{None } Diku         Limbo~
Q 16
K none~
L {?? ??}~
N 24
I 0 0
V 1 20
X 0
F 10
U @@WAn @@yAngel @@Wsings a @@mhymn@@N.~
O diku~
R diku gozer sammael~
W diku gozer sammael~
S Title not shown on area list.
-1 ackmud~
0 assist~
@@yASSIST@@g is a command that allows you to assist any member of your group

in combat.  ASSIST by itself will attempt to have you assist your leader

first, then each member of your group, in group order.

Syntax:  assist <target>


0 cybertown~
@@yCybertown@@g is a VERY cool website!  Go check it out at:

Cybertown is a virtual city, online, built through the use of multiple 

webpages.  It really is well worth the time to explore...while you're

there, be sure to drop into Cyberlich's apartment at Beyond Cybertown

Colony, building #3, apart. #69.  Also, be sure to check out the various

links to the SoE homepage that Cybertown supports.  We think you'll

be @@RGREATLY@@g impressed.  We are!

0 multi multiclass~
Ack! Mud now supports players having more than one class.

Eg, a player may chose to be Mage/Conjuerer or Thief/Warrior.

WHO and SCORE now report the levels gained.  A ' - ' character means that

the specified class is not available, eg:

Mag:23 Cle: - Thi: - , etc.  This means that player can advance in Mage levels,

but not in Cleric or Thief.

Skills and spells become available when ANY class' level meets the minimum

level required to use it.  The max level of the player is not used.

When casting spells, like above, the maximum level of THE CLASS THAT HAS ACCESS

TO THAT SPELL is used.  This way a char who is Mag:2 and War:50 won't be able

to cast 50th level Mage spells.

Level gain is no longer automatic.  The GAIN command must now be used instead,

to advance in the specified class.  See 'HELP GAIN' for more details.

0 boards~
There are now a number of _main_ boards on the game:

INFO Board - 5 rooms west of Midgaard Temple, this is used to hold rules and

	     general information.  Only Immortals can write on this board.

IDEA Board - In Midgaard Temple, this is inteneded to be used by players to

	     leave ideas for the mud.

There is also a board for players to use, for personal messages, etc.  It is

located 4 rooms west, 2 rooms south of Midgaard Temple.

To use the boards, you must be in a room with one :)

Type: WRITE <header> to leave a message, with the specified header/title.

      WRITE to:<name> to leave a private message.

      READ <number> to read a message.

To find out what messages are on a board, simply look at it.

There are also several other boards in the game, for clan and race use, as

well as various other use.

0 bank~
The BANK command allows you to carry out financial transactions with the bank 

of your choice.  All banks in the game respect a player's balance, meaning

you can use any bank you find.  

Usage: BANK [ balance | deposit | withdraw ]

BANK                 with no argument displays usage information.

BANK BALANCE         reports your current bank balance.

BANK DEPOSIT  <gold> deposits a specified amount of gold into your account.

BANK WITHDRAW <gold> withdraws a specified amount of gold.

Needless to say, you must have the specified amount of gold in your account or

inventory before you can deposit or withdraw it.

The banking system has been introduced as a measure to work alongside the new

limit on the amount of gold that a player can carry.  Eg:  How many people can

explore and fight, whilst carrying thousands of gold coins?

0 note mail~
Intermud Mail System!!!!

The main command is @@rNOTE@@N..all commands listed are preceded by it

@@yTo Write:@@N

to (name) - sets who note is going to

subject   - lets you write a subject

write     - place you in editor to begin writing note

edit      - also places you in editor to write note

post      - posts your note to the player you are writing to

@@yTo Read:@@N

list      - lists all letters your have recieved, both old and new

read #    - readds the message number specified

remove #  - giving the number of which note, removes it from the list


If you were writing a letter to @@eCyberlich@@N this is how you would do it

note to cyberlich

note subject hi

note write (or edit) -then write message, exit editor

note post

Cyberlich would then type

note list

note read # of message

note remove # of message to delete it

@@eALL note and mail commands must be done at a postmaster!!@@N

1 crusade crusades~
Crusades are auto quests that random mobs, depending on the average level of

the players logged on at the time. You must find the mob that stole the item,

get the item, and return it to the mob that wants it back.

Some questions you can ask on the crusade channel:

where are you?

where is the thief?

1 zmud client~
For those of you that haven't already, we recommend downloading a mud client

from the Internet.  @@lShades @@dof @@eEvil@@N recommends zmud, which can be

found at zugg/zmud.html . For those of you that already

have zmud--here is a tip from Zugg himself :) Zmud sets the default color

scheme to bright, which unfortunatly swapps our colours around.  Reset the

color scheme in zmud to dim, and they will appear as we want them.

0 dirt~
DIRT is a combat skill.  The player will attempt to kick dirt into the target's

eyes, causing (very) temporary blindness, which affects the target's combat


0 chwere~
CWHERE tells you the location of any fellow clan members, where ever they are

in the game.  You must belong to a clan to use this command.

0 adapt~
ADAPT allows you to have a weapon adapted for your use, if it's level is higher

than yours.  Adapt can only be used when in the room with a NPC that offers

his/her services for adapting.  Typing ADAPT with no argument reports the cost

of having a weapon adapted.

Once the weapon has been adapted, it's damage will have been lowered in line

with the decrease in the weapon's level to your's.  Any affects on the weapon

(Eg affects HITROLL) will be heavily reduced, and probably cancelled.

If, once a weapon has been adapted, it's attributes indicate it will cause NO

damage, it will crumble into dust, and you will lose it.  

0 heal~
HEAL reports which spells you are able to buy, along with the cost.  This can

only be done if with a NPC which offers spells - usually healers.

HEAL followed by a single character 'buys' that spell.

Eg: HEAL H  buys a heal spell.

All spells are only cast on the buyer.  No one else.

