Temporal Rifts offers 300 hundred mortal levels as well as a
multiclass system. New ideas and tweaks to existing elements are
implemented frequently.

Temporal Rift allows NPK/PK/PK loot by player choice. Frequent
immortal-run quests are also offered. An automated quest system
is also available, creating the opportunity to save points for
some of the best equipment in the game. Tokens can be traded
with other players using a coded trade system.

If you are looking for a great social atmosphere with a friendly
environment, interesting conversation, diverse game play, RP and
just a fun place to mud, give us a try.

-Expanded race/class options
-Corpseless "death" system
-Fun (some would say addictive) gambling options
-Player home purchase system
-Automated quest areas
-Tradeskills that allow players to create customized equipment
-Many other fun and unique features that keep even our level
300 players coming back
Welcome to an online world like none you've experienced.

Bad Trip is wild, irreverent and most of all fun. If you're looking for a new mud, now is the time to try Bad Trip.

We have an active IMM and IMP staff with new development in the works.

Some of the things we have going for us are:

*An active staff who constantly strive to improve the game

*A unique token system for improving your character and
gear (New tokens on the way!)

*Friendly players who are glad to assist you and answer

*Imm-run quests awarding prizes and equipment several times
a week.

* A permanent quest schedule, where you are guaranteed 1-2
quests a day if you're on at the right time!

*An automated quest system that allows you in time to earn
amazing equipment, and many other prizes.

*So many unique things, you'll wonder why everyone doesn't
play this mud.

*We make sure the game is a tard-free
environment. :)
DragonLance Based Mud - Heavily modified. Hiring Builders, Coders, and Administration. Please email owner for more information and benefits of being an immortal!
Masashi Kishimoto created the manga and anime Naruto, based on a young ninja called Naruto who had a 9-tailed demon fox trapped inside him. World of Naruto brings that world to life, so that you can be a part of that world.

You join one of 5 main villages or 3 lesser villages and one of over 50 total clans with a choice of 4 specialties (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu and Ninja Arts). You begin being trained by Kakashi and Gai, then go through the Ninja Academy where Kurenai, Anko and Asuma guide you on your way, before you meet Iruka on the way out and can be healed by Shizune, before graduating from the Ninja Academy and embarking out onto the world, using your own jutsus. At level 10 you can do the Genin Exams, doing jutsus in front of an examiner until you can do them perfectly, answering questions about the Naruto series, before the tricky bells test. Also at level 10 you can choose from 4 blood summons, Tsunade's healing slugs, Orochimaru's serpents, Kakashi's hounds or Jiraiya's toads, who you can then summon at will to do your bidding, with a variety of their own skills. At level 20 you can attempt our Chuunin Exams, where you try to work through the Forest of Death to find a Heaven and Hell scroll to enter the Temple. At level 50 you can attempt our Tokubetsu Jounin Exams, where you must defeat 3 illusory NPC's - Itachi, Madara and Hashirama, each with their own unique attacking styles. At level 100 you can attempt the Jounin Exams, where you must kill Pein himself, traversing through Pein's Dimension, through mazes, portals, and trickery everywhere, to get there. Finally, at level 201, you can try to kill True Pain for the immortality jutsu, find yourself an appropriate body, and start all over again.

We offer 7 guilds, all genuine guilds within Naruto, optional player killing, missing nins, leadership positions, player-run missions, channels and anki points for every village, clan and guild, and for many other uses, 2 types of auto missions plus several other types, and much, much more.

We are still less than 1/5th of the way towards creating our vision, but even now we have a steady player base, up to 10-15 players on at once at peak hours, and are comfortably the most popular and best Naruto-themed MUD in the world, getting bigger, better, and more popular every day.

Come join us, and remember to obey our rule number 1: Have fun!
Hi All,
I run Eye of the Cyclops, a rom mud. It has Sorcerer, Bishop, Ninja, Samurai, Templar, Avenger, Lich, Shaman, Druid, and Assassin classes. There are 206 Mortal Levels, Custom Coded Multiclassing, leveling and customizable weapons, Blacksmithing, Fighting Stances and 40 races. Multiplaying is allowed. I work on the mud every day. Im looking to build a pbase, stop by if this sounds good to you.

