17 Nov, 2008, Idealiad wrote in the 1st comment:
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Honestly I just wanted to continue this on daiki's A Newbie thread, but probably it's better to start fresh, so…

Let's introduce ourselves! MudBytes veterans tell us newbies who you are, what muds you like to code or play, what your projects are or where they can be found. Newbies tell us how you came here, why you're here, your hopes and dreams….but please keep it on the clean side ;D.

So my name is George, I'm new to MudBytes but post fairly often at Top Mud Sites and The Mud Connector as Ide and Idealiad, respectively. I'm not really sure why I changed my nickname from one site to the other; as I joined TMS second it might be that I was losing brain cells in my old age and just shortened the name out of forgetfulness.

I've been playing muds for a long time, starting in college where I spent many hours (maybe too many hours) on games like Lost Souls and AmberMUSH. Since then I've mostly played casually and haven't really found one mud to keep me for very long. Along with muds I play all sorts of games, interactive fiction, old games, games by new developers, basically anything that looks interesting I like to try.

My day job involves a lot of sawdust, mud and heavy lifting, so in my spare time I like to learn about making games in addition to playing them, using stuff like Inform 7, TADS 3, Python, Flash, and pixeling and tracking tools. Hopefully someday I'll make some games that don't suck. OK.
17 Nov, 2008, Kayle wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Uh.. I'm Kayle. I'm Lead Developer and Owner of Malevolent Whispers. But Um. It's no open. We're actually in the process of ripping most of the major systems out and rewriting them. I've been mudding for a while. I started on Realms of Despair oh so long ago, and I've bounced around from mud to mud, mainly sticking to Smaug and it's derivatives as that's my comfort zone.

I'm the MudBytes IMC2 Server02 Admin, and I'm one of two Administrators at SmaugMuds.org. And Uh. Uh. Oh. I'm currently a student getting a Comp Sci degree. Yeah.. So. That's me in a nutshell. Sortof.
17 Nov, 2008, quixadhal wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Oh sure, I'll toss in some trivia for ya'll. :)

I'm known in gaming circles as Dread Quixadhal, and the name came from the first MUD I played, called WileyMUD, back in 1993 at Western Michigan University. It looks hard to type, and so discouraged people from attacking me in PvP, but is actually easy to type once you stop trying to pronounce it.

I've puttered around with everything from DikuMUD Gamma, to Smaug, to Circle. I've worked on LpMUDs of the Nightmare, TMI-2, Lima, and Phantasmal/DGD flavours. Currently, I've been suckered into retrofitting ROM into something more evolved, which you can snicker at in the RaM section of this site.

In between trying to find a real programming job again, and looking for a winning lottery ticket, I do tend to do odd jobs and play video games when my cats aren't begging for food.

If you like punishment, you are welcome to stop by WileyMUD, but bring a friend because it's pretty lonely there. I keep it running in the hopes that someone will enjoy it and convince me to work on it again, but mostly it just keeps my server warm. :)

17 Nov, 2008, David Haley wrote in the 4th comment:
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Keeping it brief for now… I'm head coder for Legends of the Darkstone and have been since December 2001. The MUD has been open since 1995, but is in something of a hibernation mode these days. Haven't seriously played many MUDs other than LotD, really. I'm quite active here, at SmaugMUDs and at Nick Gammon's forums.

I've been programming since the age of seven or so, starting with things like QBasic and Visual Basic, moving on to C/C++, various games' scripting languages, and now more languages than I care to admit. I got interested in game scripting fairly early on with Star Wars games (especially the Jedi Knight games) and somehow landed in MUDs. I guess I've mainly worked on SMAUG, but Darkstone is based on such an old version of SMAUG and has been so heavily developed since that really it bears rather little resemblance anymore.

