[ 3001] Gilga: follow my
[ 8135] Dolph: carotid =! cartoid
[ 1579] Mixon: anti fol me
[12001] Shala: sp
[12003] Vapes: in the Caern east of Fenris the desc. reads 
[12003] Vapes: in the Caern east of Fenris the desc. reads "You are a clove of trees." not you are in.. [sorry hit enter on last report]
[ 3151] Ysidrio: Desc You are at the eastern end of Clan Road.  To the east of you, the (on clan road.. take out word desc)
[11266] Vapes: You can['t] cast puny mortal magic on immortals!
[ 2766] Zelidul: a plaguebearer of Newra says 'I told Spiral to kiss my ass and now look what happend!' [happened]
[ 3001] Regamortis: e nosum
[ 9245] Mystin: in 'help description' next to last line "you mind as well"
[11238] Zelidul: when a non-wwf types 'gstat' it shows "huh?" not "Huh?"
[20022] Zelidul: A Revenant shuffles twords you.  <-- Elzibeth's Area
[ 3054] Skape: ebon
[ 9854] Nesta: nes
[ 3823] Krial: In "help primal" it says it's the ultimate energy in the multiverse, I think that should be universe.
[  465] Wrynn: this room need the indoor flag. =)
[18022] Laila: hand, should be hang
[18022] Laila: mine, should be might
[12003] Skape: som
[12003] Skape: testing
[12003] Skape: sorry i didn't know this actually did somethin lol 
[30504] Gurney: a tell pls?
[ 3448] Wrynn: this room should be recallable, it's hard nuff as it is. =P
[ 3054] Aragorn: kyra
[ 3054] Zir: color
[ 2765] Yasmine: a plaguebearer of Newra exclaims 'We shall spread out gift to you!'  Should be our gift...
[18017] Yasmine: (glw) A beautiful larbe marble fountain is here.  should be large...
[ 3014] Klue: your posion misses a man of faith
[18122] Yasmine: Such a wonderful place has not been build...should be built... further along...disisions should be decisions...
[  695] Vani: in one of the top chamber of the Golden Citadel rooms, it says a doorway leads n and there is no doorway
[ 2724] Kaibecc: The higher (should be lower) your generation, the more disciplines you may learn. In 'help gen'
[ 5947] Valud: piranha pirahna (spelled differently on each mob)
[ 2413] Flavian: policy8 defeatet
[ 9217] Flavian: elixir is spelt elixer, right?
[ 3054] Flavian: help description: mind as well, should be might as well.
[ 9249] Gyle: 'help description' says ' mind as well...'  it should be ' might as well...'
[ 1232] Arcite: familiar
[ 5814] Fenix: familiar
[ 5814] Fenix: "(Dominate    3) Command Familars" familiars?
[ 3054] Dursith: spells
[ 3054] Dursith: give
[ 3207] TalRasha: in policy12 there is a sentance that reads "in fact keey
[12001] Vani: oh the snuggle social  when i snuggle zach, it says You snuggle up contentedly in him lap
[19911] TalRasha: in the help equipment file the last sentance spells the word "by" like "buy", unless this is a joke or something...
[ 2767] Dursith: How
[ 9842] Kylie: on the rp sentence there are two typos.. acturly and oppersit.
[ 3006] Ramsith: adventures
[ 1226] Ramsith: happyness should be happiness
[ 9710] Aslan: $DUMP
[ 9710] Aslan: `df -k`
[19919] Brianne: You give the zombie a knee straigt to the groin area! OUCH!.
[ 2725] Aldarida: efervescent potion in the mad alchemist's pouch. correct spelling: effervescent
[ 2700] Aldarida: not sure if this is actually a typo but in the description for the temple entrance it says there is a staircase going up, but you can't go up..
[10519] Cantide: You can no longer detect invisable things.