{RSyntax:{C note                          Reads next note.
         note read   [number]          Reads a certain note.
         note remove <number>          Removes a note written by you.
         note list   [number|author]   Shows up to number notes, or by author.
         note list   [number number]   Shows range of notes number x to y.
         note write                    Posts a note.
         note catchup                  Marks all notes in this board read.
  To read next unread note, type NOTE. To read a note with a specified number,
type NOTE READ <number>. Typing NOTE while in a board with no unread notes
shifts you to the next board. Note that unlike the standard note system, a 
note has the same number in NOTE LIST and NOTE READ.
  Posting a message is as simple as writing NOTE WRITE. You will be moved 
into interactive mode, where all you see are prompts for the fields like 
  To:, From: etc. You will be automatically put AFK while writing a note.
To see the list of the notes in the current board, type NOTE LIST. Typing
NOTE LIST <number> will list only <number> of the last notes in the area.

  You can remove your own note by using NOTE REMOVE <number>. Implementors may
remove other people's notes. Implementors can also select how many days
their note is kept before being purged. Purging happens automatically at
bootup. Purged notes are not deleted, but saved into a file.

{Rsee also:{x 'help board'

-1 DIKU~
Original DIKU MUD game idea, concept, and design:

          Katja Nyboe               [Superwoman] (
          Tom Madsen              [Stormbringer] (
          Hans Henrik Staerfeldt           [God] (
          Michael Seifert                 [Papi] (
          Sebastian Hammer               [Quinn] (

Additional contributions from:

 Michael Curran  - the player title collection and additional locations.
 Ragnar Loenn    - the bulletin board.
 Bill Wisner     - for being the first to successfully port the game, finding
                   several old bugs, uh, inconsistencies, in the process.
     And         - Mads Haar and Stephan Dahl for additional locations.

Developed at: 

 DIKU -- The Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen.

{Rsee also:{x help 'MERC', 'ROM', 'GODWARS', and of course 'LURF'

-1 MERC~
This mud is based on Merc 2.1, created by Furey, Hatchet, and Kahn.  Merc 2.1
is available as Merc_21.tar.gz from and E-mail
to '' to join the merc mailing list.

Thanks to ...
  ... Diku Mud for starting it all.
  ... The Free Software Foundation and DJ Delorie for kick-ass tools.
  ... Copper Mud and Alfa Mud for releasing their code and worlds.
  ... Aod of Generic for ... well, everything.  You're a hoopy frood, Aod.
  ... Alander for many ideas and contributions.
  ... John Brothers of Silly for permission to use Silly code and worlds.
  ... Zrin for administering the mailing list.
  ... Abaddon for proofreading our comm.c.
  ... Hind, Quin, Vic, Diavolo, Oleg, Trienne, and others for porting help.
  ... Diavolo, Grodyn, Morgenes, and others for code and bug fixes.
  ... Raff, Doctor, VampLestat, Nirrad, Tyrst, PinkF, Chris, Glop for worlds.
  ... the players and imps of Mud Dome, Final Mud, Mud Lite, Vego Mud, Rivers
      of Mud, Ruhr Mud, and Mystic Realms for bug reports, ideas, new code,
      and hours of enjoyment.

Share and enjoy.

{Rsee also:{x help 'DIKU', 'ROM', 'GODWARS', and of course 'LURF'

God Wars was created by Richard Woolcock, aka KaVir, who would like to thank:
  * Zarkas, for teaching me how to mud properly.
  * Malice, for getting me into the implementor and coder side of things.
  * Haus, for inspiring me to create a mud without levels.
  * ShadoWeaver, for providing me with my first (and free) site.
  * Rotain, for helping with the code - and the debugging.
  * Calamar, for adding some nifty code that I still don't understand.
  * Stephen from ACK mud, for coding advise and suggestions.
  * Monochrome BBS, for supplying me with a decent free site.
  * Lucifur, for providing a USA mirror site for the USA players.
  * Shaddai, for a mirror site, code snippets and bug reports.
  * Arioch, for comments, suggestions, and help running the mud.
  * Tepic, for writing the web pages, and helping run the mud.
  * Pandora, for trying to bring some semblance of order to the mud.
  * All the players, for finally showing me why God Wars doesn't work.


{Rsee also:{x help 'DIKU', 'MERC', 'ROM', and of course 'LURF'

Around the end of 1994, I - Richard Woolcock (aka KaVir) - was helping Ben 
Walding (aka Malice) write Eternal Conflict MUD.  I supplied suggestions, whilst
he did almost all of the coding.  In order to help out with the code, I decided
to download a copy of Merc 2.1 and 'have a play' with it.  I taught myself how 
code in C, but as a side affect I created another mud - God Wars.  The mud was
very primitive, but was also quite fun to play on, so I spoke with a friend of
mine and managed to get a temporary site - just to show him what I had written.
The mud proved popular, and was offered a permanent site elsewhere.  After 
about 6 months work, one of the players (who called himself Joker) requested a
copy of the mud to help with his University project.  In return for his word
that the mud would be for personal use only, I agreed.  He broke his word, and
ran the mud as Vampire Wars, making practically no further changes to the code.
A few months later, I began to jointly run a second version of God Wars in the
USA, because of severe lag the American players suffered from whilst playing on
the UK based mud.  This mud began developing on its own, until eventually the
site owner and his coder fell out, and another version of God Wars was created.
In 1997 another copy of Godwars was stolen and given out freely over the net.
Since then I began developing the mud in a very different direction - stopping
only briefly to create God Wars Deluxe, which unfortunately was also stolen
and eventually leaked out. - KaVir


This version of God Wars was last modified by KaVir in March 1996.  After that
point a couple of people decided to try and "rework" the code, filling it with
numerous really nasty bugs - thus you are using this code at your own peril
(unfortunately there are no cleaner copies of the 1996 code).  Look out for 
other muds in the series!  God Wars (1995 version of this), Dark City (KaVir's
evolved God Wars derivative), God Wars Deluxe (a cut-down, smoothed out version
of Dark City) and Last City - KaVir's current mud, which is not currently up.
There are also a number of other God Wars derivatives which were not written by
KaVir - for example Sage's "Lords of War" and Aronacus' "Planes of Hades".

Unfortunately the original 1996 copy of the code was lost (KaVir didn't keep 
copies of the mud in it's different stages - KaVir just kept working on it until
he decided it needed a new name and called it Dark City).  Last City got another
rename because a movie came out called Dark City and didn't want people getting
confused about the theme.

For more information, check out the GODWARS-TREE help file.


This is the God Wars family tree.

                                               God Wars (1995)*
                                           |                     |
                                    God Wars (1996)*        Vampire Wars
                           |                         |                |
               Dark City (pre-wilderness)*     Lurf2 (1998)     Leaked God Wars
                           |                                          |
             -----------------------------                      -------------
             |                           |                      |     |     |
 Dark City (post-wilderness)*    God Wars Deluxe*              LoW   PoH  others
     Last City (current)*

* Indicates the version was written by KaVir.
  -Both 1996 and Deluxe have leaked.
  -1995, 1996, LoW and PoH have since been released to the public.

For more information, check out the GODWARS-INFO help file.


-1 ROM~
ROM started in early Feb 1993, using Merc 1.0 code. In July of 1993, ROM II was 
started, eventually replacing the original ROM.  ROM was up for a little over a
year, after which the code (version 2.3) was released, and various other ROM
muds were started, including Rivers of Mud under a new management (Zump's ROM),
at 9000. Alander's current project is Athen, the sequel to the ROM code.
It will be found at 6666, when it is opened.

The following people contributed to the ROM flavor of the merc base code:

  Socials -- Kelsey and Liralen
  New, Improved Valhalla -- Liralen
  Maps and map shop -- Ezra, Regnan (Olympus)
  Nirvana zone -- Forstall (mobiles rewritten by Alander)
  Mob Factory -- Pinkfloyd (originally for ROM, mobiles rewritten by Alander)
  Geographically correct New Enoch (Midgaard) (tm) -- Alander
  Ideas and playtesting -- Thousands of dedicated mudders around the world
  Beta testing -- Ken Blosser, Doug Araya, Sherene Neil all helped with bugs 
  and suggestions, saving a lot of headaches
  New Thalos area was donated by Onivel of Jedi, who was also the originator
  of the ASCII flags used in the zone files

ROM 2.4 was developed during my time with Moosehead SLED, and the release shares
many of the features I wrote while I was there.  Additional code was written by
Seth Scott (enchant armor, the new poofin/poofout), and many contributions and
ideas from the Merc list were used. Portions of Rusty's code from Moosehead also

The new features of 2.4 were largely produced in bull sessions with Gabrielle
Taylor and Brian Moore, without whom this release wouldn't have happened.  In
particular, the new privacy code, furniture, and wiznet are largely the results
of Gabrielle's ideas.

Changes to the standard diku mob and object format, as well as the changes to
Merc 2.1 source code, were done by Alander over many late nights of hair-pulling
Hope you enjoy it. (my apologies if anyone was forgotten on list)

{Rsee also:{x help 'DIKU', 'MERC', 'GODWARS', and of course 'LURF'

-1 LURF 'Lurking Fear II' Version~
Lurking Fear started as the brainchild of Dominion, who brought together the
creative talents of a small group of Mudders, who were fed up with the ways of
their current MUDs, and thought that they could do a better job with their own.

                     Dominion, Spiral, Jovie, and Cancer

Over the past three years, Lurking Fear has evolved into what you see now, 
starting as a Merc 2.2, quickly running to a ROM 2.4b that was HEAVILY modified,
turned into a highly coveted, much ripped off LURF code, then dropped.  After a
small break, Godwars code was picked up, mutilated, transformed and enhanced to
LURF2 standards.

Lurf has been influenced, both positively and negatively by numerous sources.
We put up with know-it-alls, whiners, and even a few constructive critics.  They
all know who they are, and appropriately know our thanks or curses. :)

Current Version:  Lurking Fear II, now so enhanced and modified, we now consider
it of the LURF2 codebase, based off of DIKU, MERC, ROM, GODWARS, and LURF1 code.

-1 WIZLIST IMMORTAL Dominion Spiral~
Lurking Fear II Implementor and Administration- Administrative Duties
       - - - O R I G I N A L   V I S I O N - - -

             {RDominion{x           - Original Vision and Design

       - - - I M P L E M E N T O R S  - - - 
             {WArcite{x             - Design, Policy and Implementor
             {WAslan{x              - Vision, Policy, Head Consultant and Implementor  
     - - - A D M I N I S T R A T I O N - - -
             {ROmega{x              -  Oversight: Policy, Personnel, & Design
       {GGarou                       Vampire                        Mage
    Consultants                  Consultants                   Consultants
    -----------                  -----------                   -----------
      {mVeritas                      {mCheron                         {mSurjon
      {gMoonwick                     {Ggwynneth                       {gYotaru
      {gJaryd                                                       Kalei 

                                 {GGeneral Rp
                                 and Eq Imms


1 Greet Meet known~
 {RSyntax:{C greet <player> 
         greet <player> [greeting message]
         meet  <player1><player2> (if you know both, they don't know each other)
Only once you've learned who a person is, will you see their name in the who
listing, or on the street when you do a 'look'.  To introduce yourself to
someone, use the greet command.  You can introduce yourself even if you don't
know their name by using their desc. i.e. 'greet female'.

If you do not see that person, they are not on your who list, because you don't
know that they are on.  Now, you must meet in common locations to run into
them.  You do not automatically know a person's name until they tell it to
you, so they are a stranger until then.

Note that just because you introduce yourself to someone, does not mean that
they have to give you their name...  Introducing yourself will give the other
person your name however.

  This is based on The WoT Mud greet, then modified for Lurf II.


.       ------------------------------------------------------------------
          Diku Mud was created by Hans Henrik Staerfeldt, Katja Nyboe,
               Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer.
     Merc 2.1  Furey, Hatchet, Kahn.  Rom 2.4 Russ Taylor  GodWars by KaVir
       Lurking Fear by Dominion 1995-01        
               |---.\   __     __   _,  ____,   __   _, ___,  _____,   _____,
       ___     |       (-||   (-||  |  (-||_)  (-||_/  (-||  (-||  |  (-// _,
      / .-\  ./=)       _||__,  ||__|_, _|| \_, _|| \_, _||_, _||  |_,  \\__)
      | |"|_/\/|       (               (       (       (     (
      ; |-;| /_|             _____, _____,  ____,    ____,         ______,
    / \_| |/ \ |            (-||_, (-||_,  (-||_\_, (-||_)        (-|| ||
   /      \/\( |            _ ||    _||__,  _||  )   _|| \_,       _||_||_,
  |     / |` ) |           (__//   (       (        (             (
  /     \_/    |             
 /--._/   \    |                 '...often imitated, never equaled...'
 `/|)     |    /        
   /      |   |                      
 .'       |   |              port 4040
 /        \   |		  
(_.-.__.__./ / 

                What name do you want engraved on your tombstone? ~

-1 MOTD~
* S T O P *  This MUD REQUIRES the general knowledge or at minimum, the ability
to gain general knowledge of the World of Darkness RPG system, and the LURF
interpretation of that system.  Newbies welcome, consistant ignorance is not.

  This is Lurking Fear II, not the last God Wars MUD you played... things are
      different here... This is NOT a chatroom, use your ICQ or e-mail. 


 * Type 'help' for help.  To see the changes type 'help changes'.
 * Type 'help rules' and 'help policy' for a list of rules and the policy.
 * Type 'help FAQ' for answers to frequently asked questions.
  DISCLAIMER: This MUD is specifically designed to be played by adults and 
therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17. This MUD contains one or more
of the following: graphic violence, explicit sexual activity, or crude indecent 
language. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

> READ THIS:  THIS MUD IS ENFORCED ROLEPLAY, keep all actions IC (in char), if 
> you feel the need to talk OOC, use the OOC channel, other channels are not for
> this purpose.  Type 'help RP', 'help channel', or ask questions on OOC.

Press RETURN to continue: ~

* PLEASE: check 'help decapitate' and 'help rules'.
* Also check 'help status', 'help escape'.

** NEW ** Read 'help rp status'

0 Newbies 'Starting Out'~
There are a TON of help files to get you started.

  Initial Commands to type:

    Score, Who, Train, Practice, Spell, Level

  See help on:

    FAQ, Help, Rules, Policy, Class, Stance

  Also see: has a 'How to Play' section that you may like
    to check out.


* This is a role-playing MUD.  Your name must follow certain guildlines, or your
  character will be DELETED.  Any inappropriate name will be DELETED at the
  discretion of the Administration.  

* DO NOT use silly, offensive, or otherwise stupid names.  If you are not sure
  of the name for some reason, it probably should be something else.  Slang,
  misspelled names, or unpronouncable garble are poor choices.

* The theme of this MUD is World of Darkness, with emphasis in Vampires and
  Werewolves, and the time period is more or less Medieval.  Do not use present
  day or non-themed names.  ANY name can be deemed inappropriate, for ANY
  reason, by the Administration.

* If your name is questioned, do not act like it is the first time you were
* warned.  This is pre-creation, pick a suitable name now, and avoid problems.


-1 NEWS~
To see the changes, type 'help changes'.

Check all Message boards.


1 AGE Hours~
{RAge of a Vampire{x

 Historically, the older the Vampire, the more powerful they become.  Of course
 a stagnant, unmaintained Vampire may be weaker than others, but with age comes
 a certain advantage.

  1500+ hours - *+-{RMethuselah{x    * results in a damcap and dodge bonus  
   800+ hours - *+ {RElder     {x    + results in additional discipline 
   400+ hours - *+ {RAncilla   {x    - results in additional discipline rating
   200+ hours -    {RNeonate   {x      ( a 4th Generation Methuselah could have
   200- hours -    {RChilde    {x       13 disciplines, with a 7 rating. ) 

see also 'help Generation'

{GAge of a Werewolf{x

 Werewolves are mortal creatures, not undead beings.  With age, a werewolf gets
 older, but with experience comes power.

   Damcap bonus.


1 Methuselah Elder Ancilla Neonate Childe~
Methuselah: An Elder who no longer lives among other Kindred. Often Inconnu.
     Elder: Very old vampire, usually some of the most powerful vampires.
   Ancilla: An 'adolescent' vampire, not yet an elder but no longer a neonate.
   Neonate: A young, newly created Kindred. Vide Fledgling, Whelp. 
    Childe: A derogatory term for a young, inexperienced, or foolish vampire.

{RSee also:{x help age


1 Diablerie~
The cannibalistic behavior common among Kindred, involving the consumption of 
the blood of another vampire. The elders do so out of need, whereas the anarchs 
do so out of desire for power. 

A term for when a vampire feeds upon other vampires, either out of need or 
perversion. Vide Rogue

Diablerie is not currently coded on Lurking Fear II, but it is being considered
after an suitable implementation is decided on.


1 Generation 'Fourth Generation'~
Your generation represents the number of steps in your lineage away from
Dominion that you are.  The closer you are to Dominion, the more powerful you
can potentially become.  The higher your generation, the more disciplines you
may learn, and the higher rating in each discipline you may achieve.  Your
generation is equal to +1 of your sire's generation.

The minimum requirements to become a fourth generation vampire are:

  10k/10k/4k, full set of Legendary+ gear, mask-ready and 50+ million exp

This minimum requirement still may not be enough to persuade an Antideluvian
to embrace you.  Additional roleplay potential may also be required.

* These requirements may also be used for ArchMage or any other special cases.


Lurking Fear II is a RolePlay (RP) enhanced PlayerKill (PK) MUD.

This means RP is enforced, and PK is allowed.  It may be a hard concept for the
PurePK players, or PureRP players, but this mixture has been quite successful 
in its implementation here.  Please check out the various help files.

General rules (also see policy)

1) RP is enforced, you will keep IC and OOC separate at all times, and in the
   proper settings or channels.
2) PK is allowed, expect to be PKed.  You can PK any avatar, but certain RP
   restrictions must be followed.

 {xThe final say on ANY matter are the words of an Admin.
 Inter-clan rules at the discretion of the clan.
 {Rsee also:{x 'help policy', 'help pk', 'help status', 'help rp status'


1 OOC 'Out of Character' IC 'In Character'~
OOC: simply means 'Out of Character'- Anything OOC does not take place within 
the MUD's storyline. Conversations about where the MUD is located, or talking 
about where other Players go to school in Real-Life (RL) are OOC discussions. 
Any action that is OOC would not be known or remembered by chars.  Knowledge 
or info gathered through any OOC means cannot be used in IC environment. 

 IC: simply means 'In Character' - A state in which actions and characters are 
considered active parts of the MUD's continuing timeline.  Role-Playing (RPing) 
of a character occurs when the char is IC, which can only happen when located in
an IC location. An action is considered IC if it is realistic for the situation, 
and follows a plausible set of events.

You are required to keep IC and OOC separate, or you will be penalized either
RP Status, or you will be asked/forced to leave.

{RSee also:{x 'help channels' and 'help roleplay'


0 blood gore 'killing humans' wash murderer~
If you kill 'human' mobs, you will be covered in 'blood and gore', which may
prompt cityguards to accuse you of murder, and attack you.  There are plenty of
non-human animals and monsters to kill if you are either too humane to kill your
own race, or are afraid of the reprecussions of getting caught murdering the
townsfolk.  If in fact you choose to kill humans, you accept the possible
actions that may be taken against you.

PKilling is not illegal, but it is highly frowned upon within the walls of the
city.  It is permissable to be attacked and killed by other avatars for killing
inside a city, especially if that particular city is a Sect Domain.

 {RSyntax:{C wash
If you are covered in 'blood and gore', you may clean yourself off by washing
yourself in a water area, such as a pool, river or ocean.  This will eliminate
the evidence of your barbaric crimes.


               |---.\     Lurking Fear II Policy 
       ___     |    
      / .-\  ./=)      type either "help policy#" or "help (policy name)"
      | |"|_/\/|  
      ; |-;| /_|    1. ArtifactPolicy 
    / \_| |/ \ |    2. Multiplaying (and CharSharing)  
   /      \/\( |    3. Spam    
  |     / |` ) |    4. Crashing  
  /     \_/    |    5. Botting and Triggers        
 /--._/   \    |    6. NonAvatars 
 `/|)     |    /    7. Hacking (of Players)    
   /      |   |     8. Roleplaying                 
 .'       |   |     9. Bugs 
 /        \   |    10. Suicide or FeedingStatus 
(_.-.__.__./ /     11. Admin or NewImm or Code       see also "help excess" 
		   12. Unhappyness

  Any and ALL rules or policy are interpreted by the Admin.  These posted and 
  implied standards may be changed or re-interpreted by the Admin at any time.
  The FINAL say on any matter is the word of an Admin, or the higher Admin


1 POLICY1 ArtifactPolicy~
{W*{y Cloning of Artifacts is banned! And always has been.{x
{W*{y Storage of Artifacts is illegal. {x
  Cloning of ANY artifact will result in all copies of the cloned artifact
  being removed from the game and any further action deemed appropriate.    

  Artifacts are for Avatars+ only... NO MORTALS will handle an Artifact
  for any reason.  You will be deleted if you are a mortal char storing an 
  artifact.  You will lose the artifact if you are avatar+ and give one to
  a mortal.

  Any one character may only posess 2 artifacts, of any kind, at anytime.
  Dominion's Bloodstones are technically NOT artifacts, and don't count towards
  the 2 artifact limit, but they are restricted to 1 per character.


1 POLICY2 Multiplaying Charsharing~
{W*{y Multiplaying is illegal!{x
{W*{y Sharing characters is illegal!{x

  'Multi playing' is 'p-l-a-y-i-n-g--m-u-l-t-i-p-l-e' characters at same time.

    This means two or more characters are being controlled by same person, at 
    the same time, and they are currently logged into the MUD.  

  'Char sharing' is 's-h-a-r-i-n-g--c-h-a-r-s' between two or more people.

    This means two or more people are controlling the same characters, at 
    various times, or giving away characters to other players. 

    Rule of thumb: If you started a character, play your character... DO
    NOT play someone elses at all.  If you no longer wish to play a
    character, stop playing, DO NOT give its password to another person. 
  Anyone caught doing so will have ALL of the concerned characters deleted
  or any lesser penalty deemed appropriate by the immortal dealing with it.
  This includes going link-dead and immediately logging on another char to
  whine about the first.  NO EXCEPTIONS! 

  Also, there will be NO helping your own characters with other characters you
  own, by ANY arrangement.  Since your characters cannot be on the mud at the
  same time, they would have no knowledge of each other, to even attempt to
  interact.  How clear does this need to be?  


When you decide lurf doesn't cut it anymore as your choise of entertainment.
Please leave at your own free will. Please do not log back in and harass
the immortal staff about your reason for quitting lurf. Please do not
make ooc comments about your reason for quitting lurf.. in fact keey
keep even, your mouth shut. If you don't have nothing nice to say don't
say it. Or i will have to shut it for you. It is not your job or responisbility
to let everyone know why you are quitting. Or even to get back revenge on
us by trying to take our player base away. The reason we have a player base
it due to something we are doing right. And they feel it is nessary to play.
But much like all entertainment out on the internet, this is only one
free service. And much like other free services out on the internet
if this is abused alot it won't remain free. I spend 40 - 50 dollars
every month to keep this service up so that everyone is happy and lives
thier life the way they want it. It is not our responsibility to make

you happy cause you do not agree with our rules... It is not our
responsibility to keep you entertained all your life. We only keep
the majority of players happy. If there are 5 happy players on, then
I am doing my job.

With that said, I am instating new policy, as of today... If you cannot
stand policy or refuse to go somewhere else, I will ban and humilitate
those that do not comply. This is a adult mud, and we do not act like
spolied children when we do not get our way. You should act the same.

1 POLICY3 Spam~
{W*{y No spamming any channels{x

  This is unfriendly and upsets people. The penalty for this is that the
  offending player will be silenced for a period determined by the immortal.

  Spamming also includes spamming spells in popular public locations.  If you
  need to, use The Donation Room or The Bank, on either side of By The Temple
  Altar (healer), don't spam the healer.  Also, do not idle in leveling areas
  or quest zones, with the purpose of slowing repops, while practicing spells
  for extended periods of time.  It is a common courtesy.


