promiscuous mode.  Allow connections from any old server, no
	matter how old and lecherous.  Normally the server only
	allows connections from servers listed in the bootup dbase. 
	This option allows any server to connect.