24 Apr, 2009, Davion wrote in the 61st comment:
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Welcome to MudBytes Athanos! Great pick on a codebase. I'm a huge fan of Python :). A great place to get help, a long with links to a wealth of information can be grabbed from the irc chat room #python on freenode. Those guys there are pretty good, and there's a few good links in the topic to help you along your way.
24 Apr, 2009, Idealiad wrote in the 62nd comment:
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Welcome Athanos. Other than tutorials I also recommend reading other people's code, as much as you can. Kind of like how reading books makes you a better reader. Of course it won't all be good, but you can start formulating questions about why something is good or bad.

Here's a list of some Python muds:

1. Oliver "Nemon" Jowett's Pygmy:

2. Mitch Burton's Seren:

3. Doug Swarin's Fresnel:

4. Eli Fulkerson's Sparse (note: address is http://www.elifulkerson.com/projects/spa... )

5. Joe Strout's Poo: http://www.strout.net/python/poo/

6. Jon Gardner's Simpy: http://sourceforge.net/projects/simpymud

7. Daveron and Jmacy's MOOP: http://sourceforge.net/projects/moop

8. Bluemud: http://bluemud.sourceforge.net/

9. Kuros' Slithermud: http://code.google.com/p/slithermud/

10. Evennia: http://code.google.com/p/evennia/

11. NakedMUD (engine in C, everything else can be done in Python): http://www.uc.edu/~hollisgf/nakedmud.htm...

12. MUDPyE: http://www.mudmagic.com/codes/server-sni...

13. Python-Talk: http://www.mudmagic.com/codes/server-sni...

14. PyGCS (basic chat room): http://sourceforge.net/projects/pygcs/

15. ErisMUD: http://erismud.org/
24 Apr, 2009, Athanos wrote in the 63rd comment:
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Thank you for the responses. I know a smattering of C, enough to get me in trouble and have coded on a couple of muds that were nothing more than sockets or basic chat rooms. I know how to make things work, but I am working on optimazation and proper coding techniques. NakedMud caught my eye because of the python scripting. The codebase is set up so that you can do either C or Python, or both for that matter on development. I am self taught in C, C++, C#, PHP, .NET, etc. I have nover worked with Python, but from what I have looked at it seems like a very simple, yet powerful language. I will take a look at the rescources you have posted and check out some of the Python muds. Thanks again for the warm welcome.
03 May, 2009, Vaelian wrote in the 64th comment:
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Well, I'll introduce myself and welcome Athanos simultaneously, I guess. =D

Following on the subject here and I have to say, "KUDOS!" to NakedMUD.
That codebase is amazing. Easy yet complex and so flexible. I'm playing the original NakedMUD:ConQUEST at the moment.

See ya around :)
12 May, 2009, Archbaron wrote in the 65th comment:
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I'm Archbaron. I've been MUDding for a long time, and I have experience in CircleMUD codebases, specifically tbaMUD. I'm a builder at heart, but love all aspects of MUDs.
12 May, 2009, Banner wrote in the 66th comment:
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Archbaron said:
I'm Archbaron. I've been MUDding for a long time, and I have experience in CircleMUD codebases, specifically tbaMUD. I'm a builder at heart, but love all aspects of MUDs.
Welcome to Mudbytes. If you need any help, just shout.
09 Jun, 2009, madjake wrote in the 67th comment:
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Hi everybody! I'm Jake. I've been mudding since about 1996 when I discovered Gemstone 3 on AOL as a little punk. Now I'm a big punk and although I haven't regularly played on a mud in a couple years I still log into the new ones that pop up on topmudsites and mudconnect and poke around very regularly. I'm a PHP web developer by day and about a week ago I decided to see what I could accomplish with a PHP mudserver. Sockets were relatively easy to deal with but I have a feeling performance and (the one that scares me a bit so far) memory usage will require some serious profiling and changes to way I am use to developing in PHP. It's going pretty decently and I hope to have something to share with the community in the near future!
09 Jun, 2009, Davion wrote in the 68th comment:
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Welcome! I can't believe you'd torture yourself with a PHP mudserver ;). If you need to look at someone elses insanity, Kyndig (former owner/operator of mudmagic) wrote one called indigo. Might have some pointers for ya in there. Good luck, and can't wait to see it!
15 Jun, 2009, Dubstack wrote in the 69th comment:
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Hi my name is Dubstack and I guess what can I say happy to be here
12 Jul, 2009, Thelgor wrote in the 70th comment:
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Guess I'll throw my salutations to the community as I introduce myself.