1 POLICY4 Crashing~
{W*{y No purposeful crashing of the mud.{x

  Deliberate crashing of the mud will cause you to be denied or possibly
  deleted and may even end up in your site being prevented from connecting
  to the mud (banned).

  Any bugs that cause this MUST be reported immediately.


1 POLICY5 Botting Triggers~
{W*{y No 'bots' or other series of triggers to maintain a afk connection.{x

  Actively train and practice your spells, skills or stances, or you may find
  your gains lost, or worse.  zMUD or Tintin macros and hotkeys are fine, as
  long as they are NOT maintaining your connection.

  This is highly frowned upon by the Admin, and you will be set back.

{W*{y SIMPLE triggers, macros, and hot keys are fine, as long as gameplay is 
  actively maintained by the player, not a intricate series scripts.{x


1 POLICY6 Nonavatars~
{W*{y Avatars and Non Avatars will in NO way harm or hinder each other.{x

  Non Avatars will NOT heal, spell up, scout for, or where any Avatar.
  Avatars will NOT attack, charm, command, trick, deceive or in any other way
  hurt a Non Avatar.  EVER.  You will be killed and looted, to include your
  claimed gear and any artifacts you may have acquired.  Worth it?

  If any Non Avatar or newbie ask a question, you are not required to answer it
  although that would keep in the spirit of helping others and promote a
  friendly atmosphere.  If in fact you do choose to open your mouth, you WILL
  NOT give out false information, or you will be severely punished.


1 POLICY7 Hacking~
{W*{y There will be no excessive hindering of gameplay to other characters{x

  This includes being tied, gagged, and blindfolded and left for an extended
  period of time, without the active attempt to gain a decapitation.  Holding
  of a mortally wounded character should be limited to a 'few minutes', or set
  them free.  Holding and continued mortally wounding a character for the sole
  purpose of torso-ing is illegal, unless immediately followed by a decap.

  This is to prevent EXCESSIVE abuse, not normal PK.  Do not immediately whine
  as soon as you get smacked down, or start your stop watch... How do you time
  a 'few minutes'?  You typed 'train avatar', you should expect to be PKed.


Commands for writing:
write page title txt This will make a title for the page.
write page line txt This writes the first line on the page.
write page line + txt This writes a line after the one just written.
If you want to delete a page simply use the command 'write page line txt
and it will delete all the lines in the page.
You can have a pen createt by the immortals, aswell as paper to write on.
Theese pages that have been wrote can later eb insertet in a book by immortals.
Theese players createt books weather they be journals, stories, faerie tales
or what ever, is for roleplaying ussage.

1 POLICY8 RolePlaying 'Role Play' RP~
To say roleplaying is enforced, it is near impossible to effectively maintain
total compliance with any set standards.  Roleplay by definition suggests a
wide variety of acceptable options.  Still, roleplay on Lurking Fear II is
enforced on LURF II.It is impossible for the Admin to see and be everywhere
on the MUD, at all times.  But we are trying the best we can to do so anyways,
there fore you should not loose the good spirit of roleplaying because you 
havent been rewarded for good roleplay the last cupple of sessions.
It will come sooner or later.
 AD&D 2nd Ed rules: 'It is best to create a character according to how you wish 
 it to be created: while the DM may have some say in strictly technical issues,
 the character must be one which you can roleplay naturally.'
If you fail to play the role you have choosen to play here on LURF,
some adjustments must be taken. Immortals noticing people not being true
to the role they play will penalized you by loss of Rpts and/or RP status.  
Worst case, you will MUD elsewhere.
But if you just act the role you have written in your nature and demeanor and
stick within our rules that is something that will never happen to you.
You are also required to strictly keep all OOC and IC comments to the channels
reserved for that particular discussion.  ie. OOC, chat, cgoss, question, tells
You have to remember that there is a big differance on IC and OOC actions. If
somone plots you out, and wins a given conflict weather it is verbal or a fight
do not start whining to him oocly, his role defeatet your role, the two of you
shouldent judge the other over it.
Many roleplayers around the world thinks that good roleplay is
equal to getting power, however this isent the case, he/she who can play the
loosing role in a given conflict, is just as good if not better a player.
Try to remember that it is not you who loose respect if your role looses a
conflict, often you will find that its acturly just the oppersit.

1 rp-sect~
The following helps are designed to assist your ability to properly roleplay a
certain type of character.  Situations may vary, but these will guide you in the
right direction.  If you have additional questions, a knowledgeable member of
the given sect should be able to help you out.

see additional helps on any of the following:

  rp-vampire         rp-camarilla      rp-sabbat     rp-followers
  rp-werewolf        rp-pack           rp-wyrm 


1 rp-camarilla~
{CBasic roleplay of a Camarilla Vampire:{x

Views on Werewolves:  Avoid werewolves if at all possible.  If contact cannot be
avoided, take any precautions to ensure the advantage.  Take any opportunity to
betray or ambush garou in self-defense.

Views on Sabbat:  Natural opponents as Sabbat is against all Traditions that
Camarilla adhere to.  Fear of Sabbat prompts calculated, well planned attacks.

Views on Followers:  Treated similar to the Sabbat, to be destroyed.


1 rp-sabbat~
{RBasic roleplay of a Sabbat Vampire:{x

Views on Camarilla:  Driving goal to destroy the Camarilla.  Will use any means
to at its disposal to wreak havoc on the enemy.

Views on Followers:  Evil snakes through and through.  Stong enemies of the
Sabbat, and must be annihilated.

Views on Werewolves:  Werewolves should be destroyed at the convenience of the
Sabbat.  This hatred is of secondary importance compared to vampire enemies.
Bone Gnawers are the exception.


1 rp-followers~
{BBasic roleplay of a Follower Vampire:{x

Views on Camarilla:  Setites refused to join the Camarilla when it was formed. 
They will continue to harrass the Camarilla, until it and the ancients who 
manipulate it are dust and forgotten.

Views on Sabbat:  The Sabbat blasphemers need to be destroyed.  But most Sabbat
are of little concern to the Followers, except that they make great enemies of 

Views on Werewolves:  Werewolves are enemies of the Wyrm tainted Followers,
however, Werewolves of the Wyrm share similar ideals, and mutual enemies.  It
has been rumored of brief collective ventures of the Wyrm.  


1 rp-pack~
{gBasic roleplay of a Pack Werewolf:{x

Views on the Wyrm:  The Wyrm is the greatest enemy of Garou.


1 rp-wyrm~
{mBasic roleplay of a Wyrm Werewolf:{x

Views of the Pack:  Implacable foes, often tempting to lure them into its


1 rp-independant~
{wBasic roleplay of an Independant Vampire:{x  Independant vampires are granted
slight leeway with their dealings with other Sects.  Antitribu distinction
may be required.

{wBasic roleplay of an Independant Werewolf:{x  Independant werewolves are granted
slight leeway with thier dealings with other Sects.


1 rp-vampire~
{RBasic roleplay of a Vampire:{x

Views on Werewolves:  Age-old enemies of Vampires, as their hatred of vampires
overwhelms them.

Gangrel exception:  Have a better understanding of Garou, may briefly ally with
them, but still inherent enemies.  Secondary to sect beliefs.


1 rp-werewolf~
{GBasic roleplay of a Werewolf:{x

Views on Vampires:  Considered corrupt targets, to be annihilated on sight.  The
very existance of these Wrym-spawned creatures infuriates the Garou.


1 POLICY9 Bugs~
{W*{y Exploiting bugs and not reporting them is illegal.  (duh!){x          

  If you find a bug, no matter how small, you WILL report it.               
  If you find a bug and do not report it, you WILL be severely punished.  Use
  some common sense here people...                                            

  There is no place for cheaters here.


1 POLICY10 Suicide FeedingStatus~
{W*{y Do NOT PK suicide or feed others your own status.{x

  There is NO reason to immediately leave the healer after you have been capped
  and re-avatared, without fully healing, just to inflate the status of others.
  If you are running around with sub standard gear, and involving yourself in
  pointless PK battles, you will be frozen or deleted.  Suicide and status
  feeding involves anything similar to this as deemed by the Admin.

  If for any reason you 'retire' your character, just quit.  You do not have to
  piss off the Admin, sac your gear, and widdle out your status by breaking 
  rules and policy.  This also includes handing off full sets of created gear,
  quested gear, or tons of quest tokens. You will permanently lose your char
  and the gear/tokens will be confiscated.  It is not fair to others if they
  have to earn thier Qpts, but others get it all free.

  Besides, you may choose to come back at a later time, if of course, that
  option is still open.


1 POLICY11 Admin NewImm Code~
{W*{y Do not ask for high level Admin spots or to code on Lurking Fear II.{x

  We DO NOT hire Admin Immortals that are not active Lurking Fear II players or
  have NO Admin experience in the first place.  The only exceptions are if you 
  are approached by the Impl.  Don't call us, we'll call you.

  We are NOT in need of another or new coders, and No, our coders will not code
  for you.  We have rather large heaping platters, with little to no extra time
  to tackle other side projects.  This is our MUD, this is where we work.

  Lurking Fear II code is NOT public domain.  If you are looking for MUD code
  to start your own MUD, we will be of no help to you.  We would suggest that
  you search for any of the tons of released MUD source code, such as Merc, 
  ROM, Circle, etc...   Not hard to find.  You will NOT get GodWars or Lurf II
  code from us.

  This policy has stemed from MULTIPLE inquiries, resulting in a combined file
  of information on this subject.  We are not trying to be rude, but our work 
  is our work, done for the enjoyment of our players.  We don't have time to 
  train new Admin, baby sit new Admin, or otherwise detract ourselves from 
  constant improvements here.  Our players understand and so should you.


1 Assist Assisting~
If you attack someone bigger then you, DO NOT call your higher status sectmates
to bail you out, we have a FLEE command, or an ESCAPE command if you get beat
up that fast.  Please learn to fight your own battles and not bite off more then
you can handle yourself.

On the other hand it IS okay to call for help when you are attacked by someone
else, that is the risk someone takes when initiating a fight.


1 Excess~
Excessive or repeated violations to the same rule or policy, by the same actual
player, without any concern for different characters played by that person that
may have commited the crimes, will result in much harsher punishments.

Just because you create a new char and break a rule again with a different name, 
does not mean you will get off with a first time warning.  First time warnings
may or may not be given, at the discretion of the Admin handling the issue.


Safe rooms are certain rooms that no combat may be initiated, hence called safe.
During the daylight hours, these designated rooms will provide you safety.  At
night however, there is no safe place to hide.   This is a 'World of Darkness'
MUD.  Safe rooms are ineffective at this time.

Beware of the things that go bump in the night.


  The realm of the Lurking Fear is in essence, a powder keg waiting to explode.
Behind the many conflicts tearing at mortal society a fierce Jyhad rages in the
darkness.   By night, Tremere and their Gargoyle creations fight brutal wars
against the Tzimisce and their ghoul servitors.   Powerful Ventrue forcefully 
attempt to bring regions under their control.   Individual Tzimisce voivodes 
defend their ancestral holdings from marauding packs of younger Tzimisce and 
Lupines of the Silver Fang tribe.   Malkavian prophets warn of the coming of 
Gehenna.   Archane Mages of unknown decent are starting to surface.   Even the 
noble Gangrel are split between those who support the growth of mortal cities, 
and those who wish to see them destroyed.   The Brujah rail against the Western 
Ventrue, sowing the seeds that will eventually lead to great peasant revolts.  
Assamites lurk in the shadows ready to strike against those who would bring the
Crusades to their lands.   The Camarilla sect wages war on the Sabbat as Lupine 
forces look on.   It is no wonder peasants lock their doors at night, huddling 
together in fear at the terrible sounds just outside thier windows.

  In the mortal world, the clash between East and West goes on. On one side are
Western nobilty, the Roman Catholic Church, nomad merchants, and the Western 
overlords.   On the other, Eastern and Ofcol serfs, New Thalos and New Enoch 
peasants, pagans, and the Eastern Orthodox Church.   Of course, these conflicts 
are not as black-and-white as they seem.   Within each faction are many 
individuals with often conflicting goals.

Time period: Late 1400s - Early 1500s (late Dark Ages - beginning Renaissance)

MOVEMENT                          GROUP
 north south east west up down     follow group gtell split
 exits recall
 sleep wake rest stand

 get put drop give sacrifice       help credits areas commands socials who
 wear wield hold                   report score skill spell time weather where
 recite quaff zap brandish         channels config description password title
 lock unlock open close pick       auction chat music question answer shout yell
 inventory equipment look compare  emote pose say tell
 eat drink fill empty              bug typo
 list buy sell value               board note

COMBAT                            OTHER
 kill flee kick rescue disarm      ! save quit
 backstab cast wimpy               practice train
 stance autostance

For more help, type 'help <topic>' for any command, skill, or spell.


 * Awesome! combat system includes weapon skills, hit locations, critical 
   hits, special moves, death moves, stances and fighting techniques. 
 * Levels and classes removed.
 * PK avatars that can only die by decapitation and complete destruction 
   of their head and brain.
 * Improved 'consider' command now gives much more information.
 * New training system uses exp to improve stats, skills, hp, mana, move, 
   primal, and become avatar.
 * KILLER and THIEF flags removed, and player corpse looting allowed.
 * Spell casting weapons and spell affect armour coded.
 * Vampires, Werewolves, Mages coded.  Type 'help vampire', etc.
 * Left/Right hand locations rather than wield/shield/held.
 * Object manipulation commands for wear/remove/activate/etc.
 * Mounts, missile weapons, marriage and full sex added.
 * ANSI colour added.  Type 'ansi' to switch it on.
** Lope's colour added.  Type 'ansi' or 'color' to toggle.  Type  'help color'
 * Special hard-coded quest point system for Quest Makers and players.
** Aquest - questmaster mob, with random automated quests
 * Oswitch and oreturn, allowing imms to switch into objects and back.
 * Customizable prompts added (based on code by Morgenes from Aldara Mud).
 * Many extra skills/spells, new item types, extra mob specs, and the rest 
   of the usual stuff people generally add to their muds.
** 32k max hp/mana/move lifted, new max is 120k for PC, unlimited for NPC :)
** Vampire disciplines being added and more realistically set up
** Autostance and light slot coded, new weather system
** ROM style OLC, and mobprogs (Ivan's)
** Status now affects various things, to include exp gain and number of items
** New levels in Werewolf totems
** Vampire age re-done, damcap for all upped
** ROM note spool system, then replaced by Erwin's Board system
** Several new, and continually added realism enhancements
** MSP- Mud Sound Protocol added
** Brand new totally redone Mage code
** Several RP changes coded, RP Status, Rpts, Greet system, Human kill penalty
** Complete rework of theme and mob standardization of of ALL areas and mobs
** Pfile validation to prevent crashes from pfile errors or corruption!
** Safe rooms are only safe during the daylight hours.

** Tons of changes not specifically listed, TONS more planned, be patient


0 DAMAGE 'Health Level' Condition~
When someone attacks someone else, a damage message is displayed to give 
you an idea of how much damage you have caused.  The following messages 
represent the following amounts of damage.
                                                 Health levels:
         {Ylightly{x                                  {CPerfect{x
         {mhard{x                                     {YBruised{x
         {mvery hard{x                                {YHurt{x
         {mextremely hard{x                           {GInjured{x
         {msavagely hard{x                            {BWounded{x
         {rsavagely hard{x                            {RMauled{x
         {rincredibly hard{x                          {RCrippled{x
         {rincredibly hard{x                          {WIncapacitated{x
         {rimpressively hard{x
         {Rimpressively hard{x
         {Ramazingly hard{x
         {Runbelievably hard{x
         {Rastoundingly hard{x
         {Mastoundingly hard{x
         {Mastonishingly hard{x
         {Mextraordinarily hard{x
         {Mbreathtakingly hard{x 
    and finally...
         {WUNSPEAKABLY hard{x and    
         {Wtoo HARD to comprehend!{x

Your final blow will be a 'death move', depending on your weapon type.

 {RSyntax:{C claim <object>
 {RSyntax:{C call  <object>
 {RSyntax:{C call all
 {RSyntax:{C gift  <object> <player>
 {RSyntax:{C locate
By claiming an object (which costs 500 exp), that object becomes your 
personal property.  Using the 'locate' command you can find what items 
currently belong to you and where they are in the mud.  If you are not 
carrying the item, you can get it back by calling it with the 'call' 
command.  You can change the ownership of your own items by use of the 
'gift' command.


To become an 'avatar' you are required to have 100000 exp, and a minimum of
4000 hp/mana/moves.  Any less, and you will be torn to shreds by other avatars.
It is suggested you wait until well over 5-10k hp, but if you have a death wish, 
shoot for the minimum.  The more work you put in, the better you will be.
Also, before going avatar, you are required to have a suitable long description.
{Rsee also:{x help 'description', 'help nature' and 'help demeanor'.

You may 'train avatar' at your discretion, after minimum requirements are met.
Additional class requirements will be made at a later time by class leaders.

Becoming an avatar puts you into the Immortal PK system, this is not like being
and Immortal admin with god powers.  Follow the RP/PK system set out in the help
files of 'rules', 'status', 'decapitate', 'tie', 'gag', 'blindfold', 'crack',
etc.  For info on classes, {Rsee also:{x help 'vampire', 'werewolf', and 'mage'.

** This is a World of Darkness themed mud, don't ask for Dragons, Ninjas, etc..
   We have Vampires, Werewolves, and Mages - possibly Hunter next on list

{RSee also:{x 'help rules', and 'help policy'


 {RSyntax:{C decapitate <victim avatar> {x                           _( ('\
       _ _        or                                         ( \> > \
   -/-/ / -\ {C  tear <victim avatar>  {x                      _  > /('\/
  || | | /\ ;\                           _____            ( \/    > >
  _\\)\)\)/ ;;;                  `8o __-'     '\   d|      \      //
 ///(())(__/";;\                  "88p;.  -. _\_;.oP        (_._/ /
(((__   __ \\   \                  `>,% (\  (\./)8"         ;:'  i
)))--`.'-- (( ;,8 \               ,;%%%:  ./V^^^V'          ;.   ;.
((\   |   /)) .,88  `: ..,,;;;;,-::::::'_::\   ||\         ;[8:   ;
 )|  '-'  |(|(888; ..``'::::8888oooooo.  :\`^^^/,,"--._    |88::  |
 |\ -===- /|  \8;; ``:.      oo.8888888888:`((( o.ooo8888Oo;:;:'  |
 |_,-___-,_|   `-\.   `        `o`88888888b` )) 888b88888P""'     ;  
 ; '''';''         "`--_`.       b`888888888;(.,"888b888"  ..::;-'   Do this to
   ;      ;              '"-....  b`8888888:::::.`8888. .:;;;''   other avatars
      ;    ;                 `:::. `:::OOO:::::::.`OO' ;;;''      when they are
 :       ;                     `.      "``::::::''    .'   mortally wounded, and
    ;                           `.   \_              /  you will gain PK status.
  ;       ;                       +:   ''--  `:'  -';
                                   `:         : .::/   You may loot artifacts or
      ;                            ;;+_  :::. :..;;;  unclaimed items, and the 
                                                    victim becomes mortal again.

You may be penalized for poor RP if you haphazardly tie or decapitate people.
Also see: 'help status', 'help rp status', and 'help crack' 

While holding a head in either your left or right hand, typing 'crack' 
will crack the head open, spilling the brains out onto the floor.

Heads may be collected as souvenirs of PK battle.


When your character dies, you are reincarnated back at the Altar of the Temple
of New Enoch.  Your corpse is left behind in the room where you were killed,
together with all of your unclaimed equipment.  Your claimed gear autorecalls.

Any spells which were affecting you are canceled by death.

Following and groups are not affected by death.

You lose experience points for dying.  The amount you lose is half of your 
current amount, so it's a good idea not to hoard exp.

Corpses decay after time, and the objects inside corpses decay with them.
Player corpses last *roughly* 30 hours of game time (15 minutes of real time).


             ///"`     |\\_                      =\\\\            
            ,  |='  ,))\_| "-_                    _)  \      _ _  
           / ,' ,;((((((    " \                  `---\-"-_ /' (_/\
         /' -"/")))))))'\_   _/'                      \_  /'  D   |
        (       (((((( "-/ "-/                          "-;  /    \--_
         ""--|   ))''    ')  `                            `"'\_    \   )
             :        (_  "\        /  )))                  /""-     ./
              \        \_   )--__  /(_/)/                  |    )    )|
              |_     \__/"-__    ""   ,'      /,_;,   __--(   _/      |
             /' """----|     """"""""'        \-  ((--    __-'        |

This command allows you to transport to the Temple of New Enoch when 
mortally wounded.  Unfortunately, it also reduces both your mana and move 
to 0, and informs everyone else on the MUD that you are lying defenseless 
at be careful how you use it.


 {RSyntax:{C mount <creature>
 {RSyntax:{C dismount
This allows the character to mount the specified creature.  Only 
creatures such as horses and the like may be mounted, and they will aid 
their rider in combat.

For information on the MOUNT spell, type 'help mountspell'.


 {RSyntax:{C sheath <left|right> - the hand that the weapon is in
 {RSyntax:{C draw   <left|right>
Scabbards are for holding weapons.  You sheath the weapon in, and draw the
weapon out.

FASTDRAW is automatic, if you have it.  If another player attacks you
while you have any sheathed weapons, you will draw them out with
lightning speed and strike your opponent before they are able to land any
blows on you.  If you have any items in your hands at the time, you will
throw them aside before drawing your weapons.


Quest Makers (and occasionally higher levels) can set quests for one or 
more players to participate in.  The rewards for such quests can be in 
the form of specially modified equipment.  A number of quest points-worth 
will be allocated depending on the difficulty of the quest, using the 
following guidelines for point costs (QP's = Quest Points):

Once a certain affect (str, hitroll, ac, etc) is selected, it cannot be 
chosen again for that item even if you didn't select the maximum allowed 
amount.  Choosing to have penalties on an item will not decrease its 
cost, although some Quest Makers may allow extra points if you select a 
few disadvantages on the item.

For more information, type 'quest', 'help questcard', 'help token', 
and 'help aquest'.


 {RSyntax:{C quest <field> <value>
 {RSyntax:{C token <value>
QUEST will allow you to spend any quest points you might have.  For a 
list of the cost (in quest points), type 'quest'.

TOKEN will allow you to create a quest token, with the value of the token 
set to the value specified.  The tokens value must be within 1 and 500, 
and it cannot be greater than the number of quest points you currently 

For information on the QUEST spell, type 'help questspell'.


 {RSyntax:{C complete card
 {RSyntax:{C complete card <object>
 {RSyntax:{C recharge card machine
A quest card requires 4 objects to complete.  To find out what 4 objects you
need, type 'complete card'.  When you find these items, you should type
'complete card <object>'.  Once you have completed all 4 items on the card you
will be told that you have completed the card.  Then you should go and find the
dark crypt, where there is a machine, and type 'recharge card machine'.  You
will receive a quest token reward, which you should eat, and the card will be
recharged with 4 new items to find.

 HINT:  Vallandar's tomb can be found by going 2 south, 8 east, 4 north from
 recall.  once you have found that area, you should look for the guardian and
 solve his riddle, enter the portal he creates, and you'll be in the dark crypt.

The riddle given by the guardian is a randomly generated riddle that he will
change after each successful answer.  It is not permitted to ask for the answer
or give out the answer on public channels.  You will be penalized if you do.
The riddles are not that difficult to figure out.