0 gain~
GAIN increases one of your levels.  Level gain is no longer automatic, due

to the 'semi' multiclass system.  Typing GAIN with no argument will report

which levels you are able to gain in, and the cost to do so (in xp).

Typing GAIN with the 3-letter abreviation for a class will advance your level

in the given class, if you can level in it, and if you have enough xp.

Eg: GAIN thi    will advance your thief level, if you are able to level thief.


Syntax: train <'str'|'int'|'wis'|'dex'|'con'>

TRAIN increases one of your attributes.  When you start the game, your

character has slightly random attributes.  The maximum value for each

attribute depends on your race and class.

It costs four practice to train an attribute, except that it costs

only three practice to train your prime attribute.

The best attributes to train first are WIS and CON.  WIS gives you more

practice when you gain a level.  CON gives you more hit points.

In the long run, your character will be most powerful if you train

WIS and CON both to 18 before practising or training anything else.

Train now reports the cost in practice points to increase an attribute.

It is also possible to spend practices on hit points or mana points.

Syntax: pray     <message>

Pray sends a message to *ALL* immortals on the game, even if they are wizinvis.

Eg: PRAY i'm stuck in a no-exit, no recall room - help!

WARNING: Un-necessary use of this channel will result in your ability to use

	 it being removed!

RLIST reports details about the different races in these Realms.

SCAN reports the (seen) characters or mobiles surrounding the player.

Scan tells you the direction and the people situation that way, if any.

Useful for checking about you in unknown circumstances.

Syntax: auction  <message>      Syntax: gossip   <message>

Syntax: newbie   <message>      Syntax: question <message>

Syntax: answer   <message>      Syntax: shout    <message>

Syntax: yell     <message>      Syntax: zzz      <message>

Syntax: flame    <message>      Syntax: race     <message>

Syntax: clan     <message>      syntax: music    <message>

These commands send messages through communication channels to other players.

SHOUT sends a message to all awake players in the world.  To curb excessive

shouting, SHOUT imposes a three-second delay on the shouter.


to all interested players.  '.' is a synonym for GOSSIP.  The QUESTION and 

ANSWER commands both use the same 'question' channel

FLAME is similar to auction, gossip, etc, but is intended for moaning about

life, players, etc.  ZZZ may only be used when sleeping.

YELL sends a message to all awake players within your area.

RACE sends a message to members of your own race.  CLAN sends a message to

those in your clan.

You can use the CHANNELS command to hear, or not hear, any of these channels.

0 bad breath~
Bad breath is an offensive spell, causing slightly more damage than the

'magic missile' spell.

0 influx~
When successfully cast, this will heal all players in the room.

0 warcry~
WARCRY is a Warrior-only spell, which acts the same as the 'bless' spell.

0 pemote~
PEMOTE acts in the same way as emote, except that where emote adds your name

before the argument, PEMOTE adds you name PLUS the characters 's

Eg PEMOTE feeling rather annoyed with Immortals         would be shown as:

Stephen's feeling rather annoyed with Immortals.

0 alias~
The ALIAS command allows you configure the six alias 'slots'.  An alias

takes the form of a name, and the alias.  To set up a new alias, type:

ALIAS <slot_number> <name> <alias>		For example:

ALIAS 2 ban emote turns into a banana and splits...

Now, whenever you type 'ban' the mud checks through the command table.  If

your input wasn't found, it then checks your alias.  Upon matching 'ban'

it issues the alias to the interpreter function, along with any argument

you typed after the alias name.  For example, you can define an alias:

ALIAS 1 ff cast 'faerie fire'   and then use it on mobs by typing:

ff <target_name>.  So typing 'ff stephen' will cause the mud to interpret

cast faerie fire stephen.

To show what aliases are set, type ALIAS with no arguements.

To clear an alias, type 'ALIAS <number> clear'.

0 colour color~
Firstly, please note the spelling: coloUr.  This is an English mud, so we

use English spellings :)

The mud now supports "ansi" colour.  Use the config command to turn on

or off this option.  The COLOUR command allows you to set uo what colours

you see different things in.  Please note:  The list of things you can

configure WILL be expanding!

To find out what colours are available, type 'COLOUR HELP'.

0 worth~
WORTH simply displays a list of any classes you are able to level in,

along with the cost in exp to gain in it, and the difference between that

cost and your current exp.

0 tongue~
TONGUE is equivalent to SAY, except that only players of your race will

understand what you say.  Anyone else will see gibberish!  Note that the

RACE command will tell to ALL members of your race (who are on the channel)

even if they aren't in the same room as you.

82 halls~
HALLS is a command which will transfer you, the immortal to the Entry Point,

situated within the Halls of the Immortals.  It is similar to recall, except

that there are no limitations on use if fighting, etc.  

0 guild~
GUILD is similar to RECALL in use, except that it transfers you (if possible)

to your Guild room, in the Player's Rooms, west of the Temple.  They provide

an easy way to gain entrance to a Guild Room.  If fighting, the same penalties

stand as for recall.

0 donate~
DONATE allows you to transfer a piece of equipment in your inventory

to the "Donation Room", situated close to your race's Temple.

0 diagnose~
DIAGNOSE allows you to check on the condition of a player or mob.

The condition is shown on a scale 5(best) to 1(worst) 

0 law wanted lawless~
@@lShades @@dof @@eEvil@@N system of laws and punishments:

  Within the game, the major cities of the realm have a system of enforcing

rules of player behavior, by having certain players known to the realm as

being WANTED.  The system is simple, once you understand it's perspective.

  The civilized states of the realm enforce peaceful interaction between

citizens of the various states.  Killing and stealing from other citizens is

considered unlawful, and anyone that falls under the protection of the Law is

protected by these actions.

  There are three states that a citizen can have: Civilized, Wanted, and

Lawless.  Citizens that are Civilized are protected within the legal system

from being attacked by other citizens, and also from having things stolen from

them. If a Civilized citizen is attacked or stolen from, the Law will label

the attacker with Wanted, and deal with them accordingly.  In addition, if a

Civilized citizen breaks the Laws of the Realm, they also will be Wanted.