I used to program a long time ago and am getting back into it by writing a MUD server. I have no illusions of grandeur about what I'm doing; I'm just looking to dust off my programming skills and have a little but of "fun" while doing it. Ron Penton's book about MUD programming and having enjoyed several MUDs through my gaming lifetime are what brought me to this point.

I started working on Windows but have moved to Linux (Debian Lenny distribution) and am looking to investigate the C++ as engine and Python as logic combo. I have no idea if this is ideal but I figure it will give me deeper knowledge of C++ and introduce me to Python.

It's nice to see that there is some activity here. I'll see you around the boards.
12 Jul, 2009, Idealiad wrote in the 71st comment:
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Welcome Thelgor. Your initial choice certainly isn't a bad one, see NakedMUD for example as a similar server that has gained some popularity.
18 Jul, 2009, soldierofthelord wrote in the 72nd comment:
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Hi, I'm soldierofthelord. I've been known by that name for quite a few years now. I'm 22 and was born and raised in Florida, USA where I still live.
I've been playing video games since I could read, but didn't know that MUDs exist until about a week-and-a-half ago.
I tried out Discworld for a few days and am now currently playing Land of Legends. I've never coded before, but the idea is very intriguing to me.
As for the conceptual part, I've been using my imagination to create little projects of mine for years (none of which have gone public). Storyline has always been very important to me, so that will be the main aspect that I'll be focusing on when start-up a MUD.

I'm glad that I found MUDbytes because it seems to be the most organized site devoted to MUDs that I've encountered. I hope to make new friends here and possibly help some people out with their MUDs, learning how to code and useful shortcuts in coding in the process.
18 Jul, 2009, Guest wrote in the 73rd comment:
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Hi all,
Im Xrakisis, Im 26 and have been mudding on and off since i was 17. I lived in Upstate NY up until about a month and a half ago when i moved to PA.

I started mudding on circle and rom, then switched to godwars. I started and owned Cotn 2.5, a Hybrids dystopia mud, Cotn 4.0, a Mindcoud 3.0 mud, Age of Heroes, a Godwars 1.4 mud with a sphere system instead of classes. And Currently run my ROM Mud which i started from Quickmud. I released the first 3 codebases and a bunch of snippits, godwars mostly.
18 Jul, 2009, Idealiad wrote in the 74th comment:
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welcome guys! :unclesam:
28 Jul, 2009, Kintar wrote in the 75th comment:
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So, since I've actually been posting, it might be good to introduce myself, eh? :)

Hello, I'm Alec. I started on MUDs back in 1993 when I first acquired internet access, and allowed them to suck up WAAAAY too much of my time. I've been a builder on a few Diku-based games and coded some of the combat system for the now-defunct Shadowrun: Germany MUSH.

In my day job, I'm currently a senior applications developer or systems architect (depending on who you ask and what they think of me at the moment) in a relatively small manufacturing company, although I've worn many hats over the years. I'm currently spending my spare time (what little there is) working with a friend on a new Java-based mud server and core library that we hope to have completed sometime before the four horsemen set out on their ride. :P