I eventually went to college in California getting degrees in CS (and somewhat randomly one in philosophy too) so I suppose you could say that programming is something I've been doing for a while. :smile: (As a side note, getting formal training and being forced to do things correctly was probably one of the best things that happened to me.) My day job is software development at a financial firm in New York City, writing code in C++, Python, Perl and Tcl (the latter two, especially Tcl, being mainly for legacy reasons).
17 Nov, 2008, Chris Bailey wrote in the 5th comment:
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My name is Chris Bailey as you might have guessed by my handle. I was an active poster on TMC several years ago, but became disinterested in the quality of posts there. After stumbling upon Mudbytes I became re-interested in mud development and have been working on a variety of projects ever since. I've been mudding for nearly 13 years. I started off playing a Realms of Despair clone on IRC, and once I figured out what I was I found the real thing. I've been hooked ever since. After getting bored with Realms of Despair I moved on to Age of the Ancients (Wolfpaw Codebase) which was also a smaug deriv and then Quest for Faerun (later Questwars). I moved over to Abbatoir for a short period of time but mainly settled at Age of the Ancients. When the playerbase there died down to nothing I was unable to find a new mud that I enjoyed, and it has been that way for several years. My current project is built on Teensymud by Tyche, and was a very unique and feature rich project up until a HDD crash a few days ago fixed that problem for me. I really need to start backing things up. It was slated to open for testing in late December but it might be a bit later on now.
17 Nov, 2008, Cratylus wrote in the 6th comment:
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I maintain a site for LPmuds called LPmuds.net as well as an
intermud network based on the Intermud-3 protocol and an
LP codebase called Dead Souls.

17 Nov, 2008, Zeno wrote in the 7th comment:
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I'm Zeno. 22 years old and I've been mudding for at least 10 years. My first MUD ever was Castle Arcanum, which happens to not only still exist today but my character(s) still exists as well. I am the owner/coder for Bleached InuYasha Galaxy (Smaug based) which I've been running for the last 5 years. I have an AS degree in Computer Science and I work for a web development/design/marketing/hosting business. I live in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Some of my own personal projects include Project CR, Smaug Building Institute and most recently Fortress Warlords (graphical game). Other projects I've worked on are far too numerous to name, but include MMOs, forum admins, and obviously Immortals on other MUDs. I worked my way up in the MUD community, starting from a player to an Immortal on a MUD that let anyone on to test out Smaug Imm commands, then a player assistant Immortal on another MUD where I went from that to a builder, to a head builder, to a coder and finally to the 2nd highest Immortal position. During that time I also coded on other various MUDs during my peak and eventually started what we know now as Bleached InuYasha Galaxy in 2003. I'm also an auditor on TMC.

I enjoy playing video games (Team Fortress 2 ftw), watching anime, coding, hiking and sleeping.

17 Nov, 2008, Dean wrote in the 8th comment:
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I'm Dean and I'm 21. I've been mudding for about 10 years and my first ever MUD was Valheru. Pretty sure I still have at least a character on there, but I haven't been there for a while. I'm currently a builder/project team leader on Dragonball AT and may in the future start a new project based on the Elder scrolls (and at the same forfeit what vestiges of my life remain :tongue:)

- Dean
17 Nov, 2008, Tyche wrote in the 9th comment:
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I'm Tyche aka Jon Lambert. I first started mudding on Islands of Kesmai, and also played a lot on Sojourn, Mirkwood, PernMush, OverThereMush, BatMud, Lunar Eclipse and many others probably not worth mentioning. I don't do much mudding any more outside my own creations, although I will often drop in on games that strike my fancy in order to see if their ideas are worth stealing. ;-)

I've run a mud related web site since 1996, now known as TheSourcery. I'm the author of a few servers, TychoMud, Paradigm, TeensyMud, RocketMud, Murk++, and one of the world's smallest mud servers. I've also ported quite a few legacy mud servers to modern systems including Windows, and released a collection of headers and routines for porting muds to Windows. I'm also into mud genealogy and host the largest mud code repository in the universe.

My current super secret project is codenamed GAG.
17 Nov, 2008, Ssolvarain wrote in the 10th comment:
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I'm John, one of the builders on End of Time where I've been for the past two or three years. I'm better known as Ssol or Ssolvarain amongst various boards and games.

I first stumbled on a MUD 10 years ago, at the age of 12, while looking for more information which eventually led me to Prophecy, The MUD. After becoming a builder, eventually, and creating a horrible mess of one or two custom areas, I went on to build for a FF-based MUD, where I met Hades_Kane and randomly logged in to his own personal project occasionally, to see what was going on. After a procession of other MUDs, that have all since gone defunct or deceased since, I wound up 1/2 drunk one night on End of Time after a falling out with a former admin, asking to be a builder. This is the final MUD I will work on as a builder, I think, and also as a serious player.

