Passing a message from one object to another is the only way in
COOLMUD for objects to interact.  Objects may not retrieve other
objects' data, except by passing a message.  Similarly, objects may
not set other objects' properties, except by passing a message.


Message passing is accomplished with the '.' operator:, 2, 3);

passes the message 'foo' to object #3 on joemud, with the
numeric arguments 1, 2, 3.

    var		a;

    a = #3.location();

sends the message 'location' to #3 on the local mud, and stores the
result in temporary variable a.  If there are no arguments, the
brackets may be omitted, like so:
    var		a;

    a = #3.location;

Note:	When no arguments are required, it's a good idea to use brackets
	to indicate the type of message being passed.  If the message
	will change the remote object or acts like a function, use brackets.
	If the message will only retrieve data, use no brackets.