Ever wondered what a godwars would be like
without the intervention of immortals?
Well if thats what you want to see come
check us out.

There is only one rule in Valhanna
and that is NO Multiplaying!

The Immortal staff will have little
to no interaction with the mortals.
Basically we are just there to expand
the world and continue to add to the code.

The rules are set by the players and it
is up to the players to decide how to
enforce them…thats if they want to.
The Only Mindcloud 3.0 Mud!

COTN 4.0 is now the Rogue Legion.
* 31 Classes
* 24 Races
* Ascension Races
* Customized Sacrificing
* Weapon Proficiencies
* Basic and Rare autoloading EQ
* Rank
* Tiers
* Toughness
* Sigils
* Religions
* Runes
* Customized practice function
* Stances Redone
* Weather that can hurt you!!!
* Symbiote System
* Build resistances to each wpn type from combat
* Weapon Proficiencies
* Much More…