Formerly known as Asgardian Nightmare,
Distorted Illusions offers a wide variety of
activites. Including a random obj generator
like diablo II, an automated stock market
system automated questing, a focus
system for players who reach max level, and
many immortal run quests. There are currently
also more things being coded for players who
have reached max level to do.
The players are always willing to help out new
commers, we have a clan designed for just that
purpose, and the interface is very user friendly,
with help files on everything under the sun. Our
Immortals are almost always on if you have a
problem, and are always happy to help out players.
All major decisions on code and policy change are
taken before our IMP council for voting, this
we have a sort of democracy after we ask the mortals
what they want. This way no one person makes all
or any of the decisions for the entire mud. We
take any and all input from players and encourage
it very much, as we are fast in imping new ideas
skills, spells, and what not. Please stop by, I
promise you won't be dissapointed.
Orta Dunya Mud is an Anatolia3.0 based mud. It supports turkish and english command languages and interface language is turkish. The work is ongoing since 2004. The translation of areas are still ongoing and the %80 of the entire world is completely turkish. 104 areas for now..

PK(limited) and Rol Play is encouraged. It's a nostalgic mud for new mudders and good start for new comers..

Orta Dunya Immortals
Exodus is much more than a standard MUD environment. It is the
culmination of over thirteen years of active progress and growth.

Exodus has something for everyone. Environments interact with you as
you journey through colorful lands, having the look and feel of a
well-written fantasy novel.

Exodus has a variety of races you may choose from, including some you
already know, such as Dwarves, Elves, and Humans, and many others you
may not have ever heard of, such as Vro'ath and Litan. Additionally,
Exodus has a quest-based remort system, allowing players to join even
more races later on in the game. Many of these races possess unique
skills and abilities that others races may not use, further
differentiating them.

During the course of a player's 90 levels, he or she will have the
option of switching classes twice, allowing multiclass combinations,
but also rewarding pure-class specialists with the most powerful
skills and magic. If you decide you don't like the profession your
character has studied, you can reincarnate at any time and keep the
majority of the experience you have earned up to that point. Through
hard work and familiarity with the realms around you, you might even
transcend the limits of mortal advancement and become a mighty hero,
having the power to grant quests.

Are you an explorer? Immerse yourself in a truly gigantic world,
consisting entirely of custom areas totaling well over 15,000 rooms.
Forget Midgaard and any stock areas you have seen before. You won't
find them on Exodus. Two richly-detailed continents lie within a
great ocean spotted with islands both large and small to constantly
challenge and reward the adventurous explorer.

Are you an adventurer? Exodus is large enough to let you go off and
seek your fortune alone, or with the safety and benefit of a group.
Pets and henchmen are available for a price to help you in your
travels. Dozens of automated quests throughout the realms allow
players to take part in the storylines of the game's areas. You can
hack and slash to your heart's delight, but if you'd rather help one
of Thesden's lords find his stolen medallion, you may follow a series
of clues and come to a conclusion that will reward you for your time
and effort. Exodus has an object trigger system, which lets weapons,
armor, and even mundane items perform actions on their own, as though
brought to life with magic.

Are you a craftsman? Many of the classes in Exodus have the ability
to create and combine items to form even more powerful tools. Thieves
get an invention skill allowing them to combine items together to
make other items. Rangers are skilled woodsmen, crafting their own
arrows from natural materials, and necromancers form weapons and
armor of bone and flesh. Warriors may hone their weapons upon the
grinding stone, while mages may enchant their weapons and armor for
magical benefit.

Are you a hunter? Exodus has a PK-based clan system and a variety of
clans you may join. Who knows, if you have a good concept and can
rally others behind it, you may form your own clan. A clan war system
allows enemy clans to settle their differences on the field of
battle. Clans even have their own unique and powerful equipment,
designed to give them an edge in clan combat. There's a bounty system
to put a reward out for the death of those you cannot kill yourself.
If you'd prefer friendly combat, there are two arenas in which you
may battle against your fellow players in a controlled environment.
We also have a regular PK free-for-all called Battle Royale, which
turns the whole game into a scored bloodbath with a declared winner
at the end. An in-depth kill count system tracks your various wins
and losses in combat.