  Wanted citizens are no longer protected under the Law, and Civilized

citizens are authorized to kill or steal from them.  In addition, non-player

characters will interact with them violently.

  If you wish to become Lawless, this will your protection under the Law.

However, both actors in an interaction must be Lawless for the Law to ignore

their actions between each other.  If a Lawless attacks someone Civilized, the

Law will seek retribution on the Lawless.  If a Civilized citizen attacks a

Lawless, the Law doesn't protect the Lawless, it punishes the Civilized by

making them Wanted.  To become a Lawless, you may request a PKOK flag from an

Immortal.  Once you have chosen to be Lawless, the Law will never again place

you under its protection.

  Many hidden and unknown events in the game may take the protection of the

Law away from you, either permanently, or temporarily.  Some of these are

obvious, some not so obvious. A few of these events may even make you Persecuted,

which has several unforseen circumstances.

  When you become WANTED, either from breaking a law or other actions, you are

given a sentence based on your crime.  Sentences may only be reduced by

sacrificing valuable objects to the Law, by using the command sacrifice

<object> judge.  The judge will examine your sacrifice, and reduce your

sentence appropriately.

  The Law is omnicient in some ways, and becoming Wanted or Lawless may have

some unforseen repercussions, so consider your actions well before commiting

to them!

0 imm immortal immortals~
Due to some past events where common sense was overlooked

it was brought to the attentions of the immortals that there is a

problem in mortal/immortal relations.

The way the immortal team is run here is very leniant and laid back, much

less strict then those upon other Multi-User Domains. The point that

is trying to be made is simply to respect those who do rule upon the realms.

This has not been a wide spread problem but one that needed to be

addressed. Those immortals who you are aware that multi-play with mort

characters as well, remember that they are seperate entities in the realms.

All characters deserve respect....wether they be friend or foe.

Remember that anyone being rude or distasteful to not only immortals

but ALSO other morts will be dealt with accordingly.

Your character advances in power by gaining experience.  The amount of exp

you need to gain a level is determined by your race.  To gain a level, use

the GAIN command.

You gain experience by:

    Being part of a group that kills a monster,

    or by killing monsters on your own.

You lose experience by:

    Fleeing from combat

    Recalling out of combat

    Being the target of certain spells


The experience you get from a kill depends on several things: how many players

are in your group; your level versus the level of the monster; your alignment

versus the monster's alignment; how many of this monster have been killed

lately; and some random variation.


Shades of Evil's remort policy is as follows:

        When you have attained 70th level in @@ytwo@@W classes, you may add

        @@yone@@W of the five remort classes to your character.

        When you have attained 70th level in that new class, and have

        attained 80th level in @@yall@@W five basic classes, you may add

        a @@ysecond@@W remort class.

        When you have attained 80th level in all classes, including the

        two remort classes, you will become an @@gAdept@@W.

When you are ready to remort, type gain <first three letters of new class>.

Remort classes are:






When your character dies, your corpse is magically transported to the 

Morgue of Moribound - an establishment which serves all the realms of this 

land.  You are given a new body to use, and placed in the lands of 


The only task you must complete is to get to your corpse is find your way to

the morgue - a task set as a rather sick joke by the morgue's management.

Any spells which were affecting you are canceled by death.

Following and groups are not affected by death.

You lose HALF of the experience points you have.

Corpses decay after time, and the objects inside corpses decay with them.

Only the player who died may take items from his/her/it's corpse.

As a new player to Shades of Evil, there are several things that you will 

need to know.  First off, it's important to understand that this is a  

multiclass are, right now, a member of 5 classes.  When it comes

time to level your character, you can find the guildmasters in the players

area, west of the temple/recall.  Type help GAIN to find out about 

leveling your character.

Here are some important helps that you need to read:






Here's a couple more things about Shades of Evil that are handy to know:

	Recalls are free, just type "recall"

	There is no rent here, just "save" and "quit"

	There are NO DEATHTRAPS on SoE...we hate them.

	There ARE item level's the only way we have right now

	  to control item flow among characters.

	Your colors are completely configurable, read COLOUR HELP.

	-and, last by not least-

	The Immortals are here to help you!  Ask them questions! (Politely!)

Quest Points

Quest points are used to reward players for completing quests, helping

mortals or anything else that the Gods can think of :)

        QP's     What you can get

        ----     ----------------

         4       Transfer -         in case you get lost in a norecall area.

        10       Corpse Retrieval - For those with the PKOK flag, when

                                    they cannot find their corpse

        25       EQU Rename -       Rename a piece of your equ to something


       100       Player House -     A house is created for you in the MUD.

                                    Type "Help House".

       *50       Unique Equipment - An immortal will make you a peice of

                                    equipment that is unique to your

                                    character. See "Help Unique" for details.

@@dVampires, creatures of legend?  Perhaps....perhaps not.

Centuries ago, there were four creatures that decended upon the world.

These creatures were called Methuselahs.  Their evil was spread to

others of the world, by shear force of will, leaving those newly 

initiated "Nosferatu" without a clue as to their new nature...what they

were, how they became that way, why they lust...

For generations, the will of the Methuselah was obeyed to the letter,

until they disappeared from the world, taking the children that they

initiated, and those children's children, with them.  Nothing was

left for the Nosferatu to study from, no information, no divine "truth".

Centuries later, it is believed that the Methuselah have returned,

spreading their evil anew.  Reports have been told worldwide of a Chapel

where their evil is felt...the wind in the spires of the Chapel whispers

the word "m e t h u s e l a h".

Legend has it that the spirits of the original Methuselah haunt

the halls of this Chapel, waiting to take control of mortal (immortal?)

bodies, and walk the world once again....@@g

-1 other~


The following commands are available:

!               save            quit            practice

train           cast            gain            heal

bank            newbie

For more detailed help, type "HELP <command>".

