Procedural Realms is a brand new codebase written from the ground up. Inspired by Diku MUDs, rogue-like games, and Diablo-style loot and equipment systems, the game features a randomly generated open world with many monsters to kill and dungeons to explore. Some of the highlights include:

  • Extensive crafting system, almost everything is craftable.

  • Randomly generated equipment.

  • Many skills and classes to choose from.

  • Player built houses and shops.

  • Build and excavate mines, clear farmland, roads, walls, fences.

  • AI agents that can be hired to fight alongside you.

  • Flexible character progression.

  • Resource-driven economy, shops only carry items sold to them.

  • Thorough in-game help system.

  • Quests, fishing, farming, cooking, mining, smithing, and much more.

The game is operational and open for player testing. There's a solid core game in place but we need players to help shape what the future will be. Things like guilds, PvP/PK, and endgame content are not yet complete. Your feedback is important! Please let us know what you think.