I'm looking forward to tinkering more with ROM, and blowing up my own port on a regular basis rather than being the subject of %%%Disconnected from server.%%% that tends to happen when Diablos is feeling "productive". :tongue:
17 Nov, 2008, Davion wrote in the 11th comment:
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I'm Aaron. Obviously I'm one of the administrators of MudBytes :). I've been MUDing since I was 14, about 9 years ago. I started on a place called A Dark Portal. I only ever played there. About 2 years in I began getting the bug to start creating things. I started out building on a MUD called … called. I can't remember what it was called :S. It didn't get very far! I do remember it was envy based, though :P. Not long after that I started my own project called Gemini. I knew nothing about programming at all… it was horrible. I continued to play ADP for years and years while plucking at a codebase that took on many names. First The Other Realm, then Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth, then Al'haen. It eventually merged with another MUD ran by Synon called ShadowStorm. ShadowStorm eventually split up into two MUDs (I worked on both, still) the other called ShadowFire, which is where I apparently met Igabod though for the life of me, I can't remember who he was :P. Those two MUDs kinda hung in limbo for awhile till eventually I left and continued work on Al'haen (now a ShadowStorm derivative.) Around that time I began being a moderator on MudMagic for the Rom Romper. I plucked around on Al'haen for about 3 years until the shear mass and the evolution of the code progressed so far, with a few core bugs existing since ShadowStorm it became impossible to fix… well, not impossible, but I'd have to go through all 250k lines of code to find a very annoying memory bug.

During those three long years, I picked up an old project (The Other Realm) and started it from MercNet. This codebase eventually became the one used for the MudConV codebase. And oh ya, I ran a MudCon a little over two years ago. After the MudCon I released the codebase, then stopped working on it as a game, dubbing it as complete as I wanted :P. I then began working extensively with C++ (The Other Realm was about 25% C++) and got instantly hooked. I started up Al'haen 2 from scratch. Due to the fact that this was largely a testing ground for me, little thought went into the actual finished design of the codebase, it soon became unusable. Al'haen 2 pretty much ran in parallel with developing MudBytes. I had gotten bit by the web programming bug, and from MudBytes came QSFP and my involvement in the QSF development. Since then I've done nearly no public programming for MUDs. Most of what I do is purely proof of concept for myself and rarely does it reach the state to make a release. I've had the code for A Dark Portal and ADP: New World for almost a year now, and I do intend to actually revive the thing should I find enough staff and overhaul a few things. That's pretty much my MUDing history in a nutshell :P.
17 Nov, 2008, The_Fury wrote in the 12th comment:
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I am Robert, 36 from Australia. The year was…. well lets just forget the year and say that this predates the internet and was during the time of BBS's. I was about 16 and the game was called Legend of the Red Dragon, (LORD). That was my first introduction into text based multi player games, at the time it was amazing, i built modules for it in pascal and ran my own BBS and interBBS game for a number of years. After finding girls and having children early i did not really pick up Muds again till 1999, where i played a number of different games, TerraFirma, Core 2036, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Materia Magica and Sentience before trying my hand at doing my own thing in 2003 and i have been doing it ever since. I still play from time to time, picking a game at random just to see what they are doing and to see what ideas they have that are worth stealing :).
17 Nov, 2008, Dean wrote in the 13th comment:
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The_Fury said:
I am Robert, 36 from Australia.

Woo, a fellow australian. :smile:
18 Nov, 2008, Hades_Kane wrote in the 14th comment:
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I'm Joseph, aka Hades_Kane on most forums or Diablos on most MUDs. I live in Louisiana and work as a Graphic Artist/Production Manager for a small business Sign & T-Shirt Shop here in my hometown. I first got introduced to MUDs in 1996 with "Gemstone III: Dragon Realms" on AOL when I was 14. Funny to think back on how noobish I was then, and being totally unaware of what I was doing and being utterly unable to find a suitable name, I crossed a few lines I wasn't aware of (kill stealing, emoting things I shouldn't have, having an illegal name) and was locked out. I'm sure we all know the "aol kiddies" type, I guess I started out that way :p