-1 combat~


The following commands are available:

kill            flee            kick            rescue

disarm          backstab        dirt            bash

trip            assist

For more detailed help, type "HELP <command>".

-1 communication~


The following commands are available:

auction         gossip          newbie          question

answer          flame           zzz             shout

yell            pemote          emote           pose

say             tell            bug             idea

typo            read            write           clan

race            music           tongue          pray

For more detailed help, type "HELP <command>".

-1 information~


The following commands are available:

help            credits         areas           commands

socials         report          score           scan

diagnose        time            weather         where

who             players         config          description

password        title           wizlist         slist

spells          autoexit        autoloot        autosac

brief           blank           combine         prompt

pagelength      wimpy           rlist           clist

cwhere	        colour	        worth           alias

remort	  questpoints     vampire

-1 objects~


The following commands are available:

get             put             drop            give

sacrifice       wear            wield           hold

donate          recite          quaff           zap

brandish        lock            unlock          open

close           pick            inventory       equipment

look            compare         eat             drink

fill            list            buy             sell

value           adapt

For more detailed help, type "HELP <command>".

-1 group~


The following commands are available:

follow          group           gtell           split     whogroup


For more detailed help, type "HELP <command>".

-1 movement~


The following commands are available:

north           east            south           west

up              down            exits           recall (or /)

For more detailed help, type "HELP <command>".

The help pages for ACK! MUD have been updated, rewritten and reformatted.

The following topics now have sub-pages, and then sub-sub-pages!

These are the main sub-pages available:

	MOVEMENT        GROUP           OBJECTS



And also, other help pages of interest:

	DAMAGE          DEATH           EXPERIENCE 

	NEWS            TICK            WIZLIST 

	CHANGES         THANKS          BOARDS

	MULTI           GAIN

So, to view the list of GROUP related commands, type "HELP GROUP".

   Or, to view the help page for Damage, type "HELP DAMAGE".

This help page is used to offer thanks to those players who have kindly

helped out in some way with the mud, be it areas, socials, ideas, whatever.

(If you think your name should be here, please tell Stephen.)

   OSCOELA         (socials)       BASH            (socials, areas)

   REQUIEM         (areas)         MINERVA         (socials)

   WILDCARD        (socials)       THALEN          (OLC, everything)

   SENSEI          (area)                          





Below follows a simple list of what you should and SHOULDN'T be doing,

whilst you are playing as an Immortal on SoE. Some muds have suffered

negative publicity via newsgroups. this is NOT something we wish to see

happening here :)



a) KILL PLAYERS - there are many ways, ALL of which are logged.  


			  i) Changing their title with MSET 

			 ii) Changing sex/class/etc 


			 iv) Changing mobs that are fighting players.

			  v) Misuse of channels.. emote/say/gossip/ etc

c) Misuse OLOAD and MLOAD to give players an unfair advantage in terms

   of equipment, or exp (from killing mobiles).

d) Misuse MSET and OSET to change the values on an item (to enhance eq)

   or to make high level mobs easy kills (to enhance exp).  Changing the stats

   on a Player shouldn't be done, either.

Basically, try to avoid doing stuff that players might not like at all.

Of course, misunderstandings will arise, but matters will be helped if

you haven't done anything to them, are polite, and don't simply fly off

the handle and freeze them.  FREEZE should only be used in really extreme

circumstances, not just as a way of expressing your anger.

(BTW, nearly all commands that could be used in ways 

 that would be considered violating these rules ARE logged.)



a) Be HELPFUL to players whenever possible.  If you're just sitting around

   talking to a friend, then you're not too busy to help a player.

   (Building *is* considered a good reason not to be helpful, but it would

    be nice if you could inform the player, instead of ignoring them.)

b) Be NEUTRAL - i.e. try not to play an evil or ultra-good char.  Players,

   especially newbies, will be more likely to stay if immortals are FAIR.

   For example, roleplaying Satan when an immortal would not be a Good Thing.

There are probably many, many more things that should be kept in mind. 

Remember that holding Immortal status on SoE is *NOT* your given right.

This may sound very heavy-handed, but remember these rules are meant more as

suggestions rather than rules.  If multiple complaints are made against

an immortal, the rules WILL be used, however.

Ultimately, the purpose of having a set of rules is to ensure ALL players

here get treated fairly, and equally.  Immortal giving hand-outs to their

buddies, and acting like idiots does nothing but damage the Mud and lose

unhappy players.



Sadly, it seems that extra "rules" are required.  As above, these are 

really guidelines, but could possibly be used against you more forcefully

if there is cause for complaint.

i) [Added to "Don't: Harrass Players] Harrassing players includes being

downright unhelpful, or patronising.  If someone complains about something,

try to *HELP* them.  Don't simply say "Well, you're wrong".  Be _nice_ !

ii) On a similar theme, if someone complains about an area (especially one

you have built) then try to understand their position.  Yeah, it's easy to

tell them to "just go somewhere else and kill stuff" as an Immortal.  Think

how YOU would like it if that's how you were treated when playing your

mortal character.

iii) "Misuse of channels" INCLUDES the echo command.  Don't get nasty with

players over echo.  Just poke fun instead. :)  Again, put yourself in THEIR

place, and take a moment to think how you would like it.

-1 BUILD_test~
Gratz.  The help facility for builders now works.

Bye Bye.


|                 @@mImmortal Message of the Day@@a                   |



    * Please Note:


    o "HELP IMMRULES" is mandatory reading for ALL Immortals.

    o If someone wishes to be PKOK, comfirm it with them first.

      (i.e. explain the PKOK flag will never be removed, etc.)

    o Please don't give away the identities of Wizinvis Gods!


    * Reminder:


    o Remember that Immortals of higher level than you are

      technically senior to you but we must treall ALL IMMs with

      respect, especially whilst inhabiting your mort.

    o Reimbs are no no longer given, except for extreme circumstances.

      o New Quest Point System.  For More Info, Type:

           o  'help uniques'

           o  'help uq'  OR  'help unique-rules'



 @@mFinally, you are all doing a great job, keep up the good work!