Are you just looking for fun? Exodus offers a variety of options for
role-play as well as OOC chatting. A number of mini-games, such as
trophy fishing in the ocean, a full-featured roulette room on a
gambling boat, and a soccer-type game can be played as well for no
purpose other than to have a good time.

There is so much to offer and it gets better all the time. We have an
active immortal and coding staff and a constantly evolving and
growing player base. Come give Exodus a try. We think that once you
step into our world, you'll want to stay.
Looking for players, IMMs, and builders!

I have no player base right now, but am finally opening the MUD up to the public.

If you're looking to join the fun, telnet over to ella.genesismuds.com:3071
They created our world. The First World. In time however, knowledge of these Gods ceased to exist as less and less people cared about them. The Gods withdrew to watch us with anger and disgust. A new god rose to power; a lone god. A nonexistant god. This angered the true Gods. They gave a gift to us, the gift of a certain knowledge. We used this knowledge to create terrible weapons of tremendous power. We used these weapons. We destroyed ourselves. Now, the Second World comes. With many others alongside, we begin again. Our first major construction will be a temple.

Let us never forget again…
Arion is an innovative player kill encouraged MUD. There are all
capabilities for role play as it makes the environment more natural.
We like realism, we hide no brutality. Arion's player kill highly
supports one's mudding skill - there are a lot of different strategies
how to bring your enemy down. Also, we like it if the game is convenient
to play so that all the necessary programming is always done for the
mudding here to be as easy as possible.
Come join the Verge of Reality! We have 24 races and 5 classes and 251 levels
for all your leveling enjoyment. We've recently gone through a major re-write
of the power levels in the game in an effort to make the place more enjoyable
for all. We offer five clans so far, with room for plenty more as people
create them. We are a newbie friendly game with a staff that pays attention
to the needs and desires of our players. New changes and tweaks are made on
a daily basis, with plenty more coming. We've only been open a few months this
time, but the code has been worked on for over 9 years.

We have a number of unique areas to go along side the standard places that
you all are familiar with. We span genres from Sci-Fi to modern day to the
traditional fantasy. PK is allowed, but only between members of clans. RP
is acceptable too (and getting moreso every day). There are imm sponsored
quests as well as the traditional quest master kind. Once you reach hero the
game really begins, with 5 different tiers of equipment available and the
ability to modify your equipment. Simply put we are trying to appeal to the
largest number of people we can while still attempting to keep some form of
logical consistancy to the game itself. Come around and check us out, we'll do
out best to make sure you have a good time.

A few things in the works:
-Racial Skills
-Unique modifiers to equipment
-Additional skills/spells for classes
We are the best MUD because the staff spends all their time trying to figure out how to make playing the game as fun as possible. We have diverse and challenging quests, and we have tons of them. Our character classes are actually different from each other. Combat is interesting and balanced. The game world is an amalgamy of areas from all sorts of video games plus original areas. And I really do mean all sorts: Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, Earthbound, Tactics Ogre, Super Mario World, Mega Man, Ocarina of Time - even things as esoteric as Zork and River City Ransom. We have roleplaying, we have holiday events, we even have the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.
I will add more here later. Wake is cool though!
Currently being worked on by a meager staff that's trying to recruit new blood while maintaining a constant stream of new updates. However the MUD's world itself however still resembling a stock ROM will over time be made into a beautiful world of fantasy and steam-powered machinery. Using characters, stories, and locations initially made during years of Dungeons and Dragons sessions (playing a custom module) that later would be used to begin creating the skeleton of a RPG video game that still as you read this is in the process of development.

The areas will be original, no anime/movie/literary/video game based areas- strictly areas created for the world of Clockwork. Character classes range from the paladin-like Marshall Guards and the fun loving Tricksters to the hex wielding Diabolists and the dirty sea-faring Pirate. 4 deities are currently available for characters to worship, 1 evil, 1 good, 2 neutral, and more are on the way. A wide range of races, each with various advantages and disadvantages. Roleplay is strongly encouraged and will be rewarded.