We ended up dropping AOL and it was maybe about a year before we got internet again, and by then Gemstone III was pay to play, and I begged my parents, but the answer was "no." It was a little after that I stumbled across freeonlinegames.com or something to that extent, and it had a link to zMUD. That was the answer to my solution, and while I couldn't find Gemstone III on the zMUD MUD List, I did find a MUD called "Dragon Realm" that was an Nightmare LP MUD. I've been a pretty regular MUDer since. My experience on that game wasn't exactly the best… about 4 months or so into playing it, there was some sort of severe server crash or something and basically everything was lost. I waited for 3 months checking the connection multiple times a day for it to come back up. In the mean time, my friend had been looking for other MUDs and came across Aargh!! MUD, a Diku/Merc derivative that had, apparently, a fantasy and Wiccan theme. I played on it too, but still waiting for Dragon Realm to come back up. Well, eventually Dragon Realm did come back up and I was quickly back into the thick of things. Unfortunately they had basically had to start over, and while most of the features and such of the codebase were recognizable, they had to start over completely on areas, with a "great earthquake" having destroyed much of the world we were familiar with. The way the MUD worked was you started out picking only your race, and would earn exp like in any other MUD. However, your exp didn't determine your level, you "spent" exp on things like skills and stats, and the level of your skills and stats is what determined your level. So you would "store" exp as it were if you were saving up for something. You couldn't really train any skills until you had joined a "guild" which was basically your class and clan combined into one. Training skills was the slower way to "gain levels" while training stats and hp was the quicker way. Going the quicker way would result in a weaker character. A huge part of my roleplay was being a member of "the Priests of Death" which worshipped the god of death which was the head admin, Forbeo, and the Priests of Death hadn't been finished being coded at that point, so it was basically a waiting game. So for three months and countless hours each day, I killed crap and stored up exp, waiting for the Priests of Death to drop. I was that dedicated to that character and RP, and my plan was to continue saving exp until the day they were put in, then I would drop every bit of it into my skills and be this super awesome Priest of Death almost immediately and zoom up numerous levels. Three months and something like 300,000 exp later (which was a ton of exp on this game) some jerk off Admin decides to be funny… Another player and I, who were from different hometowns and could only meet up in one location, had a bit of a disagreement. It came to blows, but it was obvious who was going to win, so I retreated. Despite that, this jerk of an Admin decides it would be funny to continually transfer back, I swear about 8-10 times, until this player kills me, effectively wiping out 3 months worth of work and probably the most exp anyone had ever saved up there. Had I not been panicked, I should have just logged out before being transferred again.

Needless to say, I didn't take this very well. I initially started off trying to go higher to get something done, but no matter how politely I addressed this matter, my complaints wouldn't even be acknowledged, much less addressed. After about a month, another Admin gets tired of hearing me and finally deletes my character and bans me from making anymore characters. I had one they didn't know about, however, so I would check back in once in a while just to see what was going on, and wouldn't you know about 2 months later something else similar happens to another player, but all of a sudden its this big deal and everyone is up in arms about it and the abuse of the immortals toward players becomes an issue. Really made me feel good to see it ignored when that happened to me.