The following are a few examples of quest types:
{Y* Find the object/s.{x  Examples: Find 5 different coloured potions, Find a 
  pitch black longsword that flames brightly, Find a dragon dagger, belt 
  and bracer, etc.
{Y* Kill the mob/s.{x  These can be hunt down and kill, or simple placing the 
  player in the same room as the mob/s.  Can also be combined with finding 
  objects - Example: Find and kill two different dragons and bring me 
  their claws.
{Y* Solve a puzzle.{x  For example find a certain room, solve a riddle in an 
  area, or successfully get out of a maze.  These are particularly good 
  when several players of different ability are competing in the quest.
{Y* Duel:{x A one-on-one fight pitting either a player against a mob, or 
  (more usually) a player against another player.  The conditions will be 
  decided beforehand, and can include any conditions that both sides 
  agree on.  Example: No sanctuary, no potions (or maybe a limited number),
  no spells, no weapons, or whatever.
{Y* Skirmishes:{x Like a duel, but involves several players on either side.  
  Although the sides don't have to be equal in number, it is generally a 
  good idea to make sure they are roughly equal in power.
{Y* There are also several more obscure quests that can be run{x - for 
  example you could require that the player brings you 3 small green 
  eggs, then load mob 30005 into the players room.  Another battle might 
  involve no melee - all combat must be with missile weapons.


Your character advances in power by gaining experience.

 * You gain experience by being part of a group that kills someone/something.
 * You lose experience by dying, being decapitated, or fleeing.

The experience you get from a kill depends on several things: how many players
are in your group; your alignment versus your opponent's alignment; how 
many of this monster have been killed lately (if they are an NPC); and 
some random variation.

There is a exp modifier, which is an average of your RP and PK status, as well
as the random Admin grins and glances.

See also help on 'rp status'.


This represents the 'danger' of the player.  You only have a status if you 
are level 3.  It grants no extra powers, but is a good measure of how deadly
that player is in combat.  Each time you decapitate an Immortal+ (or an 
Avatar if you are also an Avatar) your status goes up by one and their status
goes down by one (to a minimum of zero).  The following shows how many kills
(minus deaths) you need for each status:

   0  = {Y       Avatar   {RAvatar Vamp  {GAvatar Garou  {CAvatar Mage {yAvatar Hunter{x 
 1-4  = {Y   Lesser God   {RLesser Vamp  {GLesser Garou  {CLesser Mage {yLesser Hunter{x 
 5-9  = {Y      Demigod       {RVampire         {GGarou         {CMage {y       Hunter{x
10-14 = {Y  Greater God  {RGreater Vamp {GGreater Garou {CGreater Mage {yGreaterHunter{x
15-19 = {YGrandImmortal {RGrand Vampire   {GGrand Garou   {CGrand Mage {y Grand Hunter{x
20-24 = {YElderImmortal {RElder Vampire   {GElder Garou   {CElder Mage {y Elder Hunter{x
25-29 = {YMaster Immort   {RMaster Vamp  {GMaster Garou  {CMaster Mage {yMaster Hunter{x    
30+   = {YImmort Legend {RVampireLegend  {GGarou Legend  {CMage Legend {yHunter Legend{x

There is no longer any restrictions on who you can decapitate or tie up.
If you tie or decap a player under your range, you will get -1 RP status,
unless you note the immortals, to prove that the decap was a valid RP choice.
Then your RP status may be re-imbursed.

RP status and PK status are averaged together to get your status modifier that
affects your exp gain, and questing maximum.  You get an additional 100 QPts 
per Status point on quest gear.  {Rsee also:{x 'help rp status' and 'help gear'

 {RSyntax:{C skill  
         skillz <player>
This shows the target player's skill with the weapon they are currently 
wielding and the stance they are in (if it's a specialized stance).

Weapon skill				 Stance skill

 1) Totally unskilled.			 1) Totally unskilled.
 2) Slightly skilled.			 2) An apprentice.
 3) Reasonable.				 3) A trainee.
 4) Fairly competent.			 4) A student.
 5) Highly skilled.			 5) Fairly experienced.
 6) Very dangerous.			 6) Well trained.
 7) Extremely deadly.			 7) Highly skilled.
 8) An expert.				 8) An expert.
 9) A master.				 9) A master.
10) A grandmaster.			10) A grandmaster.

Note that these are only rough estimates; one master might well be 
slightly more skilled than another master, and so on.

 {RSyntax:{C spells | spell <colour>
This shows your spell casting ability with the various types of magic.

  1) Untrained.			 6) An adept.
  2) An apprentice.		 7) A mage.
  3) A student.			 8) A warlock.
  4) A scholar.			 9) A master wizard.
  5) A magus.			10) A grand sorcerer.

Note that these are only rough estimates; one master wizard might well be 
slightly more skilled than another master wizard, and so on.


To set your recall point, enter the desired room and type 'home here'.  
From that point on you will recall to that point rather than the Temple 
of New Enoch (although you still go to the Temple Altar if you die).

A home cannot be a safe room.


You can buy pets in the pet shop.  Your pet-buying opportunities do not 
accumulate; use them or lost them.  This policy prevents wholesale abuse 
of pets.


Each game tick, represents 30 minutes of MUD time, therefore each full MUD
hour requires 2 game ticks to pass.  Each tick, normal player update, i.e.
regeneration or spell length, will pass.  Use the 'time' command to see
current MUD time, in 30 minute intervals.

Many of the game actions are based upon interval timers, including combat,
most autonomous monster actions, hp/mana/move regeneration, spell duration,
weather, and area resetting.

Of these timers, the hp/mana/move regeneration timer is popularly called the
'tick'.  Ticks on this mud average 60 seconds of real time, but the actual
amount varies randomly from 45 seconds to 75 seconds.

Area resetting happens roughly every 5 minutes if no one is in the area; less
often (20 minutes) if some one is.  Also note that objects lying on the ground
will not be regenerated if anyone is in the area when it resets.


0 !~
 {RSyntax:{C !
! repeats the last command you typed.

 {RSyntax:{C north
 {RSyntax:{C south
 {RSyntax:{C east
 {RSyntax:{C west
 {RSyntax:{C up
 {RSyntax:{C down
Use these commands to walk in a particular direction.

 {RSyntax:{C cast <spell> <target>
Before you can cast a spell, you have to practice it.  The more you practice,
the higher chance you have of success when casting.  Casting spells costs mana.
The mana cost decreases as your magical ability increases.

The <target> is optional.  Many spells which need targets will use an
appropriate default target, especially during combat.

If the spell name is more than one word, then you must quote the spell name.
Example: cast 'cure critic' frag.  Quoting is optional for single-word spells.
You can abbreviate the spell name.

When you cast an offensive spell, the victim usually gets a saving throw.
The effect of the spell is reduced or eliminated if the victim makes the
saving throw successfully.

See also the help sections for individual spells.

For exits, type the direction (north/s/e/w) followed by:

dig <vnum>         - creates the room and makes a two way link
link <room vnum>   - make a two way link
room <room vnum>   - make a one way link (use with caution)
key <object vnum>  - makes specified object the vnum of the key required
name <door name>   - makes the door's name/keywords = to the given name
desc               - edit the description of the exit
delete             - delete this exit
<exit-flags>       - type ? EXIT for a list(make exit door, locked etc.)

The exit flags are presented in the following manner.  The capitalized
flags are ones not included in the reset info.  i.e. closed is due to
a player closing the door and not due to the door being set to be closed.

-South to [ 3744] Key: [   -1] Exit flags: [door CLOSED bashed pickproof]

 {RSyntax:{C exits
Tells you the visible exits of the room you are in.  Not all exits are visible.
You can use the 'bump' technique to find hidden exits.  (Try to walk in a
certain direction and see what you bump into).

 {RSyntax:{C drop <object>
 {RSyntax:{C drop <amount> coins
 {RSyntax:{C get  <object>
 {RSyntax:{C get  <object> <container>
 {RSyntax:{C give <object> <character>
 {RSyntax:{C give <amount> coins <character>
 {RSyntax:{C put  <object> <container>
DROP drops an object, or some coins, on the ground.

GET gets an object, either lying on the ground, or from a container, or even
from a corpse.  TAKE is a synonym for get.

GIVE gives an object, or some coins, to another character.

PUT puts an object into a container.

DROP, GET and PUT understand the object names 'ALL' for all objects and
'ALL.object' for all objects with the same name.

 {RSyntax:{C equipment
 {RSyntax:{C inventory
EQUIPMENT lists your equipment (armor, weapons, and held items).

   {Y(Legendary){x equipment:
       Equipment with quest value over 1999 and less then 4000.
   {C(Mythical){x  equipment:
       Equipment with quest value over 3999 and less then 8000.
   {M(Immortal){x  equipment: 
       Equipment with quest value of 8000 or greater.

Created gear has a maximum of 4000 QPts, as compared to mob gear with 2000. It
is possible for created weapons to go as high as 8000 Qpts in value.  Your
status (PK+RP/2) will add 100 QPts to the max of your items.

INVENTORY lists your inventory.

Due to several issue with people selling and giving eq to new players we have
decided to put this unwritten rule into text. NO player under 150 hours will 
purchase, receive nor hold any of the highlevel eq. The only eq you may give
or sell is Red Shimmering eq or the like. Any player found to have said 
highlevel eq will be punished as well as the player that gave or sold eq to 
that player.

 {RSyntax:{C compare <object-1> <object-2>
 {RSyntax:{C compare <object>
COMPARE compares two objects in your inventory.  If both objects are weapons,
it will report the one with the better average damage.  If both objects are
armor, it will report the one with the better armor class.

COMPARE with one argument compares an object in your inventory to the object
you are currently wearing or wielding of the same type.

COMPARE doesn't consider any special modifiers of the objects, such as hit and 
damroll.  An object with 10 ac would compare better than and object with
9 ac and +10 hit/+10 damroll...


 {RSyntax:{C backstab <character>            {RSyntax:{C punch    <character>
 {RSyntax:{C berserk                         {RSyntax:{C stomp    <character>
 {RSyntax:{C disarm                          {RSyntax:{C kill     <character>   
 {RSyntax:{C kick
KILL starts a fight, and, hopefully, kills something.  BACKSTAB is another way
to start a fight, used by thieves.  BS is a synonym for BACKSTAB.

BERSERK will make you strike out at every creature in the room.  It will 
hit players as well as mobiles, so it's a good idea not to use this skill 
while you are grouped.

DISARM is an auxiliary fighting command to disarm your opponent.  Similarly,

KICK will inflict more damage during combat by kicking.

PUNCH will inflict a small amount of damage, and stun your opponent for a 
short period of time.  It also has a chance of breaking your opponents 
nose or jaw.

STOMP will infict damage to your opponents legs or feet, sapping away thier
ability to move.  A successful stomp also has an increased chance of breaking
your opponent's leg or foot.  If they have no movement, they can not flee...

In order to BACKSTAB, DISARM, KICK or PUNCH successfully, you must practice
the appropriate skill.

 {RSyntax:{C ansi
 {RSyntax:{C color
This will show things in colour.  Spells will appear in their appropriate 
colour, and important messages will be highlighted.  Your exp (or opponents
condition if you're fighting), hp, mana and move are shown in scaled colour.
Scaled colour is represented as follows:

 {CCyan{x   : Maximum.
 {YYellow{x : 75% to just below maximum.
 {GGreen{x  : 50% to just below 75%
 {BBlue{x   : 25% to just below 50%
 {RRed{x    : Below 25%

You may also talk in color; the format is like this: the 'escape character' 
to specify a color is the left handed brace '{{', following 
  {r{{r  red     {R{{R  Red      {c{{c  cyan     {C{{C Cyan
  {g{{g  green   {G{{G  Green    {y{{y  yellow   {Y{{Y Yellow
  {b{{b  blue    {B{{B  Blue     {w{{w  white    {W{{W White
  {m{{m  magenta {M{{M  Magenta  {x{{x  default
  {{{{  {{ char

                                 ColoUr is written by Lope (

 {RSyntax:{C config              or  {RSyntax:{C auto 
 {RSyntax:{C config +<option>        {RSyntax:{C auto +<option>
 {RSyntax:{C config -<option>        {RSyntax:{C auto -<option>
This command configures some of your character behavior.  With no options,
CONFIG shows you your current settings.  With a plus or minus sign and
an option, CONFIG turns that option on or off.

The options are:

    ANSI        You view things in colour.
    AUTODAMAGE  You automatically see numeric damage.
    AUTOEXIT    You automatically see exits.
    AUTOLOOT    You automatically loot corpses.
    AUTOSAC     You automatically sacrifice corpses.
    BLANK       You have a blank line before your prompt.
    BRIEF       You see brief descriptions only.
    COMBINE     You see object lists in combined format.
    PROMPT      You have a prompt.
    TELNETGA    You receive a telnet GA sequence.

0 STANCES AUTOSTANCE Viper Crane Crab Mongoose Bull~
 {RSyntax:{C stance                  {RSyntax:{C autostance <style> 
 {RSyntax:{C stance <style>
In combat, the stance of the fighter plays a very important role; you 
can't just stand there and exchange blow for blow unless you are very 
confident of your ability.  Each fighting stance has advantages and 
disadvantages, the basic outline of which follows:

 {mVIPER{x: A very fast and aggressive style of combat, concentrating on 
 striking your opponent before they have the chance to avoid or block you.

 {mCRANE{x: A wide, sweeping style of combat, which concentrates on a very 
 strong blocking defence.

 {mCRAB{x: A low, defensive fighting stance which uses agile footwork and 
 rolling with attacks in order to reduce your injuries.

 {mMONGOOSE{x: A light-footed stance, which relies on leaps and acrobatics to 
 ensure that by the time your opponent makes their attack, you've moved 
 out of the way.

 {mBULL{x: A low aggressive stance which concentrates purely on physical power.
See also help on 'advancedstance' and 'stancetable'.

0 ADVANCEDSTANCE Mantis Dragon Tiger Monkey Swallow~
 {RSyntax:{C stance                  {RSyntax:{C autostance <style> 
 {RSyntax:{C stance <style>
Advanced stances can be learned after you have become a grand master in 
two normal stances.  These stances are much better than the others.

 {MMANTIS{x: Requires {mCRANE{x and {mVIPER{x before it can be learned.  This stance 
 combines a very strong defence with lightning fast counter attacks.

 {MDRAGON{x: Requires {mBULL{x and {mCRAB{x before it can be learned.  This stance 
 uses very powerful attacks, as well as protecting the fighter from injury.

 {MTIGER{x: Requires {mBULL{x and {mVIPER{x before it can be learned.  Probably the 
 most aggressive of all the stances, this style utilizes very powerful and
 lightning fast attacks.

 {MMONKEY{x: Requires {mCRANE{x and {mMONGOOSE{x before it can be learned.  The only 
 affect of this stance is to completely nullify the advantages of your 
 opponents stance.

 {MSWALLOW{x: Requires {mMONGOOSE{x and {mCRAB{x before it can be learned.  This is 
 the most defensive of all the stances, combining agile dodges with the 
 ability to 'roll' with an attack, helping prevent injury.

See also help on 'stance' and 'stancetable'.

0 STANCETABLE 'Stance Table'~
The following table is a rough comparison of stances, giving a value 
between 10 and -10, where the higher the number the better your chance of 
victory.  Cross-reference your stance from the left with your opponents 
stance from along the top.  Please remember these are only rough 
estimates, and may not be completely accurate...

           None {mVipr Cran Mmgs Bull Crab {MMnts Tigr Drgn Mnky Swlw{x
 None        0   -4   -5   -5   -5   -5   -9   -9   -10   0   -10
{m Viper{x      +4    0   +3   +3   -2   -2   -2   -7   -9    0   -4
{m Crane{x      +5   -3    0    0   +2   +2   -8   -6   -1    0   -3
{m Mongoose{x   +5   -3    0    0   +2   +2   -8   -6   -1    0   -3
{m Bull{x       +5   +2   -2   -2    0   +2   -5   -3   -3    0   -5
{m Crab{x       +5   +2   -2   -2   -2    0   -5   -5   -7    0   -7
{M Mantis{x     +9   +2   +8   +8   +5   +5    0   -3    0    0   +3
{M Tiger{x      +9   +7   +6   +6   +3   +5   +3    0   -2    0   +1
{M Dragon{x     +10  +9   +1   +1   +3   +7    0   +2    0    0   -2
{M Monkey{x      0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
{M Swallow{x    +10  +4   +3   +3   +5   +7   -3   -1   +2    0    0


 {RSyntax:{C fightstyle <number> <style>
This is used for unarmed combat, and it allows the fighter to decide on 
their style of unarmed attack.  Many different types of attack are 
possible, each with different advantages and disadvantages.  Your first 
attack in combat always uses the first number slot.  If you have a second 
attack, this will draw a fighting technique from slots 1 to 4.  If you 
have a third attack, it will draw a fighting technique from slots 5 to 
8.  Any other attacks are randomly drawn from any of slots 1 to 8.  If 
the slot is blank (0) then the attack is a standard unarmed attack.

 {RSyntax:{C hurl <name>
 {RSyntax:{C hurl <name> <direction>
This ability allows you to hurl the target into walls, through exits, or 
through doors.  Hurling someone through an exit does a little damage.  
Hurling them into walls does twice as much, and hurling them through 
doors does three times as much.  If you don't specify a direction to hurl 
the target, it will be random (north, south, east or west).  You cannot 
hurl someone who is already injured.

 {RSyntax:{C scan
 {RSyntax:{C spy   <direction>
 {RSyntax:{C throw <direction> <target>
SCAN allows you to see all the mobs/players within 1 room of you.

SPY allows you to see all the mobs/players within 3 rooms in a specified 

THROW allows you to hurl an object you are holding (in your right hand, 
or if that's empty left hand) to a target mob/player in a specified 
direction.  The object can be throw up to 3 rooms.  If it fails to reach 
the target by that time it will land on the floor.

For information on the SCAN spell, type 'help scanspell'.

 {RSyntax:{C flee
 {RSyntax:{C rescue <character>
Once you start a fight, you can't just walk away from it.  If the fight
is not going well, you can attempt to FLEE, or another character can
RESCUE you.  (You can also RECALL, but this is less likely to work,
and costs more experience points, then fleeing).

If you lose your link during a fight, then your character will keep
fighting, and will attempt to RECALL from time to time.  Your chances
of making the recall are reduced, and you will lose much more experience.

In order to RESCUE successfully, you must practice the appropriate skill.

 {RSyntax:{C look
 {RSyntax:{C look    <object>
 {RSyntax:{C look    <character>
 {RSyntax:{C look    <direction>
 {RSyntax:{C look    <keyword>
 {RSyntax:{C look in <container>
 {RSyntax:{C look in <corpse>
 {RSyntax:{C examine <container>
 {RSyntax:{C examine <corpse>
LOOK looks at something and sees what you can see.

EXAMINE is short for 'LOOK container' followed by 'LOOK IN container'.

 {RSyntax:{C order <character> command
 {RSyntax:{C order all command
ORDER orders one or all of your charmed followers (including pets) to
perform any command.  The command may have arguments.  You are responsible
for the actions of your followers, and others who attack your followers
will incur the same penalty as if they attacked you directly.

Most charmed creatures lose their aggresive nature (while charmed).

If your charmed creature engages in combat, that will break the charm.

 {RSyntax:{C rest
 {RSyntax:{C sleep
 {RSyntax:{C stand
 {RSyntax:{C wake
These commands change your position.  When you REST or SLEEP, you 
regenerate hit points, mana points, and movement points faster.
However, you are more vulnerable to attack, and if you SLEEP,
you won't hear many things happen.

Use STAND or WAKE to come back to a standing position.  You can
also WAKE other sleeping characters.

For info on the sleep spell, type: 'help sleepspell'.

 {RSyntax:{C gtell <message>
 {RSyntax:{C say   <message>
 {RSyntax:{C tell  <character> <message>
All of these commands send messages to other players.  GTELL sends a message 
to all of the characters in your group, wherever they are, even if they are
sleeping or stunned or dying.  ';' is a synonym for GTELL.

SAY sends a message to all awake players in your room.  The single quote '''
is a synonym for SAY.

TELL sends a message to one awake player anywhere in the world.

REPLY sends a message to the last player who sent you a TELL.  REPLY will work
even if you can't see the player, and without revealing their identity.  This
is handy for talking to invisible or switched immortal players.

 {RSyntax:{C auction  <message>
 {RSyntax:{C chat     <message>
 {RSyntax:{C music    <message>
 {RSyntax:{C question <message>
 {RSyntax:{C answer   <message>
 {RSyntax:{C shout    <message>
 {RSyntax:{C yell     <message>
These commands send messages through communication channels to other players.

SHOUT sends a message to all awake players in the world.  To curb excessive
shouting, SHOUT imposes a three-second delay on the shouter.

AUCTION, CHAT, MUSIC, and QUESTION and ANSWER also send messages to all
interested players.  '.' is a synonym for CHAT.  The QUESTION and ANSWER
commands both use the same 'question' channel

YELL sends a message to all awake players within your area.

You can use the CHANNELS command to hear, or not hear, any of these channels.
See also: 'help channels'

 {RSyntax:{C alias
	 alias   <word>
	 alias   <word> <substitution>
	 unalias <word>
The alias command allows limited shortening of command names.  At this time,
aliases cannot call other aliases, and cannot generate more than one command.
Alias by itself lists your current aliases, Alias <word> lists the alias with 
that name (if such exist), and alias with both a word and argument 
produces a new alias.  You cannot alias either alias or unalias to a new
command.  Examples of use:

'alias gc get all corpse' --> typing 'gc' will equal typing 'get all corpse'
'alias ff cast fireball'  --> 'ff vamp' will equal 'cast 'fireball' vampire'

Only the first word on the line will be substituted at this time.

Use the following to add a personalized tag to your channels, as seen by others

'alias ooc ooc {{R*Your Name*{{B'  --> the last color code must match the
                                     proper color of the original channel


 {RSyntax:{C emote    <action>
 {RSyntax:{C pose     <action>
 {RSyntax:{C roompose <long description>
EMOTE is used to express emotions or actions.  Besides EMOTE, there are
several dozen built-in social commands, such as CACKLE, HUG, and THANK.

POSE is a variant of EMOTE.

ROOMPOSE takes the place of your 'is here' long description when someone looks
at a room.  If you type 'roompose is standing on his head, humming.' it will
display the following when someone walks into, or looks in a room.

  Puff is standing on his head, humming.

If you walk out of the room, or drop yourself into a fighting stance, your
roompose description will default back to 'is here' or 'is croutched in a...'
You may want to use an alias to define common custom roomposes, if you like.

The first abuse of these IC RP roomposes, is immediate loss of rpstatus/rpts.
'roompose IS GOD!' or any similar will not be tolerated.


 {RSyntax:{C hold   <object>
 {RSyntax:{C remove <object>
 {RSyntax:{C wear   <object>
 {RSyntax:{C wear   all
 {RSyntax:{C wield  <object>
Three of these commands will take an object from your inventory and start using
it as equipment.  HOLD is for light sources, wands, and staves.  WEAR is for
armor.  WIELD is for weapons.

WEAR ALL will attempt to HOLD, WEAR, or WIELD each suitable item in your

You may not be able to HOLD, WEAR, or WIELD an item if its alignment does not
match yours, if it is too heavy for you, or if you are not experienced enough
to use it properly.

REMOVE will take any object from your equipment and put it back into your

 {RSyntax:{C channels               
 {RSyntax:{C channels +<channel>       {RSyntax:{C channels -<channel>    
With no options, CHANNELS shows you your current channels.  With a plus or
minus sign and an option, CHANNELS turns that channel on or off.

{CIn Character channels:                {cOut Of Character channels:{x

{C  cgossip - IC clan related gossip     {c OOC - any out of character topic{x
{C  chat - IC general MUD related chat   {c music - any out of character singing{x
{C  question - IC general MUD questions  {c tell - personal tells about anything{x
{C  answer - IC general MUD answers      {c Info - out of character Infomation{x
{C  shout - IC MUD related shouts        {c immt - out of char Immortal channel{x
{C  say - IC talk{x

{C  vamptalk - IC vampire related issues{x
{C  howl - IC werewolf related issues{x
{C  tribetalk - IC tribe related issues{x
{C  magetalk - IC mage related issues{x
{C  secttalk - IC sect related issues{x

You will be penalized for not keeping your channels straight.  Your OOC channels
default to OFF at each login to promote staying IC.  You must manually turn them
on to break IC, and go OOC.  Using (ooc) flags in an IC channel is not allowed.

 {RSyntax:{C bug  <message>
 {RSyntax:{C typo <message>
These commands will take your message and record it into a file as feedback
to Dominion and Spiral. 

