The blood curse that ravaged Rhia for a generation has finally been purged from the world and a new era has been ushered in. Many of the old orders have fallen to the violence and rot that gripped the realms but have left rich histories to be studied and powerful artifacts to be rediscovered. However, the city of Arinock has survived the trials of time and acts testament of defiance against the evils that still plague the world and only grows stronger with the dawn of each day.

The veteran denizens of Rhia know that the quiet that has followed is the hallmark of the same as it always has been: another coming storm. Will it bring the re-emergence of rogue vampires, or is it the herald of a new brood, whispered about though the ages? Do the strange angelic beings that so quickly appeared and then vanished lurk behind the darkening clouds, waiting to return? Where will you stand with the rising of the dark? What will you find in the shadows that begin to blot out the day?

Dark Risings is mud based on ROM2.4 with a medieval and gothic theme revolving around werecreatures and vampirism. There are many races and classes to choose from upon creation, making for a unique character. Dark Risings has made sure to preserve that familiar feel of a ROM MUD, but has a large variety of new and unique areas and features.

Briefly, some of our game features include:

IMM-run quests and Mortal mini-quests
Very newbie friendly - help files for EVERYTHING
Large world with many original areas
Unique features for each class and race
Player guilds and clans
NO hunger or thirst
NO rent
NO level restrictions on equipment
NO equipment alignment

Role playing is required, with a name and description approval process (online, no emailing required) and valid in-role reasons for PK (player killing) attacks required. We have lots of quests and the kind of game balance only achieved from years of live play and adult admins with over a decade of experience.