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Age of Heroes: Fire, Iron, Guns and Blood
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The best mud you've never played!!
100 Percent AWESOME!
19 Years in the Making…

*100percent Custom Areas
* Started from Dystopia 1.4 (barebones)
* Perfect Mix of Godwars + Rom + Rot
* Very Extensive Town and Army code (Heavily Automated).
* Best Claim system.
-Cant sacrifice while claimed.. unclaim command put in.
* 100% custom areas
* Sphere Power System (below)
* Sphere reset to change your spheres
* Many races
* 200 Mortal levels (10 Ascension levels)
* Remorting up to 5 times
* Botting is legal
* Stats autoadvance
* Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper currency
* Player Run Towns
* Player Commanded Armies
* Wilderness
* Tons of Player Builds: Race, Sphere, Multi-Class up to 5, Professions, Guilds etc…
* Timed Casting for Spells
* Materials System (240 at present)
-forge weapons or armor with materials..
-different materials add different affects..
-materials used for town construction.. Empire building..
-Empire Quarry/Farm/Mine/Lumber camp auto produce materials..
-…can be Harvested, Mined, Chopped etc in rooms, but mostly automated from Towns..
-Ores can be smelted.. metals mixed to make alloys..
-All items have a material type.. Objects in the game can be broken down to material components for later use..
* Creating a firearm system…
* Powers Menu instead of a list
* NEW Classes being put into this Classless base..
-Classing up the place
* Many Many different ways to customize a character.

* Each shot fired subtracts 1 from the guns magazine.
* When the magazine is empty the player loses 1 attack for the reload.
* Reloading removes ammo from on hand (shown in score) and adds it to the guns magazine.
* If the player is out of Ammo no more attacks will come from the gun in that hand or guns for that caliber.

1) Recall, 2s, 4e,1n to get to gun shop
2) List, Buy ammo or a gun
3) 'Store name' to switch the item for ammo over to ammo inventory (shown in 'score' command)
4) Wield gun and light em up!!

note. autodetox if you change classes within the same tier..

[TIER1] Angel, Demon, Ninja, Paladin, AntiPaladin, Mage.
[TIER2] Tanar'ri, Thief, Elemental, Skyblade, Shapeshifter.
[TIER3] Lich, BladeMaster, Zombie, Kahn,
[TIER4] Assassin, Wraith, DeathKnight, Dragon.
[TIER5] Werewolf or Vampire

Note: Spheres are being thinned a little as classes retake a few powers

Wokanist: elemshift, gasbreath, naturesfury
Aeromancer: disperse, enfold, evaporate, updraft, aero hoana, chagi, aeblade, tornado
Enchantment: weaponenhance, armorenhance, caust, immolate,
freezeweapon, poisonblade
Enhancement: nightsight, graft, darktendrils
Healing: heal, regenerate, regrow
Hydromancer: hydro, cbreath, frosthands, soothe, wash fluidity, aqua, viunemto, storm
Geomancer: solidify, rockslide, earthshatter, earthswallow eagra, inos, yaoe, easpi, eshina, sha
Transmuter: zuloform, change, dragonform, mask, camouflage, bonemod
Illusionist: clones, formillusion, grab, shadowplane, shadowsight
Diviner: scry, readaura, gleam, reveal
Abjurer: dimensiondodge, holyaura, shield
Necromancer: creepingdoom, powerword, darksummon, fleshportal
Pyromancer: flameblade, firebreath, magma, enflame, fagra, bae, taiegra, ennotate, lava, torra
Animal: sclaws, claws, fangs, rend, talons, burrow
Animal2: quills, roar, flameclaws, skin
Chaos: chaossurge, chaosgate, chaosmagic, chaosshield, chaos
Shadow: vensai, butomi, sami, sautchen, daemi, saubutomi
Holy: shoju, mian, goazento, hishu, beoutu, yu
Moon: moonbeam, moongate

*NEW Scrap command.. to save objects to later be used for custom army unit creation.
Destroy: Command to harvest an object for its material types
Materials: Shows a list of the raw materials you possess.
Forge: Create a piece of armor out of two materials,
Syntax: forge boots leather iron
Smith: Create a weapon from 2 materials
Smelt: Turn ore into pure metals
Mix: Mix metals to make Alloys:
Alloys: command to list alloys.
Toughness: The smithed items object toughness is based from
the strengths of the two materials its made from.
Damage Reduction: Weapon attacks go to bodyparts and if that body
part has armor on it, the damage is reduced based on
the toughness of the piece of armor.
Weight: The weight of the two materials forged added is the weight
of the forged item. the weight needed for a forge is usually
5 for a metal, 2 for a non-metal and 1 for gems.

* check out the shops for items to destroy in order to gain
the raw materials.

+Which Materials do you wish to inspect?
+(1): Ore types
+(2): Metal Types
+(3): Ornamental Gems
+(4): Ornamental Gems 2
+(5): Ornamental Gems 3
+(6): Semi-Precious Gems
+(7): Precious and Rare Gems
+(8): Stone Types
+(9): All Other Types
+(10): Alloys
+(11): Woods

Blade Material: steel, adamantite, mithril
Hilt Material: Iron, Gold, Bronze, Ebony Platinum, Silver
Ivory, Marble, Limestone, Quartz
Wpn Type :see prof
Syntax: smith <wpntype> <hilt> <blade>

material: copper, gold, iron, steel, adamantite, mithril
wood, wool, cloth, platinum, organic, leather, silver
tin, brass, bronze
Gem: ruby, topaz, amethyst, jade, topaz, onyx, pearl
sapphire, opal, emerald, diamond
Other: marble, quartz, ebony, ivory
item: bracer, greaves, collar, plate, ring, helmet, shield
boots, sleeves, gauntlets, cloak, belt, mask
earring, knee, elbow
Syntax: forge <item> <mat1> <mat2>

Empire Screen:
Legacy 45, Emperor (Sargonnas) The Water Elemental.
Capitol Population(50533) Kingdom Population(239378)
Treasury(15000127) Tax Rate(2811) Morale(15) Influence(39569)
Jobs(26691), Military(102554), Unemployed(200533)
Warehouse(48) (Available Resource Storage: 1450000)
Mines(411) Quarry(369) Lumbercamp(352)
Small Farm(36) Medium Farm(23) Large Farm(121) Plantation(320)
Food Stores
Granary(121) (Available Food Storage: 18150000)
Meat(0) Grain(352) Potatos(0) Corn(0)
Strawberries(0) Watermellon(0) Tomatos(0) Blueberries(0)
Encampment(0) Barracks(41) Archers Range(24)
Exchange(48) Marketplace(16) Boatyard(6) Sawmill(0)
Craftsmen(16) Blacksmith(221) Library(40) Factory(13)
Refinery(12) Fletcher(12) Armory(12) Leatherworking(15)
Casino(9) Brothel(1) Jail(10) Prison(16)
Dwelling(378) Cottage(265) Cabin(354) House(222)
Mansion(9) Longhouse(1) Inn(35) Large Inn(0)
Distilery(22) Brewery(28) Tavern(6)
School(4) Temple(8) Mages Lair(41) General Store(0)
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And NOW!!!
With The Great Tijer to help..
Age of Heroes: Fire, Iron, Guns and Blood!!!