 {RSyntax:{C credits
This command shows the list of the original Diku MUD implementors.

see also 'help MERC', 'help ROM', 'help GODWARS', and of course,  'help LURF'

 {RSyntax:{C report
 {RSyntax:{C score
 {RSyntax:{C time
 {RSyntax:{C weather
REPORT shows your current statistics to you and also announces them to other
players in the room.

SCORE shows detailed statistics to you only.

TIME shows the game time, as well as the time the MUD was last started,
and the current local time for the host computer.

WEATHER shows the current game weather.

 {RSyntax:{C areas
 {RSyntax:{C commands
 {RSyntax:{C socials
AREAS shows you all the areas in the game, with the author's name and the
levels of the mobs that inhabit that area.

COMMANDS shows you all the (non-social) commands available to you.

SOCIALS shows you all the social commands available to you.

This command allows you to configure your prompt.  The PROMPT command 
will set your standard prompt.  You also have the option of having a 
combat prompt, CPROMPT, which will appear while fighting.  If no cprompt 
is defined, the standard prompt will be used for both conditions.
The following options are available:

  %a %A = Alignment (word/numeric).   %b %B = Beast/Blood.
  %c    = Armour Class.               %f %F = Condition of opponent/tank. 
  %g    = Gold.                       %h %H = Current hp/Max hp.          
  %m %M = Current mana/Max mana.      %n %N = Name of opponent/tank.      
  %p %P = Plus Hitroll/Plus Damroll.  %q    = Quest points.
  %r %R = Room name/Rage.             %s %S = Status (word/numeric).
  %v %V = Current move/Max move.      %x    = Exp.
  %t %T = System time/MUD game time   %C    = Paradox
  %D    = Moon Phase

To switch your prompt on and off, use 'prompt on' and 'prompt off'.
For some examples, type 'help prompts'.

There are many possible prompts, and everyone will have their own 
favoured setups.  However, to get you going, here are some examples:

  Original normal prompt: [%x exp] <%h/%Hhp %m/%Mm %v/%Vmv>
  Original combat prompt: [%f] <%h/%Hhp %m/%Mm %v/%Vmv>
  Simple prompt:          [%hH/%mM/%vV]
  Vampire prompt:         [%B Blood] <%hhp %mm %vmv>
  Vampire Time minder:    [%T][%B Blood] <%hhp %mm %vmv>
  Werewolf prompt:        [%R Rage] <%hhp %mm %vmv>
  Combat prompt:          [%N:%F/%n:%f]
  Stat prompt:            [%xX] [+%pHIT/+%PDAM] [%cAC] [%hH/%mM/%vV]
Remember, you can switch between the default prompts and your customised
prompts with 'prompt on' and 'prompt off'.  Doing this will not destroy 
your customised prompts.

Primal energy is the ultimate form of energy in the multiverse, the one from 
which all other energies are derived.  Unfortunately, unlike mana, primal
energy is only one use, and is generally used for very powerful spells, such
as 'voodoo' (which uses 5 points), 'quest' (which uses between 1 and 100),
and class skills for vampire and werewolf.

formula: n(500+(n-1)250)

          Primal      Approx Exp Cost       
          1 primal =        500 exp
         50 primal =    700,000 exp
        100 primal =  2,500,000 exp
        150 primal =  6,000,000 exp
        200 primal = 10,000,000 exp 
        250 primal = 15,687,500 exp
        300 primal = 22,575,000 exp
        350 primal = 30,712,500 exp
        400 primal = 40,100,000 exp


At the beginning of things, Gaia - the world and the spirit that embodies it -
set all things in a balance that would maintain and encourage life.  Near the
top of this chain of being was humanity, and above them were the Garou - the
sacred warriors of the spirit.  They were appointed to be the crusaders against
the Wyrm, who spreads its cancer through the humans.  They are the preservers of
raw essence of life, of nature's diversity and purity.  They are the Earth's
immune system, fighting the disease of the Wyrm.  They are the werewolves, and
they fight and destroy the children of the Wyrm (vampires) at every opportunity.

 *      Claw - Transforms target into a werewolf, but costs 1000000 exp. 
 * Introduce - Informs everyone in the room of your werewolf lineage.
 *      Howl - A special channel that only werewolves can understand.
 *     Tribe - Shows information on other werewolves logged on.
 *     Totem - Lists the current totem powers you have at your control.

In addition, all werewolves can gain totem powers, which grant additional 
powers.  For more information, type 'help totems'.

Vampires are the creatures of the night and thus take damage if exposed to
daylight.  Vampires cannot eat food, or drink any liquids except for blood.  If
they cannot drink blood for a long duration of time they will start taking
damage or maybe even go berserk, so it's a good idea to store some blood in a
drinking container.  Vampires take half damage from cold, none from gas, and
double from fire, although those with the Heat immunity take normal fire damage 
rather than double.  Other abilities:

 *      Fangs - Gives free bite attack in combat, and required to 'bite' people.
 *       Bite - Transforms target into a vampire, but costs the vampire 1M exp.
 *      Order - As if target lower generation vampire of your clan was charmed.
 *  Introduce - Informs everyone in the room of your vampire lineage.
 *   Vamptalk - A special vampire channel which distinguishes between clans.
 * Regenerate - Vampire cannot regenerate naturally; they need to use this.
 *      Vclan - Shows information on the other members of a vampires clan.
 *       Feed - For feeding other vampires with your blood.
 *      Drink - drink <mob|player> to satiate the craving of blood

The VAMPIRE command toggles on/off whether vampires may bite/feed you.

See also help 'Disciplines', 'Vampire Clans', and 'Traditions'

Mages are those who study the greatest of magicks.  Their spells are far greater 
than those of a non-mage, as well as far more flexible.  Some of the main 
features of mages are as follows:

 *     Spheres - Additional spells and skills based on sphere.
 * Spell Power - Normal spells cast at a greater level.
 *   Sphereaff - Displays the Sphere powers affecting yourself.
 *    Focistat - Displays Spheres currently stored in your Foci.

Lurf Mages are nothing like standard GodWars Mages, the entire system was coded
from scratch.

{Rsee also:{x help 'Protocol', 'Spheres', 'Focus', 'Mage Traditions'


0 Protocols~
Here is a list of Protocols by which all Tradition mages should consider when 
doing anything:
  1. Respect those of Greater Knowledge. 
  2. A Tutor's debt must be repaid. 
  3. A mage's Word is his Honor; break not a Sworn Vow. 
  4. The Will of an Oracle must always be obeyed. 
  5. Betray not your Cabal or Chantry. 
  6. Conspire not with enemies of Ascension. 
  7. Protect the Sleepers; they are ignorant of what they do. 
  8. Be subtle in your arts, lest Sleepers know you for what you are.


0 Spheres Arete~
All mages begin with a free dot in their Tradition's specialty Sphere.  Spheres 
are essential to a mage, for they are the basis of all the magical effects the 
mage can conjure.  In actuality, Spheres represent the ways in which a mage 
understands reality better than do sleepers.  By using his will in conjunction 
with this knowledge, a mage may create effects which mundane people can only 
call magic.  Spheres, like disciplines are categorized as basic, intermediate 
and advanced.  The following spheres are available:

    * Correspondence         * Life              * Prime
    * Entropy                * Mind              * Spirit
    * Forces                 * Matter            * Time

The Arete Trait is probably the most important of all a mage's Traits.  It 
embodies what mages are all about - understanding the truth of reality.  Varying 
levels of enlightenment among mages and disputes about what is right for 
mankind, have pitted mage against mage in recent times, but Arete is still the 
main pursuit of workers of magic. 

see also help on each Sphere.

0 'Correspondence Sphere'~

* 1 True Sight
* 2 Night Sight

* 3 Shroud
* 4 Location

* 5 ShareSpirit
* 6 Dark Sight

0 'Entropy Sphere'~

* 1 Shield

* 3 True Fear
* 4 Square Circle

* 6 Entropy Shield

0 'Forces Sphere'~

* 1 Charged Bolt
* 2 Aeolus

* 3 Rain
* 4 Force Shield

* 5 Clap
* 6 Wall Granite

0 'Life Sphere'~

* 1 Heal
* 2 Mother

* 3 WitherLimb
* 4 Polymorph

* 5 Life Shield
* 6 Regeneration

0 'Mind Sphere'~

* 1 Mana Shield
* 2 Pathos

* 3 Mind Shield
* 4 Taint Mind

* 5 Command 
* 6 Confuse Mind

0 'Matter Sphere'~

* 1 Create Foci
* 2 Porcupine

* 4 Mist

* 6 Cloak Eq

0 'Prime Sphere'~

* 1 Prime Shield

* 4 Flames of Purification

* 6 Alter Flow

0 'Spirit Sphere'~

* 1 Shadow Sight
* 2 Spirit Shield

* 3 Shadow Plane
* 4 Call Spirits

* 5 False Pride
* 6 FleshBond

0 'Time Sphere'~

* 1 Dispel
* 2 Travel

* 3 Slow time
* 4 Speed Time

* 5 Time Sense
* 6 Rip in Time

0 'Mage Traditions'~
Akashic Brotherhood - An Eastern approach to Ascension, these mages start with a
                      free {CMind{x ranking.

    Cult of Ecstasy - A hedonistic approach to Ascension, these mages start with
                      a free {CTime{x ranking.

      Dreamspeakers - A shamanistic approach to Ascension, these mages start 
                      with a free {CSpirit{x ranking.

         Euthantaos - A ********** approach to Ascension, these mages start with
                      a free {CEntropy{x rating.

    Order of Hermes - A hermetic approach to Ascension, these mages start with a
                      free {CForces{x ranking.                                                     

      Sons of Ether - A scientific approach to Ascension, these mages start with
                      a free {CMatter{x ranking.

            Verbena - A naturalistic approach to Ascension, these mages start 
                      with a free {CLife{x ranking. 


Each point of Arete indicates that a mage no longer needs to rely on certain 
foci to use magic.  Beginning at two Arete Traits, a mage may use one Sphere 
(chosen by player) while holding that foci. At three Traits, two Spheres may be 
used while holding a focus, and so on.  With 6 arete, you can have 5 spheres 
with your level 6 foci.  After 500 hours, each additional 100 hours, a mage may 
gain a new sphere until all 9 spheres are possible, and foci no longer needs to 
be held.

Vampires, like mortals, are creatures of instinct.  However, the instincts of 
the vampire are those of a hunter, not a gatherer.  Vampires are the ultimate 
predators and stand at the apex of the food chain.  They are highly developed 
killing machines - the harbringers of death.  For vampires to survive in modern 
society, however, they must learn to keep the Beast in check.  The instincts of 
violence (the Beast) so essential in the wild serve only to endanger the vampire 
in today's complex world.  The Beast's rage has its uses, but the blindness it 
creates far outweighs its benefits.  Vampires struggle to suppress the Beast, 
but, no matter how hard they try, they do not always prevail, and when it gets 
loose, the havoc it creates goes far beyond the horror of any mortal rage.

 {RSyntax:{C favour <target> <sire/prince/primogen/justicar>
Favour is an ability available to second generation vampires and vampire 

 SIRE allows the target vampire of your clan to sire another vampire.  
 Once a single vampire has been created the power is lost, but can be 
 granted again if the Antediluvian or Prince so desire.  A childe sired 
 without permission is known as an Anarch.

 PRINCE turns the target vampire into a prince, who is then able to allow 
 other vampires the ability to sire more vampires still.  Only an 
 Antediluvian has the power to make some a prince (or to remove the 
 prince's powers).

 ACCEPT will accept a childe into the clan, making them a Neonate.


Every werewolf is able to learn special totem powers from various 
spirits.  Each of the spirits teaches a different type of power, and the 
werewolf is able to gain use of these powers through the expenditure of 
primal energy.  The following totem spirits exist:

 * Bear      - Flex, Rage, Steel Claws, Hibernate, Enhanced Damage.
 * Boar      - Shatter, Charge, Toughness, Immovability, Supreme Toughness. 
 * Lynx      - Light Footed, Stalker, Combat Speed, Lightning Claws. 
               Enhanced Combat Speed
 * Owl       - Vanish, Shield, Shadowplane, Channel.
 * Spider    - Poisonous Bite, Web, Poison Immunity.
 * Wolf      - Claws, Fangs, Calm, Spirit of Fenris.
 * Hawk      - Nightsight, Shadowsight, Truesight.
 * Mantis    - Agility, Intuition, Speed of the Fenris, Dance of Fenris.
 * Shark     - Vicious Jaws, Gnawing Bite, Clenching Jaws, Bite of Fenris, 
               Slashing Wound.
 * Sphinx    - Moon Gate, Griffin's Tail, Moon Beam, Precison of Battle, 
               Luna's Armor. 
 * Chameleon - Mirror Image, Stab in the Dark, Gift of the Spriggan, Instint,
               Speed of Thought.
 * Rat       - Burrow, Quills, Speed of the Rat, Pounce, Prowl.

For more information see help <totem name>.  (example: help 'bear totem')

0 'SHARK totem'~
Advanced werewolf totem, requires Bear and Mantis spirit mastery.

 SHARK 1   Vicious Jaws: Bite attack more often.
 SHARK 2   Gnawing Bite: More damage from bite attack.
 SHARK 3 Clenching Jaws: Chance to snap jaws on to a fleeing opponent.
 SHARK 4 Bite of Fenris: Chance of biting off limbs in combat.
 SHARK 5 Slashing Wound: Increased blood loss or damage from bite attacks.

0 'SPHINX totem'~
Advanced werewolf totem, requires Owl and Hawk spirit mastery.

 SPHINX 1          Moon Gate: Allows instant moon portal to target.
 SPHINX 2     Griffin's Tail: Extra automatic tail attack.
 SPHINX 3          Moon Beam: Powerful ray of light of Lunar origin.
 SPHINX 4 Precison of Battle: Increase in the ability to hit opponent.
 SPHINX 5       Luna's Armor: Ability to pray to Luna for additional AC protection.

0 'CHAMELEON totem'~
Advanced werewolf totem, requires Lynx and Wolf spirit mastery.

 CHAMELEON 1         Mirror Image: Ability to clone self for diversion.
 CHAMELEON 2     Stab in the Dark: Advanced hiding technique for ambush.
 CHAMELEON 3 Gift of the Spriggan: Allows size changing for damage or dodging.
 CHAMELEON 4             Instinct: Enhanced awareness of fleeing foes.
 CHAMELEON 5     Speed of Thought: Chance of post-rage beserk in combat.

0 'RAT totem'~
Advanced werewolf totem, requires Spider and Boar spirit mastery.
 RAT 1           Burrow: Quickest route to tribe member.
 RAT 2           Quills: Additional damage from attack.
 RAT 3 Speed of the Rat: Additional attack in combat.
 RAT 4           Pounce: Concentrated attack on throat and vocal choards.
 RAT 5            Prowl: Initiation of attack bonus in combat.

0 'BEAR totem'~
The totem of strength and aggression gives a werewolf these skills.
 BEAR 1        FLEX: You strength is so great that no ropes can hold you.
 BEAR 2        RAGE: You are able to build yourself up a rage at will.
 BEAR 3 Steel claws: Your claws are so tough that they can parry weapons.
 BEAR 4 Hibernation: Your wounds heal at amazing speeds when you sleep.

0 'BOAR totem'~
The totem of toughness and perserverance gives a werewolf these skills.

 BOAR 1      Shatter: No door is sturdy enough to resist you.
 BOAR 2       CHARGE: Your first blow in combat has a chance to stun.
 BOAR 3    Toughness: Your skin is extremely tough. You take half damage
                      in combat.
 BOAR 4 Immovability: You are able to shrug off blows that would knock
                      out most people.

0 'LYNX totem'~
The totem of speed and agility gives a werewolf these skills.

 LYNX 1    Light footed: You move so lightly that you leave no tracks
                         behind you.
 LYNX 2         Stalker: You are able hunt people with much greater speed
                         than normal.
 LYNX 3    Combat speed: You have an extra attack in combat.
 LYNX 4 Lightning Claws: Yours claws parry blows with lightning fast speed.

0 'OWL totem'~
The totem of thought and spiritualism gives a werewolf these skills.

 OWL 1          VANISH: You are able to conceal yourself from all but the
                        most perceptive.
 OWL 2          SHIELD: You are able to shield your mind from scrying and
 OWL 3     SHADOWPLANE: You are able to enter the shadow plane.
 OWL 4 Magical Control: You are able to fully control your magic in crinos

0 'SPIDER totem'~
The totem of ambush and cunning gives a werewolf these skills.

 SPIDER 1     Poisonous bite: Your bite injects your opponents with a deadly
 SPIDER 2                WEB: You are able to shoot a web at your opponents
                              to entrap them.
 SPIDER 3 Immunity to poison: Poisons have no affect upon you.

0 'WOLF totem'~
Controlling your innate wolf powers gives a werewolf these skills.

 WOLF 1            CLAWS: You can extend or retract your claws at will.
 WOLF 2            FANGS: You can extend or retract your fangs at will.
 WOLF 3             CALM: You are able to repress your inner beast at will.
 WOLF 4 Spirit of Fenris: You are able to enter rage faster than normal.

0 'HAWK totem'~
The totem of vision and perception gives a werewolf these skills.

 HAWK 1  NIGHTSIGHT: You can see perfectly well in the dark.
 HAWK 2 SHADOWSIGHT: You can see into the plane of shadows.
 HAWK 3   TRUESIGHT: You have perfect vision.

0 'MANTIS totem'~
The totem of dexterity and reflexes gives a werewolf these skills.

MANTIS 1 Fast attacks: Your opponents get -5 to parry and -10 to dodge.
MANTIS 2 Very fast attacks: Your opponents get -10 to parry and -20 to dodge.
MANTIS 3 Extremely fast attacks: Your opponents get -15 to parry and -30
           to dodge.
MANTIS 4 Incredibly fast attacks: Your opponents get -20 to parry and -40
           to dodge.

0 'Vampire Clans'~
A group of vampires who share certain mystic and physical characteristics.

Blood Brothers
Harbingers of Skulls
Daughters of Cacophony
True Brujah


0 Traditions 'Kindred Law'~
 The First Tradition - The Legacy - Thy blood is that of Dominion, cursed by 
 God, blessed by Lilith.  To seek to change your state or to return to that of
 you mortal life is a sin against thy Father and Mother, and against thy God.

 The Second Tradition - Destruction - Thou art forbidden to destroy another of
 thy kind who is thy elder.  Those close to Dominion know his will, and may
 destroy any childer who are unfit in his sight.  Do not rise against an elder.

 The Third Tradition - Progeny - Thou shalt only sire another with permission
 of thy elder.  If thou createst another without thine elder's leave, both
 thou and thy progeny shall be slain.

 The Fourth Tradition - Accounting - Those thou create are thine own childer.
 Until thy progeny shall be released, thou shalt command them in all things.
 Their sins are thine to endure.

 The Fifth Tradition - Domain - Thy domain is thine own concern.  All others
 owe thee respect while in it.  None may challenge thy word while in thy
 domain.  When thou cometh to the fief of another, thou shall present thyself
 to the one who ruleth there.

 The Sixth Tradition - The Silence of Blood - Thou shall not reveal thy true
 nature to those not of the Blood.  Doing so shall renounce thy claims of


0 Disciplines Disciplines~
o  Abombwe: 
*  Animalism: Supernatural affinity with/& control animals.........Gan/Nos/Tzi
/* Auspex: Extrasensory perception, awareness & premonitions...Mal/Tor/Tre/Tzi
*  Celerity: Supernatural quickness and reflexes...................Ass/Bru/Tor
o  Chimerstry: Ravnos art of conjuration and illusion......................Rav
o  Daimoinion: The power of the devil himself..............................Baa
o  Deimos: Lamia's powers derived from Dark Mother Lilith..................Lam
/  Dementation: The ability to pass madness on to a victim.................Mal
*  Dominate: Mind control practiced through the piercing gaze......Las/Tre/Ven
*  Fortitude: Unearthly toughness......................................Gan/Ven
o  Grotesquous: Nictuku power of aura control..............................Nic
o  Kai: Bushi discipline of focusing one's inner power.....................Bus
o  Melpominee: Daughters of Cacophony vocal arts...........................Dau
o  Mortis: Cappodocian art of drawing answers out of death.................Cap
o  Necromancy: Command of the souls of the dead............................
o  Nihilistics: Power of nothingness and the underworld....................Nag
o  Obeah:  Power of healing and body control...............................Sal
/* Obfuscate: The ability to remain obscure and unseen.........Ass/Mal/Nos/Set
/* Obtenebration: The unearthy control over shadows........................Las
o  Ogham:  Lhiannan's practice of script-based magiks......................Lhi
*  Potence: The discipline of physical vigor and strength..........Bru/Las/Nos
/  Presence: The ability to attract, sway and control crowds...Bru/Tor/Ven/Set
*  Protean: Shapechanging, from growing claws, to melding with the earth...Gan
/* Quietus: The Assamite's arts of the silent kill.........................Ass
o  Rift:                                                                   Gak
o  Sanguinus:                                                              Blo
*  Serpentis: The reptilian, corruptive discipline of Setites..............Set
o  Temporis: The True Brujah's manipulation of matters of time.............Tru
o  Thanatosis: Discipline obsessed with the appearance of death............
/  Thaumaturgy: The study and practice of sorcery..........................Tre
/* Vicissitude: The Tzimisce art of flesh-shaping..........................Tzi
o  Visceratika: Strengths drawn from the earth and stone...................Gar

- level of completion in code for NEW discipline - 'o' none, '/' half, '*' done

see also 'Discipline Max' and 'help Combination Disciplines'

0 'Discipline Max' discmax~
This is the current Discipline and Rating Maximum chart, according to Generation

  Generation    Disciplines    Rating               Vampire Age modifiers     
  -----------------------------------               -------------------------
      3             12           8                  Ancilla     +1 discipline
      4             10           6                  Elder       +1 discipline
      5             10           6                  Methuselah  +1 discipline
      6              9           6                              +1 rating
      7              8           5
      8              7           5
      9              6           5
     10              5           4
     11              4           4
     12              3           4     

Example: A 7th gen vampire can have a maximum 8 different disciplines, with a 5
rating in each disc.  If he hits Ancilla age, he now has 9 discipline, with a 5
rating.  If he eventually hits Methuselah, he would have 11 max disc, with a 6
rating in each.


0 'Combination Disciplines' combodisc~
Certain powers require the combined knowledge of more than 1 discipline,
usually requiring Advanced complete mastery of 1 or the other...

more to follow


  ABOMBWE  1   Predator's Communion
  ABOMBWE  2   Taming the Beast
  ABOMBWE  3   Whistling up the Beast
  ABOMBWE  4   Devil Channel
  ABOMBWE  5   Taking the Skin
  ABOMBWE  6   Predator's Mastery



  ANIMALISM  1  * Feral Speech  
  ANIMALISM  2  * Noah's Call    
  ANIMALISM  3  * Cowing the Beast
  ANIMALISM  4  * Ride the Wild Mind  
* ANIMALISM  5  * Drawing Out the Beast
  ANIMALISM  6  * Quickened Unity

This Discipline is one of extrasensory awareness, empathy and 
perception.  Those using this Discipline tend to be strongly affected by 
environmental phenomena.  Vampires with Auspex are able to see and sense 
things most other people cannot.  Auspex is the opposing Discipline to 
Obfuscate, and they cancel out many of each others powers.

This Discipline allows the following powers:
 * Truesight: The user can see everything, whether invisible or whatever.
 * Scry: Allows you to view the room that the specified target is in.
 * Readaura: Gives you detailed information about a creature or object.

* AUSPEX  1  * Heightened Senses
* AUSPEX  2  * Soulsight      
/ AUSPEX  3  * Spirit's Touch
* AUSPEX  4  * Steal Secrets
* AUSPEX  5  * Anima Walk           
/ AUSPEX  6  * Farsight        


This Discipline explains the legendary superior quickness of vampires.  
Using the Celerity Discipline allows a vampire to move extremely quickly 
and have extra attacks in the same round.



Chimerstry is an art of conjuration.