Currently we offer:

- 16 classes available upon creation
- Over 25 races
- An auto-quest system
- Several pk clans available from the start, each with their own connections to the game's world
- ANSI Color
- Equipment saving on exit

And in works so as to be coming in the near future:

- A remort system featuring 2 additional tiers, with the 2nd tier set opening up 16 additional classes, and the 3rd tier set of which will include special quest requirements to unlock and will feature several additional class choices including special race-related classes.
- Hundreds of new and original skills and spells
- A huge world to explore
- Several ways of character customization to help enhance the roleplay experience
- Multiple additional autoquest system, each with their own rewards and perils

So feel free to stop by and visit us and if you're a builder or coder interested in joining our staff send us a message. All inquiring builders/coders will be spoken to and given a explanation of the world of Clockwork to give a better feel for what is required.
Act of War has been live since December of 1998. It is a heavily modified Rom codebase. In AoW players can participate in pk as well as rp. Both are encouraged. Choose from a wide range of races and classes in an all original world. Players will reclass at level 20 branching into various sub classes to continue on their journey to Legendary status!
Improve your english while playing our fantastic rol play game! Interact with real players and intelligent mobs! Discover the great virtual world by wondering around!

Droxundus is an Anatolia2.2 based mud game. It has many modifications. Playing is more and more easy. The game has a lot of new classes with their many different spells and skills..

MUD: In online gaming, a MUD (originally Multi-User Dungeon, with later variants Multi-User Dimension and Multi-User Domain), pronounced /m?d/, is a multi-user real-time virtual world. Most MUDs are represented entirely in text, but graphical MUDs are not unknown. MUDs combine elements of role-playing games, hack and slash, interactive fiction, and online chat. Players can read or view depictions of rooms, objects, other players, non-player characters, and actions performed in the virtual world. Players typically interact with each other and the world by typing commands that resemble a natural language.

Traditional MUDs implement a fantasy world populated by fictional races and monsters, with players being able to choose from a number of classes in order to gain specific skills or powers. The object of this sort of game is to slay monsters, explore a fantasy world, complete quests, go on adventures, create a story by roleplaying, and advance the created character. Many MUDs were fashioned around the dice-rolling rules of the Dungeons & Dragons series of games.

For more information on Turkmud visit: http://www.turkmud.org
Restarted game from the mid to early 90's. Known as TOC or DLL (formerly Dragons of Legends and Lore) I am one of the original Implementors and am currently playing with the code to add new features. The game offers a new race, several new classes, many new skills/spells, as well quite a few new things that a stock ROM would not offer.
Based on the Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett.

Using Rom2.4b6 - ShadowStorm (Thanks Davion)
Aragond: the Chronicles is the first chapter in an epic story about a world being discovered, developed, and protected against outside threat. Play any of 9 class and 10 race combinations, with the ability to multiclass later on, giving immense options in your character's potential array of abilities. Random loot drops combined with pre-defined objects give players many options for their equipment.

Join us now while in Alpha Testing, and help us iron out the systems, all the while learning the ins and outs of the game!

Some of our features:

- Multi classing (true d&d style)
- Ships (player owned and operated)
- Extended immortal functions (for running in game quests
and such)
- A huge materials list which everything in the world is created from;
players can collect materials from smelting/cutting objects and from
skills like mining, prospecting, and more!
- Crafting of course!
- A unique 'tracking' system, where all creatures leave footprints.
- Dynamic weather; each area has it's own climate, and weather can
affect your character in many ways (Rain can put out your torch, you can
slip and fall in combat, snow/rain washes away tracks/blood, etc…), and
the weather shows up in the room! (If it's been raining you see pools of rain,
if snowing it will show blankets of snow, etc..)
- A QEditor (Quest Edit) custom created for OLC.
- Multitudes of expansions to the stock OLC, including new
sectors, obj types, npc races, act flags, and much much more.
- Weapon specialization for fighters.
- Elemental specialization for wizards, giving them an edge
when dealing with their element of affinity.
- Wizards learn spells from scrolls, and can scribe them to
teach other wizards.
- Traps, trap detection, secret doors, hidden/buried objects, and more!
- Complete removal of stock areas. We offer nothing but completely original areas.
- Tiered skill system; gain guild ranks to learn better skills.
- And much, much more.

We have a stable base and some devoted staff, but are looking to expand with more builders and a webmaster. If you're interested in staffing here, or just playing, drop by aragond.com:9000 or just email me at drew.haley@gmail.com.