[ 4774] Krynn: loss of weight, when you drop something doesn't regeister in score
[ 3004] Vargonne: I cannot cast detect invis because it comes up as detect evil and sees the word invis as someone I'm trying to cast it on.
[ 3015] Encardi: after a complete a quest and the time delay before my next one runs out the time before my next quest suddenly resets to 35
[ 3709] Ametan: typo
[ 3001] Ament: typo
[ 3031] Spiral: dog
[12004] Gabrielle: the roll social doesn't work!!
[ 5452] Shala: I tried to go east from this room without flying and it said I needed a boat to go there
[12103] Spiral: list
[ 9678] Ysidrio: There are 35 minutes remaining until you can go on another quest.<<< I shouldn't have to wait that long if there are no quests for me. I have had to wait 
[ 9705] Ysidrio: <<<<<cont. have to wait that long if there are no quests for me. I have had to wait 1.5 hrs just to get a quest.
[ 3054] Kagato: typo
[ 3004] Brohm: typo
[ 3054] Farook: Long Drunk on Aussie Ale
[ 3031] Afadon: dog
[18942] Duomaxwell: board
[ 3054] Gesiah: I have a huge chill touch on me but I'm unable to dispel magic on myself.  I don't know if this is the way it's supposed to be, but if it is you should pu
[ 3054] Gesiah: I have a huge chill touch on me but I'm unable to dispel magic on myself
[ 4266] Mercutio: i can't greet anyone or anthing like that.........
[ 3001] Afadon: jab
[ 3054] Skape: every time i try openin a portal, i get ... !!SOUND(portal.wav T = sound L = 1 etc... )
[ 3054] Skape: and every time portal vanishes, i get .. !!SOUND(decay.wav T = sound L = 1 etc)
[ 3011] Morgana: dagger
[ 3715] Meriko: list
[ 3054] Wrynn: I don't think I'm gaining pkstat when I cap people...
[11889] Wrynn: I entranced skaev and the son of a bitch was still able to bolt me.
[18936] Afadon: bar
[ 9800] Tsard: i used cauldron on vincet while he was morted then it mud crashed :P
[ 9800] Tsard: cauldron still bugged :P
[ 9800] Tsard: cauldron did change but still bugged
[10622] Atros: Finger Deofad, it says to inform Spiral
[ 9803] Wrynn: hrothgar really doesn't attack me.  heh.
[ 3723] Prence: not sure its a bug but I can't wear a laerkai fury I was given.. says it can't be worn, equiped or held.. but identify say it can be worn..
[20045] Ahrianna: lost 2 peices of claimed newbie eq at logon
[ 3207] Carissa: an
[ 9502] Nekreftkof: grog
[ 9502] Nekreftkof: um, that was a typo, I meant BUY grog
[ 2386] Nicolette: greven
[ 3054] Flavian: board
[  695] Serina: the east exit here leads back into this same room
[ 3025] Misha: lag just on this character, ping is perfect, other character perfect but this one laggy bad
[ 9629] Tsard: field
[ 9253] Gyle: energy drain, once cast seems to affect every person I fight, every round, but doesn't show up in my affects list
[ 9246] Gyle: the penguin beak says it's armor with detect invis but it can't be worn, held or wielded and doesn't work if just in your inventory.
[ 3700] Ferren: lisette
[ 2765] Aldaris: Fixes / enhancements from 1.9a to 1.9b
[ 9242] Gyle: The flame lance is set as a slash wepon, it should definately be pierce.
[ 4861] Chinco: les
[ 3054] Serpterion: When I died both my weapons poofed from my body, they weren't in my corpse either, and I did claim them.
[ 3700] Phanes: I got wiped in the crash
[ 9800] Tsard: i was able to nightfall at 21:00 pm
[18080] Queequeg: when i escape, i no longer wear my eqs?  ihave to wear them when i clamber back up
[12103] Sartori: I keep getting this desire to do things that get me abused by Imms.  Is this a bug?