SillyMUD Distribution V1.1b             (c) 1993 SillyMUD Developement
  See license.doc for distribution terms.   SillyMUD is based on DIKUMUD

#define MENU         \
"\n\rWelcome to SillyMUD\n\r\n\
0) Exit from SillyMud.\n\r\
1) Enter the game at Midgaard\n\r\
2) Enter description.\n\r\
3) Read the background story\n\r\
4) Change password.\n\r\
5) Enter somewhere else\n\r\
D) Delete this character\n\r\n\r\
   Make your choice: "

#define STATQ_MESSG \
"\n\rYour character will have the following statistics.  Strength, \n\r\
Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution and Charisma.\n\r\n\r\
Please select your stat priority from highest to lowest.  Seperate\n\r\
them by spaces, and do not duplicate them.  For example: 'S I W D Co Ch'\n\r\
will place the highest priority on strength, giving it the best die roll.\n\r\
Intelligence will be next, followed by wisdom, dexterity and so on until\n\r\
charisma.  Enter a ? for help.\n\rPlease enter your priorities: "

#define STATHELP \
"Your strength defines how hard you hit, how heavy a weapon you can wield,\n\r\
and how much you can carry.  Intelligence is a measure of how fast you\n\r\
learn, while wisdom dictates your ability to learn many different skills.\n\r\
Dexterity is a measure of quickness, and constitution represents physical\n\r\
hardiness.  Charisma modifies the number of monster followers you can \n\r\
have, and how much shopkeepers will charge for their wares.\n\r"

#define WELC_MESSG \
"\n\rWelcome to the land of SillyMUD. May your visit here be... Silly.\

#define STORY     \
" Silly was started in august of 1991, by Loki.  It was based off of the \n\r\
original Diku source code.  It has gone through many major revisions, and\n\r\
has spawned several other muds.  Loki has had industrious help from \n\r\
many others, including DM, Ripper and Hammor, to name the 3 most \n\r\
helpful.  \n\r\
  Silly is currently being run on an Ardent Titan, a horrible machine \n\r\
that is unreliable, runs sys V unix, and cost $70,000.   Currently, \n\r\
the machine is used for nothing but running the game.  Recently, the \n\r\
administration staff at the University of Florida made an alaias \n\r\
for doldrums to silly, so it is now possible to telnet to \n\r\
silly.cis.ufl.edu .  \n\r\
   and that, more or less, is the story of Silly Mud.\n\r"