So yeah, I went full time to Aargh!! MUD, which was my introduction to the Diku branch. To keep this shorter… Merlin was the Admin, he had life catch up and couldn't keep up, while builders Stokes and Zaria were making their own Diku based game, Merlin decided to work something out with them to basically "merge" MUDs and allow Stokes and Zaria to take over Aargh!! while keeping their vision of "Native Lands" intact. This happened about 4-6 months after I started playing there, and with the switch came pfile conversions and many of my characters had to change races and they were ruined, but that was cool. I deleted them and started over. My friend who brought me to that game had started an evil vampire group called The Brood!! I was trying to start my own group of people, as they had specific guidelines on how to create a clan. I really liked this MUD, I even started work on a really in-depth website to try to help promote it. This is about where the problems began. I ended up being transfered by one of the immortals who went to the point of threatening me to stop working on my page because "Zaria was upset that someone else was working on a page others might think is the official site" despite the clear indications on the site that it was simply a "fan" site as it were. Other things were happening, such as bugs striking my characters and it taking weeks to get anyone to do anything about it when the same thing would happen to other people and it would take only minutes at times to get it fixed. I finally met all of the requirements to create a clan, which was basically a group of Necromancers (which was a valid class on the game) that worshipped death and sought to basically honor death by killing. Our group had become a very, very central aspect and very important part of all of the roleplay going on the game, and we alongside The Brood!! had orchestrated one of the most widespread and active RP events in the history of the game. Even years after we had departed, people would still talk about that evening. Despite all of this, my clan application was denied on a number of reasons they listed to me: 1) Zaria thought the clan idea of worshipping death was "too icky". I countered that it was basically a group of Necromancers, to which they respond "No where does Necromancer say anything about being about death." It took everything for me not to laugh in their face, because, well, it references death in the name! I remained polite, but again "Oh, well we never wanted to call them that." 2) They basically told me that they were trying to stamp out PK (even though there was 0 penalty for it and it was completely opt-in, and the majority of the playerbase really enjoyed it) because it was counter to, basically, the fluff and happy bunny RP they must have apparently been after. 3) They just plain didn't like me. It annoyed them that when someone got stricken with a killer flag, I would use my summon spell to bring them to me and kill them. How was I supposed to know they were in the middle of talking to the person about why they got the killer flag? It's not that hard to transfer them to a room they can't be summoned out of… But yeah, that was the jist of it. I bit my tongue and went about my way. We continued on as a group, very integral to the RP of the MUD. One of my alts ended up getting hit with a bug when one of my charmed mobs attacked one of my group members (another IRL friend of mine) and I got hit with like 13 killer flags. Weeks went by and they were just blatantly ignoring me. I would catch an immortal on and send them a tell, and they would go wizi. My friend sent them a note corroborating my story of a bug being responsible, there was no reason for them to leave me like that other than they didn't like me. Despite me doing what I could to contribute to the promotion of the MUD and being one of the most active and healthy RP aspects of the game… So finally since I couldn't get their attention privately, I aired my grievances publicly, and needless to say I, along with anyone else associated with me, was banned from the game.

I was done with MUDing for a bit, but then one day I was bored, I found the MUD Connector, and started browsing MUDs. I came across a Final Fantasy based MUD named Realmz of Delusion… my introduction into ROM. It was truly a terrible game. The areas were crap and we often joked the MUD had so many bugs, they were considered features. But the people and the roleplay made that game really fun. I was so inspired by some of the areas and their resemblance to the theme, I took up building because I wanted to try my hand at recreating some of these areas, and I wanted to help contribute to this game that I thought was just tons of fun. They really only had a handful of areas, so it really needed the help. I ended up building a brand new, very large overland map for the game, and as the owner and other "higher up" immortals lost interest in the game, I became the defacto head immortal over the course of a year or two. However, I didn't feel like it was really "my place" to be trying to do too much with the game, like vaping or banning or any harsh punishments, and what was better is some of the bugs in the game made easy loopholes to get around PK restrictions. Eventually, the server the MUD was on was going to be shutting down, and the owner didn't care enough about the game any longer to continue with it, so a group of us from there decided to make our own game to try to keep the playerbase together. My friend that brought me to Aargh!! MUD, along with Realmz of Delusion's old head builder Guion, and myself had been working on a side project called Genesia for a while now, so when we got about 2 weeks notice of RoD shutting down, Guion, my friend and I decided to take the codebase we had been working on (also a ROM Derivative) and donate that to the cause of getting a new Final Fantasy MUD playable in a little over a week to transfer the playerbase over to. Thus, Cleft of Dimension was born.

