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Rhien Thac0

27 Nov, 2019

27 Aug, 2019

Legends of Hatred is the continuation of Moments of Hatred which was created in 2010 by
Jaden. Legends of Hatred (then MoH) started as an OLD school classic GodWars MUD,
based upon Lords of War code from 1998.

The MUD has since become one of the MOST unique GodWars MUDs currently online.
Whilst we feature the standard GodWars classes, ours have been rebuilt from the ground

Some of our features include:

** Account System - Keep all your players together.

** Kingdoms System - Players can band together and gain specialized equipment and skills.

** Overland Maps - Areas are being converted to use ASCII graphics to display the current surroundings.

** MUD Wiki - Players can submit their own help files, tutorials, and FAQs.

** Treasure Chests - Containing various items such as gems, lotto tickets, equipment, and other items.

Upcoming features include:

** Dynamic Zones - Dungeons and Instances

** Arena System - Compete with players in a variety of Player-Kill, Capture The Flag and other games.

** Daily Events - Automated Quests, World Bosses and Events.

** PK Tournaments - Automated Monthly Player-Kill Events.

Our main goal is to make Legends of Hatred, the most stable and fun GodWars MUD that
is currently running.