-1 build_bmotd~
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Builder's Message of the Day -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

@@yChanges:@@g Setting details for mobs and rooms has changed.  Typing

'x' will now list not just the flags set, but those that are not.  To toggle

a flag (or set the room sector) enter it's name.

Also, to edit a string, (rooms and mobs) type 'edit <string>' eg edit long.

@@yBuilders' Board:@@g This is situated west from Midgaard Altar.  Please be

sure to check this regularly.  Now we have a (very simple) help editor, any

urgent news can be placed here, in the BMOTD.

@@RMouse@@g is now the Immortal in charge of building, area theme and 

linking. If you have any queries, please consult him if possible before

coming to another Immortal.  

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Updated: 7th October -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


			Welcome New Player!


As a new player, you're advised to check out Mudschool, where you will start

off in the game.  You'll be able to get hold off some basic equipment, as

well some experience points!  Remember, you must get to level 2, in order

to be able to save your character.

 Type WORTH to see how much experience points are needed to gain a level.

If you've played Merc Muds before, type 'HELP CHANGES' to see what makes

this different.


^MThis will make sure you hear all the channels, and see in colour :)



-1 MOTD~
@@RS@@mhades of @@RE@@mvil's

                           @@aMessage of the Day@@N

           If you don't read it you can miss imporant information.

@@yNOTE:   @@RPlayer Killing and Stealing are taken very seriously here.

        You are responsible for knowing the consequences of your actions,

	      no longer will pardons be given due to agressive behavior.

            PKOK rules and coding ARE NOW in affect, loot code included.


@@yNOTE:   @@bOver or mis-use of the pray command will get you no_prayed

        This can be pretty nasty when you REALLY need help. Just think of

        the boy who cried wolf.

@@yNOTE:   @@bWe now have a public access FTP site. FTP to SOE.NUC.NET !!!

@@YNOTE:      @@eNO MORE REIMS!!!@@N Code has been added that now saves

              your corpse. @@eNO reims will be given for dropped items

              lost items do to fighting, OR pieces!!!!@@N

              DO NOT count in imms reimbursing you for anything but MAJOR

              pfile problems.

              Asking for immortal attention runs the risk of losing one or

              two of your prize possesions, so do it wisely, and only

              in great need.

@@gIMPORTANT:      @@NOur IMM team here works very hard to keep the MUD growing and

                interesting.  Disrespect of those IMMs will not be  tolerated.

                     Pleae read 'help imm' for more information

@@e!-!-!-!-!-!   NEW CUSSING POLICY  !-!-!-!-!-!-!

@@aFirst time: Warning@@N

@@rSecond Time:  Character is Stripped of all Items..NO REIMB@@N

@@RThird Time: Automatic Character Deletion...NO REIMB@@N


 @@rT@@Ghere is a new board located up from dump, for posting of bug

	 bug problems, character problems, and other situations which call

	 for an immortal.@@N

@@e    NOTE: A new way of storing and tracking gains and losses in your

mana, hitroll, armor class, moves, hitpoints and damroll has been added.

While you may not like the change at first, in the long run they are 

good for the mud.

-1 greeting4~
Diku Mud was created by Hans Henrik St{rfeldt, Katja Nyboe,

	  Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer.

	     MERC modifications by: Furey, Hatchet, Kahn

	   ACK! Mud2.0: Stephen, Thalen.  Screen: Cyberlich

               Ack!Mud 4.0 (beta) : Zenithar, with help from

               Altrag, Ramias, Flar, Spectrum and Universe.

    Welcome to 

                   @@d S H A D E S @@e -=@@dof@@e=- @@d E V I L 


     Creators:  Cyberlich, Zenithar, Oderus, Myrtle, Freyja, Edge, and 



          Homepage: ( where - is a tilde)


Welcome to Shades of Evil.  Enter your name please:@@N ~
-1 greeting3~

       Diku Mud was created by Hans Henrik St{rfeldt, Katja Nyboe,

	  Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer.

	     MERC modifications by: Furey, Hatchet, Kahn

	   ACK! Mud2.0: Stephen, Thalen.  Screen: Cyberlich

               Ack!Mud 4.0 (beta) : Zenithar, with help from

                 Altrag, Ramias, Flar, Spectrum and Universe.


 /*/* /*   /*  /*/*  /*/*   /*/*/*  /*/*      /*/*/* /*    /* /*/*/* /*

/*    /*   /* /*  /* /*  /* /*     /*         /*     /*    /*   /*   /*

/*/*  /*/*//* /*/*/* /*  /* /*/*   /*/* @@e  O@@m   /*/*    /*  /*    /*   /*

   /* /*   /* /*  /* /*  /* /*        /* @@e  F@@m  /*      /*  /*    /*   /*

   /* /*   /* /*  /* /*  /* /*        /*      /*       /*/*     /*   /*

/*/*  /*   /* /*  /* /*/*   /*/*/* /*/*       /*/*/*    /*    /*/*/* /*/*/*



       "You were made of wood, and cried that no one understood.

	  But i had splinters in my fingers." @@y- Buffalo Tom


          Homepage: @@g (where - is a tilde)

By what name do you wish to be known? @@N~
-1 greeting2~
.      Diku Mud was created by Hans Henrik St{rfeldt, Katja Nyboe,

	  Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer.

	     MERC modifications by: Furey, Hatchet, Kahn

	   ACK! Mud2.0: Stephen, Thalen.  Screen: Cyberlich

	   ACK! Mud2.0: Stephen, Thalen.  Screen: Cyberlich

               Ack!Mud 4.0 (beta) : Zenithar, with help from

                 Altrag, Ramias, Flar, Spectrum and Universe.