Everything with CoD went really well for a while, but one of our co-founders had started a "relationship" with one of our players. This player was a very rampant PKer, and another one of our founders was hell-bent on ridding him from the game. I'm very much a mediator by nature, so I did my best to mediate this situation, playing a bit to each individual's ego involved in the situation. The situation had been defused rather well. However, this co-founder who was "seeing" this player decided to basically relay the entire situation to this player, and he became convinced I was "out to get him" and that I had betrayed him, when really everything I did was to placate the other immortal so this player wouldn't be vaped or banned from the game. Throughout the coming months he conspired to take me out and I had no idea, and even joined the clan I was running leading up to this huge RP event I had been planning for months. Well, basically he spoiled it. He had his "girlfriend" rename alts of his and guilded them into other clans, and basically with an army of something like 15 of his own characters (one of the main ones of which had been RPing that he was in another dimension for like a few weeks when the RP that was going on with this invasion of another town was happening in the course of two days), did everything he could to stop the plans that I and several other players had spent months working on. In the midst of some of the worst examples of RP Behavior I had ever seen, he applied for a clan, and despite my protest that a clan leader should be an example of GOOD rp, my fellow co-founders and supposed friends rewarded him with a clan. I disappeared from the MUD for the remainder of that summer, so sick with what was happening to something I felt like was almost a child to me. After summer had passed and I felt like cooler heads might have prevailed, I returned to basically find that this guy had basically stepped into my spot on the Admin team, and with his "girlfriend" being the IMM that was providing us with a server, this guy got to do whatever he wanted. Within the short time I had come back to the game, he had ran off most of the rest of the co-founding team (the individuals who thought it was a good idea to reward him with a clan), and was now ruling the MUD with an iron fist. You post an idea note contrary to something he was pushing to get implemented? Your character wasn't there next time you tried to login. You decide to start Roleplaying your character again after a few month disappearance? Well, that conflicts with what his buddy was roleplaying, so you better not do that. Oh? You're going to try to RP the character? Well forget that your character was not only the first max level character and only one of 3 that it took about a year to max, its deleted now, try playing it now! Oh? You're one of the owners and co-founders of the game? Well, your immortal character is deleted now, try doing anything about it! You like playing this new race here? Well, not its vulnerable to magic, try doing anything valid with the character now! An atmosphere of fear was quickly cultivated in the game, where if you wanted to go anywhere in the game, you buddied up to him, and anyone he didn't like wouldn't have access to the special "prestige classes" that were coded and were overpowered and only given to people within his inner circle. This broke my heart. After what I went through on Dragon Realm and Native Land, I promised myself I would never become an Admin like that. I would always listen to what players had to say, I would try to address complaints even if they were shrouded in flames, I would never become the corrupt authority who abused their power like I had always been subject to. This guy took the MUD that was partly founded on that idea, and he twisted it into something I no longer recognized. It became his own personal playground to bully those he didn't like and reward those that sucked up to him enough. He became the worst MUD Tyrant I have ever seen. Only one immortal there seemed to have any sense, and it was only a matter of time before he, too, had been very vividly made unwelcome. So two years of my heart, soul, and tears went into this game to have it wrenched away from me and turned into something evil. So, this other immortal and I talked to all of the other original founders of the game, and they all agreed, I was free to leave CoD to its own fate and take my own copy of the MUD and do with it what I will.

Thus, End of Time was born. Funny story, as soon as we had End of Time up and running and this Tyrant caught wind of it, I was all of a sudden begged to come back to CoD. They tried to woo with me promises of getting my characters back, of me having a place again. "We know that a lot of people look up to you here and that they'll leave for your game when they find out about it." Never once did they even mentioned anything about caring about what was right for me, they just wanted to throw platitudes my way and were only concerned about what loss they might suffer or what competition they might have to worry about. It made me sick. Needless to say, I told them that Cleft of Dimension would never be the same for me, that we'll do with End of Time what I wanted for Cleft of Dimension, and that was the end of my relationship with CoD. With End of Time, we immediately went to tearing out all of the code the Tyrant was responsible for and any code or areas that were added after I left. We tried to put it as close to what it was when I left as we could. We didn't want to "owe" them anything or have any of their influence with it. Next order of business was a lot of re-writing of existing code and rebuilding areas. This went on for about two years, then my fellow End of Time co-founder got Final Fantasy XI, and that was slowly the end of the End of Time :p

About a year and a half later, someone that I knew way back from Realmz of Delusion was very persist on trying to get me to help him with his MUD, and so I finally gave in and decided to build him a new overland map and a few areas. In return, he had his server admin create me a folder and account so I could bring End of Time back up. This was October of 2005. His MUD faltered shortly thereafter, and it was that MUD that Ssolvarain mentioned he met me on. So I continued with rebuilding a lot of old areas and slowly learning how to manage the code myself. I've been very lucky to have a lot of wonderful help along the way, particularly with some quite brilliant additions and revisions by Midboss that has really taken End of Time to a whole new level. We've been going strong ever since, and really are getting very close to completely the vision the 6 of us started out with back in 2001 with Cleft of Dimension.

As an update on CoD? It eventually folded. It hasn't been able to be connected to in almost 2 years, and for about the last year of it being "alive" you could rarely catch but maybe one other person on. A MUD like with such a self centered Admin can seem to only sustain itself for so long.

So yeah, after three years of hard, steady work, I'm quite proud with what we've accomplished so far, and I look forward to building a community where people can feel like their voices and ideas are heard, are appreciated, and are equal. We're getting almost painfully close to finally being able to open, but we accept new builders and new players at any time. You can find the MUD eotmud.com port 4000.

