Activity Feed
Since 1994, ZombieMUD has been on-line and bringing orc-butchering
fun to the masses from our home base in Oulu, Finland. We're a pretty
friendly bunch, with well over 100 players at any given time logging
in from all over the globe to test their skill in our medieval
role-playing environment.

Like freedom? With sixteen seperate guilds (classes), over fifty
sub-guilds, and thrice a dozen races to choose from, you can play
any sort of character you wish. Should you become tired of one
class, then have no fear, simply take a near painless reincarnation
and start your life with us anew without losing all your precious
experience gained in the past. Your choices are near endless, and
you can even play a character as odd as a mage-fighter if you desire.
In the end, we leave it up to you.

Love to collect? On ZombieMUD you are given the opportunity to build
and customize your own personal and permanant castle. Within its
stone walls you may hoard chest upon chest of goodies, gathered from
througout the realm. You may even amass your own standing army to
defend your castle from wiley intruders.

Want quests? We've got them. Well over 200 various quests and
specially designed 'Equipment mobs' stand ready to challenge your
skill in battle with more tricks than Houdini himself. Hate quests?
That's fine too, as while doing quests will lessen level costs,
they are absolutely not required for advancement within the game.

Enjoy interaction? On ZombieMUD we love to party. Fightin' and
Killin' being specialties of ours most enjoyed in mass. While
fighting solo is a staple of some player's diets, others enjoy the
thrill of the group hunt. During a party you team your skills with
the skills of other guilds to bring down foes of legendary size and
strength. Whether you're a soloer or one who loves to interact, you
will find your niche here.

Admire progress? ZombieMUD has been continuously growing and changing
for over a decade, and it shows. Our lands are vast and our treasures
varied. Our staff is active and attentive to the mud itself,
constantly adding new areas, or improving the old to be certain
that Zombie and its players always have something new to discover.

Dare to begin? Check out our webpages and read up on the information
listed there for new players. Join us at, and see for
yourself what all the fuss is really about.