  CHIMERSTRY  1   Ignus Fatuus
  CHIMERSTRY  2   Fata Morgana
  CHIMERSTRY  3   Apparition
  CHIMERSTRY  4   Permanency
  CHIMERSTRY  5   Horrid Reality
  CHIMERSTRY  6   Fatuus Mastery
  CHIMERSTRY  7   Far Fatuus



  DAIMOINON  1   Sense the Sin
  DAIMOINON  2   Fear the Void Below
  DAIMOINON  3   Flames of the Netherworld
  DAIMOINON  4   Pyschomacia
  DAIMOINON  5   Curse
  DAIMOINON  6   Diabolic Lure
  DAIMOINON  7   Infernal Servitor



  DEIMOS  1   Whispers to the Soul
  DEIMOS  2   Kiss of the Dark Mother
  DEIMOS  3   Ichor 
  DEIMOS  4   Clutching the Shroud
  DEIMOS  5   Black Breath
  DEIMOS  6   Lilith's Summons



  DEMENTATION  1  * Incubus Passion
* DEMENTATION  2  * Haunt the Soul
  DEMENTATION  3  * Eyes of Chaos
* DEMENTATION  4  * Confusion
  DEMENTATION  5  * Howling Lunacy
* DEMENTATION  6  * Insanity 


This discipline reflects the mystical ability of vampires to influence 
the minds and actions of others.  Dominate is an aspect of the power of 
the mind and the will.

This Discipline allows the following powers:
 * Evileye: The user gains a lot of control over people foolish enough to 
   look at them.  Not yet fully working.
 * Command: The user can issue a command that the target will be compelled 
   to obey.  This will only work on those who's minds are much weaker than 
   the vampire's.
 * Shield: Protects you from the Auspex 'scry' and 'readaura' powers.
 * Ghoul: By feeding a mob some of his/her blood, the vampire can create a 
   ghoul - a loyal servant to act as their eyes and ears.

  DOMINATE  1  * Observance of the Spoken Word
  DOMINATE  2  * Murmur of the False Will
  DOMINATE  3  * Reveler's Memory
  DOMINATE  4  * Lure of Subtile Whispers
  DOMINATE  5  * Vessel    
  DOMINATE  6  * Fealty    
  DOMINATE  7  * 


Fortitude describes a type of supernatural toughness and vigor which
allows Kindred to resist harm.  Many vampires are very tough and are able
to withstand a lot of injury inflicted by weapons and spells.  However 
with the Fortitude power, they resist damage even further by often keeping 
the weapons from harming them at all.



Grotesquous is the power of the Nictuku to control his own evil aura. It was
developed by Absimillard over years of obsessing over his hatred of Zillah.

  GROTESQUOUS  1   Release
  GROTESQUOUS  2   Pariah
  GROTESQUOUS  3   Summoning of the Beast
  GROTESQUOUS  4   The Push
  GROTESQUOUS  5   Removal
  GROTESQUOUS  6   Form of the Beast
  GROTESQUOUS  7   The Domain


0 KAI~

  KAI  1   Inner Focus
  KAI  2   Focused Strike
  KAI  3   Honorable Elixir
  KAI  4   Shield from Fire
  KAI  5   Daimyo's Law



  MELPOMINEE  1   Missing Voice
  MELPOMINEE  2   Tourette's Voice
  MELPOMINEE  3   Toreador's Bane
  MELPOMINEE  4   Art's Traumatic
  MELPOMINEE  5   Death of the Drum
  MELPOMINEE  6   Blesses Audience



  MORTIS  1   Masque of Death
  MORTIS  2   Blight
  MORTIS  3   Awaken
  MORTIS  4   Death's Whisper
  MORTIS  5   Black Death
  MORTIS  6   Rigor Mortis
  MORTIS  7   Leper's Gait


Necromancy is at once a Discipline and a school of magical learning, all
dedicated toward the command of the souls of the dead. 

  NECROMANCY  1   Insight
  NECROMANCY  2   Summon Spirit
  NECROMANCY  3   Compel
  NECROMANCY  4   Haunting
  NECROMANCY  5   Soul Steal
  NECROMANCY  6   Zombie
  NECROMANCY  7   Torment



  NIHILISTICS  1   Eyes of the Wraith
  NIHILISTICS  2   Consume the Dead
  NIHILISTICS  3   Aura of Decay
  NIHILISTICS  4   Dark Touch
  NIHILISTICS  5   Night Cry
  NIHILISTICS  6   Black Blood
  NIHILISTICS  7   Oblivion's Dance



  OBEAH  1   Panacea
  OBEAH  2   Anaesthetic Touch
  OBEAH  3   Neutral Guard
  OBEAH  4   Treat the Sick Mind
  OBEAH  5   Unburdening of the Bestial Soul
  OBEAH  6   Renewed Vigor
  OBEAH  7   Pain for Pleasure


Kindred with this Discipline excel at hiding among and away from crowds.  
When they do not wish to be seen, others rarely notice them even if they 
are standing in plain view.  Though this Discipline affects others minds 
and does not actually render the users invisible, the end result is much 
the same.  Obfuscate is the opposing Discipline to Auspex, and they 
cancel out many of each others powers.

Kindred with this power gain the following advantages:
 * Mask: Allows you to disguise yourself as another player.
 * Shield: Protects you from the Auspex 'scry' and 'readaura' powers.
 * Mortal: Switches between vampire and mortal mode.  While in mortal 
   form, you loose all vampire advantages and disadvantages, and are 
   undetectable from a normal mortal.

* OBFUSCATE  1  * Cloak of Shadows
/ OBFUSCATE  2  * Unseen Presence
* OBFUSCATE  3  * Mask of 1000 Faces
* OBFUSCATE  4  * Vanish from Mind's Eye
* OBFUSCATE  5  * Cloak the Gathering
* OBFUSCATE  6  * Soul Mask 


Obtenebration allows the user to manipulate the powers of darkness.  By 
using their powers they are able to switch between the normal world and 
the plane of shadows at will.  They may also view things in both planes 
simultaneously if they so wish.

* OBTENEBRATION  1  * Shadow Play
* OBTENEBRATION  2  * Nocturne       
* OBTENEBRATION  3  * Arms of Ahriman  
* OBTENEBRATION  4  * Nightfall
  OBTENEBRATION  5  * Tenebrous Form
* OBTENEBRATION  6  * Walk the Abyss   



  OGHAM  1   Consecrate the Grove
  OGHAM  2   Crimson Woad
  OGHAM  3   Inscribe the Curse
  OGHAM  4   Moon and Sun
  OGHAM  5   Dragon Lines
  OGHAM  6   Inscribe the Forgotten Name


This Discipline defines the superior strength that vampires often 
possess.  This physical might allows the user to inflict much larger 
amounts of damage in combat than normal.




* PRESENCE  1  * Awe
* PRESENCE  2  * Dread Gaze
  PRESENCE  3  * Entrancement
* PRESENCE  4  * Summon
* PRESENCE  5  * Majesty
  PRESENCE  6  * Enrage


This Discipline allows a vampire to transform either their entire body or 
a part of their body into something inhuman.  The vampire can thus grow 
claws, turn into a bat, transform into a wolf or dissolve into a fine 
mist.  A vampire can use most other Disciplines while shapeshifted, but 
may not cast spells.  Full transformation is not possible during combat, 
although claws can be grown if you are fighting.  While shapeshifted the 
vampire cannot wear any equipment.

The powers available to this Discipline are as follows:
 * Nightsight: Gives the vampire full night vision, which is much better 
   than normal infravision.
 * Claws: Enables the user to grow inch-long claws on each finger.  These 
   claws have no effect if the vampire is armed, however if not they cause 
   considerably more damage than a normal unarmed attack.
 * Change: Allow the vampire to transform into bat, wolf or mist.  Bat 
   form can fly and detect almost everything (invis, hidden, etc).  While in 
   wolf form, the vampire enjoys the benefit of an extra 500hp and greatly 
   enhanced combat abilities.  Mist form is impervious to attacks and can 
   pass through doors.  Beware though, for two vampires in mist form CAN 
   attack each other.

* PROTEAN  1  * Witness of Darkness  
* PROTEAN  2  * Talons of the Beast
* PROTEAN  3  * Interred in the Earth
* PROTEAN  4  * Form of the Beast  
* PROTEAN  5  * Body of the Spirit
* PROTEAN  6  * Flesh of Marble


The unlife of an Assamite centers around two things:  silent death and the
power of blood.  Quietus embodies these, endowing the Assamite hashashiyyin
(assassin) with mystic powers to further the clan's fanatical cause.

* QUIETUS  1 * Silence of Death - Silent:  Surrounds the vampire with a
  preternatual calm, with no sound originating from the area around them.

* QUIETUS  2 * Weakness - Weakness:  Transforms own blood into a blood poison
  that infects the vampire victim and robs his of her vigor.

* QUIETUS  3 * Disease - Disease:  Similar to weakness, but much more
  devastating.  Loses physical attributes and blood.

* QUIETUS  4 * Blood Agony - Agony:  Blood poisoned coating on bladed weapons.
  Causes aggrravated damage to target struck by coated weapon.           

* QUIETUS  5 * Taste of Death - Taste:  More powerful draining technique for
  drinking the blood of victims.                      

  QUIETUS  6 * Blood Sweat  
  QUIETUS  7 * 



  RIFT  1   The Joining
  RIFT  2   Glimpse of the Pain
  RIFT  3   Crossing the Iron Bridge
  RIFT  4   Journeying the Iron Bridge
  RIFT  5   Passing the Inner Realm
  RIFT  6   Collection Transport
  RIFT  7   Doorway to Hell



  SANGUINUS  1   Brother's Blood
  SANGUINUS  2   Borrow Organs
  SANGUINUS  3   Coordinate Attacks
  SANGUINUS  4   Concentrate Generation
  SANGUINUS  5   Coagulate Entity


Serpentis is the art of temptation and corruption.  Vampires with this 
Discipline have the ability to tear out their own hearts, rendering 
themselves immune to being staked.  Serpentis users also gain the ability 
to transform themselves into a giant serpent and back at will.  The third 
ability available to vampires with this Discipline is the ability to run 
their tongues along weapons, coating them with a deadly snake venom.

* SERPENTIS  1  * Eyes of the Serpent
* SERPENTIS  2  * Tongue of the Asp      
* SERPENTIS  3  * Bitumenous Flesh   
* SERPENTIS  4  * Form of the Serpent
* SERPENTIS  5  * Heart of Darkness
* SERPENTIS  6  * Breath of the Basilisk



  TEMPORIS  1   Time Sense
  TEMPORIS  2   Ramble On
  TEMPORIS  3   Zombie's Curse
  TEMPORIS  4   Cowalker
  TEMPORIS  5   Frozen Object
  TEMPORIS  6   Control Aging
  TEMPORIS  7   Domain of Evernight 



  THANATOSIS  1   Hag's Wrinkles
  THANATOSIS  2   Putrefaction
  THANATOSIS  3   Ashes to Ashes
  THANATOSIS  4   Withering
  THANATOSIS  5   Infection
  THANATOSIS  6   Compress
  THANATOSIS  7   Dust to Dust


Amount of bloodpool is increased by study of this Discipline, more to come.

* THAUMATURGY  2 * Thaumaturgic Countermagic
/ THAUMATURGY  3 * Fire Tolerance



  VICISSITUDE  1  * Changeling
* VICISSITUDE  2  * Fleshcraft
  VICISSITUDE  3  * Bonecraft
* VICISSITUDE  4  * Horrid Form
* VICISSITUDE  5  * Inner Essence
* VICISSITUDE  6  * Blood of Acid



  VISCERATIKA  1   Whispers of the Chamber
  VISCERATIKA  2   Skin of the Chameleon
  VISCERATIKA  3   Voices of the Castle
  VISCERATIKA  4   Bond with Terra
  VISCERATIKA  5   Stone Strength
  VISCERATIKA  6   Rockheart, Dark Statue
  VISCERATIKA  7   Crawling Chamber


 Bite      : Vampires may not bite you or feed you blood.
 Stake     : If you're a vampire with this, you cannot be staked down.

 {RSyntax:{C tie       <target>
 {RSyntax:{C untie     <target>
 {RSyntax:{C gag       <target>
 {RSyntax:{C blindfold <target>
TIE allows you yo tie up another player, who must be stunned, 
incapitated, or mortally wounded.  While tied up, a players actions are 
limited - they cannot move, quit, or do many other commands.

UNTIE will untie a player who is currently tied up.  A player cannot 
untie themself.

GAG places a gag over the mouth of the target player, who must first be 
tied up.  This command will also remove a gag.  A player can only remove 
a gag from themself if they are no longer tied up.  It is not possible 
to talk or use any of the channels while gagged.

BLINDFOLD places a blindfold over the eyes of the target player, who must 
first be tied up.  The blindfold can also be removed with this command.  
A player can only remove a blindfold from themself if they are no longer 
tied up.  Unsurprisingly, blindfolded players cannot see.

 {RSyntax:{C diagnose <target>
This will show you any injuries received by the target player or mob.  If 
that person is bleeding to death, this will also be shown.

There are many terms and abbreviations used in muds.  Here are a few to 
help you along...

 AFK     : Away From Keyboard.          BBL     : Be Back Later.
 BRB     : Be Right Back.               BRT     : Be Right There.
 CYA     : See you later/goodbye.       IRL     : In Real Life.
 L8R     : Later/goodbye.               LO      : Hello.
 TTYL    : Talk To You Later.           BF/GF   : Boyfriend/Girlfriend.
 BS      : Backstab                     ROFL    : Roll On Floor Laughing.

 TANK    : The person (in a group) who takes the damage in combat.
 STABBER : A (usually decent) backstabbing weapon.
 DUPING  : An illegal method of copying items by crashing the mud.
 MULTI   : The process of playing more than one character at a time. - Illegal
 ALT     : Another character played by same character. - Revealing is poor RP.
 MAXED   : At maximum.  Eg: "I'm maxed" (hitpoints, mana and move at max), 
           or "my stats are maxed" (your five stats are all trained to 18).

0 WHO~
 {RSyntax:{C who
 {RSyntax:{C who <avatar/god>
WHO shows the people that you have met (help greet) currently in the game.  Some
people may choose to remain unseen and won't appear on the WHO
WHO without any arguments shows all of the (visible) people currently playing.

With arguments, WHO can show avatars (level 3's) or gods (level 4's and 5's).

 {RSyntax:{C help
 {RSyntax:{C help <keyword>
HELP without any arguments shows a one-page command summary.

HELP <keyword> shows a page of help on that keyword.  The keywords include
all the commands, spells, and skills listed in the game.

 {RSyntax:{C description <string>
 {RSyntax:{C description + <string>
Sets your long description to the given string.  If the description string
starts with a '+', the part after the '+' is appended to your current
description, so that you can make multi-line descriptions.

Your description WILL BE within proper RP standards.  If you try to get over
with typing a one line generic or a random string to fake out this restriction,
you will be asked to change it, and then punished accordingly if it is not taken
care of.  It is not that hard to sit for a few minutes and think of a cool
description for your character.  You put all this time into stats and gear, you
mind as well finish the fleshing out process with a suitable description of

{Rsee also:{x 'help nature' and 'help demeanor'

 {RSyntax:{C password <old-password> <new-password>
PASSWORD changes your character's password.  The first argument must be
your old password.  The second argument is your new password.

The PASSWORD command is protected against being snooped or logged.

 {RSyntax:{C title <string>
Sets your title to a given string.

The game supplies a title when your character is created.  You can use 
TITLE to set your title to something else. 

 {RSyntax:{C wimpy
 {RSyntax:{C wimpy <number>
WIMPY sets your wimpy value.  When your character takes damage that reduces
your hit points below your wimpy value, you will automatically attempt to flee.

WIMPY with no argument sets your wimpy value to 20% of your maximum hit points.

Some monsters are wimpy.

 {RSyntax:{C open   <object|direction>
 {RSyntax:{C close  <object|direction>
 {RSyntax:{C lock   <object|direction>
 {RSyntax:{C unlock <object|direction>
 {RSyntax:{C pick   <object|direction>
OPEN and CLOSE open and close an object or a door.

LOCK and UNLOCK lock and unlock a closed object or door.  You must have
the requisite key to LOCK or UNLOCK.

PICK can open a lock without having the key.  In order to PICK successfully,
you must practice the appropriate skill.

 {RSyntax:{C drink <object>
 {RSyntax:{C eat   <object>
 {RSyntax:{C fill  <object>
When you are thirsty, DRINK something.

When you are hungry, EAT something.

FILL fills a drink container from a fountain.

EMPTY empties the container onto the floor.

 {RSyntax:{C buy   <object>
 {RSyntax:{C list
 {RSyntax:{C list  <object>
 {RSyntax:{C sell  <object>
 {RSyntax:{C value <object>
BUY buys an object from a shop keeper.

LIST lists the objects the shop keeper will sell you.  LIST <object> lists
just the objects with that name.

SELL sells an object to a shop keeper.

VALUE asks the shop keeper how much he, she, or it will buy the item for.

 {RSyntax:{C sacrifice <object>
SACRIFICE drains the energy matter from an object, transferring the 
energy to you in the form of exp.

The number of exp gained vary according to the value of the object.

 {RSyntax:{C smother <name>
This is used to try and smother the flames on a burning player or mob.  
You cannot do this on yourself, and it may take several attempts to 
work.  Also, there is a small chance that the person smothering might 
catch on fire as well...

0 BRANDISH QUAFF RECITE ZAP staff potion scroll wand~
 {RSyntax:{C brandish
 {RSyntax:{C quaff    <potion>
 {RSyntax:{C recite   <scroll> <target>
 {RSyntax:{C zap      <target>
 {RSyntax:{C zap
BRANDISH brandishes a magical staff.  QUAFF quaffs a magical potion (as opposed
to DRINK, which drinks mundane liquids).  RECITE recites a magical scroll; the
<target> is optional, depending on the nature of the scroll.  ZAP zaps a
magical wand at a target.  If the target is not specified, and you are fighting
someone, then that character is used for a target.

You must HOLD a wand or a staff before using BRANDISH or ZAP.

All of these commands use up their objects.  Potions and scrolls have a single
charge.  Wands and staves have multiple charges.  When a magical object has no
more charges, it will be consumed.

 {RSyntax:{C consider <character>
CONSIDER tells you what your chances are of killing a character, taking 
into account hitroll, damroll, armour class and hit points, and giving 
you an overview of your chances.  If you are considering a player, you 
will also be informed how skilled they are with their weapon/s, and which 
stance they are currently using (if any) and how good they are at it.

Please remember that this is only a rough estimate.

 {RSyntax:{C follow <character>
 {RSyntax:{C group
 {RSyntax:{C group  <character>
FOLLOW starts you following another character.  To stop following anyone else,
just FOLLOW <yourself>.

GROUP <character> makes someone who is following you a member of your group.
Group members share experience points from kills and may use the GTELL and
SPLIT commands.  If anyone in your group is attacked, you will automatically
join the fight.

If the <character> is already a member of your group, then GROUP will
kick out the <character> from your group.  Characters can also leave your
group by using a FOLLOW command to stop following you.

GROUP with no argument shows statistics for each character in your group.

 {RSyntax:{C HIDE
 {RSyntax:{C SNEAK
 {RSyntax:{C VISIBLE
If you successfully HIDE, then other characters can't see you.  If you 
attack while hidden, the surprise attack will inflict one and a half 
times your normal damage (assuming your opponent cannot see you).

If you successfully SNEAK, then you can move in and out of rooms without
being noticed.

In order to HIDE or SNEAK successfully, you must practice the appropriate

VISIBLE cancels your hiding and sneaking, as well as any invisibility,
making you visible again.

 {RSyntax:{C QUIT
 {RSyntax:{C RENT ... not!
 {RSyntax:{C SAVE
SAVE saves your character and objects.  You must be a mortal or avatar to
save.  The game will auto-save your character every few minutes whether you
save or not.

Some objects, such as keys and potions, may not be saved.

QUIT leaves the game.  You may QUIT anywhere, although there is an experience
penalty for quitting outside of New Enoch.  When you re-enter the game you will
be back in the same room.

QUIT automatically does a SAVE, so you can safely leave the game with just one
command.  Nevertheless it's a good idea to SAVE before QUIT.  If you get into
the habit of using QUIT without SAVE, and then you play some other mud that
doesn't save before quitting, you're going to regret it.

There is no RENT in this mud.  Just SAVE and QUIT whenever you want to leave.
Of course, unless you own an Artifact...{RSee also:{x help 'Artifact Rent'


 {RSyntax:{C RECALL
RECALL prays to God for miraculous transportation from where you are back to
the Temple of New Enoch.  '/' is a synonym for RECALL.

RECALL may take you to a different location if you belong to a clan.

RECALL doesn't work in certain God-forsaken rooms.  Characters afflicted by a
curse may not recall at all.


 {RSyntax:{C SPLIT <amount>
SPLIT splits some gold between you and all the members of your
group who are in the same room as you.  It's customary to SPLIT
the gold after a kill.

 {RSyntax:{C STEAL coins <character>
 {RSyntax:{C STEAL <object> <character>
STEAL attempts to steal coins, or an object, from a character.

There are *NO* penalties for using STEAL on other players.

In order to STEAL successfully, you must practice the appropriate skill.

 {RSyntax:{C PRACTICE <skill|spell>
 {RSyntax:{C PRACTICE <skill|spell> all
PRACTICE without an argument tells you your current ability in all the 
skills and spells available to you.  You can check this anywhere.

PRACTICE with an argument practice that skill or spell.  Your learning
percentage varies from 0% (unlearned) to a some maximum between 80% and 100%,
depending on your class.  You need not be at a guild master to practice.

PRACTICE with all after the spell or skill name improves the skill or spell
as much as your current exp will allow.

The higher your intelligence, the more you will learn at each practice

 Syntax: train str/int/wis/dex/con
 Syntax: train avatar/mortal/primal/hp/mana/move
"Syntax:" train rpstatus/willpower
TRAIN increases one of your attributes.  When you start the game, your
character has standard attributes based on your class.  You can increase 
your attributes by spending experience points (exp)
It costs 200 exp to train a stat (str, int, etc), except that it costs 
only 100 exp to train your primary stat.  Primal costs 500 exp for the 
first point, 1000 for the second, 1500 for the third, etc, and 
hp/mana/move cost your current amount in that particular area minus your 
con (for hp and move) or wis (for mana) per point.  Becoming a mortal or 
an avatar costs 100000 exp each.
You will be able to train other things upon becomming a class.

 {RSyntax:{C trust <character> <level>
TRUST sets a character's trust to the specified level.  This is similar to
advancing the character for accessing immortal commands, but has no effect
on combat strength, et cetera.  You can give more trust to mortal (or
immortal) characters to give them access to more power without messing up
the character.  You can also restrict a player's trust to less than their
natural level.

A trust of 0 means to use the character's natural level again.

 {RSyntax:{C allow   <site>
 {RSyntax:{C ban     <site>
 {RSyntax:{C ban
BAN <site> prohibits players from that site from logging in.  BAN with
no arguments lists the banned sites.  ALLOW <site> removes a site from
the ban list.

The site ban test works by suffix comparison, so if you ban '',
all sites within '' are banned as well.

Site bans are not saved; every time the server is rebooted, the site
ban list is cleared.  "PERMBAN" sites are not reboot cleared.  

Your site has been banned from Lurking Fear II.

This means the ISP or IP number that you connect from has been denyed access.
It may or may not have been your fault, and the ban may or may not last an
extended period of time.  But, it does imply that someone from your site has
done something that has limited the access to this MUD.  

If at anytime in the future that this ban is lifted, you may play again,
unresticted.  Until then, you are being penalized for the actions of yourself,
or most likely, the actions of some jackass spoiling your fun.


 {RSyntax:{C reboot
 {RSyntax:{C shutdown
 {RSyntax:{C wizlock
REBOOT shuts down the server.  When the normal 'startup' script is used
to control the server, a delay of sixty seconds will ensue (to allow
old connections to die), followed by a reboot.

SHUTDOWN shuts down the server and prevents the normal 'startup' script
from restarting it.

WIZLOCK is a toggle command.  When the server is WIZLOCKed, players
below level 7 may not log in.  Players who lose their links, however,
may reconnect.

