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Zaxteria is an open-ended MUD with an emphasis on Player-Versus-Player combat. Zaxteria offers a choice of four races (with more being added as the game progresses) divided into two warring factions. Each race has a unique starting location with a compelling storyline behind it. Other features include a reputation system which allows the player to forge alliances with NPC factions, and open-end classes which do not restrict a character to any paticular skills. It is possible to create powerful hybrid classes, such as an adept summoner who is also skilled with a blade; however there are systems in place that prevent God-like characters from forming.

Journey through exotic locations such as lush jungles, grassy plains, snowy mountains and much, much more. This is your world. Create history, forge alliances, make friends and destroy enemies.

Zaxteria is running off of the Skylib1.8 MUDlib under the codebase LPC. We are still in beta and are desperately seeking coders and builders, so please do not hesitate to apply by either connecting to the MUD and typing 'apply', or by contacting admin at - This e-mail has been down but it is once again working.

Thank you,