           Welcome to @@e-=@@dSHADES@@e of@@d EVIL@@e=-@@d

                  @@l         /


                  @@l         \@@g

     brought to you by:

        @@N Cyberlich, Zenithar, Oderus, Myrtle, Mouse, Freyja and Stimpy

   @@m Homepage: (where - is a tilde)

  SoE is proud to be the -@@eOfficial Public Release site@@g- of Ack! MUD

By What Name Do You Wish To Be Known? @@N~
-1 greeting1~
.      Diku Mud was created by Hans Henrik St{rfeldt, Katja Nyboe,

	  Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer.

	     MERC modifications by: Furey, Hatchet, Kahn

	   ACK! Mud2.0: Stephen, Thalen.  Screen: Cyberlich

               Ack!Mud 4.0 (beta) : Zenithar, with help from

                 Altrag, Ramias, Flar, Spectrum and Universe.

@@d     Perhaps once, in any given man's lifetime, he encounters

          an experience that shakes the very foundations

   @@e                           of

    @@d                       his soul, 

      which opens a rift deep within him, exposing that which

               he may not even have known existed.

                       The question is,

 will he turn from this inexplicable darkness, or will he stare into

           the abyss of his newly found soul, into the

       @@e               -=@@dSHADES@@e of@@d EVIL@@e=-@@g

 @@m        Homepage: @@g (where - is a


Who do you think you are?!? @@N~
@@g       Diku Mud was created by Hans Henrik St{rfeldt, Katja Nyboe,

            Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert and Sebastian Hammer.

             MERC Modifications made by: Furey, Hatchet, Kahn@@k


)                               @@RX*. 

@@a                              @@p  |  @@a 

@@a      .         .      @@d/\      @@a.@@p|@@a          .          .     @@RO  @@Wa 

@@a                *    @@d.'  `.   @@p  |@@a.     .     *             @@ROOO@@W&&& 

@@a               .    @@d/      \  @@p  +@@d________________        @@Wa@@ROOOOO@@W&&&&

@@a      |            @@d`.@@l+-''-+@@d.' .' `.^^^^^^^^\^^^^^\.    @@W&&&&@@ROOO@@W&&&

@@a     -*-   . .       @@l|u--.| @@d /     \@@l'''''''|'''''|   @@W&&&&&&&@@ROO@@W  @@d'

@@a      |              @@l|   u|@@d.'       `.@@l" "  |" " "|    @@d'''''      

@@a   :            .    @@l|.u-.@@d/ _..---.._ \@@l    |     |       @@a. @@R*.

@@a  -*-            *   @@l|    @@d'-@@l|U U U U|@@d-'____L_____L_  @@a.     @@p|    @@a.

@@a   :         .   .   @@l|.-u.| |..---..|@@d //// ////// /\       @@p+

@@a         . *         @@l|u   | |       |@@d// /// // ///==\     / \

@@a           :         @@l|.--u| |..---..|@@d//////'\////====\   /   \ 

@@a     .               @@l| u  | |       |@@d''''/\  @@l|@@d''@@l|++++@@l| @@a.@@d`+'''+'  @@a.

                     @@l|.--u| |..---..|u u|u | |u ||||||   |  U|

                  @@d/''''/-\--@@l|       @@l|===|  |u|==|++++@@l|   |   |

@@g         aaa      @@l|===| _ | |..---..|u u|u | |u ||@@bHH@@l||U'U'U'U'|

@@g    aaa&&&&&&aa   @@l|===|||||_|       |===|_.|u|_.|+@@bHH@@l+|_/_/_/_/@@gaa

@@gaa&&&&&&&&&&&&&&a @@l|''|''''\---/'-.._|--.---------.'''`.__ _.@@g&&&&&&a

@@d  ''''''    '''    @@m\_\\ \  \/' //\  ','|  ___  | |`.   :||  @@d''''

@@g    @@g                a@@m\`| `   _//  | / _| || |  | `.'  ,''|

@@gaaa @@g  aaaa       a&&&&@@m\| \  //'   |  // \`| |  `.'  .' | |

@@g&&&&&a&&&&&&a      ''''' @@m\\`//| | \ \//   \`  .-'  .' | '/

@@g&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&a          @@m\// |.`  ` ' /'  :-'   .'|  '/ @@gaa

@@d''''' ''''''@@g         a&&&@@m|   \\ |   // .'    .'| |  |@@g&&&&&&a

@@d      ''@@g           a&&&&&&&@@m\   | `| ''.'     .' | ' /@@g&&&&&&&&&a



)              @@mAck!Mud @@W2.2, @@cModified @@gMerc2.2 @@cby: @@gStimpy, Thalen

                    @@mAck!Mud @@W4.3 @@cby @@mZenithar@@c, with help from

                @@gSpectrum, Altrag, Ramias, Universe, and others@@N

                            @@cScreen: @@gMichlotixlan @@N

                    @@mAck!Mud @@cHome Page@@W: @@a



@@NWhat is your name?@@N


                      @@WGods of @@RS@@mhades of @@RE@@mvil



@@bCreators -     @@yCyberlich, Zenithar, Mouse, Oderus, Freyja, Mrytle

@@bClan Lord -       @@yOderus


@@bHead Builder - @@yMouse            

@@bHead Coder -   @@yZenithar

@@bWebmaster -    @@yHyper

@@bApostles -   @@yBoris, Sammael


-1 dm~
********** DEATHMATCH HAS STARTED ********** 


a) Kill everyone!

b) There are no other rules (:


Please remember that your player file does NOT save in 

DeathMatches... you won't lose anything...


Now.... good luck, adventurer... slay some for me!

@@yCWHERE@@g shows the current locations of all clan members who are 

currently in the game.  Syntax:  cwhere

@@yCDONATE@@g donates a piece of equipment to your clan Headquarters.  Then, 

other members of your clan will be able to get the equ that you donate.

Syntax:  cdonate <item>

@@yHOME@@g is a recall that takes you directly to your clan Headquarters.  