As far as why I'm here? I enjoy discussing things in an environment where I feel like I'm surrounded by people who all have something in common such as this. As far as why Mud Bytes specifically… I felt it was important to do what I could to help contribute to what was once a fledgling code repository site. I've enjoyed the normally civil discussion, and has been a nice counter balance to the anything-goes nature of TMC. And with the recent demise of Mudrage, it seems I "bet on the winning horse" as it were with my decision to boycott MM/MR and try to steer traffic here. I found my way here in what I believe was the ongoing "running with scissors" thread when Kyndig went on his big banning spree and we were discussing on TMC doing something about it in the way of a relative "free speech" code repository site. I've only contributed a little bit of code here, but as I do more with my game that I feel others could benefit from, I intend on releasing more and more code. Much of what Midboss has released has been things from my game, so while I may not have contributed as much directly, I have been at least indirectly part of much of the contributions made to ROM.

</epic post>
18 Nov, 2008, Sandi wrote in the 15th comment:
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Sandi Fallon, Keriwena, Akiko, Danselle, Prowl, Azaxa… now I'm mostly Sandi except on TMC. I started trying to play MUDs in '93, by the end of '94 I was Code Wiz on a MUSH. I worked on MUSHes until about '99, when I switched over to running a ROM full time.

Twice, I've sworn I was just going to build, and twice coders have left me and left me no choice. Of the two, I find mushcode more entertaining than C. Well-written mushcode is virtually unreadable; it's like working with Zen koans. Just the thing if you want a time-consuming hobby. :evil:

My current hobby is converting the workings of my Dikurivative to mushcode.
18 Nov, 2008, Kayle wrote in the 16th comment:
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HK said:
</epic post>

You and those novels… This is like the third one you've written. :P
19 Nov, 2008, Hades_Kane wrote in the 17th comment:
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Kayle said:
HK said:
</epic post>

You and those novels… This is like the third one you've written. :P

I thought that about halfway through!

I didn't expect it to be so long, but I was bored and work and would type a bit, click over to another window and do a little bit of work, click back and type some more…

Before I knew it, it became my MUD autobiography :p
19 Nov, 2008, Keberus wrote in the 18th comment:
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I go by Keberus Maou'San. I have worked mostly with the FotE base ( a DIKU/SMAUG/SWR deriv ). I started mudding about 8 years ago on a mud called The Dark Hand (a SWR deriv). After a few years I switched to being a builder on FotE (before it's release).

In december of 2002 the FotE codebase was released and a few friends and I took it, started it up and started developing it as Rise of the Republic (RotR). Anyways, to make a long story short, the RotR codebase has morphed into The Galactic Alliance (TGA).

Within the past few months we decided to open a mud with a differerent genre, but liked our FotE based mud too much to let it go, so we stripped out the Star Wars stuff, and started re-adding back in removed SMAUG features as well as many other features to make a PK based non-genre specific mud called Severed Realms.

On a side note, I think that if it hadn't been for the MUD'ing community I wouldn't be where I am (coding ability wise) so I try to give back some by posting here and on smaugmuds.org fairly regularly.
19 Nov, 2008, Noplex wrote in the 19th comment:
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I often come to this website when I am bored, or when I should be doing something other then browsing the Internet. I started playing MUDs when I was eleven years old and I would go to the library on the weekends, between games of Risk, hack-and-slash on the Realms of Despair Java terminal client. I started programming in BASIC when I was nine years old and SMAUG really propelled me into learning C/C++ at thirteen. I decided to attend state university, will be finishing my undergraduate degree in August and I am currently working in New York City as a software engineer for the quantitative research department of a financial firm.

I have a lot to be thankful for–MUDs really got me into programming seriously and coupled with my imagination allowed me to not lose my mind in high school. I honestly started playing MUDs because I enjoyed reading fantasy and science fiction; This of course was a catch-22 and fed my imagination to where I started writing. So my final year in undergraduate academics I am the Editor-in-Chief of a national collegiate newspaper. Pretty sweet, and I have SMAUG to basically thank for it.

Ah, and I turned twenty-three 19 minutes and 30 seconds ago.
19 Nov, 2008, Kayle wrote in the 20th comment:
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Happy Birthday Nopey!