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DUAT MUSH - Descend into the Underworld…

Duat MUSH was designed specifically for YOU, the players. We have aimed to design a MUSH with a straightforward command system and quick Character Generation in short, a way to let you get straight to what you want: RP. We also keep our ear out to all the requests of our players. Thats right. As a newer MUSH, we want your input and design to help us mold this fabulous world. From commands, to TPs (Tiny Plots), buildings, shops, and clans - Bring us your Voice and we will make your dreams a reality in text.


Duat is a world made up of four realms. Each realm is extremely different and caters towards different sorts: The Mortals, The Were-Creatures, The Vampires, and The Misfits (Angles, Demons, Anthros, etc.) But, what is to become of a world of such diversity not only in race, but in caste. Duat is home to a unique caste system of slaves, Masters, citizens, Switch-Dominants, and switch-submissives.
So, the only thing left to consider is this: Where will you fall in the mix? Will you serve, or demand servitude? Will you bring peace to the Egyptian Underworld, or further chaos? Lets find out