Some clan Headquarters do not have a regular you HAVE to 

'home' there to get there :)  Syntax:  home 

@@yCLAN@@g is a communication channel, allowing you to talk with everyone on

Shades of Evil who is in your clan.  Syntax:  clan <whaterver you want to 


see also @@mclan_boss clan_diplomat clan_treasurer clan_leader clan_armourers@@N

Note: once in a clan, you can leave the clan by typing leave

@@yACCEPT@@g allows the clan leader to accept a new member into his/her clan.

Syntax:  accept <target>

@@yBANISH@@g allows the clan leader to banish a member from his/her clan.

Syntax:  banish <target>

@@yMAKE@@g allows the clan leader to create one of the pre-made clan equ for

a member of their clan.  Syntax:  make <clan_eq_#> <target>


This is a help file on clans; what they are, what they do, and how they do

it :)

First, Clans are groups of characters who help each other out on Shades of

Evil.  Undoubtedly, there will be some clan rivalry, but, hopefully, this

will not become too extreme :)  For you, the player, to join a clan, you

need to get ahold of the clan leader of the clan you want to join...he

or she can accept you into the clan -- if they decide you belong in the 


Clan commands:


Clan Job commands ( Armourer, Diplomat, Leader, Treasurer, and Boss):


See the help files on the above commands for more info.	

0 clan-eq~
This is a help page for Clan Leaders devloping new equipment for their clan.

If you are not involved with this process, then there's not much here to

interest you.

If you are developing Clan Equipment, please note that you _must_ follow

these guidelines, if you wish your equipment to be considered legal.  You

will NOT be allowed to load any illegal equipment using the 'MAKE' command.

Each Clan may have 4 Pieces of equipment.  Each must be of different wear

locations.  You may not make staffs, wands, pills, scrolls, etc.  The only

equipment you can make are weapons, containers, or armor.

You have 'points' that you may distribute among the objects you make.

For 2 of the objects, you will have 20 points.  For the other 2, you will 10

Points are used to 'buy' stats on the object as follows:


 | Points || Mana | Move |  HPs |  DAM |  HIT |  -AC | Stat |


 |        ||      |      |      |      |      |      |      |

 |    1   ||   2  |    5 |   2  |      |      |      |      |

 |    2   ||   4  |   10 |   4  |   1  |      |  -5  |      |

 |    3   ||   6  |   15 |   6  |      |   1  |      |      |

 |    4   ||   8  |   20 |   8  |      |      |      |      |

 |    5   ||  10  |   25 |  10  |   2  |      |  -10 |      |

 |    6   ||  12  |   30 |  12  |      |      |      |      |

 |    7   ||  14  |   35 |  14  |      |   2  |      |      |

 |    8   ||  16  |   40 |  16  |      |      |  -15 |      |

 |    9   ||  18  |   45 |  18  |   3  |      |      |      |

 |   10   ||  20  |   50 |  20  |      |      |      |      |

 |   11   ||  22  |   55 |  22  |      |      |      |      |

 |   12   ||  24  |   60 |  24  |      |   3  |  -20 |      |

 |   13   ||  26  |   65 |  26  |      |      |      |      |

 |   14   ||  28  |   70 |  28  |   4  |      |      |      |

 |   15   ||  30  |   75 |  30  |      |      |      |   1  |

 |   16   ||  32  |   80 |  32  |      |      |      |      |

 |   17   ||  34  |   85 |  34  |      |      |  -25 |      |

 |   18   ||  36  |   90 |  36  |      |      |      |      |

 |   19   ||  38  |   95 |  38  |      |   4  |      |      |

 |   20   ||  40  |  100 |  40  |   5  |      |      |      |

 |        ||      |      |      |      |      |      |      |


So, to 'buy' An -20 AC affect would cost 12 points.  It doesn't mean you

get ALL the entries for a given price!

Limitation:   You can only have a maximum of 3 different affects on each


If you think your objects are legal, contact Stephen, who will check them.

If he agrees they are valid, they will be added to your clan equipment, and

leaders of your clan will be able to load them for their members.

0 $~
Banking Room~
This small room is home to a large counter stretching across the room, with a

 single reinforced glass window set into it.  This is the bank, magically

linked to the other banks within the realms.

0 11
0 -1 11
The Depths of Hell~
You are in a sea of red-hot Lava.  Wherever you look, you see yourself

surrounded by the burning rock.  The sky above you is red too, with huge

yellow flames flashing across it.

It looks like you're, well, screwed.

25918 8
Protectorate Clan Donation Room~
The room os for clan members to donate equipment to other people that might need it.

8 11
0 -1 10
End of the Passage~
You are standing at the end of a short passage.  To the South, you can see the

 gleaming brightness of the Grand Hall, while to the west you can see the

Protectorate recovery room.

8 11
0 -1 11
0 -1 13
A small passage~
You are in a small passage within the headquarters of Protectorate.To the


 you can see the Grand Hall, whilst the passage continues to the North.

8 11
0 -1 12
0 -1 8
0 -1 10
0 -1 9
Protectorate Clan House~
12 11
0 -1 11
0 -1 14
0 -1 6
@@RS@@mhades of @@RE@@mvil's @@RJ@@mail @@RC@@mell@@N~
Unfortunately you have been transferred to jail for breaking one of our rules.

We are very laid back here but certain things must be adhered to. As you look

around this cold, damp, bleak looking cell, take some time to reflect on your

crime and, hopefully, with an apology and repentance you'll be able to again

enjoy our wonderful Realm.

156956 1
You are floating in a formless void, detached from all sensation of physical

 matter, surrounded by swirling glowing light, which fades into the relative

 darkness around you without any trace of edges or shadow.

   There is a "No Tipping" notice pinned to the darkness.

1052 11
There are steaming puff-droppings here.~
The Church of Love~
You are standing outside what looks to be a strange church.  Strange

 because it is floating happily in limbo, out of harm's way.  The building

 itself is constructed out of purest marble.  Huge gold pillars support

 the grand entranceway, which leads inside, to the East.  Under your feet,

 you notice a thick, red carpet leading from inside the church, past you to

 the West.  