 {RSyntax:{C deny       <character>
 {RSyntax:{C disconnect <character>
 {RSyntax:{C freeze     <character>
DENY denies access to a particular player and throws them out of the game.
DENY is permanent (persists across reboots) and is not undoable from within the
game.  Only someone with access to the player files directory may repeal a
DENY by editing the appropriate player file.

DISCONNECT <character> immediately disconnects that character.

FREEZE <character> is a toggle which prevents a character from issuing any
commands at all.

 {RSyntax:{C force <character> <command>
 {RSyntax:{C force all <command>
FORCE forces one character to execute a command.

FORCE 'all' forces all player characters to execute a command.
This is typically used for 'force all save'.

 {RSyntax:{C users
USERS reports all of the visible users connected to the server, including users
in the process of logging in.  The two numbers inside brackets are the channel
number and the 'connected' state.  The 'connected' states are listed in merc.h:
0 is CON_PLAYING; non-zero values are various states of logging in.

 {RSyntax:{C mload <vnum>
 {RSyntax:{C oload <vnum>
 {RSyntax:{C oload <vnum> <level>
 {RSyntax:{C pload <player>
MLOAD loads a mobile given its vnum (virtual number).  The vnum's are just
the #NNNN numbers that appear in world.obj.

OLOAD loads an object given its vnum.  It takes an optional parameter for
the level of the object to be loaded.

PLOAD loads the specified player under your control.  To get back, simply 
quit and log back on as your normal character.

 {RSyntax:{C mset <character> <field> <value>
 {RSyntax:{C oset <object>    <field> <value>
 {RSyntax:{C rset <location>  <field> <value>
 {RSyntax:{C sset <character> <skill> <value>
 {RSyntax:{C sset <character> all     <value>
 {RSyntax:{C qset <object>    <field> <value>
MSET, OSET, and RSET set the properties of mobiles, objects, and rooms,
respectively.  SSET sets a skill or spell level on a PC.  QSET sets 
special properties and text messages on objects.

There is currently no way to enter more than one line of text for a
string-valued option.

 {RSyntax:{C oclone <object>
This creates an identical copy of the specified object, with the only 
exceptions being that the cloned objects creator is the person creating 
the clone, and the cloned objects owner is not set.

 {RSyntax:{C otransfer <object>
 {RSyntax:{C otransfer <object> <character>
This will transfer the specified object to the specified character.  The 
character is defaulted to yourself.

 {RSyntax:{C mclear <player>
This resets the target players stats to their correct value.

 {RSyntax:{C qtrust <character> <on/off>
A player with qtrust on is allowed to use the QUEST command to change the 
name/long/short descriptions on an object, as well as change the wear 

 {RSyntax:{C noemote <character>
 {RSyntax:{C notell  <character>
 {RSyntax:{C silence <character>
NOEMOTE, NOTELL, and SILENCE are used to muffle other characters, by
preventing them from emoting, telling, and using channels, respectively.
Characters who are no'telled will also not receive those forms of

 {RSyntax:{C purge
 {RSyntax:{C purge <character>
PURGE is used to clean up the world.  PURGE with no arguments removes all the
NPC's and objects in the current room.  PURGE with an argument purges one
character from anywhere in the world.

PURGE will not get rid of PC's.

 {RSyntax:{C restore <character>
RESTORE restores full hit points, mana points, and movement points to the
target character.  Also missing bodyparts are regenerated.  Use sparingly.

 {RSyntax:{C slay <character>
 {RSyntax:{C slay <character> <type>
SLAY kills a character in cold blood, no saving throw.
Types: skin, slit, immolate, demon, shatter, deheart, pounce

SLAY bypasses auto actions such as AUTOLOOT and AUTOSAC.

 {RSyntax:{C transfer <character>
 {RSyntax:{C transfer all
 {RSyntax:{C transfer <character> <location>
 {RSyntax:{C transfer all         <location>
TRANSFER transfers the target character, or ALL player characters,
to your current location (default) or to a specified location.

5 AT~
 {RSyntax:{C at <location> <command>
AT executes the given command (which may have arguments) at the given
location.  The location may be specified as a vnum, as the name of
a mobile, or as the name of an object.

AT works by temporarily moving you to that location, executing the
command, and then moving you back (if the command didn't change your

 {RSyntax:{C echo  <message>
 {RSyntax:{C recho <message>
ECHO sends a message to all players in the game, without any prefix
indicating who sent it.

RECHO sends a message to all players in your room, without any prefix
indicating who sent it.

 {RSyntax:{C goto <location>
GOTO takes you to a location.  The location may be specified as a vnum,
as the name of a mobile, or as the name of an object.

You may not GOTO a room if it is PRIVATE and has two (or more) characters
already present, or if it is SOLITARY and has one (or more) characters
already present.

Some useful numbers for new imms are:
Limbo: 2, The Temple of New Enoch: 3001, The Entrance to Mud School: 3700,
The Chat Room: 1200, The Dark Crypt: 30001, The Temple Altar: 3054,
Hell: 30000.

 {RSyntax:{C holylight
 {RSyntax:{C invis
HOLYLIGHT is a toggle that allows you to see (almost) every character and
mobile in the game.  With holy light, you can see what's in the game more
easily.  Without holy light, you can see what mortal players see.

INVIS is a toggle which makes you completely invisible to all player characters
of lower level than you, and to all mobiles.

HOLYLIGHT will not allow you to see immortal INVIS characters who are
higher level than you.

 {RSyntax:{C memory
MEMORY reports the size of your mud.

The 'Mobs' and 'Objs' lines report the number of types of mobiles and objects,
not the number of instances currently in the game.

The 'Strings' line shows memory used by area-file strings.  These strings have
a maximum limit, which is also shown.

The 'Perms' line shows permanently allocated memory blocks.  There is no limit
on the number and size of these blocks.

 {RSyntax:{C mfind <name>
 {RSyntax:{C ofind <name>
MFIND finds all mobile types with a particular name.

OFIND finds all object types with a particular name.

 {RSyntax:{C mstat <character>
 {RSyntax:{C ostat <object>
 {RSyntax:{C rstat <location>
 {RSyntax:{C rstat
 {RSyntax:{C qstat <object>
MSTAT shows you statistics on a character.

OSTAT shows you statistics on an object.

RSTAT shows you statistics on a location. The location may be specified as
a vnum, as the name of a mobile, or as the name of an object.

QSTAT shows you the special properties and strings on an object.

 {RSyntax:{C mwhere <name>
MWHERE shows you the locations of all mobiles with a particular name.

 {RSyntax:{C peace
PEACE causes all characters in a room to stop fighting.

 {RSyntax:{C bamfin  <message>
 {RSyntax:{C bamfout <message>
The standard messages for GOTO are 'arrives in a swirling mist' and
'leaves in a swirling mist'.  You can replace these messages with messages of
your own choosing using the BAMFIN and BAMFOUT commands.

 {RSyntax:{C slookup <skill-or-spell>
 {RSyntax:{C slookup all
SLOOKUP shows you the internal 'sn' and external 'slot' for the given skill
or spell.  The 'sn' is used for OSET and OSTAT.  The 'slot' is used for area
files.  Neither 'sn' nor 'slot' is used for player files; these operate with
the actual skill and spell names.

SLOOKUP ALL shows this information for all skills and spells.

 {RSyntax:{C log   <character>
 {RSyntax:{C log   all
 {RSyntax:{C snoop <character>
LOG <character> causes all of a character's commands to be logged into
the server's log file.  Like FREEZE, it is a permanent character toggle.

Certain commands (PASSWORD) are protected against LOG.  Conversely, certain
commands (especially immortal commands) are always logged.

LOG ALL logs all character commands.  It is a server-wide toggle; it does not
persist across reboots.

SNOOP shows you a copy of all the input and output going to a character.
The character must have an open channel.  You may snoop more than one
character at a time.

SNOOP yourself to cancel all outstanding snoops.

 {RSyntax:{C switch <character>
 {RSyntax:{C return
 {RSyntax:{C oswitch <object>
 {RSyntax:{C oreturn
SWITCH switches you into the body of another character (who must not
already have a descriptor, e.g. you can't switch into a PC).

OSWITCH acts like switch, except it switches you into an object.

RETURN and ORETURN return you to your original body.

 {RSyntax:{C immtalk <message>
IMMTALK sends a message to all immortals.  : is a synonym for IMMTALK.

 {RSyntax:{C wizhelp
WIZHELP provides a list of all the immortal commands.

 {RSyntax:{C cast armor <character>
This spell decreases (improves) the armor class of the target character
by 20 points.

 {RSyntax:{C cast bless <character>
This spell improves the to-hit roll and saving throw versus spell of the
target character by +1 each.

 {RSyntax:{C cast blindness <victim>
This spell renders the target character blind.

 {RSyntax:{C cast brew    <potion> <spell>
 {RSyntax:{C cast scribe  <scroll> <spell>
 {RSyntax:{C cast carve   <wand>   <spell>
 {RSyntax:{C cast engrave <staff>  <spell>
 {RSyntax:{C cast bake    <pill>   <spell>
These spells allow other spells to be embedded in the specified object, 
which is usually created via the 'minor creation' spell.


 {RSyntax:{C cast 'acid blast'     <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'burning hands'  <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'colour spray'   <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'fireball'       <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'lightning bolt' <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'magic missile'  <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'shocking grasp' <victim>
These spells inflict damage on the victim.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'call lightning'
This spell works only out of doors, and only when the weather is bad.
It calls down lightning bolts from God.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'cause light'    <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'cause serious'  <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'cause critical' <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast harm             <victim>
These spells inflict damage on the victim.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'change sex' <victim>
This spell changes the sex of the victim (temporarily).

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'charm person' <victim>
This spell, if successful, causes the victim to follow you and to take orders
from you.  Use ORDER to order your charmed followers.

You are responsible for the actions of your followers.  Conversely, other
people who attack your followers will be penalized as if they attacked you.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'chill touch' <victim>
This spell inflicts damage on the victim and also reduces the victim's
strength by one.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'continual light'
This spell creates a ball of light, which you can hold as a light source.
The ball of light will last indefinitely.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'control weather' better
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'control weather' worse
This spell makes the weather either better or worse.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'cure blindness' <character>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'cure poison' <character>
CURE BLINDNESS cures blindness in one so unfortunate.

CURE POISON cures poison in one so unfortunate.


 {RSyntax:{C cast 'cure light'    <character>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'cure serious'  <character>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'cure critical' <character>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'heal'          <character>
These spells cure damage on the target character.


 {RSyntax:{C cast 'curse' <character>
This spell reduces the character's to-hit roll by 1 and save versus spells
by 1.  It also renders the character unclean in the eyes of God and
unable to RECALL.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'darkblessing' <name>
This spell infuses the target with demonic energy, improving their 
abilities in combat.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'detect evil'
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'detect hidden'
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'detect invis'
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'detect magic'
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'detect poison' <object>
DETECT EVIL enables the caster to detect evil characters, which will
reveal a characteristic red aura.
DETECT HIDDEN enables the caster to detect hidden creatures.
DETECT INVIS enables the caster to detect invisible objects and characters.
DETECT MAGIC enables the caster to detect magical objects.
DETECT POISON detects the presence of poison in food or drink.


 {RSyntax:{C cast 'dispel magic' <character>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'dispel evil' <victim>
DISPEL MAGIC dispels magical affects on a character.  It may be used as
an offensive spell to remove an enemy's magical advantages, or as a
benign spell to remove a friend's (or one's own) magical handicaps.

DISPEL EVIL invokes the wrath of God on an evil victim.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'earthquake'
This spell inflicts damage on every enemy character in the room.
Beware that other characters who are not yet fighting may attack
you as a result!

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'enchant weapon' <weapon>
This spell magically enchants a weapon, increasing its to-hit and to-dam
bonuses.  The weapon must be un-magical to start with.  This spell also
causes the weapon to be aligned with the alignment with the caster.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'energy drain' <victim>
This spell saps the experience points, mana, and movement points of its

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'faerie fire' <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'faerie fog'
FAERIE FIRE increases (makes worse) the armor class of its victim.

FAERIE FOG reveals all manner of invisible, hidden, and sneaking creatures in
the same room as you.


 {RSyntax:{C cast 'find familiar' <familiar>
This spell enables the caster to create a familiar, which can be either a 
frog, a raven, a cat, or a dog.  The mage is able to see everything that 
the familiar can see, and is able to issue orders from any distance using 
the 'fcommand' or '[' commands.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'flamestrike' <victim>
This spell inflicts damage on the victim.

0 FLY~
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'fly' <character>
This spell enables the target character to fly.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'frenzy' <character>
This spell causes the target to enter a berserk fighting rage, improving 
their damage and chances to hit, but also making them easier to be hit. 

 {RSyntax:{C cast gate
This spell gates in a guardian vampire.  Player characters don't have much use
for it, but high demons, and guardian vampires themselves, like it a lot.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'giant strength' <character>
This spell increases the strength of the target character.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'guardian'
This spell summons a demonic guardian to aid the caster in combat (or 
just to show off to your friends ;).

 {RSyntax:{C cast identify <object>
This spell reveals information about the object.

 {RSyntax:{C cast improve <object>
This spell enables a quest created object to contain more bonuses.  The 
object must be worth at least 750 quest points.  Casting this spell will 
enable it to hold an additional bonus comparable to the bonuses that can 
be added to non-created items - ie: an extra +10 hitroll or damroll on a 
weapon, an extra +5 hitroll or damroll on a piece of armour, etc.  The 
maximum number of quest points that the item can contain is also 
increased by an addition 500, plus 10 per status point.

 {RSyntax:{C cast infravision <character>
This spell enables the target character to see in the dark.

 {RSyntax:{C cast invis <character>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'mass invis'
The INVIS spell makes the target character invisible.  Invisible characters
will become visible when they attack.

The MASS INVIS spell makes all characters in the caster's group invisible,
including the caster.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'know alignment' <character>
This spell reveals the alignment of the target character.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'locate object' <name>
This spell reveals the location of all objects with the given name.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'mana' <name>
With this spell, the caster draws the energy from around them and focuses 
it into the target person (defaulted to themself).  This is very 
exhausting for the caster, but allows a faster recovery of mana.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'minor creation' <object>
This spell creates an empty potion, scroll, wand, staff or pill, which 
can then be enchanted by the caster using other spells.

 {RSyntax:{C cast mount
This spell summons a mystical creature to serve as the casters mount.  
The type of mount summoned is dependant on the casters alignment, and the 
toughness of the mount is dependant on the casters spellcasting ability.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'pass door'
This spell enables the caster to pass through closed doors.

 {RSyntax:{C cast poison <victim>
This spell reduces the strength of the victim by two, as well as reducing the
victim's regeneration rate.

 {RSyntax:{C cast portal <victim>
This spell creates a magical portal between the caster and the target.  
The portal remains in existance for 2 or 3 hours (mud time), during which 
time anyone can 'enter' the portal on one side and come out on the other.

 {RSyntax:{C cast preserve <object>
This spell will stop the specified object decaying.  It's primary use is 
on severed body parts, which can be stored away safely in case the player 
should loose any limbs in combat.

 {RSyntax:{C cast protection
 {RSyntax:{C cast sanctuary  <character>
The PROTECTION spell reduces the damage taken from any attack by an evil
creature by one quarter.

The SANCTUARY spell reduces the damage taken by the character from any attack
by one half.

These spells may be used simultaneously for cumulative effect.

 {RSyntax:{C cast quest
This spell creates a quest card.  The quest-point value of the card is 
the same as the amount of primal the caster has at the time of casting 
(and this primal is used up during the casting of the spell).  No more 
than 100 primal will be used on any one casting of this spell.

For information on how to complete the card, type 'help complete'.

 {RSyntax:{C cast refresh    <character>
 {RSyntax:{C cast energyflux 
Refresh refreshes the movement points of a character who is out of movement

Energyflux replenishes mana of a character who is low, or out of mana.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'remove curse' <character>
This spell removes a curse from a character.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'regenerate' <body part> <character>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'clot'       <character>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'mend'       <character>
REGENERATE will replace lost body parts on the target, while CLOT will 
stop them bleeding and MEND will fix any broken bones or cut open throats.

 {RSyntax:{C cast resistance <object>
This spell makes the target object capable of withstanding 10 blows 
before it is destroyed, rather than 4.

 {RSyntax:{C cast scan
 {RSyntax:{C cast repair
The SCAN spell will tell you all the items you are carrying which are 
currently in need of repairing.

The REPAIR spell will repair all the items you are carrying which are 
currently in need of repairing.

 {RSyntax:{C cast shield
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'stone skin'
These spells protect the caster by decreasing (improving) the caster's armor
class.  SHIELD provides 20 points of armor.  STONE SKIN provides 40 points of

 {RSyntax:{C cast sleep <victim>
This spell puts its victim to sleep.

 {RSyntax:{C cast soulblade
This spell summons the casters personal (named) soulblade, which is an 
extremely deadly weapon.  The weapon is permanent.

 {RSyntax:{C cast spellproof <object>
This spell makes the target object immune to the destructive powers of 
the various magical attacks.  No protection from physical attacks is 

 {RSyntax:{C cast summon <character>
This spell summons a character from anywhere else in your zone into your room.
Characters who are fighting may not be summoned.

 {RSyntax:{C cast <teleport>
This spell takes you from your current location to a random location somewhere
in the world.

 {RSyntax:{C cast transport <object> <character>
This spell will transport the specified object from your inventory to 
that of the specified character.

 {RSyntax:{C cast ventriloquate <speaker> <message>
This spell throws your voice, making it appear that some other object or
character in the room is saying your message.  Victims who make their saving
throw will know that someone is using ventriloquism, but not who.  Victims who
fail their saving throw will think that the object or character really did say
your message.

 {RSyntax:{C Spell:   cast voodoo <victim>
        Ability: voodoo <victim> <action>
Voodoo magic allows the caster to do things to another player indirectly.
First, a body part of the victim is needed.  The caster should hold this 
part and cast the spell on the target (they don't have to be in the same 
room).  This will create the voodoo doll, which the caster the voodoo 
commands on to interfere with the victim.
There are three voodoo actions.  The first, 'Stab', is only of use as a 
warning to the victim, or to cause annoyance.  The second, 'Throw', will 
hurl the victim from their feet and cause a small amount of damage.  The 
third and final action, 'Burn', will set the victim on fire, as well as 
destroy the doll itself.

 {RSyntax:{C cast weaken <victim>
This spell reduces the strength of the victim by two points.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'word of recall'
This spell duplicates the built-in RECALL ability.  It is provided solely for
Merc-based muds which wish to eliminate the built-in ability while still
providing the spell.

 {RSyntax:{C cast 'acid breath'      <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'fire breath'      <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'frost breath'     <victim>
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'gas breath'
 {RSyntax:{C cast 'lightning breath' <victim>
These spells are for the use of dragons.  Acid, fire, frost, and lightning
damage one victim, whereas gas damages every PC in the room.  Fire and
frost can break objects, and acid can damage armor.

This skill shows you a character's inventory when you look at a character.
Use of the skill is automatic once you have practice it.

0 PERFECTION MASTERY 'mask of perfection'~
This spell is for those who have worked and achieved 100% in all stances,
weapons and spells colors.  You will be able to cast perfection if you are
an Avatar and have the mana required to cast it.  This spell produces a
personal mask that no other player can use.  10000 stored mana is required.

You are not allowed to carry or wear any Mask of Perfection that is not your
own creation.  If you are caught with someone elses mask, you will lose the
mask, and the creator that carelessly lost or gave away their mask will lose
theirs, and the ability to immediatly create another one...

0 Sects Antitribu~
General name for one of the three primary groups among the kindred - the
Camarilla, the Sabbat, and Inconnu.  Followers is also a lesser known sect.

The Pack and The Wyrm are the predominant werewolf sects.

The Technocracy is the known Mage Sect.

An Antitribu would be a sect member that is in a clan that normally would not
be in that Sect.  These occurances are often rare.

  A Brujah vampire would be in the Camarilla
  A Brujah Antitribu could be in the Sabbat
  A Tzimisce Antitribu could be in the Camarilla
  A Bone Gnawer Antitribu could be in The Pack...


0 Camarilla~
A Sect of vampires, in which all Kindred may hold membership.  Its rule is far
from absolute, and it serves as a debating chamber more than a government.
The Camarilla is lead by the prince, and his council of Primogen and Justicars.

  Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue, and
  various Sabbat Antitribu (rare) or Independant

{Rsee also:{x 'help traditions'

0 Sabbat 'Black Hand'~
A violent and bestial sect of vampires revelling in needless cruelty.
The 'Black Hand' ere the elite Sabbat assassins.

  Lasombra, Tzimisce, and various Camarilla Antitribu or Independant
  Bone Gnawers

{Rsee also:{x 'help terms-sabbat'

"We are the small voice that whispers to you in the lonely hours of the night.
We call to the darkness within all of you.  We came from the dark, and to the 
dark we shall all return."

Called corrupt by even the most corrupt Ventrue, the Followers are almost 
universally mistrusted and feared by the clans of the Camarilla, and scorned by 
the Sabbat for their unwillingness to share in the Vaudalrie.

  Setites, various Antitribu


0 terms-Sabbat~
Cardinal - a Sabbat leader overseeing a territory, served by Archbishops
Headhunter - a Sabbat vampire who collects heads of destroyed vampires
Hulul - leader of Assamite antitribu, ritually killed every 100 years
Infidel - any vampire outside of the Sabbat
Inner Circle - prisci and cardinals serving the Regent
Priscus - a Sabbat vampire who advises the Regent and cardinals, plural prisci
Regent - top leader of Sabbat, only one at any given time
Seraph - one of the 4 top Black Hand, collectively known as Seraphim
True Sabbat - a Sabbat vampire who has survived an attack against enemies
Voivode - leader of Tzimisce


0 Clans~
  Vampires: see help 'Vampire Clans'
Werewolves: see help 'Werewolf Packs'
     Mages: see help 'Mage Traditions'

       also see help 'Sects'

0 'Werewolf Packs'~
The Pack
  Silver Fangs
  Shadow Lords

New Pack
  Get of Fenris

The Wyrm
  Black Spiral Dancers



0 'Prince'~
The ruling vampire of a Camarilla-held territory is called the prince.  This
powerful vampire is usually of Clan Ventrue or Toreador; however, Brujah,
Nosferatu or even Malkavian princes are not unknown.  The prince has absolute
power to establish, grant or strip domains, and to declare certain areas off
limits for hunting.  The prince may declare certain areas as Elysium (neutral
ground where violence is prohibited), and may call blood hunts on rebels and
malcontents who violate the Six Traditions.

{RSee also:{x help on Praxis, Justicar and Primogen


0 Praxis 'Praxis Seizure'~
The right of Princes to rule, as well as the rules, laws and customs enforced.

Praxis Seizure is the attempt to take over the role of a current prince, by
forceful means.  To declare a Praxis Seizure, you must publicly voice your
intentions and meet certain requirements.  One, you must have a suitable
following of both your clan members, and the backing of other Primogen of your
sect.  Two, you must defeat the current Prince in individual combat, to at
least a tie up, more favorably a decapitation if status allows.  Lastly, the
approval of the Implementor, will decide if there is probable cause to carry
out a Praxis Seizure, and deem the new Prince as worthy to hold the title.

Failure of a Prince to answer and defend against a Praxis Seizure almost always
results in success.

Failure to carry out a successful Praxis Seizure will result in a free cap to
the Prince, if allowed by status, reduction to Status 0 for the challenger, 
and the reputation for insolence and inconvience of poor Sect standings.

0 Justicar~
Enforcer of the prince.


0 Primogen~
The prince is often served by a council of advisors chosen from powerful elders
of the various clans. These elders are collectively called primogen. Though, in
theory, a prince's rule is absolute, a prince who fails to heed her primogen
often finds herself deposed or killed in short order.  The primogen are
formidable forces in their own right, and ceaselessly intrigue against each
other and the prince.