Favorite MUD anecdote: Getting into a programmer's war on LambdaMOO with someone who'd been a royal dick to me.
Most embarassing MUD anecdote: Just about getting banned from LambdaMOO. :redface: :biggrin:
20 Aug, 2009, Hanz wrote in the 76th comment:
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Hello, I'm Hanz. I probably would have posted here earlier… but I didn't notice it :stare:
Anyway, I'm new to the creation of MUDs but not being a part of them or their codebases. At the moment I'm looking for a server to host a MUD on, and I'm trying to decide on what codebase to use… Anyway, hello everyone :biggrin:
20 Aug, 2009, Davion wrote in the 77th comment:
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Hanz said:
Hello, I'm Hanz. I probably would have posted here earlier… but I didn't notice it :stare:
Anyway, I'm new to the creation of MUDs but not being a part of them or their codebases. At the moment I'm looking for a server to host a MUD on, and I'm trying to decide on what codebase to use… Anyway, hello everyone :biggrin:

If you want, there's a couple free servers out there! I'd recommend zeno.biyg.org, or loohosting.com
11 Oct, 2009, Ing wrote in the 78th comment:
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Hello, I'm Ing. I've been a builder on AlterEgo, Panthewn, and a nameless Star Wars mud over the years. I went by the name Liara and Ivanka back then. I was also the founder of AngelSpire, Silver MUD, Mezzrejerne, and Shadowmux. Silver MUD disappeared when my host vanished without a trace. AngelSpire (also the name of an old BBS I ran back in the 90s (using maximum bbs)) started in my college years back in '98 and was open 'till about 2002. Mezzrejerne was started around 2006 the same time as Shadowmux was "temporarily" closed. I had every intention of bringing it back online, but it just never happened. Now I'm mulling around thoughts of getting back into things.

Aside from these projects, I've played on Mirkwood, Achea, Batmud, ZombieMud, Cthulhu Mud, FurryMuck, Materia Magicka, RetroMud, Realms of Despair, Waterdeep, and I'm sure there are a couple MUSHs I'm leaving out. I currently only play on Cthulhu Mud and Mirkwood, though.
24 Oct, 2009, Kjwah wrote in the 79th comment:
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Hrmm. Been MUDding forever and a day. Not really, since about 93 or so. It was hard to get addicted until 95 or so when I played a new MUD called AstroMUD. It was ran by a few cool admins and I had an IRL friend playing it as well. I stopped MUDding in 97' and shortly after I started learning C so I could make my own.

I started programming back in the early 90's learning HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic but even before then I messed with the commodore 64. It wasn't until 95' or 96' that I actually got into application development(Never gone to school for it, or anything for that matter. I will be attending college now not for a job but simply for my own enjoyment). After that, it all goes down hill and I became addicted to this thing called GNU/Linux and C.

It's been my favorite since then. I've used new languages, scripting languages, C++ and all that stuff. I just enjoy writing code and C produces large amounts of that so I enjoy it a ton. It's hard to do it for someone else or for a specific reason because I'd rather just write it and forget it.

Besides that, I love drinking(which I will admit, is a problem. lol /poke daurven also, i think I can outdrink you Davion) and I also love cannabis. If you have problems with that, you can keep it to yourself. Just like you're entitled to not like it, I'm entitled to like. Also, it's legal so how you feel about it doesn't matter.

I play World of Warcraft(lol i know you hate it), first person shooters(counter-strike 1.6 is so much better then source you newbs) and a few other games and I skateboard, make music and write music.

I also love to troll forums, make confusing posts and yell at people with made up anger. oh yeah, I'm around the age of thirty.
25 Oct, 2009, Mudder wrote in the 80th comment:
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Hello Kjwah!

So I just noticed this and thought I would also contribute.

I am in my early/mid twenties and I've been mudding since ~1998. I've recently begun working on a codebase around the beginning of 2009. I gained a lot of informal knowledge from tinkering and I am ready to start over fresh, learn how to properly code and set up a MUD. My ideas are far more ambitious than my current abilities so I am hoping to adapt quickly. When I am not tinkering with MUDs I am in love with the Final Fantasy series, especially FF7 and FF12.

I am making this MUD for myself. Screw everyone else. :biggrin:

Hello everyone, I am Mudder!