20 Jun, 2019, senka wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello. I am seeking a coder and builders to help in a mud project I am working on. I am running a smaugfuss 1.9 codebase on my own server. The game theme at the moment will be anime/hentai based. This does mean it will contain adult material. Though this aspect will be only 1 part of multifaceted gameplay. Which also includes roleplay, hack and slash, questing, group combat, clans, clan wars, and various other game styles.

For what I need from a coder. First and foremost they must be at least 18 years of age or older, or whatever is minimum age to view adult material in your country of origin. Just as important they must have working knowledge in c. Experience with the smaug codebase a plus but not a requirement. To a slightly lesser extent drive to work and help bring the vision to life, creativity, time to complete coding tasks in a timely manner, and maybe as important as the first two they can't be easily offended.

As for builders most of the above applies. Must be at least minimum age to view adult material, drive to work, time to complete tasks, and can't be easily offended. Must have some experience building smaug or smaug type codebases. With some knowledge in mobprogs.

As stated this will be an anime/hentai themed game. The details are currently in development and will be a group project to hone that theme into a cohesive world. Though it will draw from standard animes in it's combat and character generation, as well as drawing some of the adult themes from hentai.

So if your interested in this project or have further questions you can contact me in one of two ways.
Email, amandashay54@ggmail.com
Or you can pm me here on the site.
Thank you for viewing and I hope to hear from you.
Senka, head admin