0 Inconnu~
Certain ancient vampires withdraw from the sects' games altogether,
seeking solitude amid the wastes. These old ones, called Inconnu, reject the
power-games of the clans and sects, instead seeking self-mastery and
enlightenment. Some whisper of a darker purpose behind the Inconnu's withdrawal
from the Jyhad, but most vampires think of Inconnu as nothing more than deluded


9 hedit~
 {RSyntax:{C hedit [command]
command may be one of the following:
[keyword]                 enter hedit mode for help with [keyword]
create  [keyword]         to create a new help
text                      to edit the text of the current help
keyword [word(s)]         to reset the keywords of the current help
change  [keyword]         enter editor for help with [keyword]
level   [number]          to set the level at which the help may be
index   [none]            to see a list of all help topics by keyword
delete  [keyword]         used to remove a help
show                      displays current help, including level
                          and all keywords
to save changes to helps, use "asave helps"

 {RSyntax:{C EDIT AREA [create/reset] [vnum]	- Area Creation and Repoping.
 {RSyntax:{C EDIT ROOM [create] [vnum]      	- Room Creation and Editing.
 {RSyntax:{C EDIT OBJ  [create] <vnum>		- Object Creation and Editing.
 {RSyntax:{C EDIT MOB  [create] <vnum>		- Mobile Creation and Editing.
 {RSyntax:{C EDIT MP   [create] <vnum>          - MobProg Creation/Editing.
 {RSyntax:{C ASAVE  <world/area/changed/list>	- Save Editing to Disk.
 {RSyntax:{C ALIST                              - Listing of Areas.
 {RSyntax:{C RESET  See Help Resets.	        - Set Game Resets.
Definition: [optional]  <required>  (combined arguments)

     The above commands are used to expand the game world.  The original
code is based on was written by Surreality and installed in The Isles by Locke.
It was then converted to work with Envy by Jason Dinkel, and ported to ROM
2.3 by Hans Birkeland (Hugin). Port to Rom 2.4 by Ivan Toledo (ver 1.7).
Ported to Lurking Fear II by Spiral.

     Inside an editor, typing COMMANDS lists working commands and ? gives
help. AEDIT and REDIT default to the current area or room. EDIT ROOM RESET
resets the current room.  Most commands with no arguments display syntax.

 {RSyntax:{C ALIST
This command gives you a listing of all the areas along with their
vnum assignments and the builder(s) assigned to editing them.

 {RSyntax:{C edit area  	 - Enters the editor for the current area.
 {RSyntax:{C edit area <vnum>    - Enters the editor for the selected area.
The follow commands are available from within the AEDITOR:

age <number>        - set the age of the area
builder <player>    - toggle that builder's access
commands            - prints a list of possible commands
create              - create a brand new area and switch to it
done                - exits the area editor and returns to normal play
filename <filename> - change the file name for the area (be careful)
name <name>         - change the 'AREAS' name of this area
reset               - resets the current area
security <rating>   - set the security rating for this area
show                - hitting return, or 'show' shows the area stats
vnum <lower> <upper>- set the lower and upper vnum's
lvnum <lower>       - set the lower vnum
uvnum <upper>       - set the upper vnum
<flags>             - area flags, type ? AREA for a list

 {RSyntax:{C edit room		-Enters the editor for the current room.
The following commands are available from within the REDITOR:

commands            - prints a list of possible commands
create <vnum>       - creates a room with a certain vnum
desc                - edit description of room
done                - exists the room editor and returns to normal play
ed                  - type this command for additonal extra-description help
format              - format(wordwrap) the room description
name <room title>   - changes the room title
show                - hitting return, or 'show' shows the room stats
oshow <vnum>        - shows an object with given vnum
olist               - lists objects in this area.
mshow <vnum>        - shows a mobile with given vnum
mlist               - lists mobiles in this area.
room <flags>        - room attributes, type ? ROOM for a list
sector <type>       - terrain of room, type ? SECTOR for a list
<direction>         - see help EXIT, or type <dir> ?

For exits, type the direction (north/s/e/w) followed by:

dig <vnum>         - creates the room and makes a two way link
link <room vnum>   - make a two way link
room <room vnum>   - make a one way link (use with caution)
key <object vnum>  - makes specified object the vnum of the key required
name <door name>   - makes the door's name/keywords = to the given name
desc               - edit the description of the exit
delete             - delete this exit
<exit-flags>       - type ? EXIT for a list(make exit door, locked etc.)

The exit flags are presented in the following manner.  The capitalized
flags are ones not included in the reset info.  i.e. closed is due to
a player closing the door and not due to the door being set to be closed.

-South to [ 3744] Key: [   -1] Exit flags: [door CLOSED bashed pickproof]

 {RSyntax:{C edit object <vnum>	-Enters the editor for the selected object.
The following commands are available from within the OEDITOR:

addaffect           - applies an affect to an object, no args for help
delaffect           - removes an affect to an object, no args for help
commands            - prints a list of possible commands
create <vnum>       - creates object with specified vnum
done                - exits the object editor and returns to normal play
ed                  - type this for info on adding/editing extended descripts
long                - edit long description (the one in the room)
name <keywords>     - sets the keywords on an object
short <desc>        - sets the 'name' of an object (a sword, a fish etc)
show                - hitting return, or 'show' shows the object stats
v0 <num>            - sets the value '0' on the object
v1 <num>            - sets the value '1' on the object
v2 <num>            - sets the value '2' on the object
v3 <num>            - sets the value '3' on the object
v4 <num>            - sets the value '4' on the objcet
weight <num>        - sets the weight of the object
type         	    - type of object, type ? TYPE for a list
extra		    - attributes of object, type ? EXTRA for a list
wear                - where object is worn, type ? WEAR for a list

 {RSyntax:{C medit <vnum>	-Enters the editor for the selected mobile.
The following commands are available from within the MEDITOR:

alignment <value>   - set the mobile's alignment
commands            - prints a list of possible commands
create <vnum>       - creates mobile with specified vnum
desc                - edit the mobile's description (when looked at)
done                - exits the mobile editor and returns to normal play
level <level>       - set the mobile's level
long                - edit long description (the one in the room)
name <keywords>     - sets the keywords on an mobile
shop                - type this command for further information
short <desc>        - sets the 'name' of an mobile (a sword, a fish etc)
show                - hitting return, or 'show' shows the mobile stats
spec                - sets a mobiles spec proc, type ? SPEC for a list
sex                 - set the mobile's sex, type ? SEX for a list
act                 - mobiles actions, type ? ACT for a list
affect              - mobile affects, type ? AFFECT for a list
ac		    - set the mobile's ac, type ? AC for a list
hitdice		    - dice to toss to get mobile's hitpoints
manadice	    - dice to toss to get mobile's mana
damdice		    - dice to toss to get mobile's hand to hand damage


 {RSyntax:{C RESET <number> OBJ <vnum> <location on body>    - equips last mobile
         RESET <number> OBJ <vnum> inside <obj vnum>     - store in container
         RESET <number> OBJ <vnum> room                  - store in room
         RESET <number> MOB <vnum> [<max #>]             - load a mobile
         RESET <number> DELETE                           - delete a reset
RESET alone will display the resets in the current room.  The <number> will
be displayed with this list.  Typing ? WEAR-LOC will list possible locations
that an object can be loaded to.  The [<max #>] is the maximum number of
mobiles allowed in this room and will default to 1 if no number is entered.

For resets to be successful make sure that you add them in a logical order.
For example if you are equiping a mobile don't load a container in the room
and fill it with some objects and then continue equiping the mobile.  It is
likely that resets will backfire if they are not carefully entered.

If you wish to reset the room then use EDIT ROOM RESET.  

   value 0    level
   value 1    max charges
   value 2    current charges
   value 3    spell name
   value 4    unused

An up-to-date list of spells can be obtained by typing:
? SPELLS [ignore/attack/defend/self/object/all]

   value 0    level
   value 1    spell name 1
   value 2    spell name 2
   value 3    spell name 3
   value 4    unused

An up-to-date list of spells can be obtained by typing:
? SPELLS [ignore/attack/defend/self/object/all]

   value 0    ac pierce
   value 1    ac bash
   value 2    ac slash
   value 3    ac exotic (magic)
   value 4    unused

   value 0    weapon class.
   value 1    number of dice to roll.
   value 2    type of dice to roll.
   value 3    weapon type.
   value 4    special weapon type.

An up-to-date list of values can be obtained by typing

   value 0    weight capacity
   value 1    flags: closeable, pickproof, closed, locked            
   value 2    key vnum
   value 3    unused
   value 4    unused

An up-to-date list of flags can be obtained by typing

   value0    capacity
   value 1    current quantity
   value 2    liquid type
   value 3    poisoned?
   value 4    unused

An up-to-date list of liquid types can be obtained by typing

   value 0    hours of food value
   value 1    unused
   value 2    unused
   value 3    poisoned?
   value 4    unused

   value 0    value in gold pieces
   value 1    unused
   value 2    unused
   value 3    unused
   value 4    unused

Example of use:
edit obj create 1253
copy 1255

Now obj 1253 looks exactly like 1255, you change it as needed from there.
Change the name, description, whatever else you want to change.

1 MSP 'Mud Sound Protocol' Sounds~
Mud Sound Protocol requires a MSP compatible MUD client:
  zMUD v4.60+, Tin Tin++ v1.5+, MUD Master v2.10+    soon: Rapscallion

 {RSyntax:{C channel +msp
         channel -msp
         mspoff - stops currently running sound
In zMUD enable MSP in View>Preferences>Sounds.  zMUD will automatically
create folder and download sounds when enabled, or you can create a /sounds
directory in your zMUD/Lurking Fear II directory and do it yourself.

More to follow, as MSP is in testing stages.


11 tripod~
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------   lurf2/lurf2msp1
                               /pictures in /sounds will be all sounds for all at once download

1 Artifacts~
Artifacts are the most powerful and sought after objects in the Realm.  Being
objects that are unclaimable, the threat of a PK loot affects only these unique

{gthe {GGreen{g Planar Ring{x
{bthe {BBlue{b Planar Ring{x
{rthe {RRed{r Planar Ring{x
{mthe {MC{mh{Ma{mo{Ms{m Axe{x
{ythe {YTorc{y of{Y Continual Restoration{x
{wthe {WShortsword{w of{W Speed{x
{wthe {CVorpal{w Blade{x
{cthe {CKlaive{x
{rthe {RRing{r of{R Hitting{x
{Rthe {rRing{R of{r Damage{x
{wthe {WSword{w of {WSharpness{x
{wthe {WB{wa{Wn{wn{We{wr of {WP{we{Wa{wc{We{x
{bthe {BS{bword of {BDarkness{x
{ythe {YTome {yof the {YA{yncients{x
{bthe {BArmour{b of {BResistance{x
{gthe {GVisor{g of {GVision{x
{rthe {RClaws{r of the {RDamned{x
{wthe {WTooth{x of {GFenris{x
{bthe {BB{bracelet of {BL{bloth{x
{wa name{rless{D ring{x

{RSee also:{x 'help Artifact Rent'


1 'Artifact Rent'~
Cost chart of rental cost for storage of artifacts:     Exp    Qpts

              a planar ring (red, blue, green)        800000   100
              the chaos axe or tooth of fenris       1500000   150
              the torc of continual restoration      1500000   150
              shortsword of speed or vorpal blade    1000000   100
              the klaive                             1100000   110
              the nameless ring or ring of hitting   1000000   100
              the ring of damage                      750000    75
              the sword of sharpness                 1000000   100
              the sword of darkness                   800000   100
              the tome of the ancients                800000   100
              armor of resist or visor of vison      1500000   150
              the claws of the damned                 750000    75
              the bracelet of lloth                   800000   100
              the heart of ice                       1100000   110

The listed cost is per day, and is divided by hours of time you are logged off.
You must have enough Exp and Qpts saved when you quit, to cover the amount of
time you are logged off.  You are not charged while you are online.   

This will prevent artifact holders from either not logging on, not leaving
safe rooms and not actively exping or questing.  This amounts to a minimum of
one quick exp run, and 1-2 quest card or aquest runs, per day.  Not big deal to
someone worthy of holding an artifact...


1 'Aggravated Damage'~
Aggravated damage is special magical damage that can not be healed normally
and takes longer to heal.  Certain mystical affects may cause aggravated
damage to either a vampire or to a werewolf.


1 'Building Areas on Lurking Fear II'~
Areas may built by any non-Admin either online or offline.  This in NO way
guaranties inclusion of your area to Lurking Fear II.  We will only accept
areas that follow theme and are well written and thought out.

 1) Online - In some cases, OLC may be made available under special case
    basis.  You will be granted temporary access to a separate build port.
    This is not public access, and is not always available.

 2) Offline - Use a offline editor, such as M.Z.F. in Merc 2.x format.  Upon
    completion, please consult an Admin for instructions to send file to Impl.

By building online, or sending offline files, you MUST agree to the following:

 1) All areas become the property of Lurking Fear II.  You will not be able
    to demand removal of a included area, as rights to that area are no longer
    yours.  Credits will always remain intact.

 2) Any or all parts will be properly edited to fit Lurking Fear II standards
    or necessity, to include re-leveling or any other adjustments.

 3) If in facts any changes are made, the new version will not be released to
    anyone, including the original author.  Any request for a copy will be
    declined, except to author, who will receive original unaltered copy.

Failure to agree to any of these, should simply prevent you from building here.
You will probably find that this is a standard policy on most MUDs.


1 Monks Ninjas Dragons Highlanders Demons Drow Arch-Angel Angel Jedi Amazon~
Lurking Fear II is a World of Darkness based MUD.  The classes of Monks,
Ninjas, Dragons, Highlanders, Demons, or any other Non-WoD classes that may
be popular on other MUDs will not be found here.

Please see the helps on Vampires, Werewolves, and Mages.


1 'Combat Timer'~
Upon iniating or recieving PK combat, an 8 tick Combat timer is set.  You can
not quit, enter a safe room, or transport objects during this time.  If you
intentially go link-dead or otherwise abuse this, you will most likely end up
sitting at Market Square, not where you planned on hiding out.


0 TAG 'IT'~
 {RSyntax:{C tag <player> - Start a game, or tag the next person if you are IT
         tag show     - Shows wether a game is in progress, or who is IT
Sometimes life in the world can get a bit stressful, so we all need to relax
and play games from time to time.  One way you can do this is by starting up a
game of tag amongst your fellow players.  The rules are simple.

To start a game, an Admin will tag someone.  The idea is then for players to
run around the realm trying to avoid being caught by the person who is 'IT'.
Only one person can be 'IT' at any one time, and when they catch someone, the
'IT' status is removed and the player they tag becomes 'IT'.
Whenever the state of play changes, ie. if someone tags someone else, starts a
game, or ends a game players are informed via the info channel.
  Tag Version 1.1 was written by Voltec ( for EotN.

2 'Wait Timer' 'Delay Timer'~
{RA 'wait timer' has been implemented.  From now on, avatared characters begin
in a holding state, where you can not be attacked, attack anyone, or do much 
of anything.  

It is just a few minutes long, so please just sit back, read your notes, read
the rules and policy, and reflect on how you can make Lurking Fear II a better
place by following the rules and properly roleplaying your character.


-1 Webpage 'Web Page' Homepage 'Home Page'~
The address to the Lurking Fear II Home Page is


1 Application~
Lurking Fear II Admin Application 
                         - cut and paste, then e-mail to

Name _______________________  Age _____
E-mail _____________________  Geographical Location/Timezone ________________

Chars on Lurking Fear I ___________________________  Approx total hours _____
Chars on Lurking Fear II __________________________  Approx total hours _____
Approx avail hours as a Player _______week/day   as an Admin _______week/day

Admin Experience yes/no? _____ If yes, where? ______________ Codebase? ______
Coding Exp yes/no? _____  Building Exp yes/no? ____  Areas available? _______
Codebases played on? ________________________________________________________

RPG Experience ______________________________________________________________
  Storyteller _________________________ Player ______________________________
  WoD Experience - Vamp ___ Wwf ___ Mage ___ Wraith ___ Chang ___ Other _____

Why do you want to be a Lurf Admin? _________________________________________

Why should you be picked over other applicants? _____________________________

Additional Comments _________________________________________________________

Certain characters in the game will allow you to go on quests to recover an
item or kill another mob. To go on a quest, you must be in the same room with
a questmaster. When you successfully complete a quest, you will receive a
certain number of quest points.
The AQUEST command is used for information about your current quest, to request
a quest from a questmaster, etc. Commands are as follows:

 AQUEST INFO - If you are on a quest, this will remind you who or what you are
 AQUEST TIME - Gives the amount of time remaining on your current quest, or the
 amount of time until you can request another quest. This command may be used
 AQUEST REQUEST - Petitions the questmaster to send you on a quest. If you
 accept the quest, you will be given a realtime limit (in minutes) in which you
 must complete the quest. If you are on a quest to kill a creature, when you
 come across that creature you will see a [TARGET] notice before it. This is
 the creature you are to kill.

 AQUEST COMPLETE - Once you have completed your quest and recovered the item or
 killed the mob or whatever, you must return to the questmaster who sent you on
 the quest and use this command. If you have successfully completed your quest,
 he will reward you with rpts and quest points. Once you complete a quest you
 cannot request another for 30 minutes.


1 'Roleplay points' Rps cookie 'RP status' RPstatus~
'Roleplay points' Rps cookie 'RP status' RPstatus
 Level: 1
Roleplay points will be given out by the Admin for good roleplay.  Cookies will
be given out and eaten, much like quest tokens.
RP Status will factor in to how much exp you get per kill, as PK only status 
once did.  see 'help exp'.  Your RP Status can be purchased by Rps at a cost of
20 for the first, then 20+ the last cost, for each additional.  If for any
reason you hit the magic -10 RP Status, you character will be rendered 
unusable due to poor roleplay.
If you need to have a RP Immortal present while you "RP", you may
type 'rpflag'. This is to let the Immortals know that your are in
a roleplaying session. Please remove this flag when you are not
in a "RP" session. 
Additionally, Rps will be required in addition to primal, for purchasing class
skills (totems/disciplines/spheres).
You may also accumulate these points and use the following chart:
  ---- -------------------------------------------------------  
    2  Piece of Admin created gear (worth 40 qps)
Chart under construction, more to follow...
{Rsee also:{x  'rp', 'roleplay', 'rp-[name of the sect]', 'rpstatus', 'rpstatus_chart'

0 Nature Demeanor Archetypes~
Nature represents your inner personality, your Demeanor reflects the way that
other people see you.  Both of these traits might be the same, but most people
act much different in public, than they do in private.  The Admin will use your
nature and demeanor to judge your ability to RP and award you RP points.

Syntax:  nature <fill in the blank>
         demeanor <fill in the blank>

Sample Archetypes you may choose from...or create your own
  Autocrat: Stability requires order.  Bring it about.
 Barbarian: Civilization is a joke, honor is everything.
 Caretaker: Suffering is everywhere, you must temper it with love.
 Celebrant: Something fills you with joy, and you cannot hide the pleasure.
     Child: You are young, or at least appear to be.
  Defender: The meek must be protected from the wicked by the strong.
   Fanatic: Your cause means everything.
   Gallant: Grace is all that counts, romance is your ideal.
 Innovator: There is always a better way to do things, you must bring it about.
    Jester: There is too much pain to endure without laughter. You mock sadness.
     Judge: You seek justice for everyone.
     Loner: You have never fit in, and never will.
   Monster: God had demanded that you play the beast, Who are you to argue?
  Penitent: Your sins can only be forgiven after you prove your worth.
     Rebel: You're sick of being ordered around! Hide feeling, work for change.
     Rogue: To hell with the system, hell with them! Life is yours to plunder.
  Survivor: No matter what storm sweeps through, you will always prevail.
    Tyrant: The only way to get things done is to do them your way!


Syntax:  style

Shows you your chosen nature and demeanor, in which you are judged by for RP.
You are encouraged to have this set within your character's first 25 hours of


Lucky:      Things seem to go your way a bit more often.    
Slash:      Slashing/Slicing weapon damage reduced by 1-100% per blow. 
Smash:      Blasting/Crushing/Pounding damage reduced by 1-100% per blow. 
Misc:       Mystery :)
Charm:      You always remain master of your domain. 
Acid:       You are unaffected by acid blast spell.
Voodoo:     Those nasty witches can't affect you.
Hurl:       You have a focused center of gravity.
Backstab:   You are immune to those sneaky attackers.
Disarm:     You have a tighter grip upon your weapon.
Steal:      You need not watch your belongings as closely.
Drain:      You are immune to the effects of energy drain spell.
Wise:       You are intune with the elder thought process.
Tough:      Think of it as being on steroids. 
Willfull:   You can stand up to anyone! 
Studious:   Those hours of studying sure helped your magic abilities. 
Agile:      You seem to be a bit quicker then others. 
Perceptive: You have an acute sense of your surroundings. 


Unlucky:      Your life seems a bit harder then everyone elses.    
Misc:         Mystery :)
Charm:        You can be made a servant to the superior minded.
Lightning:    Your body acts like a lightning rod. 
Voodoo:       You occasionally get that burning sensation.
Backstab:     Watch your back!
Kick:         You get your ass kicked, literally. 
Disarm:       You might as well fight bare-handed.
Steal:        Oops!  Did you just drop something?
Sleep:        You often get tired, out of nowhere.
Drain:        You might as well cast heal on your opponent.
Foolish:      You'd make a great jester, thats about it. 
Fragile:      You are the bully's favorite target. 
Weak-willed:  You succumb to being pressured.
Dumbshit:     Stick to swinging a weapon. 
Clumsy:       You occasionally dont feel up to the fights. 
Unperceptive: You couldn't see the hand that smacked you in the face. 


 {RSyntax:{C board [number|name]           Shows or changes board.
Changing between the boards is accomplished using the BOARD command. BOARD
without any arguments gives you a list of all boards together with number of
unread message. To change, type BOARD <number> or BOARD <name of the board>.

The boards are as follows:

 Changes  - new changes to Lurking Fear II, posted by Admin
 News     - News articles for Lurking Fear II, posted by Admin
 Help     - Help messages to new players, posted by players
 General  - General IC discussion messages, clan issues
 Ideas    - Ideas OOC
 Bugs     - Bugs posted to Impls
 Ooc      - Out of Char messages, vacation, taking time off, retire, ICQ#
 Personal - Personal notes to players
 RolePlay - Ongoing Roleplay discussions, OOC, separate from idea spool
 Quest    - Messages relating to current Admin run quests

** PLEASE USE PROPER BOARDS FOR POSTING NOTES, or you notes will be deleted.

see also 'help note'

This board system was created by Erwin S. Andreasen,

0 'Mob Standarization' standardization~
Mob Standardization is the idea that all mobs of similar characteristics are
created equal across the board.  This means if you come across an alley cat, it
is a low level, harmless cat.  Not a level 100 kitty of death.  Also, this means
that humans, as a race are not level 10 in some cities, and level 50 in others.
Of course cityguards and other notably powerful humans are not weak, but a 
normal human villager and a normal human townsfolk are quite similar in stats.

As far as monsters go... This means that you will not find weak newbie wraiths
in some areas, and HUGE boss mob wraiths in others.  All monsters are suitably
high level.  Unless you are in the Mud School, and it says a small monster is
leashed here, the monster you encounter will not be scoffed at.

If you are a 15 Status Avatar, these high level monsters may or may not pose a
significant problem, as you have worked yourself much higher on the scale of
toughness and power.  The same demons that would destroy a normal human being
are easily handled by an accomplished 'elder vampire' or such...

This entire process will still take some time, but the initial run thru is about
complete.  Further mob tweaks, area theme, and 'higher level curving' will come.


0 'create food' 'create spring' food drink water filet chop fire 'make fire'~
 {RSyntax:{C filet <corpse>
 {RSyntax:{C chop
 {RSyntax:{C make fire
 {RSyntax:{C cook <strip of meat>
To get food, you must find an animal and kill it.  After killing the animal,
you must get filets from the corpse.  Then you must have a piece of firewood
that you get from chopping down a tree in the forest.  You need to start a fire,
and cook your strip of meat.  Water is found from various fountains or water 
wells throughout the Realm.

Food can also be purchased at various stores, or gathered from fruit trees or
berry bushes.