1032 1
The Church.

0 -1 4
Inside the Church of Love~
You are standing inside a truely grand building.  The walls are built out

of finest marble, with huge, solid gold columns reach up towards the

massive, domed roof.  Small white doves line the coving round the roof, and

gently seranade you with their song.

8 1

0 -1 3
Protectorate Board Room~
This is a small, oblong room, with a low curving ceiling.  Along one of the

 longer walls is the Protectorate Bulletin Board, listing clan information,

hit lists and general chit-chat.  In the wall behind you is a door leading

back out into the Grand Hall.

4 11
0 -1 10
Stephen's Office~
This enormous rooms acts as Stephen's Office.  As Immortal Sponsor of the

PulpDog Clan, he has final overall say in the policies and decisions made by

the clan.  He is also very powerful, and able to silence those who might dare

to rise against him.


Before you, a gleaming marble desk is home to piles of paper, as well as a

small framed photograph.  Hanging from the walls are framed portraits of

various Immortals - Kahn, Hatchet included.

24596 11
The photograph shows a young woman with dark hair curled up on a bed looking VERY cute!~
The photograph shows a young woman with dark hair curled up on a bed looking VERY cute!~
The Entrance to the Protectorate Clan~
You are in a circular-shaped room, with a stained-glass window high above you.

 To the east is the rooms and passages that constitute the Protectorate clan


8 11
0 -1 11
The Clan Healers Room~
8 11
0 -1 12
The old Banker~
The old Banker ~
He looks big, mean, and scared of PulpDog members holding him up.

32779 128 900 S
76 1
0 0 0
! 0 0 0 7 0 0 0
| 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Puff the Fractal Dragon is here, contemplating a higher reality.

1 0 1000 S
32 2
0 0 0
! 0 0 0 7 0 0 0
| 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Elvis, King of rock and roll stands here, looking damn funky!

Such people as you do not look at kings.

3145731 0 1000 S
80 1
-100 50 50
! 0 0 0 7 0 0 0
| 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
a whinging doggy~
A whinging doggy is here, yapping and snapping at your heels.

Looks kinda like a person.  Better put it out of it's misery!!

3 0 1000 S
13 0
200 -5 -5
! 0 0 0 7 0 0 0
| 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
A cute li'l goldfish.~
A cute li'l goldfish sinks its fangs into you!~
1 8320 -1000 S
57 2
0 6 60
! 0 0 0 7 0 0 0
| 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
The old healer~
The old healer~
12291 0 0 S
10 1
0 0 0
! 0 0 0 7 0 0 0
| 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
@@bA rat@@N~
@@bA rat with wicked looking @@yteeth@@b scurries around@@N

262149 32808 0 S
14 1
-100 10 10
! 2 0 0 7 870400 0 0
| 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
@@gA pile of bones rattles in the corner@@N

278609 131072 0 S
15 1
0 0 0
! 7 0 0 7 0 0 0
| 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
belt skulls~
the belt of skulls~
A belt of small skulls lies before you~
16 0 8519680 1
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
the Shield of Darkness~
A dull black shield lies before you~
16 0 8421376 1
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
@@Ra Bloody PulpDog Dagger@@g~
A Bloody PulpDog Dagger lies here, gleaming~
5 256 8421376 129
0 0 0 11 0 0 0 0 0 0
19 2
18 2
fountain spring~
the Spring of Life~
A larg spring flows from the ground~
25 0 0 1
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
a key~
A key made from solid Gold~
13 0 8388608 1
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
coin gold~
a gold coin~
One miserable gold coin.~
20 0 8388608 1
1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
coins gold~
%d gold coins~
A pile of gold coins.~
20 0 8388608 1
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
corpse of %s~
The corpse of %s is lying here.~
23 0 0 1
0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
corpse of %s~
The corpse of %s is lying here.~
24 0 0 1
0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
head of %s~
The severed head of %s is lying here.~
19 0 8388608 1
10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
heart of %s~
The torn-out heart of %s is lying here.~
19 0 8388608 1
16 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
arm of %s~
The sliced-off arm of %s is lying here.~
19 0 8388608 1
20 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
leg of %s~
The sliced-off leg of %s is lying here.~
19 0 8388608 1
20 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
sloppy brain~
sloppy brain~
The sloppy brain of %s has plopped out here.

13 0 0 1
5 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
a Magic Mushroom~
A delicious magic mushroom is here.~
19 0 8388608 1
5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
ball light~
a bright ball of light~
A bright ball of light shimmers in the air.~
1 0 8388608 1
0 0 -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
a magical spring~
A magical spring flows from the ground here.~
25 64 0 1
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
a board~
The Clan Board is here.~
27 0 0 1
28 1 1 91 0 0 0 0 0 0
the Bulletin Board~
The Clan Protectorate Board~
27 0 0 1
30 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0
bathtub tub joke~
a large white bathtub~
A practical joke from Kyrie to Myst lies here.~
12 0 8388608 1
3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
bathtub is large enough for three people... too bad its broke.~
This bathtub is large enough for three people... too bad its broke.~
the PulpDog Board~
The PulpDog Notice Board is here for visitors to use...

27 0 0 1
28 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 0
Protectorate Battle Shield~
Protectorate Battle Shield~
9 -12615678 8421376 1
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
19 10
18 10
17 -50
12 30
13 25
14 10
protectorate Helm~
The Protectorate Helm~
9 -32766 8388616 1033
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
13 15
14 10
12 30
17 -30
24 15
18 5
19 5
protectorate Sleeves~
The Protectorare Sleeves~
9 -12615678 8389632 16401
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
13 50
12 50
18 15
19 13
O 0 9 0 10 (null)

O 0 4 0 6 (null)

M 0 4 1 8 (null)

M 0 5 1 13 (null)

M 2 spec_rewield
M 3 spec_thief
M 5 spec_cast_adept
M 7 spec_poison