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We are a non-consensual roleplaying game with permadeath, very similar in style and feel to an RPI. We allow for OOC communication, however, through a global OOC channel and in-room osay, and discussion about game mechanics or theme are always welcome.

After Earth is in neck-deep in beta. Please pardon our construction dust.


After Earth is set twenty-two years after humankind historically broke its chain to Earth's solar system, having sent the manned spacecraft - given the on-the-nose name of 'Final Frontier' - to the outermost reaches of Sol, and left it.

Bright-eyed humanity watched as the Final Frontier craft crossed the intangible barrier between known space and the endless unknown. From the ecumenopolis that covers Earth to the terraformed colonies on Mars, underground settlements on Jupiter, and the Venusian dome-covered safe-havens that were once considered too dangerous to occupy, every man and woman sat glued to their screens; school children were released early to go home and observe history in the making with their families. Bars were filled to the breaking point with friends who wanted to share the incredible together. Crowds gathered in Old New York City's Times Square and tilted up their heads, gazing at the live feed on holovids several stories tall.

The Crossing was a momentous occasion; a milestone humankind had been thinking toward from a time when the first philosophers looked up and wondered about the stars.

It all fell to shit.

As humanity settled worlds across the solar system, putting down its flag and claiming places lightyears from its origins, questions about extraterrestrial life had become irrelevant. When a squadron of advanced vessels emerged from the black of space and, with the entirety of the human species watching, turned the Final Frontier to dust, it could not have come as more of a surprise. Every person witnessed the destruction of their optimism simultaneously. Civilization hasn't recovered.

Today, some two decades after the Final Frontier's devastating failure, the human spirit remains darkened. Self-interest takes precedence over innovation; invention, expansion, and achievement are no longer on our minds. What little effort is made to maintain civilization is performed for corporate benefit and the species' survival. The latter rarely has anything to do with it at all.

There is something out there, and it is greater than we are. Further, there is every chance that it knows exactly where we are. What's the point of anything, knowing we could be right on the brink of destruction? What's the point of anything knowing everything we ever worked for will be our downfall? There's no point to anything. All that's left is to get yours.