ConQUEST boasts an interactive, interesting, detailed world. On your path for ConQUEST, you will make many friends and even more enemies, both other players and NPCs, which will later come back to pose interesting possibilities and problems for you. Right now ConQUEST features its main city, Moonhaven, where adventurers can explore and interact with residents. In the coming months, work will begin on “outland”, where players can make their own mark on the world. Set up a trading post, build your own city, raid caravans, or delve dungeons — it’s all planned! Currently, ConQUEST offers:

* interactive combat system; emphasis on planning and coordination
* challenging fights; each NPC has their own AI, optimized to their skills
* classless advancement; pick and choose from over 300 unique skills!
* interactive NPCs; learn about the game by talking to NPCs and doing quests

ConQUEST is currently in playtest mode. Feel free to drop by and see what the world has to offer. Feedback is graciously welcomed; suggestions will be evaluated for incorporation into future iterations of the mud.
Elvenblade is a MUD in active development. It is NOT in a production state. It is currently in an OPEN BETA phase. Vernian is a world ravaged by cataclysm, fraying at the edges and worn threadbare from a century of conflict between magic and technology. Do you have what it takes to survive outside the safe havens of the cities or the citadel of Kaldun? Whether you fancy yourself an explorer of the far reaches, a warrior armsmaster, a weaver of potent spells, or a crafter of fine works, you can find your way in the world. The land has need for a champion, to lead it out of the darkness. Will you strike down the magic-wielders of the accursed First Immortal or will you weave that very magic to strike down your foes and smite their ruin across the land? The choice is yours.

Elvenblade features an atmosphere beyond any other mud, something we take a great deal of pride in and continue to work towards. Features that set Elvenblade apart include:
  • A classless learning system wherein players can learn from a pool of common skill sets and also learn a certain number of more exclusive skill sets.

  • An intensive NPC scheduling system that simulates NPCs living out their little digital lives, with over fourty unique schedule actions that these NPCs take, not to mention the custom code present in some NPCs.

  • Dynamic descriptions that change with the time of day, weather, etc.

  • Several races to choose from that instead of being copies of each other with different stats, all have unique, exclusive racial skillsets, their own cultures, and more.

  • Support for many TELOPT features, including MCCP, MSP, MDSP, MSSP, and MXP, to enrich your mud experience with compressed data transition, sound, and extended options not supported in normal MUDs.

  • ALPHA (still in development) support for screen readers for blind or vision-impaired individuals.

A second monumental space race propelled the citizens of Earth into a new Era of science and technology. This was brought on by the discovery of the Commission for Natural Elements [CNE], which stated that the axis of the Earth was accelerating exponentially into an oblique angle. Within the next 500 years, Earth would cease to offer a viable option for life.

This sparked the 2nd historical space race. Within 200 years, Mars and the Earth's moon had become platforms for further research and development. Mars' atmosphere had been injected with microbial elements that had, over 100 years, transformed the planet into an acceptable habitat for human life. Transports were beginning to shuttle Earth's inhabitants to Mars.

In 410 P.D. [Post-Discovery], a brutal war had erupted on all the known human inhabited planets in the system, fueled by the claims of private sector espionage and New World Order mentality. Those fortunate enough to escape did so by embarking out in whatever vessels were available.

The S.S. Hope is the setting of this MUD. A lone settlement ship with moderate defenses that has propelled itself out into space with hopes of settling on a new world. It is now 1214 P.D. and no suitable planets have yet been discovered. Scientists have worked for years trying to develop atmospheric enrichment techniques in order to produce habitable planetary environments, so far with fruitless endeavors.

You are a member of the crew. You could be the savior of this ship.
Currently the game is being developed by visitors may come by and check it out and leave feedback.