The SillyMud Herald  6/21/93

Silly is constantly being worked on code-wise, changes are posted here
or/and on the board.  It is in an attempt to generate a challenging and
intelligent mud. Some of the changes do not work out as planned, and
those are corrected as soon as possible.


+ VT100 Display Bar.  Type HELP DISPLAY to find out how to use it.
+ Resize allows you to resize your VT100 bar.
+ Lower levels lose less exp when they die, 
+ Dying frequently w/o gaining much experience could cost you a level
+ Monsters and poly forms have randoms stats based on their level.

+ Monsters are a little bit smarter.
+ Some monsters get very cold and lonely in the winter and like to visit
+ If you're lower-mid level, you may want to follow Biff sometime, he
  can lead to some high adventure.
+ Limited items now have egos.. If you're too wimpy, you can't use the
  powerful items. 
+ Charmed creatures exp goes directly to the master, if the master is in
  the same room.  Otherwise, it vanishes.
+ Aggressive mobs are now xenophobic.  Polymorphed mages beware!
+ Thieves can't sneak and then wear 'forbidden' armor and remain sneaky.
+ The Abyss is tougher.  
+ Player killing is now legal with restrictions placed on alignment. An evil
  pc may kill evil or good pcs. A good pc may kill only evil pcs. Neutral pcs
  are not to be involved in any player killing.
+ Some skills have impact on your alignment. Rescuing will make you good,
  stealing will make you bad. Career thieves who steal often will soon 
  become evil and killable by other evils and good aligned pcs.
  Healing people makes you good.
+ Midgaard will train you to 10th level. New thalos to 20th. High level 
  masters may be found:
	Warrior - Rhyodin		Mage   - Mages Tower
	Thief   - Enfan city		Cleric - Prydain 
+ Killing newbies will be dealt with harshly. A newbie for this is anyone
  less then 8th level. Anyone caught will lose a level and 1/2 thier exp.
  Any illegal pc kills (neutral- neutral, good-good, etc) will be dealt with
  in a similar fashion.
+ New changes:   Mana is now averaged over all of your classes.
  Triple classed chars can't learn skills or spells better than 80%
  permanently, double classed 90% permanently. Jack of all trades thing.
+  Some items help your skills, lock-picks help the picking skill,
   sneakers help the sneaking skill, etc.
+  Items can be damaged by combat, spells, etc.

+   Some monsters will rescue others of their own race.
+   Beware the roc.
+   Charmed monsters act more independantly. They will NOT attack anything
    close to thier alignment. They will also consider fleeing if they are
    being hit by a mob more than 6 levels higher than them.
+   Skexies no longer pierce.
+   You can no longer kick ghosts.

+   If you notice anything unusual about New Thalos (rooms missing)
    please write about it on the board.
+   Be sure and type help areas for news on the areas in the game.

+   FILL 	-- Fill barrels and such at fountains.
+   TRACK	-- Taught to you by the ninja master.
+   LOOK ROOM	-- For those of you in brief mode, who want to see what is
	           in the room.
+   WORLD	-- gives info about the world.
+   ATTRIBUTE	-- gives info about yourself
+   ASSIST	-- Help out a friend who is fighting.
+   WHOZONE     -- Who is in your zone, and where.
+   BREATH      -- in conjunction with certain potions, will make you breath
                   like a dragon.
+   MOUNT	-- Some animals, such as horses may be ridden.
+   SNEAK	-- Repeated will turn off sneak if you were succesful.

+   Fly and WaterBreath work.  You will die if your flight runs out
    in air room and if you can't breath when you are underwater.
+   If you try and charm something and fail it will hate you and try and
    kill you.

+   Warriors now have multiple attacks at higher levels 
	7+  3 attacks/ 2 rounds
       13+  2 attacks/ round.
       25+  5 attacks/ 2 rounds  (coming soon)
+   Potions take 1 combat round to work..  They fill your stomach, and they
	have a tendency to break when being quaffed in the midst of battle.
+   Combat will damage weapons and armor, especially if one is using
    blunt weapons, or having blunt weapons used upon oneself.