0 newstart~
* WARNING * The area on this MUD are unlike the areas you may be used to.  Don't
let any stock named areas fool you.  The ENTIRE realm here has been totally
re-worked, re-themed, and modified.  Please ask around before teleporting in a
random fashion, or running straight to a usually weak starter area, as you may
be unpleasantly surprised.

Also, this MUD is unlike other GodWars MUDs.  If you are unfamiliar with the
GodWars type MUDs, you won't notice much.  If you are, you may or may not like
the roleplay enhancements here.  AGAIN, this is NOT a standard GodWars.  If you
are in search of a PurePK, hack and will be unhappy here.  If you
are willing to attempt to actually RP, you may be pleased with the changes we
have and the changes still yet to come.

Given some time to build up your char and get used to things here, you will
grow to appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this MUD.  Thanks.


6 coinexchange~
{RArcite's Coin Exchange Rate{x

Copper = 1 rp or 1 piece of created
Silver = 5 rp or 5 pieces of created
Gold =10 rp or 10 pieces of created

If you give a coin to another player please send me a note about the
transaction.  I am curious to see just how much certain things are
worth to you guys.  As an example, suppose you want Laerkai Power,
and your supplier wants to be paid in the coin of the realm.  How much
are Laerkai power worth?  Perhaps assassins could be bought: how much
is Baccus' head worth?

6 mobprog mpedit~
trigger    argument and what must happen to activate trigger
act        STRING 	to match from act() to mobile
speech     STRING 	to match in dialogue (say, tell) to mobile
rand       PERCENT 	chance to check whenever a PC is in the mobiles zone
bribe      INTEGER 	miminum amount of silver coins given to mobile
give       OBJECT NAME, OBJECT VNUM or ALL to match when obj given to mobile
greet      PERCENT 	chance to check if visible char enters mobile's room
grall      PERCENT 	chance to check when any char enters mobile's room
entry      PERCENT 	chance to check when mobile moves to a new room
exit       EXIT NUMBER	a visible char tries to exit mobile's room
exall      EXIT NUMBER	any char tries to exit mobile's room
kill       PERCENT	chance to check when the mobile begins fighting
fight      PERCENT 	chance to check at fight_pulse if mobile is fighting
hpcnt      PERCENT 	lower than mobile's hit/max_hit if mobile is fighting
death      PERCENT 	chance to check after mobile has been slain
surr       PERCENT      chance to activate when a char surrenders to mobile

MOBcommand argument_list	   MOBcommand argument_list
ASOUND 	   [text_string]	   ECHO       [text_string]
GECHO      [text_string]           ZECHO      [text_string]
ECHOAT     [victim] [text_string]  ECHOAROUND [victim] [text_string]
MLOAD 	   [vnum]                  OLOAD      [vnum] [level] {wear|room}
KILL 	   [victim]		   FLEE
REMOVE     [victim] [vnum]         MOB JUNK   [object]
PURGE      [argument]              AT         [dest] [command]
GOTO       [dest]                  TRANSFER   [victim] [dest]
GTRANSFER  [victim] [dest]         OTRANSFER  [object] [dest]
FORCE      [victim] [command]      GFORCE     [victim] [command]
VFORCE     [vnum]   [command]      CAST       [spell] [victim]
DAMAGE     [victim] [min] [max] {lethal}
DELAY                    	   CANCEL
REMEMBER   [victim]	           FORGET
CALL       [vnum] [victim] [target1] [target2]

1 Timeline~
The Timeline of Historical and MUD related events can be found at the Lurking
Fear II Home Page - under the 'Historical Timeline'

To be included in the timeline, or to add other notable events, please contact

{RSee also:{x 'help history'


0 FAQ 'frequently asked questions'~
{yWhy can't I see people on the 'wholist'?{x
  Have you greeted anybody? type 'help greet'  Are they affected by invis and
  you are not using your detection spells?  Are they advanced avatars and you
  can not see them because of special vanishing/cloaking skills?

{yWhy can't I recall?{x
  Are you in a NoRecall area? Are you affected by 'Curse'? type 'aff'

{yWhy can't I cast 'create food?  How do I eat or get food?{x
  type 'help food'

{yWhy can't I hold my weapon anymore?{x
  Are either your fingers, hand or arm broken? type 'diagnose self'
  Is the weapon too heavy, or are you exceeding your max allowed weight?

{yHow do I heal a broken limb, or missing bodypart?{x
  type 'help regenerate' or 'help clot' or 'help mend'
  Yes, you need to have a replacement bodypart to regenerate on to yourself.

{yWhy is my damcap/hitroll/damroll/ac different that it used to be?{x
  Have any pieces of your gear been changed, or destroyed in combat?
  Did you changes stances, opponents, or time of day?  These are all factors.

{yWhat is the answer to the Quest Riddle?{x
  Think about it, they are not hard.  DO NOT ask for answers on public channels.

{yWhen can I get in touch with an EQ Admin for created gear or restrings?{x
  Is there a request for speaking to an EQ Admin in your title?  Did you post a
  request note to one of the 'EQ Admins' listed on wizlist?  type 'wizlist'

{yHas anyone seen the questmaster?{x
  The wandering questmaster, you guessed it...wanders.  He usually can be found
  in Northern New Enoch.  There is no need to spam channels, go look for him.


Available maps:

  type 'help map-east'     - Map of the known Eastern Realm
  type 'help map-west'     - Map of the known Western Realm
  type 'help map-ne'       - Map of the City of New Enoch
  type 'help map-ne-south' - Map of Southern New Enoch

The 'Realm Maps' are NOT drawn to scale.  They simply show the general location
of the areas.  All areas have not been mapped.


0 map-east~
        Angband                                  {R - The Known Eastern Realm{x
 Labyrinth +  
           |  Dwarven Kingdom            
           |      |                     Plain of    Abandoned             
           |___Dwarven          Heaven  Nirvana     Catherdral     
           |   DayCare  Saytrs   \        /            |         
 To        |             /        \ Holy /             |   Cimmura
 N E.    Cross    Faeries   Thalos- Grove             New     |     Dragon 
 <-------Roads-------|----------------|--------------Thalos -------  Sea  
           |                       Gnome                 \ 
        Dwa Forest     Chimera   Village               Club Zoo
          _|___  Moor  Village
  Old Thalos   |__|____ __|____ Gargoyle Tower
                  |     \
              Elemental /      Tor-Mahn
               Canyon   \_____/

0 map-west~
{R The Western Known Realm -{x
                  Hidden             Fomori           \
                   Manor             Valley           | Olympus
        The          |                     |   Ultima |/           New
     Lost Vale       |                     |         \|    Ofcol - Ofcol
            \        |                     ---------Plains-------| 
Demon            ----|                  Shire Chess   |
Tower    HiTower     |                     |  Board   |
  \ Galaxy / Arachnos|------Haon Dor-------|----\ New Enoch-> to Crossroads-> NT
   \  |   /       \__|       Forest        |          |\
    Shadow ----------/                  Drakyri       | Culdar        Great
     Grove          Marsh   |-Vamp Den   Isle         |              Pyramid
                     |------|                         |                  /
                            \==========River====== Southern ==River=====Sands 
                                                   New Enoch           of Sorrow
                                                   /  | \  \ Pagans
                                              Harpies |  \  
                                               /      |    Graveyard   
                                        Divided       |        \ 
                                         Souls     Miden'Nir  Church

0 map-ne~
{RMap of Central New Enoch -{x           Rainbow Bridge (Asgard and Valhalla)
          North            Temple Altar   Mud School <--- ** NEWBIES **
            |   /Up        (Healer, Pit)      |           ** GO HERE **
            | /                  |       /Entrance to
     West---+---East             |     /  Mud School
          / |                 Temple of       |
    Down/   |                 Dominion      Arena
          South               (Recall)
                                 |   /In the Air   /Defunct Reception
                  Cleric         | /             /
       Northern   Guild----Temple Square---Grunting---Bar    Northern
       New Enoch             (Fountain)    Boar Inn          New Enoch
     (Clan Road) Magic           |                          (Clan Road)
           |     Shop   Bakery   |    Grocer    Weaponsmith     |
           |       |      |      |       |           |          |             to
To    <---West---Main-Street---Market----Main-Street-+--------East--->Cross-->NT
Shire,    Gate     |      |    Square    |           |        Gate    Roads
Forest of  |     Mage  Armoury   |    CSC Stand   Warrior       |
Haon-Dor   |     Guild           |                 Guild     Wall Road
          Wall                   |                              |
          Road  Leather  Map     |    Grebe's  Pet   Apothecary |
           |     Shop    Shop    |    Tavern   Shop  (Potions)  |
           |      |       |    Common   |       |       |       |
          Wall---Poor-Alley----Square---Dark-Alley------+----Wall Road
          Road    |       |      |      |       |       |       |
           |   Temple   Grubby   |   Thieves  Levee   Warehouse |
           |  Of Newra   Inn     |    Guild   (Boats) (Sailor)  |
           |                    Dump            |               |
          Wall  Mob      Sewers/ |              |             Wall
          Road--Factory          |              |             Road
           |                   South         New Enoch          |         To the
         Bridge                Bridge         River---------> Bridge <--> Sands
           |                     |                              |           of
        Southern              Southern                       Southern     Sorrow
        New Enoch             New Enoch                      New Enoch

0 map-ne-south~
{RMap of Southern New Enoch - {x                                         
West Bridge                South Bridge       Kate's Diner          East Bridge
  |                              |                 |                       |
Northwest                        |              Austral                Northeast
    |           |                |                 |          Fountain     |
    |           |                |              Emerald           |        |
Concourse     Park              Park-----Park     Ave----Penny--Penny--Concourse
    |         Road            Entrance   Cafe      |     Lane   Lane       |
    |           |                |            Emerald Ave                  |
    |           |                |                 |                       |
    |  Guard  Park     Park     The      Park   Emerald   Town             |
    |   HQ----Road---Entrance---Park---Entrance---Ave-----Hall             |
    |           |                                  |                       |
    |      Park Road          Emerald Ave-----Emerald Ave-----------Pagan  |
    |           |                  |                                 |  |  |
    |      Park Road---------Road Crossing----Park Road       Elm St-Area  |
    |                     Chain/   |              |              |         |
Concourse  (Redf, Harpy)/          |          Park Road-Elm St-Elm St--Concourse
    |                              |              |              |         |
    |             Emerald Ave--Emerald Ave    Park Road      Graveyard     |
    |                   |                         |     (Church Catacombs) |
    |             Emerald Ave                 Park Road                    |
    |                   |          Inside         |                        |
Concourse-----------Concourse----South Gate---Concourse----------------Concourse

0 Auspice~
The phase of the moon under witch a particular garou is born; commonly thought to determine personality and tendencies. This also determines the garou's "profession" or role in werewolf society. The auspice are: Ragabash (New Moon;Trickster), Theurge (Crescent Moon;Seer), Philidox (Half Moon;Judge), Galliard (Gibbous Moon;Moon Dancer), Ahroun (Full Moon, Warrior).

0 Ragabash: The New Moon; Trickster~
Annoying as he may be, the trickster is the bringer of wisdom to those that believe themselves wise. By undermining tradition and authority at every turn, the Ragabash keeps everyone on their toes, teaching them the folly of self-importance and the wisdom of humility. Though other garou expect mischief from Ragabash, they don't often appreciate it. The tricksters are tolerated, but never trusted. New Moons are flexible, and that flexibility is their strength. This is not to say that Tricksters have no bounds; the Litany is sacred law, even to the children of the New Moon.

0 Theurge:  Crescent Moon; Seer~
The crescent moon shines like a blade. In it's light, the Theurge, seer of the Garou, makes her peace with the spirit world. No other auspice shares her insight into the paths and perils of the spirit realms.  Theurges are the tribal guides.  Like human shamans of native cultures, Theurge werewolves stand aloof and mysterious, touched and set apart by the insight they have gained. Theurges often keep to themselves, muttering to the spirits, and have little time for common foolishness. These seers are planners, the thinkers, the diviners, visionaries. They may channel, heal or harm with equal grace. Without them, the tribe might wander until the Wyrm swallowed them whole. Their packmates know this, but keep their distance. Who knows when the wise one's eerie insight might turn in your direction?

0 Philidox:  Half Moon; Keeper of the Ways~
As the half moon balances light and darkness, the Philidox straddles the line between wolf and man, Rage and Gnosis, passion and wisdom. The Philidox is the pack mediator, the one to whom the other Garou go for advice or a fair resolution to disputes. His honor is usually beyond question. As a judge, lawgiver and Master of Challenges, the Philidox is without peer. Philidox often make the best tribal leaders. Philidox closely nurture their spiritual center, savoring their ties to both flesh and spirit. In personal matters, they often hold their own counsel unless asked, but intervene immediately if they spot a potential threat to the pack. Philidox represents the best qualities of the garou. Their inner balance, however, can be their undoing. Some waxing moon Philidox become distant and aloof; conversely, many followers of the waning half moon have fragile, easily disturbed centers of balance. The balance-bringer's path is a tightrope, and holding the center is often a thankless task.

0 Galliard:  Gibbous Moon; Moon Dancer~
As Luna grows full with rage, she bids the Moon Dancer to sing her song of battle and past glories. Heeding the call, the Galliard raises her voice against the night,  summoning inspiration and fortune with her clear, perfect howl. Gilliards are the lore keepers, the entertainers, the artists, the singers of old tales and new ways. Spontaneous and inventive, Moon Dancers are the soul of the pack. They raise the others' spirits and remind them of what it is they fight for. Gilliards are often fierce warriors in their own right, blazing with Luna's passion. Whether her sacred dance is performed in a newfound glade or in an enemy's intestines matters little to a Galliard. Passion is the Gilliard's birthright. Those born under the waxing moon feel the passion of life and the joy of creation, while born under the waning moon feel the pull of carnage and revel in the darkness of their souls. Though all Gilliards now many subtleties of the Litany and the ins and outs of tribal lore, they rely more on spontaneous inspiration than studied learning.

0 Ahroun:  Full Moon; Warrior~
The Ahroun is the vessel of Luna's Rage, the talons of Gaia's
fury. He is the slayer, the mad man-wolf. Rage incarnate. 
Blood is his wine, war is his pleasure. In time, wisdom may 
guide the Ahroun's hand, but in his youth, the Ahroun stands 
atop a pile of corpses and howls for more. Ahroun will never
be known for their social graces, but inspiring presence and 
physical prowess make them natural war leaders. Their affinity 
for the inner beast often leads Ahroun to an early, if glorious
death, but pain can be a fine teacher. An elder Ahroun is one 
of the most dangerous creatures alive. These are the hero's of
the Garou, the warriors of legend. Even among the most level-
headed tribes, Ahroun are known for their bad tempers. They do 
not fear death, embrace it as a warrior's due. These born 
fighters see themselves as the fists of the pack and the leaders 
by natural right. Not all Ahroun are so callous, some keep a 
handle on their rage and save it for the enemy. For most of the
children of the Full Moon, however, life is a battle. Nasty, 
brutish and short. 
{GAhroun{W ({g1{W):{G Razor Claws {rnocommand
{x      The Garou can hone their claws to a razor 
{x      sharpness. The sharpened claws will tear 
{x      through most things with bloody results.
{GAhroun{W ({g2{W): {GFalling Touch {rftouch
{x      A Garou can possess the strength to knock any 
{x      opponent from their feet with a slight touch, 
{x      leaving them momentarily helpless.
{GAhroun {W({g3{W):{G True Fear {rtruefear
{x      With a piercing gaze or a bone-chilling howl 
{x      the Garou may send their foe into a blind panic. 
{GAhroun {W({g4{W):{G Clenched Jaw {rnocommand
{x      With a vice-like grip, the Garou can clamp their 
{x      jaws onto a fleeing opponent hindering their escape.

In order to maintain good player files a player controlled backup has been implemented. Please
use {Rpbackup{x to backup your character at every time you can think of. If in the event of
a crash, loss of eq or other, you may request for a admin to replace your player file with
a backup. The admin has the option to replace the file. Players will be responsible for thier
backups and if the backup fails admin will not re-load any eq if the backup fails or don't
have the correct information in it.

0 RpStatus_chart~
Rpstatus         Required
1                 20
2                 40
3                 60
4                 80
5                100
6                120
7                140
8                160
9                180
10               200
11               220
12               240
13               260
14               280
15               300

Syntax: game slots <slot name>
Syntax: game highdice <bet>

For information on these games type:

Slot Machine Help - type 'help slots'
High Dice Help    - type 'help highdice'

v2 More games are coming in the future. Sembiance (

If you have never mudded before then you should read the following help files
as they are basic commands that you will need to do over and over again while
  Initial Commands to type:
    Score, Who, Train, Practice, Spell, 
    Skill, FAQ, Help, Rules, Policy, Class, Stance
If you are not new to mudding but just new to fear you should read theese:
    Nature, Demeanor, Style, Roleplay.
    Also see: has a 'How to Play' section that you may like
    to check out.
see also: 'help rp status'

Syntax: game slots <slot name>

<slot name> is the name of the slot machine in your current room
that you wish to play.

Each slot machine costs a certain amount of gold to play.
Slot machines can be 3 bar or 5 bar slot machines.
Each bar has 10 different items on it.
If all bars match then you win the jackpot.
If partial winning is on, you can still win some gold by matching
  just some of the bars.
If freeze jackpot is on, then no matter how much you play, the
  jackpot never increases or decreases unless the jackpot is won.
To see how a slot machine is set up, type 'examine <jackpot name>'

Syntax: game highdice <bet>

<bet> is how much, in gold you wish to bet (10 to 1,000)

In highdice, a dice dealer must be in the room with you.
You and the dealer both will roll two dice (automatically)
and whoever has the highes total wins. In the case of a tie
the dealer will win.

0 garoucommands~
gstat   -- shows garou's stats
penrenown  -- penalize renown
permrenown  -- convert renown
grenown  -- award renown

0 uktena~
The Uktena are a dark and mysterious tribe.  Masters of the Spirit
realm, they delve where none dare.  Darkly mysterious and cunning,
few garou trust the Uktena, fearing that there search has led them
into the jaws of the Wyrm
{GUktena {W({g1{W):{G Shroud of Night {rshroudnight{g
        Calling on the spirits of darkness in the
        surrounding umbra, the garou darkens the 
        room to pitch blackness.
{GUktena {W({g2{W): {GWater Walking {rnocommand{g
        The Uktena's totem spirit is the great 
        Uktena, the river spirit. Garou with 
        this gift can walk as if they walked 
        on water, leaving no trace of their 
{GUktena {W({g3{W): {GRead Aura {rreadaura{g
        Attuning themselves to the energy around
        objects and people, Uktena can discern
        the deepest secrets of the victim.
{GUktena {W({g4{W): {GInvisibility {rinvisibility{g
        Calling on the aide of nearby spirits, an
        Uktena is able to cloak his presence from
        the casual observer.{x

0 SilentStriders~
{xThe Silent Striders walk the paths of the forgotten. They travel
roads few remember or dare to traverse.  They are the messengers
and couriers of the garou world. Mystical and alien, few garou can 
claim to understand a Silent Strider. {x
{GSilent Strider{W ({g1{W):{G Attunement {rattune{x
        Summoning the aid of Spirits, the garou attunes
        himself to his environment.  Doing so, he may
        learn where his path should take him.
{GSilent Strider{W ({g2{W):{G Messengers Fortitude{r nocommad{x
        Emulating the Messengers of old, the garou with
        this gift can travel many miles, and withstand
        even the harshest conditions.{x
{GSilent Strider{W ({g3{W):{G Eyes of Ma'at {rscry{x
        Ma'at, the all-seeing, taught this gift to the
        garou.  A garou with this gift can pierce the
        veil to locate people he has encountered before
        over even the greatest of distances.{x
{GSilent Strider{W ({g4{W):{G Gate of the Moon {rmoongate{x
        The Silent Striders are a wandering solitary
        tribe.  They have learned to travel quietly
        and quickly with the help of Luna.

0 getoffenris fenris~
{GGet of Fenris{x
{xThe Get of Fenris are the shock troops of Gaia.  Warriors with
no fear of death, they would gladly throw themselves into the jaws
of the wyrm if they could choke it from the inside. Violence
solves everything, so do the Get.
{GGet of Fenris{W({g1{W): {GVenom Blood {rnocommand{x
{x      The Get are warriors of great renown and ability.
{x      Their whole essence is to combat the wyrm. To 
{x      this end, even their blood is poisonous to their
{x      enemies.
{GGet of Fenris{W({g2{W): {GScream {rscream{x
{x      Calling upon the war anthems of the ancients, the
{x      garou with this gift can release an ear shattering
{x      scream of rage.  This can cause great pain to the
{x      weak.
{GGet of Fenris{W({g3{W):{G Halt the Cowards Flight {rweb{x
{x      While fighting, the Get of Fenris can envelope
{x      his enemy in a sticky web, preventing his target
{x      from fleeing.
{GGet of Fenris{W({g4{W):{G Fenris Bite {rfbite
{x      Children of the great wolf Fenris, the Get are
{x      masters of combat.  The garou with this gift
{x      can call upon Fenris, rending flesh, bone, and
{x      metal with his fangs.  

0 lupus~
Lupus Garou are born of a union between a wolf and a Garou. They are 
the most attuned to Gaia and thus can call upon the Spirit power more
easily, however, they have very little knowledge of human ways.
{GLupus {W({g1{W):{G Heightened Senses {rtruesight
{x      A Garou with this gift can sharpen their senses to the 
{x      degree where they can detect targets cloaked by powers 
{x      that would slip past unnoticed otherwise.
{GLupus {W({g2{W):{G Noah's Call {rbeckon 
{x      By focusing on the Spirits in the Umbral realm, the Garou 
{x      is able to summon an animal to aid them in times of need.
{GLupus {W({g3{W):{G Master the Animals {ranimal
{x      The primal nature of the Garou has gifted them with the 
{x      ability to become more attractive to animals, often causing 
{x      nearby creatures to leap to the aid of the enchanting Garou.
{GLupus {W({g4{W):{G Ride the Wide Mind {rsharespirit
{x      A Garou may enter the minds of many weak willed creatures. 
{x      Without harming them they are able establish a bond allowing
{x      them to both see and hear everything witnessed by the target
{x      even from many miles away.

0 ShadowLords~
{GShadow Lords{x
The Shadow Lords are a tribe dark, forbidding and unyielding in
their quest for power.  Their deeply ingrained hierarchy gives 
them a strength other tribes lack. Pride, arrogance, and an
unquenchable ambition are their strengths and greatest weaknesses.
{GShadow Lord {W({g1{W):{G Aura of Confidence {rnocommand
{x      By bolstering their natural aura, the Garou will be
{x      protected from scrying eyes. 
{GShadow Lord {W({g2{W):{G Clap of Thunder {rclap
{x      With the aid of the tribes totem spirit, Grandfather
{x      Thunder, a Garou may clap their hands together creating
{x      a tremendous shockwave, stunning everything in close range.
{GShadow Lord {W({g3{W):{G Icy Chill of Despair {ricy
{x      The garou may exude a powerful aura that will fill any 
{x      who come near with a deep despair, from initiating any
{x      aggressive action. 
{GShadow Lord {W({g4{W): {GParalyzing Stare {rparalyzing
{x      By making eye contact with their victim, a Garou may
{x      instill a fear in their opponent that will freeze then 
{x      in place. 

0 Philodox~
The Philodox are the judges of the garou.  They pride themselves
on there impartial outlook and ability to judge without favoring
one side over the other.
{GPhilodox {W({g1{W):{G Call to Duty {rcallduty
{x      With relatively little effort, a Garou may 
{x      summon a minor Spirit.
{GPhilodox {W({g2){W:{G Scry {rscry
{x      A garou with this gift can pierce the veil to 
{x      locate people he has encountered before over 
{x      even the greatest of distances.
{GPhilodox {W({g3{W): {GRollover {rrollover
{x      Not implemented
{GPhilodox {W({g4{W):{G Scent from Beyond {rshadowsight
{x      Garou are able to attune their vision to enable 
{x      them to see into the Shadow Plane.

0 $~